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Nice work, DigitalCenturySF

Pre Sale Question: Does the chart also provide technical analysis ?

No, it can only display original data series from Quandl.

Great work, very useful

Hi, is it possible to manually input data for the charts?

Hi, no, the point of this plugin is to automatically feed the data from Quandl as the largest online source of financial data. Entering data manually is boring and there are other solutions for that.


Just purchased this plugin.

I am mainly using this for Stock Ticker lookups for a dynamic chart.

is tehre option to put like 1 day, 5 day, 30 day, 3 month, and 6 month options to dynamically change the data on the charts?

also, is there a way to make these charts mobile friendly? they look very badly on mobile


no, at the moment it’s not possible to have period selector on charts, but we will look into adding this feature in future releases. If you want to speed up the development you can order it at an extra fee.

With regards to mobile optimization – the charts are actually responsive and will adapt to mobile screens, however as you understand it’s difficult to view complex charts through a mobile screen, they just don’t have enough width for the chart to look good enough. If you have any specific ideas how to make it better please on mobiles let us know.

Thank you

A question before I purchase: Is this plugin compatible with all datasets of Quandl? Including the Premium ones?

Yes, it’s compatible with all datasets.

I would like to know what is possible with free data of qualdl for Indian stock market and country and how the data can be integrated with the charts. Thanks

I would like to know what is possible with free data of qualdl for Indian stock market and country and how the data can be integrated with the charts. Thanks

I don’t suppose you guys developed something similar for Joomla?

what we need is offer this like embed code for visitors


not sure it’s possible. Please provide more details so we can assess.

Thanks for you reply : I mean, stock scrolling ticker website like widget for user websites

If you own a website and have access to WP admin then you will be able to use it.

Hello code i chart from wp sql database?

Hi, chart only works with data from Quandl.


xverges Purchased

HI, we need instructions for “select data set” an “select data base”. Is there a list of assets to search?


the best way to search for assets is through Quandl website:

Once you find needed series you just input its database and dataset code into the plugin.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Hi – the plugin won’t let me save my API key? I enter it, save, but when I return to the plugin page the API box is empty again


please check the config folder permissions, it should be writeable. Maybe it’s restricted and it causes the settings not to be saved.

Your ticketing system is not working. Even after entering all valid data. Not able to activate the plugin

What exactly is not working? Did you see any error message?

I bought this product ===>

Instead of ===>

what can I do now?

Sorry, but if you have downloaded the product the purchase can not be reversed and refunded. Please read the refund policy at

If you have any other questions please let us know.