HayyaBuild - WordPress Header and Footer Builder

HayyaBuild - WordPress Header and Footer Builder

HayyaBuild | Header and Footer Builder | wordpress plugin
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powerful and straightforward drag and drop WordPress plugin that offers responsive headers and footers builder.
HayyaBuild lets you to build an unlimited headers and footers for your wordpress.

HayyaBuild is a powerful and straightforward backend drag-and-drop WordPress plugin that offers responsive headers and footers builder, this plugin lets you to create an unlimited number of headers and footers variations using drag-and-drop.
Create and manage powerful headers and footers for your WordPress blog or website, its an easy to use HayyaBuild plugin that will help you to save your time and grab your visitor’s.

Unlimited Headers and Footers for WordPress

You can create as many as you want. Headers and Footers and customize it for pages that you want to appear on. crate a header and footer for each page, also can create a default header and footer to appear on all pages that are not allocated Header and Footer.

Drag and drop WordPress plugin

Drag and drop is a more responsive and very common feature. It is when you “grab” an element and drag it to a different location.

Export and Import WordPress headers and footers

This feature helps to export and/or import headers or footers. Using it you can easily transfer header and footers from one WordPress site to another. you can add any short code in header and footer for your WordPress website.

Worked with any WordPress theme

HayyaBuild will be automatically generate all HTML code and include all JS and CSS that you want to use.

No coding required

– HayyaBuild is a simple drag and drop interface. its generates all the highly efficient code for you.
you’ll never need to write a single line of code.
Autocratically included js files and css files for elements only when you use it.

Save your time

Writing a lot of HTML, CSS and JS can be a pain and can give you headaches and take a long time to get it done.
So with HayyaBuild you can create professional header and footer in just 5 minutes.
Also you can export and import it to avoid repeating the same steps every time you do.

No third-party plugin needed

just install it and use it, you have to replace your HTML header and footer code with HayyaBuild function.

Copy and paste elements

Simply hover over the element you want to copy and hit the Copy button on the top of element tools bar, and paste it into any element that you want.

Fully Responsive & Retina

Responds to the screen resolution, works on all desktop and mobile devices.


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 HayyaBuild - WordPress header builder plugin

HayyaBuild UPDATES

HayyaBuild Version 2.3
  • Fixed bug: all links inside header of footer don’t accepted tel and callto.
  • Fixed bug: Menu element – hover problem at right alignment.
  • Other Changes: Update Documentation.
  • Other features, improvements and bugs fixes.
20 November 2016

HayyaBuild Version 2.2

  • New Feature: CSS Editor for header or footer, Now you can add CSS style rules to just one header or footer.
  • New Feature: Adding new Pre-made templates.
  • Improvements: Re-adjust colors and CSS style rules for the backend
  • Improvements: Improves drag and drop functionality. works better now.
  • New Feature: Sorting elements side by side.
  • Fixed bug: Fixing YouTube Video background problem.
  • Fixed bug: some of spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed bug: Elements background removed by HTMLPurifier.
  • Fixed bug: open links to new window.
  • Fixed bug: updated message not working whene user click the update button.
  • Other Changes: Update Documentation “add HowTo’s section”.
  • Other Changes: Prompt confirm before Leaving edited header or footer.
  • Other Changes: .po file updated.
  • Other features, improvements and bugs fixes.
10 October 2016

HayyaBuild Version 2.1

  • New Element: Bootstrap Panels.
  • New Feature: Now you can active and deactivate any element.
  • New Feature: CSS Editor, to insert CSS code to WordPress pages.
  • Improvements: Include HTMLPurifier library, HTML filter that guards against XSS and ensures standards-compliant output.
  • Improvements: Re-adjust colors and CSS code in the backend
  • Improvements: Separation of headers and footers in backend to avoid confusion when the list is long
  • Improvements: Remove unwanted HTML attributes from frontend with HTMLPurifier to make website more faster.
  • Improvements: Minify some of CSS and JS files to make website more faster by decreasing the file size.
  • Fixed bug: In Responsive embed element “the embed code not rendered in frontend”.
  • Fixed bug: In Bootstrap Progress bar element “Progress bar not rendered in backend”.
  • Fixed bug: In Google Map element “Javascript error in map when content is more than one line”.
  • Fixed bug: fixing some of spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed bug: Video background not work.
  • Other features, improvements and bugs fixes.
12 September 2016

HayyaBuild Version 2.0

  • New Element: Facebook like and recommend button.
  • New Element: Facebook timeline box.
  • New Element: Twitter button.
  • New Element: Twitter timeline box ( list template and grid template).
  • New Element: Google Map.
  • New Element: Contact Form 7 ( for Contactform7 plugin ).
  • New Element: Revolution Slider ( for Revolution Slider plugin ).
  • New Element: Layer Slider ( for Layer Slider plugin ).
  • New Feature: Display background image for headers and footers in list page.
  • New Feature: More than 10 pre-made templates to get started from them.
  • New Feature: You can disable any libraries if you are alrady use it in your theme.
  • Fixed bug: Footer scroll effects problem ( pin It ).
  • Update CSS code for admin theme
  • Other features, improvements and bugs fixes.
27 June 2016

HayyaBuild Version 1.2

  • Migrate from skrollr to Scrollmagic ( for scrolling effects ).
  • New Scroll Effects Fixed effect, Parallax effect, opatity effect, scale in, scale out.
  • Fixed bug mobile Scrolling problem when Parallax effect is activated
  • Change Demo theme.
  • Change HayyaBuild Demo content.
  • Other features and bugs fixes.
12 April 2016

HayyaBuild Version 1.1

  • New Element: WordPress menu.
  • New Element: Simple WordPress menu.
  • New Element: Heading text.
  • New Element: WordPress Breadcrumb menu.
  • New Features: Adding a new features to must of elements.
  • New Features: Adding some classes.
  • New Features: Now you can change text align from the Division element
  • Change Demo them.
  • Change HayyaBuild Demo content.
  • Other features and bugs fixes.
31 March 2016

HayyaBuild Version 1

  • First release!
10 March 2016