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Hi. Have emailed a number of times over the past 30 days, still looking for a response or acknowledgement. The ‘GF WPDB Connect’ option is missing from the Forms > Settings menu, so the plugin functionality is greatly diminished.

It used to. I am not sure what changed, originally Members and WPDB worked fine together. As of November, they didn’t. Now I have to disable Members to use WPDB. Yes, I am familiar with role management, and every conceivable permission is granted to the administrator. Any suggestions to identify the issue or next steps I can take?

Any suggestions? I have a number of other plugins (Gravity view, pdf, workflow, etc.). All of their settings and menu options work with Members enabled.

Only WPDB is not working. All the other ones work fine.

I have the members plugin installed without any Problems with WPDB Connect

Hello. Does your plug-in show the result if there are more than 2000 entries in the table and the query selects 80 fields

It’s not a query plugin

I would like to dynamically populate gravity form text field from wpdb by sql query. For example: wpdb table has Pincode & Mobile number column. On gravity form when user enters Pincode. Mobile number field automatically populate from wpdb table. Is it possible?

See the Gravity Forms Description for dynamic Population :

It would be great help if you configure it for me. I want dynamic population from wptables. That is the reason I purchased this plugin.

Sorry. Currently i’m not available for custom coding.


SELECT ‘myField’ FROM ‘myTable’ WHERE ‘myField’ = ‘{field}’

the value of a field in the form I want to put this query where criteria..

Help me please..

Thanks a lot

How can you give an example of how it is done?

SELECT ‘myField’ FROM ‘myTable’ WHERE ‘myField’ = id field etc ??

I also sent you an email about the subject. I have not received an answer yet..

Thank you

You received 2 answers And maybe we are in different time zones ?

Hello, I have recently purchased the plugin and setup it properly with ID and key etc now I m trying to fill in dropdown from database its not working showing default “First choice…...” I m trying to fill in data from the column SELECT DISTINCT ‘Cup_Quantity’ FROM ‘Pint’

I still wrote that i Need an Export of the form or the Login data to the Wordpress admin. There is nothing more that i could do.

Or a Screenshot.

You already find the email address on the demo page of the Plugin if you didn’t get my reply to your message.

How can i populate a product with price? two mysql columns in one single desplegable field. Im calculating prices

Please refer to the docu. SELECT ‘myValue’, ‘myPrice’ FROM ‘myTable’

i fix it, :X


cmalloy1 Purchased

I can’t get this reference to work for the life of me: SELECT Vendor, Zip FROM SPS_Test WHERE Zip = {Zip:5}

Zip:5 is a field on the form, but it just isn’t registering. If I put in 60641 into the query like SELECT Vendor, Zip FROM SPS_Test WHERE Zip = 60641

then it works. Please advise.

It’s not possible to use any values from other fields.


jbein Purchased

Hello, I can’t find the sql box on email field, although your page says, email field is supported!

What is a SQL box ?


jbein Purchased

The box that we use to write the sql statement. How do you ask such question? All your plugin is about that box!!

The Plugin is to save Gravity Forms data into a WPDB database table. For this you have to use a feed.

A SQL-Box is only to create choices or to validate a field value.

Fill your select, multiselect, radio and checkbox fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database Fill your product, option and shipping fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database, including the price Validate your field-values for single-text-line and paragraph-text fields with WPDB-Queries against your database

Before buying this plugin I would like to know if it would work with the signature field that has gravity forms