Discussion on Groovy Mega Menu - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Discussion on Groovy Mega Menu - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

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grooni does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi there,

When this plugin is installed, the front end builder from Salient WP-Bakery is no longer working. Is there a fix for this?

Please help


How can i change the search bar placeholder text?


ccmodesto Purchased

Does anyone know if this plugin is still being developed? It’s been a while for an update and at the top of this page it says support is no longer supported. I dont want to change megamenu plugins, i really like this one.

1.Yes we are do. 2. Renew unfortunately not. We do customization services on an hourly basis now..What help do you need?


ccmodesto Purchased

so im confused, there will be no more updates to this plugin?

support is expired, but plugin will be updates and you will receive them, you do not need to renew for that

Is it possible to have this menu and have categories on the left. When I hover over the main categories then sub categories will be shown on the right, possibly including an image at the bottom. Can that be done ad how?

I think it’s called tabs?


There are mega menu blocks, usually they are created in the content builder. There are two types of Groovy Menu: classic mega menu and custom mega menu. For the latter, their content is limited only by the capabilities of the builder and your knowledge of it. If the editor you are using allows you to create such content, then you can implement it using tabs.

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malipl Purchased

Hello. Is it possible to create a menu, for a fee, if I sent you an example?

Hello, Please create a ticket here


ringrave Purchased

Hello Team, I write you here because there is no way to contact you otherwise :

do you have a CSS code or something in order to open an item by default on mobile ?

exemple :

I would like the ” Sous-menu xxxxxxxxx” item to open the sub menus by default on MOBILE without having to click on it ?

Thank you for your time


ringrave Purchased

By the way this is a code you have sent me in the past. it works by putting the auto-open-mobile class in the menu item. it works on mobile view but not on my iPhone.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
let dropdownButtons = document.querySelectorAll('.gm-navigation-drawer > .gm-anchor');
function autoOpenMenusMobile() {
setTimeout(() => {
}, 520);
let autoOpenMobileMenus = document.querySelectorAll('.gm-navigation-drawer--mobile .gm-navbar-nav .auto-open-mobile');
if (autoOpenMobileMenus) {
  autoOpenMobileMenus.forEach((menuItem) => {
    let itemChildNode = menuItem.querySelector('.gm-dropdown-menu-wrapper');
    if (itemChildNode) {
      menuItem.classList.add('gm-opened-before'); = 'block';
if (dropdownButtons) {
  dropdownButtons.forEach((dropdownItem) => {
    dropdownItem.addEventListener('click', autoOpenMenusMobile);



ringrave Purchased

Hello Team. Forget about it Thanks. I have found another way around . Thanks anyway. Cheers

Hello,how you are fix it on Iphone?

Hello Guys, I am wondering if it is possible to create a top bar menu with logo and regular menu like this: using your plugin? I am working on a site that uses your plugin already. Thanks.

Hello John, Mery Xmas!

Yes it is possible, with a trick if the top two blocks

(1 block) Top bar menu and (2 block) area with a logo and search make it as a Menu block with your builder

And assign this block above Groovy menu here (only available in PRO version)

General > Custom code > Select the Menu Block to show in [Before Main Header]

Hi Guys, Do you provide help with customizing the menu to suit requirements? I have played around with it but can’t get the menu to display properly. The site uses oxygen builder so not sure if that has any affect or not. If you do provide help how much would it cost to get the menu displaying as mentioned? Thanks.

Please create a ticket here

Hello. I’m currently testing the free version and I’m encountering an issue between it and the PageLayer theme with WooCommerce on Product Pages on mobile. When the menu slides in on Product Pages on mobile, it’s blank. This behavior is not seen in any other place. Is there additional CSS that can be added to bypass the conflict?

Hello. Unfortunately no. We don’t have a special child theme for a PageLayer theme at this moment.

hi, could you reply to ticket #3188440

My website takes between 7-10 seconds to load each page when it took 2-3 seconds before installing groovy. Is there something I’m missing to speed it up?


Have you tried reducing the size of the content in the menu? And optimize media content, if it has. We also recommend using the one of Cache plugin.

Hello guys! Pre sales question. I would need the traditional menu + top bar + off canvas/side menu. Can I have all 3 at the same time?

Hello, Yes is possible, and you can enable the topbar in the settings

Presale Question:

I installed the free version but I encountered an error. I don’t know if it has to do with the theme on my website, or it can be fixed only with the paid version.

The dropdown of the mini cart (on desktop) looks different on home page vs shop page or cart page.

Here some screenshots:

Thank you from Romania :)


Obviously, there are some styles of your theme or third-party plugins that affect its correct display of the menu basket on this page, in this case it does not matter if it is a Pro version or not. This is an individual case in your environment. You can try to fix this if you have the appropriate knowledge.

Hi, i was sent ticket #3168641 on grooni ticksy about problem on license. can you please respond? Thank you.


Please try again open license site

Is your plugin compatible with Salient Theme ? The Salient Theme has a very limited MegaMenu and would like to replace it somehow


Yes it’s compatible, Groovy menu has a child theme for correct integration

Hello I reached out a couple days ago with no response.


My website is taking between 8 – 12 seconds to load each page when it was taking 2 – 3 seconds before installing groovy. Is there anything I’m missing to speed it up?

Hey I messaged support a week ago and no response? If grooni doest have support…... then who does??


zumaxb Purchased

I just bought a 2nd license but the support is shown to end for the date of my 1st license. Please be so kind and correct that.


Tee-ka Purchased

I see your plugin last updated date is 14 September 2022 but when I download, I see the file date is 4/30/22 – did you upload the last updates?

Hi I have bought this plugin, but i have a question regarding the usage of it. currently I’m using woocommerce with 100+ category in multiple level structure. is there a way that i can just enable the entire woocommerce categories into the Groovy Mega Menu?


Sorry but I don`t know how to solve the problem with the width of the first tab.


I am using transparent menu header on some pages. I am using headers with white background on some pages. I use dark header on some pages. Does it help to make only mega menu without breaking the page header style? I just want Mega menu. I don’t want the whole header field to change its style. it’s disrupting my work and my design.
best wishes
I don’t understand how to make free mega menu. this is just the paid version video.
i.e. how do i do it without menu blocks? In the theme properties it says it supports mega menu. but I couldn’t run it.

not working….

I’m finding that the Groovy Mega Menu isn’t very responsive at all. Am I missing something? My menus here: are getting cut off a you decrease the screen size instead of responding and striking down. Instead of 900px minimum width I would thing that a percentage would be more appropriate. Please advise.


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