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Hi there! I just purchased and installed HayyaBuild Footer to my wordpress website. However it is not coming up in the list on the left. I cannot find the Hayya Footer anywhere!

In your instructions it states: “Create your First Header/Footer to create a new header or footer, log in to your wordpress dashboard and navigate your way to the HayyaBuild → add header to build new header, or to HayyaBuild → add footer to build new footer”

Please help! Thanks you :)


Hi Julia,
Please make sure that you are uploading the correct files.
Also try to deactivate HayyaBuild and reactive it from plugins page.
in case you are still experiencing this problem then download installable WordPress file only from here https://codecanyon.net/downloads and try again.
If you are still experiencing this problem you can contacting us by this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact to help you to install it.,
Best regards.

Hi there, recently purchased your plugin, for some reason I cant get the footer to show up on my pages, can I provided my login credentials so you can figure out what i am doing wrong

Thank you for purchase.
you can send to me your login credentials using this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact

I have contacted you via the link you provided still waiting for a reply

Your website is ready to go now
you have to active HayyaBuild plugin from plugins page to see the changes.
Please check your email for more info.

Thank you for your trust


i’m trying to implement you plugin but i don’t see the footer in my page. i’m using “Parallex One” template.

how to i edit the footer.php file? i didn’t get your instructions…

Thanks, Aviv

Hi Aviv, You can find Docs directory all information to install it.
Or you can contact us by this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact we will help you to make it works as you want.
Thank you for purchase.

Hi there, for some reason when I deleted my footer it is still there, I need to have it removed.

Hi Fraser,
Thank you for purchase.
To delete any footer just go to the main list and click on the Deactivate bottom for this footer. this will deactivating footer.
you can permanently deleted it by going to Deactivated list and click on Delete bottom to delete it.
in case you delete any header or footer and your wordpress still displaying it. that means you have caching plugin installed, Make sure to clear cache after delete or edit footer

hey i can’t see where i need to make the footer show up on my website

email: flwsnyc@gmail.com website: www.flawlessdabarber.com

Hi flawlessdabarber,
I sent you a message to your email.

Can this be used on a multisite for multiple subdomains?

No. right now HayyaBuild doesn’t support multisite network

Hey, Just purchased the plugin and it installed correctly. However the footer I have made is not displaying at all. I have set it to “all pages” in the page list section.

Website: www.sky-education.com.au

Also, can you have a different header for each page? I assume this is just done in the “page list” section? I tried to make a header for the enquire/contacts page, but this also did not load.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you for purchase.
Do you have any caching plugin installed in your wordpress?. Make sure to clear cache after delete or edit any header or footer.
If not. just contact us by this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact