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v3.3.0 (15 Apr 2023)
- Upgraded to Expo SDK 48
- Upgraded to Firebase 9.17.2 
- Project re-written w.r.t Firebase 9 specifications
- All old react native packages replaced
- Documentation major update
- react-native-firebase package used for Phone Auth
- Email OTP based Auth removed. Password applied.
- Profile updation made easy
- New user filling Email and Name seamlessly while Booking
- Many checks and validations applied
- More security applied to Wallet
- UI and RTL issues fixed
- Terms & Conditions with Agree added
- Location permission check added in Home Page
- Option to Turn Off Cash & Online Payments
- Option to Turn Off Car Approval
- Option to make Car addition mandatory
- Option to turn off Terms Checking
- Ability to make License Image mandatory for Driver
v3.2.0 (25 Feb 2023)
- Translation creation automated for Admin
- Moved Reports in Tabs
- ID / Passport Verification 
- Option to Turn Off ID /Password Verification
- Location Permission made easy to understand
- RTL Issues Fixed
v3.1.0 (14 Feb 2023)
- Payment Mode selection while Booking
- Ability to Sort Vehicle Type in Admin
- iPhone 14 Pro Max Design issue fixed
- Cancellation and other minor issues fixed
v3.0.0 (26 Jan 2023)
- App UI improved
- Website Ui change
- Admin UI improved
- New improved Dashboard
- Fleet Admin Booking
- Fleet Admin can create customers
- Fleet Admin can map Driver to Booking.
- Multiple Car and Active Car for Drivers
- Bottom tabs in App UI with Setting Page
- Additional Doc upload for Driver
- Convert to Rider / Driver viceversa
- Able to Edit Email and Mobile numbers now
- Booking schedular maps new  drivers if delay in accepting
- Data State Management architecture improved
v2.1.0 (30 Oct 2022)
- Wallet on Web added
- Wallet Fund addition and Withdraw added
- Razorpay Gateway Added
- Documentation updated
- Expo Id issue solved
- Facebook login mobile update solved
v2.0.7 (2 Sep 2022)
- Expo SDK updated
- Map zoom issue solved
- Documentation updated
v2.0.6 (24 Aug 2022)
- EAS Build
- Expo SDK 46
- Android Latest SDK support
- New Facebook SDK change
- Email & Mobile Login based Approach 
- Booking Information on Email
- Email SMTP configuration
- One file configuration for all Apps
- Booking Reference No. Added
- Two New Payment Gateway Added
- Push Notification Custom Sound
- Ability to Change Images on Web
- Ability to edit the profile like driving license, etc
- Cancellation Fee Credited to Driver
- Rider Negative Balance Checking
- Improve & Easy Installation
- