Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

Gravity Forms - WPDB / MySQL Connect

Welcome to the Gravity-Forms WPDB Connect Plugin

Connect your Gravity Forms directly to your WPDB-Database-Table. This is a plugin for professionals and developers.


  • New in 3.0! Uses the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework
  • New in 3.0! Save your Gravity-Forms Entry from one Form to one or more WPDB Tables
  • Simple WPDB Table and Field Setup at the default Gravity-Forms Feed-Settings
  • Fully Gravity-Forms integration
  • Use of the Gravity-Forms API
  • Add a Primary-Key, so every change or delete from the Gravity-Forms backend will reflect at your WPDB Table
  • Supports most of the Standard-, Advanced-, Post- and Pricing-Fields
  • Fill your select, multiselect, radio and checkbox fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database
  • Fill your product, option and shipping fields with WPDB-Queries directly from your database, including the price
  • Validate your field-values for single-text-line and paragraph-text fields with WPDB-Queries against your database



Visit the Gravity-Forms WPDB Website or read the Full Gravity-Forms WPDB PDF Documentation.

Supported Fields

  • Standard Fields
    • Single Line Text
    • Paragraph Text
    • Drop Down
    • Multi Select
    • Number
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
  • Advanced Fields
    • Name
      • Prefix
      • First Name
      • Middle Name
      • Last Name
      • Suffix
    • Date
    • Time
    • Phone
    • Address
      • Street Address
      • Address Line 2
      • City
      • Zip
      • State
      • Country
    • Website
    • eMail
    • New in 3.0! File Upload
  • Post Fields
    • Post-Title
    • Post-Content
    • Post-Excerpt
    • Post-Tags
    • Post-Category
    • Post-Custom-Fields
    • New in 3.0! Post-Image
  • Pricing Fields
    • Product
    • Quantity
    • Shipping
    • Total

Attention !

Release 3.x is a completely rewritten plugin that doesn’t support the old Settings of Release 2.x or 1.x.

Release 3.2.4 – 2017-11-09 – ChangeLog
     - fixed a bug when an entry is updated with the GFAPI
     - reload the entry from the database after it is saved the get the updated entry-id for all following functions (notification, confirmation)
     - now the already given choices will be added to the choices from a SELECT

Release 3.2 – 2017-11-06 – ChangeLog
     - use merge-tags to perform the query to get choices
     - use merge-tags to perform a lookup
     - hide multisite tables

Release 3.1 – 2017-03-01 – ChangeLog
    - added support for 'Full Name' values
    - added support for 'Full Address' values
    - fixed empty values handling
    - added multiple value validating for Paragraph Text fields
    - added validating for number fields
    - fixed Documentation

Release 3.0 – 2017-01-22 – ChangeLog
Updated to Wordpress 4.7.x
Updated to Gravityforms 2.0.x
Completey rewritten code based on the Gravity-Forms Feed-AddOn-Framework

Release 2.9 – 2016-10-05 – ChangeLog
Updated to Wordpress 4.6.x
Updated to Gravityforms 2.0.x
Fixed a bug at the checkbox save routine - Thanks to mbollini
Release 2.7 – 2016-01-16 – ChangeLog
Release 2.6 – 2016-01-10 – ChangeLog
New PHP file concept
Release 2.5 – 2016-01-05 – ChangeLog
Added support to create MySQL-Queries to fill the choices for product, option and shipping fields
Added support to create MySQL-Queries to look-up single-text-line and paragraph-text fields against the database
Release 2.4 – 2015-12-27 – ChangeLog
Added support for pricing fields
Release 2.3 – 2015-12-17 – ChangeLog
Added support for post fields
Release 2.2 – 2015-11-22 – ChangeLog
Added support for name
Added support for address
Release 2.1 – 2015-11-08 – ChangeLog
Use Queries to fill in the choices for checkboxes, radio-buttons, selectboxes and multi-selectboxes
Added support for checkbox
Added support for multi-select
Release 2.0 – 2015-09-26 – ChangeLog
Full code cleanup
Stripped Table-Builder Support. This is a plugin for professionals or developer
Use of the new Gravity-Forms API
A lot of Bugfixes
Release 1.2 – 2013-08-13 – ChangeLog
Better table handling
Added support for the <a title="Gravity-Forms List&Edit Plugin" href="">Gravity-Forms List&Edit Plugin</a>. With this it's possible to list end edit already saved MySQL entries.
Release 1.1 – 2013-01-11 – ChangeLog
Added default Wordpress translation features, so the plugin is fully translatable
German translation included