Discussion on Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

Discussion on Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

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dwiyanto Purchased

Will List Fields be supported in the future?

I am interested in buying the plugin but had some questions. Does this work with file / media upload fields? Specifically I am wondering if we could use this to allow users to add an image to buddy boss albums. and if so can we create full galleries with multi-file upload plugins: image hopper or file upload pro: or the standard gravity forms upload:

if not, i am interested in paying for customization work if possible

The Plugin only stores the file information, not the file (as blob). To generate an image-entry in an other plugin, there will be some coding necessary

I am no little desperate: I am trying to write data to a database via a form. First, to make it easier, just some basic personal data.

But even this I do not want to succeed, in the manual for this there is no entry, also in the net I find nothing.

Please give me a hint how to do this!

See mail to support :)

Technical question – I would like to use this along with Gravity Geolocation ( to add formatted location fields to my database. Would there be any problems with this?

Can i push datas from one GF to other GF in the same WP?

This should be possible

i have orderd your plugin but dont find a setup to push from one gravity forms to other gravity forms customer datas. we have read your documentation and also dont find this information in your docs. can you please help us or update your documentations?

Hello, i search for a plugin that can finished the event of an entry after a short time, expl. 1 hour. only when the event is finished i can create many logical thinks like PDF, notifications but there is no plugin actually on the market to finish events. is this the right plugin for this part?

Dann weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Hi, thanks for your plugin, i have just bought it. What I need to do with your plugin is to find a database value that corresponds with a field value written by user in a form field. For example, user select a color and with a query to database user can know if that color is available. Is possible to do this? Thanks.

As written by Mail

Is this still compatible with latest GF? I ask because GF has had major core updates.. and your plugin hasn’t been updated at all in 2021??

All Plugins are working with the current Releases of Wordpress, WooCommerce or Gravity Forms and are still supported

Hi. We want to connect to an external SQL database. I see that this is not supported yet. We need this capability and are willing to pay your programmers for implementation if it can be done as soon as possible.

Any updates on this request?

There will be two new Plugins in the next Weeks: One to Connect to any other MySQL Table and one to Connect to any other (supported) type of Database (SQL-Server, ORACLE, ...)


dnstie Purchased

Hi is there an update to this? We want to connect to a db that is not in the local database.

How to create new rows or update custom tables? I purchased this add-on believing I could update my custom MySQL tables using it and Gravity Forms.

Does it support gravity form 2.5.3 and latest wordpress?

How do you update custom fields values… Eg. lets say custom field1 AND customfield2? I only see custom in your drop down. but cannot specify the exact filed to update. Please I need assistance. thank you

The plugin doesn’t “update” any values. The plugin uses the Gravity Forms FeedAddOn Settings API. Wich Custom Fields do you mean ?

HI! Does this plugin work together with Gravity Forms – List & Edit? If I delet or edit an entry with Gravity Forms – List & Edit the entry in the MySQL database also edited or deleted? thanks

The upcomming release of the plugin will support insert and update.

I love the plugin, it is an excellent tool. Recently I’ve noticed an issue when using the Gravity Perk “Nested Forms” add-on in that when using a MySQL-Query to fill the choices for a field in a nested form, all of the choices are repeated twice. For example, “SELECT `A`” provides two choices of `A`,`A`. Fields on the parent form seem unaffected, and it doesn’t appear to matter how many nested forms exist, the results are simply doubled. I’ve tested this on a fresh install of WP 5.5, GF 2.4.20, and GF-WPDB 3.6.7. Any help or guidance toward a solution to remove the duplicates would be greatly appreciated.

This is a paid plugin. Please send me the plugin, so i can check this.

Trying to select WPDB Table Name from one of the last five tables in the DB, but they are not available. Dropdown stops at wp_simple_history_contexts. Please help! I sent a help request via the normal channels, but no response in over a week.

I just downloaded and installed the current version this morning from Code Canyon and it has the same issue. The tables are still not available to select. Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing?

Maybe i wrote a little bit unclear. With the upcoming release this feature will be integrated,

OK. Thanks. How soon will that be released? I have a project in process that i plan to use that with.

Before purchase question : Will it work with gravity forms nested form add on for storing data. I’m using a woo commerce integration, gravity form, nested add on. so what I want to know is will it save data on both(Parent & child) form and will it save data before making a payment or after successful transaction. or is there any way it will also save payment status to the database just for fine sorting

And one more thing does this plugin remove data entered into database if gravity forms entry is in trash or get deleted

Thanks really appreciate your response I’m purchasing within a day or two but please improve your response time.


Really great plugin.

Is there a way to use your plugin to edit via gform an earlier submission that has already been submit to mysql ?

Without having the duplicate entry problem

ignore … fixed now

Also external Database?

First Line of the Item-Description: Connect your Gravity Forms directly to your WPDB-Database-Tables. So the answer is : no.

How to add the logged user_id that sent the form ? Also, how can we save in the table the files uploaded in a form ?

Thanks for your help !

The user_id is a default gravity forms field that could be added ad the field drop down. You can save the filename of the upload field, but not the file.

Hi, Thanks for you answer. For user_id ok. For the file gravityforms protects the real file folder by giving a hash.

The URL looks like something like that: /index.php?gf-download=filename.ext&form-id=1&field-id=11&hash=73d3418f55a7814063260ffc2034a4a15a3fc3caa0dc0711dea82870d766332d

How can we get the URL in the table instead of the real file path ? Do you have any snipet that could be usable ?

Not with the plugin. The plugin stores the data that GF already stores at the tables. Nothing else


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