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HI, does this plugin suport the new partial entries feature from gravity.


Will this plugin allow me to pull an image link from a wp custom database and display that image in the form? Will this work with the personal gravity forms or do I have to have the developers edition of gravity forms?

No. The Plugin only saves data to the Database


bigdog Purchased

Do you have documentation available before purchasing? I looked at the Live Preview site that has a link to “Read Documentation” but when I click it the file is missing?



bigdog Purchased

I see the doc now! Thanks for the quick response it shows that you support your software!!! I got it to save to the DB (awesome plugin). I am now trying to do an update from GF and have that update the MySQL Table. That is not working (no change in table when I edit and save in GF).

The doc is a little confusing in this respect. I understand I have to set a primary key. In the top Field Names section, I mapped a table field (event_id) to a GR field Event ID. In the bottom section for Primary Key, I mapped Primary Key Name (the only selection in the drop down) to Event ID GF field. Is that correct?

Thanks again!!!

Looks like that this should work. If not, please contact me via my author Profile.

would like to know, would this plugin work on WPMS ??



clong Purchased

Hello, the database isn’t populating the my Primary Key field with the Entry ID – I’ve sent you more info in support. Thank you!


Thank you for the good work

Is it possible to use a blog in addition to the form fields Add an article?

And selection by Categories Category originally added by the site manager?

Yes. Of Course.

Pourquoi plus rien ne fonctionne, tous mes liens vers mes tables ont été supprimer!!! depuis la mise à jour!!!

Please could you write in english ?

Please see the Documentation and the description at Codecanyon.The new release uses the Gravity Forms Feed AddOn Framework, so it’s not possible to use the old Settings.

OK thank you, I became aware of it and the problem is solved, certainly a bit long to implement, but much more functional.

Can i connect to a database on another wordpress site. Of course i would have the ip address white listed in mysql and I have user, password and database name

Sorry. This isn’t possible in the Moment, but i’m working on it.

Hi, I was wondering if this plugin works with the “list” function of Gravity Forms?

Sorry. No. Maybe in a future release.

First let me say this is a great plugin that saved me at least a couple day’s work (probably more) so well worth the purchase price. One caution, inserts will fail silently if your mysql field has a fixed length (eg, varchar(11)) and the input data is longer than that length. This is not an issue with the plugin; rather, it’s how the wordpress wpdb class work (which the plugin uses to perform the CRUD ops. I ran into this issue and thought it was an issue with the plugin. It isn’t. I just wanted to warn anyone else before they come here posting about how the plugin is broken.

Thanks. I’ll check if it’s possible to get the field-length from the MySQL Info.