Discussion on Form Generating PDF - Wordpress plugin

Discussion on Form Generating PDF - Wordpress plugin

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I have installed the plugin, configured, but it doesn’t send any email and it doesn’t sae any entry in DB. What should I do?


cadob Purchased

I have the same problem. I’ve bought the support extension again, but haven’t received any feedback on my email request

Hi I’ve a problem with plugin “Please go to the page specified and choose the form to work with. Settings are not saved.” However, the correct form is already selected on the page. what could it depend on?

Hi, is there any demo link to test the plugin before puchasing?

Attention! The plugin is currently not compatible with PHP 8.x and therefore cannot be used on up-to-date server environments. The author of the plugin has promised several weeks ago to work on an update, but so far he could not provide a working solution. As long as no update is released, I would advise against purchasing the plugin, because it is not foreseeable whether the plugin will still be supported in the future.

Short update: the plugin author refused to update the plugin for PHP 8.x as part of the support plan. Thus if you want to use the plugin with PHP 8.x you need to pay him an extra fee (in my case he asked for 200 USD) or you need to pay your own developers (which I did).

Hi, does this plugin works fine with Wordpress 6.0 and Elementor? i have installed it but unfortunately it is not scrape the form data.

according to your support document, all you need to do is to activate the button by clicking on “Scrape Data” to scrape the form data needed to configure the plugin, then go to the page the one you choose for this project a button will be appended at the bottom on each form with a text “Form Generating PDF : Use this Form” on the specified page, click on the button that corresponds to the form you want to use, now all is set. Now go to the next options.

Once i go to form page i don’t see “Form Generating PDF : Use this Form”.

i have sorted out my issue, if any one using Wpforms with this plugin, and having issue. please let me know, i can share how i fixed my issue.

Having problems with the software mapping to the fields properly. The PDF is cropping in the original document and won’t generate an accurate copy

Having problems with the software mapping to the fields properly. The PDF is cropping in the original document and won’t generate an accurate copy. How do I get support for the license I purchased please email me. After going through all the steps the PDF is not generating properly. I have sent email as well. Please advise.

Hello, the PDF is still not mapping properly. How are we supposed to get support on this item?

How do I get support for the license I purchased please email me. After going through all the steps the PDF is not generating properly. I have sent email as well. Please advise.

Please see email. I need a zoom call tonight asap. Paid for 2cnd license to extend support. Urgent. Thx

Hello, I installed the plugin but I can’t scrape any data from my form. It only works with standard forms and my complicated calculation/multistep form doesn’t even show up. Please help me, I need this to be done fast.

I have a form made with the plugin „ WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder“ and as I can say it is based on JavaScript. So when I use your Plugin it doesn’t see my form on the selected page and I can’t scrape it. Because of that I can’t put the info from the form to the pdf.

Ok! could you reach out via email and send us your temporary admin credentials so we can solve your issue?

I sent you an email through your contact form, did you check something? Or didn’t you get the Email?

Hi, is it possible to work with a huge form that contains many details and attachments such as images and pdf files and convert it to a pdf based on a custom pdf template? or use the form entries and design a template and set the attachments as appendix? (result in a multi page single pdf file)

Any PDF template can be used and a multi-page PDF is supported. Images and signatures are supported.
Any form built with the form builders mentioned in the description is also supported no matter how big the form is.

does it support Advanced Custom Fields or Fronted ACF?


Pre-order question: Hi there. If someone fills out a form and attaches a PDF file, will it be added to the PDF that your plugin creates? Also is there a file size limit?

What files are supported as attachments in the form? Jpeg, PDF? and what others?


Only the PDF with the email are the one that gets sent, if you want customisation you can ask for this specific feature via email.
No limit size.
It depends on your form builder, our plugin support all image extensions except gif obviously, and also you print out the user signature on the PDF.

Hi, I really like the idea how this plugin is supposed to work and has a pre-sale question.

But does it really work with any form plugin? I have the E&P Formular Generator Plugin. It works nice, but like all other plugins it just “creates” a pdf using html and css which is really painfull. I have a pdf form designed on my own and would like to fill it with data from a form. Does it work that way?


Yes ! practically any form builder can work with it, it’s tested with so far with 10 form builders, if it happen to not work with yours then you’d just have to submit a support ticket so I can fix that in the next update.
Yes, pretty much it, you have a PDF form design ready, all you need in to set some basic configuration and you’re good to go.

How am I supposed to proceed? I need all these issues resolved today. I have clients waiting on a response. I have bought 2 licenses to renew support. Please advise. I tried to update the plugin and lost all forms I created, and the capability to add new projects. Please advise asap

Not working.2 emails sent 1 week ago.Answer me or refund!

Hi Virgin32,
I’ve installed the plugin in to your website and it worked fine, you can’t ask the author to complete your projects unless you would ask for a refund.. Please follow the documentation manual it has everything you need to set it up.

Are there plans to have the plugin work more like where the form filling is a layer on top of the pdf? This online service lets you add fillable fields as layers over an existing pdf and can be completed by the end user.

I am looking for a solution like PDF Filler but where I install it locally and not pay a monthly service.

sloc Purchased

This Plugin somehow removes the contact form 7 response messages from the dom after the page is fully loaded. anyone else experiencing this issue?

I updated the plugin and now all my user entries, all my projects are gone and I am not able to scrape the data. Is there a way to recover my old projects, user entries and also how do I scrape the data. This is urgent. Please advise

I hope all is well. I paid for more support and I am sending another email to try to get this resolved. Please answer and advise. Thx

I wrote another email hoping to hear back from you. I need support and it is urgent. How do we proceed? I really need to know what to tell my clients at this point. Can you set up a zoom call today please?

First I want to say this product is amazing. I have had it for over a year and I am just having some critical update issues and I am looking for a solution to get these issues resolved. I have paid for a new license and renewed my support. Can you please respond to my email support request?

great addon love it i question please i dont find the way to use 2 page pdf in same form i uploaded 2 pdf page in same file but i see only one its not possible to locate field for page two? REGARDS

i found the second page but i dont see how i can position field in second page please help MANY THANX

Hi Bekosh,
Please send us a email with your code licence to answer your support ticket.


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