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is it possible to have it in swift ?

How does that matter ? There is almost no change in terms of performance. If you need any further clarification about this product we can talk on Skype rupenm .

Hi can you customize this app for me ? I would like to add a PDF uploader capability to it.

This already has pdf support . You can talk to me on Skype rupenm

documents are insufficient, config.inc.php won’t come out, couchdb hard work. Seller target sale pro version ($$$)

i was buy this script. Dont buy it any script from this seller. This script not work. missing many files for example config.inc.php missing. Documents poor, when talk with seller him talk about 300$ for support with PRO version. Him dont refund for no worked scripts and dont give any support!

read my answer and dont keep asking same question again and again , i know you dont undersand english but use google translator as that could help you .

you are ignored from my skype pls this is from your documents…....

3) There is a file in include folder called config.inc.php. ( include/config.inc.php ) and change the below variable’s

define (“DB_HOST”,”localhost”); define (“DB_USER”,”root”); define (“DB_PASS”,”“); 
define (“DB_NAME”,”app_name”); $SITE_NAME=”App Name”; define (“SITE_URL”,$SITE_URL);

may ask again do you add config.inc.php to zip ? i was ask “we must create?” you dont know becasue your scripts reused

pls note: my devolopers freelance from your country. work with 10-20$/h. i must say again im not your opponet corprate. Just i was buy many app from codecanyon. Yes many have problem with apps but we recieve supports from seller or we try fixing with new codes. You are first not supporter and talk everytime with money. Your scripts cant start without you or new write all codes.

I must say again finaly … pls upload admin side script with config.inc.php (isnt hard work for you) and pls recrate how to documents with correct informations. For example: admin user name and password to admin panel, (you can write admin:admin123456 so easy for you) thx

codecanyon agree my complaint: Thanks for your patience. The item has been checked by our Quality Team and it works as advertised. As an exception, I can apply a discretionary credit to your Envato marketplace account for the full price of the item

bye bye :) I hope we never see you again .

yes my moneys not for thiefs.

yes we also need quality customer not jokers

I do not recommend dealing with him he was a crook Only gets the money and does not work Rating of customers is the evidence The dialogue between us is the evidence https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-bacend-cms-coded-with-native-android/18474824/comments

Thieves returned my money

This crook stole my money I transferred $ 500 to complete the project and did not do the work and Does not want to return the money

Hi! Im having some issues to install the cms on my server. Could you give me some tips?

Ahi estan los detalles de licencia. Ya subi a mi servidor los archivos. Cree la base de datos e importe el archivo sql. Está hecha la modificacion al config.inc.php . Ahora… cual es el directorio raiz? El que tiene get_login.php ? O es /cms? No obtengo ningun error, solo paginas en blanco. Si queres probarlo, el dominio es http://www.mono.cool .

Muchas gracias!

Sorry… There are the license details. The files have already been uploaded to my server. Create the database and import the sql file. Modification to config.inc.php is done. Now … what is the root directory? The one that has get_login.php? Or is / cms? I do not get any errors, only blank pages. If you want to try it, the domain is http://www.mono.cool.

Thank you very much!

Its a wrong forum please post this on the related quiz page