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What do your email tickets look like, are they PDF? Do you have some samples I can look at?

Also I’m wanting this for a client that runs events. They want to sell individual tickets as well as group tickets i.e. A table booking where 10 people are at the table?

If so, does each member in the group get their own ticket they can checkin in with at concierge and be scanned by mobile app?


[PRE-SALE Question]

We have an event that we offer discount on to a numbers of companies. Is there a way to include a list of companies in customs field that users can select from to offer discount pricing?

FooEvents uses WooCommerce to manage stock. Each event is essentially a product and the tickets are stock. As such you could use WooCommerce Variations and Attributes to create different ticket types each with it’s own price (Similar to a VIP, Standard and budget ticket example).

Thanks. Can this be done based on a company user selects from the list during checkout?

Afraid not, this would be done on the product page. See the following example:

In stead of the ticket type dropdown, you would have a drop down for companies.

Hello When you select to pay using direct transfer. Tickets are not going out whne you manually mark it completed. Also how do I change the subject of the ticket email, it only says “ticket”

Please contact our support team regarding the tickets not sending and they will help troubleshoot:

We have not provided an option to change the subject line.


THE-BR Purchased

Hi there, i bought your ticketing plugin and install it on my wordpress website. Seems to be ok. However, i install the App on my phone, but as a login it asks URL + Username + password. Question is, where do i create an account ? Where do i put my licence purchase number etc… Also it’s now in test mode, so can i change the url (localhost for now, then final url)

Many Thanks for your answer. Cheers.

Hi there,

1.) Please enter your websites URL, and WordPress username and password. The app uses these to connect to your website via an API to pull the event and attendee information used for checkin.

2.) The plugin and apps do not require your license/purchase number, however the app will most likely not be able to connect to a site running off localhost. You will need to setup a live staging environment. (e.g

1.I need to build a frontend submissions from, do you have a list of custom field? 2. If using a multi vendor plugin, the vendors can just make a product with frontend submissions from and sell there tickets/product right?

Great work! Thanks

Hi there,

FooEvents does not yet support multiple vendors. The app is designed with a single vendor in mind and as such, if used in a multi vendor scenario it would allow all vendors to see each others events.