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Hi The ipv6 Problem wasn’t solved because my app was rejected again from app store with the same problem.

Hi, We already test then after update code. We will check again then after again upload code.

Hi any updates for ipv6 problem?

Hi Sir,

We al;ready update code but still same issue with ipv6 problem. We are finding other solution for that. Once we get proper solution we will update code again.

Hi, any solitions for ipv6 problem?

Hi Sir we already did but it’s not work.


If you won’t fix ipv6 problem then you better delete the item from Codecanyon instead of scamming people

Hi, We are not scamming people, We already told here we tryall things for solve iPV6 issue. We are waiting for vitamio player update. Once vitamio update latest player we will update code.

Thanks for your patient.


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Hello, Any fix for the ipv6 problem?, Regards.

Still not but we will try asap.


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Yeah is been 7 months now, Hope you find a solution soon, Thanks.

Sure, We are waiting for vitamio update. Thanks

Hi, the android version got an awesome update please don’t forget the IOS version because i used both app with one admin panel.

iOS gone take much time, so please don’t use this admin panel until we update iOS App.

Ok thanks



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Hello, Any fix on the ipv6?

Hi, No. Still not any solution on that.

hello viaviwebtech any update ; i want to buy this but i DON’T understand anything in xcode can you help with that

thank you

thank you


wanted to buy this app but read about the ipv6 error and that it can’t be uploaded on App Store. when will these issues fix so then I could buy.

please reply on Skype dawood1590

and please activate my server too

Hi, I think you did some mistake that’s why it’s happens otherwise it’s working fine. Our support team will contact you on our support time.

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

Technical support will be close for 13th Aug to 16th Aug. 2017 due to festivals holiday, so kindly note this date.

Hi, How about updates for ipv6 problem? Today your code can up to iOS? Please send me the link on iTunes, thanks

and now!, cannot login to your demo admin url.

Hi, it’s not solve ipv6 issue but it’s depend on your channel URL also, We do’t have any iTunes link. We will check about demo admin panel.

Hey viaviwebtech can you please contact me

Hi, You can contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Can i buy this script for 17 dollars because i only have 17 dollar in my envato credit

Hi, You have to pay full payment. You can’t purchase in $17. We can’t help you on that.

When update version application & server PHP Such as Android application

Hi, You have to wait for that. We can’t give any fix time.

Are you updating? Application in the future

Can’t say anything.

when is the next update on this app?

Hi, This time can’t give any fix date or promise. We will once all android version complete.


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There is a problem with Xcode 9.1

Play audio only


Possible solution to the problem

Hi, No idea about Xcode 9.1 but it’s work proper in Xcode 9.0


alikreem Purchased

Yes I know Possible solution to the problem

Hi, I would like to send this TEARDOWN command when I stop the video