Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

Welcome to the Gravity-Forms WPDB Connect Plugin

Connect your Gravity Forms directly to your WPDB-Database-Table. This is a plugin for professionals and developers.


  • New in 3.0! Uses the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework
  • New in 3.0! Save your Gravity-Forms Entry from one Form to one or more WPDB Tables
  • Simple WPDB Table and Field Setup at the default Gravity-Forms Feed-Settings
  • Fully Gravity-Forms integration
  • Use of the Gravity-Forms API
  • Add a Primary-Key, so every change or delete from the Gravity-Forms backend will reflect at your WPDB Table
  • Supports most of the Standard-, Advanced-, Post- and Pricing-Fields
  • Fill your select, multiselect, radio and checkbox fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database
  • Fill your product, option and shipping fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database, including the price
  • Validate your field-values for single-text-line and paragraph-text fields with WPDB-Queries against your database

Supported Fields

  • Standard Fields
    • Single Line Text
    • Paragraph Text
    • Drop Down
    • Multi Select
    • Number
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
  • Advanced Fields
    • Name
      • Prefix
      • First Name
      • Middle Name
      • Last Name
      • Suffix
    • Date
    • Time
    • Phone
    • Address
      • Street Address
      • Address Line 2
      • City
      • Zip
      • State
      • Country
    • Website
    • eMail
    • New in 3.0! File Upload
  • Post Fields
    • Post-Title
    • Post-Content
    • Post-Excerpt
    • Post-Tags
    • Post-Category
    • Post-Custom-Fields
    • New in 3.0! Post-Image
  • Pricing Fields
    • Product
    • Quantity
    • Shipping
    • Total

Attention !

This is a completely rewritten plugin that doesn’t support the old Settings.

Release 3.1 – 2017-03-01 – ChangeLog
Added support for 'Full Name' values
Added support for 'Full Address' values
Fixed empty values handling
Added multiple value validating for Paragraph Text fields
Added validating for number fields
Fixed Documentation

Release 3.0 – 2017-01-22 – ChangeLog
Updated to Wordpress 4.7.x
Updated to Gravityforms 2.0.x
Completey rewritten code based on the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework

Release 2.9 – 2016-10-05 – ChangeLog
Updated to Wordpress 4.6.x
Updated to Gravityforms 2.0.x
Fixed a bug at the checkbox save routine - Thanks to mbollini
Release 2.7 – 2016-01-16 – ChangeLog
Release 2.6 – 2016-01-10 – ChangeLog
New PHP file concept
Release 2.5 – 2016-01-05 – ChangeLog
Added support to create MySQL-Queries to fill the choices for product, option and shipping fields
Added support to create MySQL-Queries to look-up single-text-line and paragraph-text fields against the database
Release 2.4 – 2015-12-27 – ChangeLog
Added support for pricing fields
Release 2.3 – 2015-12-17 – ChangeLog
Added support for post fields
Release 2.2 – 2015-11-22 – ChangeLog
Added support for name
Added support for address
Release 2.1 – 2015-11-08 – ChangeLog
Use Queries to fill in the choices for checkboxes, radio-buttons, selectboxes and multi-selectboxes
Added support for checkbox
Added support for multi-select
Release 2.0 – 2015-09-26 – ChangeLog
Full code cleanup
Stripped Table-Builder Support. This is a plugin for professionals or developer
Use of the new Gravity-Forms API
A lot of Bugfixes
Release 1.2 – 2013-08-13 – ChangeLog
Better table handling
Added support for the <a title="Gravity-Forms List&Edit Plugin" href="">Gravity-Forms List&Edit Plugin</a>. With this it's possible to list end edit already saved MySQL entries.
Release 1.1 – 2013-01-11 – ChangeLog
Added default Wordpress translation features, so the plugin is fully translatable
German translation included