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Hi Guys,

Do you have a woocommerce_product_query filter to order the events in date order?

cheers Jack

Hi Jack,

Please contact our technical support team for assistance:

It looks like your product support has also expired so please be sure to purchase an extended support option.

Pre-purchase Questions.

Is this compatible with WPML translations? Can it handle multiple-curriences?



1.) FooEvents provides .po and .mo language files. Provided WPML supports translations using these it should work. You can use an application such as PoEdit to create translations in your own language.

2.) FooEvents uses WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce aspects. You can find out more on how you can handle multiple currencies using WooCommerce here:

Ok. Can I create a free ticket on a separate page? For example, I wish to allow certain groups free tickets but I dont want this accessible to the general public. All they need to do is fill out a form and a pdf ticket be generated and sent to them. Can fooevents support this?


You could create a free variation of the product (see student option – however by default WooCommerce would display the free variation as is the case with the example provided.

If you know how many free tickets will be offered, you could create a separate event for the free tickets (same date, time, name etc. Similar to this example –

Hi, we currently use the product for year round tickets. They buy a ticket and can use it within 12 months. Is there any chance to make more data accessible to us regarding checked in time and date? Also knowing how many tickets have not been checked in on a specific date compared to how many are sold would help. This information will help us understand what time of day most guests visit and obviously who many guests did not attend. - Cheers


I’m afraid we do not track the date/time a checkin occurred. I can see how it would be quite useful and will pass the request on to the team for future evaluation.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Personnel would like to clarify a few quotations before the purchase.

After the license term, some functionality ceases to function, such as example APP checkin, scanner or some other?

Is a user or password created for each event or are all viewed by the administrator only?

Has access control in the APP, shows the quantity that came in, that was sold and what is missing to enter?


1.) All functionality will continue to work, however you will need be able to update the plugins. We regularly release updates for bugs, new functionality, WooCommerce and WordPress compatibility etc so the updates are critical. You would also not be eligible for support.

2.) Correct.

3.) Correct, please see an example here –


the second question was not clarified.

would it be a user and password for each event?


Only adm can see everything?


Apologies for not being clear. The WordPress administrators will create and manage the events. You can have one or more administrators. Each administrator would be able to see all events within the backend.

Users purchasing tickets will not have access to any of the administrative facilities or private/sensitive information.


I was just about to purchase then I had some questions… basically I want to use this for a school…

1. I have an event (CLASS) that runs on Tuesday of every week for 6 weeks can the multiday plugin do that? 2. Can you use it so that when you display the events you can select the ones that you want and just go straight to the cart? 3. can the form be configured with other questions they must answer? 4. With the event can I add options to the event… like maybe popcorn?

I really want to purchase this app…

Thanks for your help.

Hi there

1. The FooEvent Multi-day extension makes it possible to add multiple checkins/days for a single event. This is geared for events that have multiple consecutive days such as a 3 day conference but could also be used in such a case. You would need to state in the event description the specific date/times of the various days.

2.) Your best option here is to setup a different event for each day (Without FooEvents Multi-day). Customers could then add the events/days they would like to attend to their cart.

3.) The FooEvents custom Attendee fields plugin makes it possible to capture customized attendee fields at checkout.

4.) You could create a separate product (i.e popcorn, t-shirt etc) and allow the customer to add it to their cart, or you could use WooCommerce attributes and variations to create a variation of the event/product that include popcorn. Example: Standard – $9 Standard + food – $12

Hope that helps!


moshsom Purchased

Hello. I installed the iphone app but am getting a server certificate error. I am on the latest version of FooEvents as well. Thanks!


moshsom Purchased

never mind. I closed the app and tried it again and I could login!

Worst customer service, and a waste of money and time, also this plugin is a mess if you’re going to have 100+ event goers. Have to also add that mobile app for ticket reading keeps crashing and not working even if your site is having SSL certificate.

P.S. I’d like to get back my money for PDF tickets plugin which I bought, but you guys managed to remove it form themeforest and now you’re asking to pay for pricing plan? Good luck with that! Never been so pissed and angry on regards purchased products from Themeforest, but this one is the case.

Hi there,

I’m really sorry you experienced issues using FooEvents, it’s the last thing we wanted.

Based on your user name I can’t find any recent support request from you. The only ones I picked up are over 5 months old (we asked for further information but did not hear back).

If you submitted more recent queries, please provide the support ticket ID and I will investigate ASAP.

We no longer sell the extensions on CodeCanyon however as you already purchased it we will gladly offer you full access to the PDF tickets plugin at no additional cost. Please send an mail to along with your purchase code and we will provide you with access to the updates and support.

Hi, I have some questions,

Can this plugin handle multiple attendees registration on one purchase? Let say, the product is Group of 10

So one person will purchase the product a.k.a the tickets, and key-in the details for the other 9 attendees.

