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hi. I have installed the plugin and it works, however I have come across two problems. 1. I am not able to add more pages to a menu. Is there a limit on pages per header?

2. The header shows up on all device sizes even when I select medium and larger.

I just tried adding a page to a different footer and same issue, it does not save after clicking update.

Hi domainmillwork,
i have replied to your email.


sairoop Purchased

Struggling to get this plugin to show up on this staging site… http://4bf.3e1.myftpupload.com/

I replaced the <header> with the php tag you mention, and nothing happens, it just removes the old header. What am I missing here? Your instructions are a bit little on detail.

For instance, I have more than one header created…. How does the php tag know which header to use??? You say I can have different headers on different pages, but that can’t happen with the php tag alone.

Thanks for any insight and leads on this.

Hi Sairoop,
Thank you for purchase,
You can create more than one header and then from pages list select the pages that you want to appear on.
HayyaBuild will auto detect the current page and display it’s header.
You can send to me header.php and footer.php from your theme by this from http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact and i will do that for.
Also we just release the new version of HayyaBuild “version 3.0”, the new version will come with a many features and improvements.
New version is under review from the Enavto market team. It is expected to take only a few hours, At worst a day or two

Best Regards


sairoop Purchased

Sounds good Hassan. I can’t upload the header and footer with that link??? Thanks.

Sairoop I have replayed for your email.

When we talk about custom headers we want to build a standard header using VC. Logo left, buttons on right top, menu right bottom. Is this what your plugin achieves?

Hi Alphasigns, HayyaBuild is completely different than other plugins.
No third-party plugin needed to install HayyaBuild. You can use this plugin with wordpress without any plugins.
and it’s drag and drop builder plugin. you can add your logo at any place that you want also you can add menu to any place.
Also we just released version 3.0, with this version you can build pages content, now with HayyaBuild you can build headers ,pages content and footers.
Thank you for asking.
Best Regards

Dear support. A question, please. How can I achieve vertical alignment middle ( center) for a text content?

Hi gnikolis,
Sorry for our late reply, and thank you for purchase,
You can use HayyaBuild classes to do that by adding “hb-valign-wrapper” class to the content wrapper and then add “hb-valign” class to the content text,
You can add classes to modules by going to module settings > then Options tab > then scroll to “Extra classes” > after that add your new class in the text box.
you have to separate classes with whit space.
Also today we released the new version of HayyaBuild “v3.1”, this version comes with more features, improvements and bugs fixes. please update your copy..
Best Regards.

Hi there! Any ideas how to I add the proper code for the footer to show in a Genesis child theme? I can send you the php file if that helps


Hi Siebzehnx,
Thank you for purchase.
Just copy the footer.php file to child theme directory and then add the proper code, you can send to me the footer.php using this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact and i will help you to do any thing.
Best Regards


d_ita Purchased

Hi! Need to have 2 logos, one on the right side of the (horizontal) menu and the other on the left side. Is this possible with this plugin? Regards, Dita

Hi D_ita,
Yes, you can add as many logos as you need to any place in header, footer or page content,
Thank you for asking.
Best Regards

Hi. Your plugin will work with Layers? Thank you.

Hi Alexys,
Yes, this plugin should work with all wordpress themes.
we tested it in Layerswp theme and worked perfectly.
to build headers and footers for Layerswp theme you have to add a small PHP code to header.php and footer.php files.
we will help you to add this code if you can’t do that.
thank you for asking.
Best Regards.

Hi! Is the demo version?

Hi Alexys, Sorry for our late reply, we were on our holiday.
We (as authors) can’t provide demo version for any items. but you can check our demo website http://hayyabuild.zintathemes.com/ this website was built by HayyaBuild plugin with hayyabuild theme “HayyaBuild theme comes with HayyaBuild plugin” we don’t use any other plugin or theme.
Also you can check HayyaBuild screenshots from here .
please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.
Thank you for asking.
Best Regards.

Hi, I purchased your plugin and installed it successfully. Built simple footer to see how it works. Followed your direction on installing php code in the Theme footer section. Allowed footer to be seen on all pages. I was able to block existing footer from being displayed, but new footer does not show up.

