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Does this plugin have a calendar view? If not, does it integrate with any events plugins that do have a calendar view (IE: Events Calendar by Tribe)?

Hi there, currently not. We are working on a shortcodes/calendar extension that we hope to release soon.

Hi, I would like to ask, why I cannot download my fooevent plugin from your website ( ? I bought it directly from I know the support is over, but I suppose to have a right to get updated file (not a support), just like all the plugin purchased from codecanyon. I bought some plugin and theme here in codecanyon and theme forest and get 6 month support and LIFETIME updates. Why I get only 6 month of updates in Please clarify.

Hi there, please email for clarification.

Quick Q? Can someone reprint a ticket he paid for? will the scanner detect the barcode was used already?

Hi there, currently we do not offer the feature to allow attendees to reprint tickets. This is on our feature request list. Tickets already checked in will display a warning in the app.

Hi, for a day when people bought tickets it was just sending out broken code, I’ve updated everything and now it’s sending the admin the correct email, but customers are not getting any emails. Even when I click “resend” there is still no email being sent out. Please help!

Hi there, please email for help.

Does your Plugin has QR Code Support for Each Ticket instead of BarCodes

Hi there, FooEvents currently only supports barcodes.


mosaiktv Purchased

hello, pre-sale question : how the date of the event is display in the woocommerce page ?

Hi there, please visit our demos for an example of layout.

Hello i’m interested to buy all your plugins conserning the FooEvents .I have a presale question or better a user case. When you check in the ticket and another user have a double printed ( with the same barcode, ticket number etc) is it possible with this system to detect it?

Hi there. When scanning with the app, if a ticket has already been checked-in, a warning will be displayed.

I am an event organizer. Is there a way to use this plugin with woo commerce marketplace plugin so that I can allow my members to create events and set up ticket pricing etc?

Do you have a plugin that allows our members to create tickets for their own events?

If not are their plans to add this functionality and when?

Do you work for hire?

Hi there. FooEvents for WooCommerce currently does not offer a feature for users to sell their own tickets to events. Currently we are not working on custom coding projects.

Hello on the tickets that where send by email, the barcode is not showing, it show’s only the tekst Barcode: 49813751 and a message “image not found or type unknown” how can i resolve that error?

Hi there, please email support@fooevents for assistance.

HI ANY NEWS ON RTL? 2. are you planing to add a seat selection system?

Hi there, apologies I do not understand what you mean by RTL? There are currently no plans towards developing seating selection functionality.

i cant translate it to italian how i have to do ?

I cant change the word of attendee and designation and even translation is not seems to work somebody knows how to fix this ?

Hi there please email for assistance.

i have done but they told there is no way to translate the plugin

I’ve been using the plugin for 4 months now and it’s worked very well. It is however time consuming when a customer inputs their email incorrectly, in the way of a typo. This effects multiple places in Woocommerce and takes several minutes for our admin to correct. Is there a faster or bertter way of changing the email> Also I see no documentation on your support site dealing with this. As it stands, with the ‘Custom fields’ plugin installed, the the admin has to go to the ORDER and edit/correct the billing address email. The go to the USER and edit/correct the billing address email as well as the user email. Then go to every purchased TICKET and edit/correct the WooCommerceEventsPurchaserEmail email… type in the correct email into the RESEND field and send the tickets again. Sadly the User, Order, and Tickets are not synced.

Do you have a better solution to fix customer’s emails entered incorrectly?

Hi there, please email and a technical member of staff will assist you with your question.

Hello, How limit one subscription by user ? I mean actually, customer can subscripte many times for same event ?

Have you got a solution ?

Hi there,

I’m afraid WooCommerce does not allow you to limit the number of times a product can be sold to a customer. You will need to find a third party solution to achieve this. I came across the the following thread and can not guarantee that it works, however it might be worth investigating (see the second answer) –

Please email should you require further assistance.

Hi, GrenadeCo, looks like when we send a msg from here, the return is fast, but when we open a ticket, everything gets very slow – (and it is a problem because I am not here playing around. It is affecting my work). Ticket Support # #7074

Hi there,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We try assist with queries through this comments section where we can however most queries are routed through our support system as they require input from our technical/development team. Queries generally also require various back and fourth, screenshots etc and we have found the comments section not ideal for this type of interaction.

Our office hours are 9am-5pm GMT+2. Unfortunately your last response came through late in the day on Friday, however it will be addressed this morning. As policy we respond within 2 working days, but as it is an open ticket you will definitely hear from us a lot sooner :-)

Tickets are not being sent to the customers email. The orders are marked as complete but they still aren’t being sent. Woocommerce sends the Order Confirmation without issue but FooEvents is not sending the ticket. I have a support ticket open but have yet to hear back. Support ticket number is 7077.

Hi there,

Thank you for submitting the ticket, it will be attended to shortly (the ticket was received after hours, our office hours are 9am-5pm GMT+2).

In the mean time please have a look at the following FAQ for potential issues:

Hi, I’m considering purchasing this plugin. Is there an option to add a dropdown where customers can select the DATE of the event? We have a recurring event every Saturday, can it be set up so that the event automatically displays (for example) the next 4 saturdays? Also, will past dates immediately disappear? Finally, does the inventory management allow me to set a maximum number of tickets for each event?

Hi there,

FooEvents does not yet cater for reoccurring events in such a way. You would need to create a separate event for each week.

You can set the maximum number of tickets. FooEvents leverages the stock management features provided by WooCommerce (ecommerce system) which gives great control of stock and stock variation management.