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Hi! Is it possibe to have a form, first field is a text field, and if you type something in for example an ID, it will lookup the NAME for that ID in a mysql table into another text field?

Sorry. Currently not.

currently not. so is it in the plan? :) cant wait for the feature.

The primary field value ( {entry_id} ) isn’t added to the gf database. ( it adds the value 0 ). Therefor adding to the mysql works, but update and delete doesn’t work. Why doesn’t you use the lead_id colom in the gf database to update the mysql table? Please some advice

Looks like a GF problem if GF doesn’t save it’s own placeholders. I can’t reproduce this error at my install. Maybe you need to send me your login details via the author-profile.


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can you check my support request/

I already answered to your request

Hello! Can the plugin store uploaded images urls? I mean, if I upload an image, can the plugin store the path or the name of the uploaded image? Thanks!

Sorry. No. the plugin doesn’t support files.

Thanks Naranili, I mean the image url. Not the file itself. for example.


Sorry. All File-Fields aren’t supported


I have a little problem, I’m not able to choose the “Primary Key” into the form settings. I only see the column that have been used in the form. I do not see all column…

To see the Primary Key in the form-settings you have to connect one field with the primary key and your field-settings

Can we link to another database table from the outside of Wordpress database? Totally different database table from another database / but, the same server.

Sorry. This isn’t possible. There will be a PDO Version of this plugin in the next weeks

Hi Naranilli, Thank you for your kind reply. I just want to say thank you for your great plugin which can help our business more easier. Also, I am the big fan of you. But, I heard that PDO version will be released from the last year… Do you think it will be released on the next week? We are ready to buy the new version. But, we really need the right date for the new version. So, I can plan to modify our website. Thank you.

I can’t give a fix date for this new plugin

Hi, does the plugin currently work with the survey add-on fields, specifically the likert field entries?

I don’t know this fields


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I selected a table but got errors and can´t edit the fields of the form.

How can I fix it ?

Notice: Undefined variable: options in plugins/gravityforms_wpdb-connect/gravityforms_wpdb-connect.class.php on line 913

Notice: Undefined index: WPDB Connect Settings in plugins/gravityforms_wpdb-connect/gravityforms_wpdb-connect.class.php on line 965

Notice: Undefined index: spgfmc_settings in plugins/gravityforms_wpdb-connect/gravityforms_wpdb-connect.class.php on line 965

You have to set error_reporting to E_ERRORS


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PRE-SALES question: Hello, my project is to create three custom tables from three forms Gravity, export the contents of the three local tables in Excel format and to create a mail-merge with word-excel. Of course, the tables must be synchronized and aligned to the three Gravity form on my server. This plugin is able to sync my custom tables with Gravity forms entries in all cases of update, delete, or add that I can do on the forms Gravity? I would really need this urgently, and I would not have time to develop the functions manually.

Thanks in advance Axel

No. It only stores the data from the GF Form into a WPDB Database table.


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Hi Naranili, excuse my insistence, but maybe I did not clearly written the question.

I need to keep synchronized WPDB Database table with the GF Forms. I read the features of the plugin, and it says: “Sync your Records, so every change or delete from the Gravity-Forms backend will reflect at your MySQL Table” This is exactly what I need, you confirm this feature?

My question is on the word “backend”. Using plugins such as “SP Gravity Forms List & Edit” , “wpDataTables” rather than “GravityView” to change the items, the MySQL tables remains synchronized?

Thanks for your patience Axel


why in the new version we do no more have : MySQL field for created by MySQL field for date created

I’m no more able to have the date created stored into mysql. How can I do that?


You can use hidden fields with system-values like date created, user id, ...


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You seemed to have missed out an important part in your setup instructions, and that is if you want to setup your own DB Table to send info to rather than use an existing one (and I don’t know why you would) so as to separate everything out. Then what would be the standard or expected DB and table settings to look like please?


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OK it seems that you require to build a new form then map the form fields to the new DB you have created. I went ahead and created a DB “standard_fields” call it what you like using InnoDB utf8_general_ci. I then added a new row to the DB called “id” type “int” length “11” I was then able to start building a new form. Chose the “standard_fields” DB in “my SQL Table Name” selection within form settings. ID was still not available to select. I went to the form and created a “user” field, which I then was able to select “ID” from the DB in “advanced” Then went back to the settings and chose “ID”. After which I created other rows in the MySql DB and then selected them as I built the form so it would map the form fields to the DB Rows e.g. MySQL row “user_email” varchar, 40, utf8_general_ci FORM field “Email” then chose “user_email” in dropdown under advanced tab.

You only can use the WPDB database. But in this database you can use every existing table. The plugin doesn’t create a table.


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Well, i have succeeded! I created a table, linked up the form and then used WPDatatables and so I now have a page with all entries (via WPDMySQL) database table and then use WPDatatables to show the form entries which can then be viewed in different ways, filtered, sorted and downloaded in different file formats :-) Thanks for a great plugin! One thing I did not mention above was that in the table I created a db row “id” which I then set as the primary key.


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:cry: waiting to naranili :cry:,

, I would be very happy if you could tell me if the plugin keeps synchronized the custom tables with the form, even if I modify or delete the items of the same form

No. There is no syncronisation with the number or type of fields. Only the data will be stored at the selected WPDB table.

I have sent two emails for support, and have not received a response (certainly not encouraging me to pay for for 6 months of support).

So, I guess I’ll try this. I am having an issue, in which, for reasons I cannot determine, not every Gravity Form submission is going to my MySQL table. Most do, but not all. When it doesn’t work, I can see the form data in the “Entries” for the form. Is this happening for others? Please advise.

Also, if I have multiple checkbox entries the responses are going into the wrong variables in my MySQL table. For example, if I submit three checkbox items with the responses A, B, and C respectively, here is how it is stored in my table:

Var1_Checkbox1 Va2_Checkbox2 Var3_Checkbox3 A A, B A,B,C

Is there is fix for this? Thank you.

Not now.

Hello I want buy this plugin but I want question before. My question: I want make dropdown/select field that the dropdown/select item is based on query/entry from another text field on another form. can this plugin acomodate that?

No. The Plugin only can create choices from a WPDB table

I have bought this item and ask for support but nobody answers my question. This is horrible. More than 1 week and no answers. I WANT MY MONEY BACK

Can you please add support to pre populate text feilds

Why did you remove Gravity Forms List And Edit please?