Insta Sync Catalogue Utility App using CouchDB

Insta Sync Catalogue Utility App using CouchDB

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This is an ready to publish iOS Catalogue App with 100% white label objective-C ( Auto-Layout based ) code and this catalogue’s are synced instantly from back end CMS using robust CouchDB Database on server side and CouchDB Lite on client side .

This app is the best utility app so far and useful to any business because.
1. Support instant Syncing from backend CMS Panel .
2. Support Video catalogue, PDF Catalogue, PPTX.
3. Option to download catalogue hence can be viewed offline as well.
4. Support iOS & Android OS.
5. Shipped with Robust CMS (Responsive using Bootstrap).
6. Backend used is CouchDatabase to give unmatchable speed.

Why we coded this app & why you should buy this ? ( Must read )
Any business need to showcase their presentation, business catalogue their video’s etc. and to showcase the same on iOS And android platform at a very nominal price is something great deal for any one. I surely don’t think any one should miss this opportunity.

We can bet that this code will save atleast 200-350 hours of development efforts for any programmer and is exclusively available on code-canyon at a very nominal price. Also this code is been coded on latest XCODE which is 7.2 and integrated with all updates SDK’s . Hence it could be quick integration for any one to just use the app by matching with their theme and put them to App-Store and playstore.

This app/component can be useful to ,
1. Any corporates who want to show case their portfolio .
2. Programmer’s who want to use this as base and add more feature on top of it as code is well written and 100% white labeled and any programmer can easily add more features on top of this .
3. Any business or profession who want to showcase their video’s or presentation can use this app with just few easy installation step’s .

1. 100% Source code of Objective-C and Android project is coded with native Java also Backend is coded with Responsive CMS and PHP.
2. Couchdb as backend on Server and Couchdb-Lite on iOS.
3. Support online streaming directly on tableview ( same as instagram style ).
4. Support offline download of catalogue ( Works perfectly in Offline mode.).
5. Clean UI/UIX , easy to understand code and tested on latest xcode ( 7.2 ) currently.
6. Stylish Responsive Backend CMS for managing catalogues .

This code is no where found any where on market with this robust architure and is only available to CODE CAYNON users at very good price.

Secure Bootstrap responsive CMS

What this package includes ?
1. A 100% white labeled clone code coded in Objective-C & Server side code using Php 5.
2. Layered PSD.
3. iOS Code build using Objective-C .
4. Document which can help you setting up server and configure this code.
5. 100% Clean code . Also support iOS 9 Update.

A Basic hosting ( recommend with 1 GB Ram or above ) cloud hosting with ssh connectivity will get this app running as server component is very light-weight and data exchange are optimize to text for better performance.

Recommended hosting.

1.    Digital Ocean ( ). <br />
2.    Linod (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) <br />
3.    Heroku (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) <br />

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Unique Insta Sync Catalogue Utility App using CouchDB . I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this App.


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