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double tickets !! any one face that problem that when someone buy a ticket he get 2 tickets via email ? users here that bought 4 tickets received 8 tickets !!! any one have this bug ??Regards

Hi there,

Please confirm if you are using the latest version of FooEvents (1.3.3)?

yes , it is the last version. important to mention that it is not all the time, sometimes it double the tickets , sometime not !

Hi there,

Quite some time ago we had a similar issue for customers using PayPal. The PayPal gateway that was causing an order to be marked as complete twice. FooEvents essentially sends the tickets when the order is marked as complete so the tickets were being sent out twice as a result. If this is the case with your installation, you might be able to pick up any issues by looking at the order notes for one of the effected orders.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question.

I’m currently working on a ticketing service which uses the Woocommerce API to fetch products and place orders. Most of the events plugins i’ve tested don’t create tickets when I create an order via de WC API. Does this plugin work when I place orders via the Woocommerce API ?

Thanks in advance.

I have a couple presales questions for you.

1. On your website you sell a bundle that includes the event calendar plugin. Do you sell the same bundle on codecanyon?

2. The demo site only includes one event. Do you have any documentation or examples of how the plugin works with multiple events, feeds, etc?

3. Is it possible for a user to cancel their purchase after registration?

4. Is it possible to send a message to all registered attendees before the event? If not, can you at least export a list of all attendees?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in FooEvents.

1.) Afraid not, you would need to purchase the bundle from

2.) Each event is essentially treated as a WooCommerce product. This means you can have an unlimited amount of products and take advantage of the WooCommerce templates that display products. You can view an example of the store page which displays to sample events –

3.) Yes. You can cancel and/or refund the purchase of the ticket, or simply just cancel the ticket itself.

4.) You can export all attendee details for a specific events as a CSV export. This can then be imported into a mail system such as Mailchimp.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi, do you plan to update your app in order to access wordpress via restapi instead of xmlrpc? This could help for a security reason.

Hi there,

We tried doing so in the past however there were various limitations that made it not feasible at the time. That said, much work has been done in this regard and it is something we are looking into :-)

Hi, is it possible to bulk import attendees for new tickets without purchasing via WooCommerce? Thanks.

Hi there,

It is not possible at this stage.

Hi, we just had a failed transaction for 2 tickets, and the client then tried again and it worked. So we now have 4 tickets for the one transaction. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


If using paypal two of the tickets might be marked as unpaid (depending on your integration), you can set them to hide in the WooCommerce > Events settings.

If that is not the case please contact our support team here for assistance:

(It looks like your product support has expired so please be sure to purchase extended support for the product)

(Presale Question) Do you provide a white-label option for your mobile apps? Currently running a ticketing company that has a mobile app for ticket sales and I’m looking to migrate to a ticketing plugin that integrates with woocommerce and has the option to white-label their check-in app for my event organizers to use at their events. The Events Check-ins Pro App isn’t ideal, as it requires the organizers to purchase the app, I’d prefer to license your app and white-label it for use with my site.

Hi there,

I’m afraid we do not offer a white label versions of our apps at this stage. Our pro app is the best bet in terms of custom branding, however they will still need to purchase it from the app store.

I was real happy with the express checkin possibility but I can not download it through CodeCanyon. Is it coming back (*maybe under another name?).

Hi there,

We no longer sell express checking on CodeCanyon. Please contact us here and we will make a plan :-)

Hi, just want to confirm the below before I make a purchase:

1. Can the event price be different for member / non-member? 2. For non-member, a registration form pop up, and hide the form for member

regards, vic

Hi there,

Just for a little background, FooEvents uses WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce and user management aspects. In WooCommerce you can set wether a user needs to be logged in to make a purchase. You can also use third party plugins such as WooCommerce Memberships to manage user membership access.

1.) FooEvents does not provide this functionality but it might be possible using a third part user membership extension. Have a look at this one –

2.) You can set WooCommerce to require user registration to purchase a product.


m1ndspark Purchased

Hi – i need to create normal events that require ticketing using WooCommerce AND the ability to redirect to another URL for tickets in the same calendar. Can your plugin handle BOTH options? by default, WC allows a product to be referred externally (purchase not handled by the plugin and designated payment gateway), but can I assign some events as tickets / products and then a few select others to redirect to a third party? thanks… :)

Hi there,

FooEvents does not provide any redirect functionality but you should be able to achieve this with a 301 redirect in your htaccess file. You could create the events and simply redirect the product page URL to the desired external link.

We do a similar redirect on our site where we redirect individual products to custom landing pages. For example, the following product link: Redirects to:

There are also third part plugins that make it possible to implement URL redirects without accessing your htaccess file directly.

I would like to understand how your support function works. While I don’t expect an immediate response, I think that completely ignoring a customer is also not an option. Also, I am having issues with the iOS app and need it working for an event in a few days. The “incorrect URL, username or password” issue seems to be a common problem. It would be helpful if you could post a fix/workaround (or several). Thanks.

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay, our office was closed this past Friday as it was a public holiday in South Africa. We provide support between 9am and 5pm week days (GMT+2). Our team is currently working through the long weekends support tickets and will be in touch ASAP.

Here is an FAQ that might assist with the app login issue: If the solutions outlined in the FAQ do not work, please submit a ticket here and out team will help troubleshoot (please mention that you already tried the solutions outlined in the FAQ):

Hi Support,

Is their an ETA on the multiple dates for 1 event? We and our client would like this function!

Please let us know!

Hi there,

I will check with our development team this afternoon and advise ASAP.

Hi there,

I’m looking into using FooEvents as a way to sell tickets on our website for small events. We’re a bit old fashioned and very protective about our client and visitor data. What’s happening with the private data customers fill in (adress, phone number etc)? They just receive a email right?

Is there an option to keep the data in our own hands, even if we have to pay more money?

Maybe you can direct me to a page where I can find all this info.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

At no time is any data collected shared with any third party. FooEvents would be hosted on your server and not connect to any third parties. All data would be stored on a database within your hosting environment.

FooEvents adds ticketing and event functionality to WooCommerce which is an ecommerce extension for WordPress. The WordPress site would sit on your server and all the sites data would be stored on your database.

Hi there is a serious problem when I login in the app, its says”sign in error, incorrect site address (URL), Username or password”. I have check all the information, and keeping test for a week, still has the same error. I have contact the support team, but they reply very slow, like 2days only reply one message.

Hi there, any plans to have where users can re-download their tickets from ‘My Account’, lots of customers ask us for this, thanks