Discussion on Firstr - WordPress Admin Theme

Discussion on Firstr - WordPress Admin Theme

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Hi, I am trying to hide menu items per user and as soon as I activate this plugin they reappear.

it’s happening when I change the menu color, just so you know

This plugin does not support hiding menu base on user.

I have added my logo to the backend menu but when you create a new post the W for the wordpress logo shows ? I need to remove this W (wordpress) logo

subject line : Wp-plug in


Just a gentle reminder to say I replied via email

is this a plugin or a theme? because I have an existing theme which I need to keep but I want to customise the wp-backend.

Also, does this allow for (post) authors to have a restricted view of their posts and comments? so they can’t see other authors’ posts or comments when logged in .. only allowing admin has a full view to see all posts and comments in the back end

It’s a WordPress plugin to style the wp admin dashboard. it’s focus on the style.

You can search other plugins to control the author posts.


I updated to the newest version and it won’t save when I rearrange the order of items on the menu. It will save color changes and other settings, but not the order in which the items appear on the menu. If I rearrange and click save the items just go back to where they originally were. But if I load a saved settings json that I made from a previous version then the items are sorted based on those settings. I just cannot rearrange them and save them. I have both settings files I can send you so you can see the one where the items will change order based on my settings and one where the items won’t save based on how I arrange them.

Also, how do I get the icons as shown in your screenshot? I don’t have those type of icons for posts, pages etc.

add custom css.
@media (min-width: 783px) {
    .folded #adminmenu .opensub .wp-submenu, 
    .folded #adminmenu .wp-has-current-submenu .wp-submenu.sub-open, 
    .folded #adminmenu .wp-has-current-submenu + .wp-submenu, 
    .folded #adminmenu .wp-has-current-submenu.opensub .wp-submenu, 
    .folded #adminmenu .wp-submenu.sub-open, 
    .folded #adminmenu + .wp-submenu, 
    .no-js.folded #adminmenu .wp-has-submenu:hover .wp-submenu{
        left: var(--menu-fold-width) !important;

Great. That fixes it. Will you be fixing these two issues?

Will fix in next update. Thanks

Hi I have one problem with the breek theme which I am using and the problem is my theme has no footer menu so please help me to solve this problem and tell me what to do

Please tell me what to do

We do not have the Breek Theme. Thanks

What do you have then?..are you not envato market?

Hi sorry for disturbing you but this is quite urgent . can yuo please help us out ?


tried disabled all plugin and it is not working

anyway – it doesnt matter anymore cause we decided not to use it cause its well over the timeline. Please kindly process the refund so we can move on?

thanks again

Tested on WordPress on fresh install and it works fine. Sorry we do not refund if you change your mind if you have download it.


Why i cant seems to get the drop down work?

I think it’s css conflict with other plugins. Can you disable some plugins to see if it works?

Hi , just installed the plugin deactivate and activate multiple times but the drop down menu is not expanding.. cant do any setting. Please help!

guys any updates? Need this urgently

I think it’s conflict with other plugin CSS. You can disable some plugins to see if it works. Thanks

I think it’s conflict with other plugin CSS. You can disable some plugins to see if it works. Thanks

Hi there, I am using this plugin with the version 3.0. I have several errors.

  • The icons in the menu bar are not visible. This happens when the icons are SVG images.
  • The current theme does not allow the vertical scroll bar of the Gravity Form form builder to be displayed.
  • The separation between the icon and the name disappears when I enter the configuration of the plugin GravityView – Forms Import Entries.
I share a video with you.

You can update to 3.1 to fix the svg images. I do not have the Gravity forms plugin, So I can not test this plugin on it, i think it’s plugin css affect the menu.

Hi, I can share the GForm plugin. Give me an email to pass it on to you.

you can send to

Hi, having problems with the plugin, i bought it recently and the colors doesn’t work in the wordpress, just works the default colors…

Unselect the default color and use customize color. Tested on 5.7.1 and works fine.


recently this plugin has started doing some weird things, such as placing multiple logos into the admin login, collapsing the navbar on the left, shrinking the logo in the upper navbar etc.

I would like to ask if you know something about this.

Thank you, Goodwill

Tested on WordPress 5.7 and works fine. Other plugin effect?

I’ve installed the plugin, but the color is not changing.

to be more clear, the files are getting updated at wp-content/plugins/admin-first/scss/scss but the color is not changing.

I’ve tested using default color checked and also unchecked. I’ve tried the colors from the pallet and also custom colors, none of them worked.

If you have installed cache plugin. disable the cache plugin and try again.

Hello, the plugin is great but that doesn’t work when you change the color. I have tested in localhost with all the permissions required and no other plugin (caching,...) installed. Maybe there is something wrong with the last version of wordpress? Do you have an idea how can resolve this issue?

Custom color or default color not works?

custom color not works

unselect the default color first. then you can use the custom color

Is there any documentation? None of the custom colors appear to be working. Only the defaults. Please advise.

Please note, if you have other plugins or themes, their custom css will also affect the style of the admin panel.

The color does not update immediately when it’s changed. I’ve gone through this several times, disabled caching, and there is no custom CSS. I’ve had to reinstall the plugin three times now for the color to actually update.

I think it’s browser cache, This plugin use cache for css, it’s no need to transfer the scss to css every time when you working on admin.

Since version 2.0.0 my custom colours doesn’t work anymore, it just shows the 4 base palettes.

The custom color does not saved?

I think there is a bug with the newest version. Some of the submenus on plugin settings have double links. Here is an example: Can you fix this?

Actually, I see what it’s doing. It lists the name of the menu item at the top of the submenu. It just happens that on those submenus there is a link named the same thing as the menu item.

The duplicate name is the wp-submenu-head, it’s WordPress default action.

It doesn’t seem to work. I can change to horizontal menu, but I can not change the colors. They keep staying the default ones.

The “Use default color” checkbox is not checked, but for some reason the green one is selected and can’t be unselected. I tried setting the global, menu and bar colors but nothing works. How do I fix this?

I am not able to change my theme settings and unable to change settings. Nothing appears when I click on the pop-down menu

This theme? no purchase icon.

good I would like to know if you have any installation guide of the theme

It’s wordpress plugin. install it and active it.


can we use this theme on multiple websites?

thank you, adi sita


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