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Hi there,

I’ve got some presales Q’s: - Does this plugin also contain a calendar view? - a min. and max. of persons for an event?

Cheers, Ed’

Ok so maximum persons would work – but a minimum of let’s say 5 people wouldn’t be possible?

WooCommerce have a plugin that may achieve this, however we have not used it ourselves so cant be 100% sure –

Mmz, that looks promising. I’ll take a look.

Thanks so far!

What about event with 2 or 3 days duration, I don’t see in the form input for End Day

FooEvents does not yet support multiday events, however you can enter the start and end time manually in the event date field.

Is it possible to add attendee information right on the productpage? Like this:

FooEvents makes use of the available WooCommerce hooks and checkout workflow to add the custom attendee fields. Unfortunately it is not possible to add the fields to the actual product page.

Pre sale question: hi, I like your plugin, but I need certainty about:

1) Does it send by email to the customer with the ticket after the purchase order completed? 2) is mobile friendly 3) In the order field I need to add the delivery option: a, b and c. Can I do it with your plug-in or do I need to use another plug-in for woocommerce checkout 4) Each event has its descriptions and rules. Can I add this in the email that will be sent to my clients when I register my event in your plugin? 5) the app check in is to autorizate person to entrance on event

thanks in advance!

1.) Correct

2.) FooEvents leverages the WooCommerce templates for displaying information. The default WooCommerce templates are mobile friendly and provided your theme is mobile friendly you should not have a problem.

3.) You would need to use WooCommerce or a WooCommerce extension to do so.

4.) Correct. There is a text field available that will be displayed on the ticket.

5.) Correct. The app will display the attendees check-in status and update the status to checked-in if you so choose.


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RSS Feed for events?

Hi I am on a multisite network and trying to aggregate all events from subsites onto my main site.

I have an RSS aggregator plugin but cannot seem to find a feed that shows the events. Right now I am using:

and yet it is not pulling my events. Is there maybe a better way?


The events are WooCommerce products so you can use any of the standard WooCommerce feed links. Example: (Product category called ‘events’)


With the tickets emailed to the users can you then scan them and it will register their attendance if this same ticket is used will it tell you its been used.

What payment methods can you use / stripe / debit card etc.

Can a booking fee be added – can this link to a separate account so the ticket fee paid to one and booking to another?


1.) Correct, FooEvents stores and checks the tickets checkin status.

2.) FooEvents is an extension for WooCommerce which adds event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce products, as such you can use any payment gateways supported by WooCommerce –

3.) You would need to use a WooCommerce extension to split the payment. Example –

Pre Sales: - How is this plugin better as the eventon ticket plugin?

- do you support QR-Codes on tickets? - can I brand the Mobile ticket scanner app in my design (also the app icon?) - do you support mobile tickets? - can user save the ticket in IOS passport / wallet? - can I display the ticket add function via shortcode? - can I set extra fees for each ticket and each variable ticket? - I have different events from different promoters. Can each promoter edit and check in just there own events, without having access to other events from other promoters? - can I use the ticket function without the calendar plugin? - does your plugin support multi-day events? - can I resend tickets? - does is support online und print tickets?


is Support for the bundled version (acquired in your website) nonexistent or am I sending tickets the wrong way?

sorry, did not catch your emails… you actually respond in less than 24hr as stated. =)


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I currently have a conflict with woocommerce 3.0.1 when in Tickets tab (Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Invalid order)

Is an update coming soon?

Thank you and have a good day!

Hi there,

We have submitted an update that fixes any conflicts with WooCommerce 3.0.1. It is currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon and should be available in the next day or two. You should receive a notification when the update is available.


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compatible with WC 3.0.1?

Hi there,

We have submitted an update that fixes any conflicts with WooCommerce 3.0.1. It is currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon and should be available in the next day or two. You should receive a notification when the update is available.

is anywhere a flag that a product is an event product? I want to add a + class to the single event product page…

Hi there,

Please contact our technical support team who will advise:

Hi. I have problems with WooCommerce 3.0.3 when updated?

Hi there,

We have submitted an update that fixes conflicts with WooCommerce 3.0.1. It is currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon and should be available in the next day or two. You should receive a notification when the update is available.


I’ve got some pre-sale questions:

1. I’d like to offer pre-sale tickets to an event by opening the ‘box office’ on a specific date and for a set period of time (for example, a few weeks before for an hour). Is this possible?

2. I’d also like to restrict pre-sale access to those with a code. I assume this is possible through the normal WooCommerce coupons screen.

3. I already use an events calendar, and I’d like to add either a purchase link to that screen, or offer a simple product screen in my store. I don’t really want to showcase the time and details via your product screen. Is this doable? Ideally, this would just be a simple product screen within my WooCommerce store.


Actually, the third query I have a solution for, so that’s not an issue.

However, I feel I should clarify my second query. I want to restrict customers to adding items to the cart without a code – so they can see the event, but can’t add items to the cart without a code. This stops someone uninvited hijacking the cart and abandoning it. Is this possible?

Hi there,

1.) Events are essentially advanced WooCommerce products, which are similar to WordPress posts. As such you could publish the product for 1 hour and then set it to draft after.

2.) I’m not sure if it is possible to use coupons in such a way. You may need to use memberships and member invite codes to achieve something like this.

3.) Yes. Since an event is essentially a WooCommerce product, you could use the WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ shortcode button, provided there are not ticket variations etc (We also offer a calendar view extension that might be of interest


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Event listing in iPhone app is crap (events not showing up, but if does then tickets aren’t) since the day one I bought the app! Working occasionally. Is there any reasonable explanation? Latest WC, WP, plugin updated.

Hi there, please contact and we will do our best to help you there.

Pre sale question. Would it be possible to flow the user straight to checkout after adding the item/ticket into cart rather then them doing so manually?

Hi there, this is not a feature that FooEvents provides, but I believe there are WooCommerce plugins that let you do this.


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change button text

hi there, is it possible to add a function that the customer can download the Tickets via “my account” additionally to the e-mails? (i got the pdf tickets extension).