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I have a problem with the new version of this plugin. I opened a ticket but after 5 days the problem isn`t solved.



I’m sorry for the delay, all tickets have been answered.


API use in WORDPRESS – This is working:

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(function($){ $(document).ready(function(){ $.imageMapProHighlightShape(“MapName”, “poly-0000”); }); }); </script>

please respond to my ticket.

supported? odd I have not received an answer to my ticket


I’m sorry for the delay, all tickets have been answered.


hello, is it / how is it possible to embed/publish a finish map on any other site?

The image map can be inserted in the same WP installation by using a shortcode. If you want to use the same image map in another website you can install the plugin there and import an image map (use the Export / Import buttons in the editor). Please remember that a regular license allows you to use the plugin in one project only.



sayony Purchased

I bought this plugin and use well it.

But I do not think it is suitable for many images.

If need to keep files in the editor, I need the file grouping feature.

can’t well english. sorry. great plugin. thanks


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Anyone answering tickets?

Yes. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed this week, but all tickets are answered at the moment.


asmo111 Purchased



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Well, I’m finally ready to release my map: http://www.fhsverige.se/karta/

There are some improvements I would like to propose, like the possibility to add tables to the tooltips, possibility to have hotspots divided into different areas (for instance, on the map I use on my website you can see that there are islands. In some cases, those islands belong to the same region as some parts of the mainland. How to highlight them at the same time?) and the improvement of the navigability (try on my map to navigate from hotspot to hotspot from south to north – you can’t).

Hope these get fixed pretty soon! :) Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback, some of these concerns will be fixed in the next version!


2 tickets opened, no support so far…!

I send you login-details some days ago… And now???

There is NO support!

And only one of my two tickets has been answered…!?

Once again I’m sorry for the delay and the inconvenience. You have two tickets – 2601 and 2604. The first one was answered 4 days ago, for the second one I see that you followed up and I will get to testing first thing tomorrow morning.

HI Pre-sale question. Can i create multiple different maps with this? My site will need 3-4 interactive maps. How are they embedded in the page? Is it via short code or widget?



Yes, you can create as many image maps as you like. They are inserted on a page with a shortcode.


Hi there,

Pre-purchase question.

Is this plugin mobile responsive?


Yes, it is :)


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Hi, nicky. I have very big problem. I have moved my site to another hosting, and after that all images in this plugin are gone. How I can to this it?


For issues such as this it is best to send a support ticket and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Also please include wp-admin login details.


Salve Nickys io dovrei realizzare su una piantina di un ortobotanico, delle sezioni in cui verranno suddivise in base alla tipologia di pianta. Mi piacerebbe poter integrare anche un sistema di ricerca in modo che poi sulla cartina venga illustrato il punto ricercato. È possibile far questo acquistando questo plugin? Saluti Nicola

Pre purchase info

Can you please translate this to english?


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amazing, and 100% what i need, great job!

Yes, there is a YT video element in the content builder!


leszekem Purchased

https://puu.sh/vWjIN/1040e330df.jpg non of them showing YT ? what i.m doing wrong


It seems like you inserted an HTML5 Video element. There is another element, called “YouTube Video”.

Hi, just purchased your plugin, all looked great, however edit mode is missing and I cannot add any shapes at all!

Hi I downloaded the Plugin but its still v3.0.24 not 4.0.0

Hi! I see that yesterday changelog was version 4.0.0 … When i download it’s still 3.0.24