Please let me know what else needs to be done.

Thank you, Mark

Licence 9f08cc99-6aa4-486d-b62e-78517e2fe9f0 – 24 Jun 2017

Hi Mark,
Thank you for purchase.
please use this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact to send me footer.php file and i will fix your problems.
Thanks again.

Hi, I have bought the plugin and I have installed on my website. I have designed the header and configured it to replace home page header, but it does not work and my old header shows on the home page, please help. Thanks

Hi Zephyre,

I have replied to your email


d_ita Purchased

Hi! I bought your plugin, but I’m afraid it is not compatible with the theme I’m using (udesign) . Can not add header to existing pages. Please help!

Hi Mark.
Thank you for purchase.
please use this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact to contact us, we will help you to install HayyaBuild to your theme.

Pre-sale question: Will your plugin work with Divi theme?

Hi hexadigitech, HayyaBuild can be work with any theme/plugin, We tested it with most popular themes/plugins and it worked well.
but honestly we don’t test it with Divi theme..
Anyway. We will help you to resolve issue with any quickly!.
Thank you for asking.
Kind Regards


I installed the plugin HayyaBuild on Wordpress 4.8 and Visual Composer /multisite with a basic starter theme ( _s underscore ). After installation The website stop working and I have I have the message “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

Looks like the plugin is not working for the newer versions of WP and /or Visual Composer. Does your plugin need the a Hayya Theme” to work?

If the plugin is not suited for the new versions of WP or CV please procedd to refund..



Thank you for purchase,

Can you please explain where do you got this message?

We tested it with WordPress 4.8.1 and it worked well also it’s worked well with Visual Composer. and you can use HayyaBuild plugin with any theme, so you do not need to install hayyaTheme.

Anyway, we just released a new update (3.3). please download it and try it again. and if you still get this message just contact us. if it does not work then we are ready to meet your request.

Kind Regards.

Thank you for this free plugin download. How do I center my header image? https://aziebiotoop.nl/

Hi Keuzenkamp,

You can centering image by adding Content Box then change Text align from Default to Center after that drag your image and drop it inside the Content Box

I hope this helps.
Thank you for using our product.
Kind Regards.

I got a problem with the plugin , I downloaded it as freebie for the month and I got error after I attempted to activate the plugin, it says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” . now I can’t access the plugin section of my dashboard

Hi Jacbizer, Thank you for using our products.

what is you wordpress version and PHP version?.

You can contact us by this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact


Hello I have bought this product but it isn’t working on my page. It doesn’t work with my current theme. Can I get my money back please. Thank you!

Hello. I would like to create custom headers with Hayya but also retain the WooCommerce cart functionality hooks in the header. Presently I am using Woo’s Storefront theme. Replacing the <header> tag in the header.php file removes the following. Thank you in advance!

<header id="masthead" class="site-header" role="banner" style="<?php storefront_header_styles(); ?>">
     * Functions hooked into storefront_header action
     * @hooked storefront_skip_links                       - 0
     * @hooked storefront_social_icons                     - 10
     * @hooked storefront_site_branding                    - 20
     * @hooked storefront_secondary_navigation             - 30
     * @hooked storefront_product_search                   - 40
     * @hooked storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper       - 42
     * @hooked storefront_primary_navigation               - 50
     * @hooked storefront_header_cart                      - 60
     * @hooked storefront_primary_navigation_wrapper_close - 68
    do_action( 'storefront_header' ); ?>

I am very interested in purchasing your product and have questions, please email me: JasonAdamsROI@gmail.com thanks

Header primary navigation drop-down menu items are not showing on desktop version. I set z-index to highest setting, but they are still covered up by section below. Please reply to my email, and I will send you a link.

Following up on this, please and thank you.

Hi Bondgirl,
Thank for purchase. and sorry for our late reply.
Please send to me your website link by using this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact


Today I use the Adrenalin Woocoomerce theme. If I buy and install HayyaBuild, will it override my Adrenalin theme, or will the Adrenalin theme still be the same?

I want my theme to stay the same, just use the HayyaBuild to edit a footer and some other stuff on my page.

Regards, Matthias