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How do I go about getting support for this plugin?

I just had a fresh install of wordpress. Went to start a new page, I can’t even publish a page. Could you please give me some direction. Is there a new version of this plugin that is not on that site. If you would like. I can give you login information.


Hi willhunter84.
Thank you for contacting us. and sorry for the delay.
to getting support for this plugin you have to purchase it. or use the account that the purchase was made under, and create a new comment.
the latest version of HayyaBuild is 2.3. the next version is under development now and it will be ready ASAP.
The next version will become with a many new features and Improvements.
let me know If you have another questions
Thanks again.

hi, im having trouble with my header. please help

- how do i make it mobile responsive? - how do i make the sub menu drop down? - how to i make the active page link stay a certain color? - how do i make the icons in social menu further apart from each other?


Hi Justin.
By default all elements are mobile responsive. when you use a row element with multiple columns Our grid systems is based on Bootstrap grid system. it’s utilizes 12 columns. Also you can create you own responsive role by selecting the visibility for the screen sizes from “Element settings > Element classes”
you can use Menu element for sub menu drop down.
you can use this CSS code to make the active page link stay a certain color
.hb_menu .current-menu-item a { color: #FFFFFF;}
replace FFFFFF with the HEX color code to the color that you want.
To make the icons in social menu further apart from each other use Style tab from element settings dialog and add any value to left margin or right margin.
I hope this helps. let me know If you have another questions.


I am just playing around and testing your plugin. Everything seems to be very clear …. BUT when I update and publish only the shortcodes can be seen on top (except the logo, which works) Please look here: http://vaen5.space-quintessenz.de/

And: How can I get rid of the normal WP menu?

Regards Thomas

can you please try to create a new HTML element and add this shortcode [hayya_pagetitle] to Raw html box. and tell me what the output for this shortcode.
or simply you can send to me your login details using this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact
Tank you for reporting.

I am having an issue with the plugin. This plugin’s header & footer only display when I change my theme’s header.php & footer.php files with the PHP coding from this plugin. I saw from earlier comments that that editing the WP theme header.php is the incorrect method. Also, this plugin’s header & footer isn’t thoroughly responsive, but maybe that’s because I didn’t install this correctly?

It’s a beautiful plugin BTW. I just need some help with the above. Thanks!

Thank you for purchase.
if you have a problem to install this plugin you can send to me your login details and i will install it for you. please use this form http://codecanyon.net/user/zintathemes#contact

Thank you. I tried again was able to install it on my own, but I appreciate the help. Loving the plugin. 5 stars!

Thank you for the kind words.

Hi, I purchased and installed plugin, yet i am having trouble replacing my themes header and footer codes with HayyaBuild code, I don’t know what exactly to replace where and I tried it now in all different ways for some time yet it somehow always turns out displaying everything wrongly. On my blogpage for instance I see no more footer at all, just a lot of white space added below the posts and on homepage i now have two footers (old and new)? Could you please help me to exchange the codes so that I can use Hayya Build to customize my header and footer?

Hi Marina,
Thank you for purchase.
I have replayed on your email

Hi can I have multiple images in one header? For example on load image1 shows in header with text, after 20 seconds image2 replaces image1 with different text?

Thank you

Hi miam00.
Thank you for purchase.
Right now there is no slider element for HayyaBuild. we will add slider element in next updates.
So. right now you can use another plugin and then just add Slider shortcode by HTML element.

I bought the theme primarily to make my header title have 2 colors, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve been breaking up the title like this in the Heading text field: First Second

Any ideas?

Hi Razmanugget.
Thank you for purchase. You can Text instead of Heading Text. with Text element you can use WYSIWYG editor to customize any text as you want. Also with Text element you can crate a heading text.
I hope this helps. please if you still have a problem just contact us.


artandmi Purchased

Hello! First of all, the plugin is exactly what I was looking for!

Could you help me with one issue. I installed the plugin over BeTheme and added a footer which looks great on PC.

However, there is a following issue with this footer on mobile:

When I scroll down the page a part of the footer appears to be sliding under the main page content. If I scroll more the footer comes out more but part of it still remains below the page content. It is like I have multiple layers on my page.

Do you have any idea what could it possibly be? Can I fix this with plugin settings?
  • For your reference, the page content is made with Visual Composer.



artandmi Purchased

I think I found the reason for that issue above. If I turn off Scroll Magic the footer works fine on mobile. Also, if reduce the volume of content in the footer I can scroll the footer until the end even with ScrollMagic turned on.

However, another unexpected issue happened. After turning off ScrollMagic most of my pages’ content just disappears: menu, the header part and revolution sliders. I don’t use HayyaBuilder for my header

May I ask you another question. For social buttons, is there a possibility to add buttons of other social networks?