And in the end, all the attendees will get the comfirmation e-mail/tickets/pdf tickets based on their own data.

Can this plugin do that?

Thanks for the feedback, will pass it on to the team.

Does this plugin compitable with WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin?


I’m afraid we have not tested FooEvents with the WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin and can’t say for sure.

all of my completed WooCommerce Event sales are now showing up under FooEvents ticket tab as unpaid which is blocking customers from getting their confirmation emails or tickets by email automatically. Submitted a trouble ticket as I saw others online with this issue.

Hi, thanks for submitting a ticket, our team will respond ASAP and help troubleshoot.

Hi, guys. I’m expecting your answer through support ticket almost 2 days ago. We need to solve our issue with the app ASAP, we’re opening our event tomorrow, can you please answer to us? My ticket is: #10107 (I can’t see any sold ticket from the app)

I’ve tried to update manually following your instructions but it doesn’t work and get down my website :(

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay, there was an issue with our support system and the ticket was not assigned correctly. An agent has picked up the ticket and asked you for additional information to help troubleshoot.


temraimi Purchased

Hi FooEvents,

first off all you are great guys I just love this plugin!

I recently bought your multiday extension when I enable it and configure an event the Android app stops working… it just start crashing @ login.. (updated os and app / plugin to latest versions available) When I disable the extension everything’s back to being fine..

I’ll stop testing the multiday since it doesn’t meet the requirements I was looking for but will keep using the regular plugin and will check for sure in the future the other extensions.. the calendar view looks pretty ;) (if you could put more screenshots of backend / frontend in your demo site it would be just awesome)

Have a good time

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the kind words a awesome feedback!

We haven’t had this issue before, if you don’t mind could you perhaps advise on the following, we would like to try get to the bottom of the issue: - FooEvents plugin version - FooEvents Multi-day plugin version - WordPress version - WooCommerce version - Android device model and software version

We are working on a video screencast series which will take you through each plugin (front end and backend). This should help give a better understanding of how the plugins work and how they can be utilized.

Thanks again!

Are the ios and android check in apps white labeled?

Not at this stage. You can however customize the branding and color scheme on the pro iOS app (settings will be pulled from your website first time you login).

If I have 3 website, can I purchase one 129$ bundle to install it on the 3 websites ?

Hi, I’m afraid you will need to purchase a unique license for each individual website.

Hello, all my tickets are visible to authors on my blog. How can i hide them to authors? Thanks Alex

Hi there,

Please contact our technical support team and we will assist with a solution:

Pre sales: Can I see a demo – backend and frontend?

As mentioned above we would be happy to share the details with you if you send an email to

SORRY !!!!

I did not read your earlier answer correctly.

Thank you for your very quick replies.

No problem – it’s a total pleasure. We look forward to receiving your email.


locko69 Purchased

Hello, some of the customers orders/tickets are not being received in their email. Is there a way to show the tickets as a download in the “My Account” section of WooCommerce?

Hi there,

This is not possible with the HTML tickets, however when using our PDF Tickets Extension, the tickets are made available as downloadable PDFs in the ‘My Account’ section. You can find out more about the plugin here:

Demo offline

Thanks for letting us know, we have corrected the link. You can visit directly here –

Hi there, I have a question about a multisite installation of FooEvents.

I have a project where I will have various websites running on multisite – it’s a parent organisation with various subsidiary organisations.

I would like to run fooevents on a few different subsidiary organisations websites. Then have an aggregated calendar of all events on the parent website.

Is this possible with FooEvents? Or can you propose a work-around if it’s not?

Thanks! Anthony


I’m afraid it is not possible to pull the events from multiple sites into the calendar view. Each site in a multisite installation is essentially a separate site with it’s own set of database tables. The calendar view simply pulls events from a site using the WP loop and orders the query based on the event date custom field.

This functionality would no be able to access the post data via the WP loop from different/external sites.

You could build a custom solution that connects to the different databases and displays the events in a calendar view however it would require a significant amount of development.

You could also perhaps try share the events to an external calendar (Google calendar) and pull or embed the shared calendar on your website.

I want to buy one of the bundle but I’m not sure i’m getting it. If i buy the 129$ bundle there is 2 plugins I don’t get that I have if I take the 99$ ? ( pdf ticket and express check-in) I am a bit confuse because usually when I buy a bigger bundle I get everything that is included in the first bundle plus other stuff ! so if I want the PDF plugin and the calendar one I need to buy the biggest bundle !?

Hi there,

The pro bundle was recently included as many customers running conferences require the Custom Attendee Fields and Multi-day plugin and do not require all plugins offered in the Full House bundle.

If you only require the main plugin and two extensions, your best bet is to buy them individually as this would come to $107.


mnaipal Purchased

Is there a limit on the amount of phones you use at the same time at checking in the tickets?

Hi, there is no set limit, you can use more than one device.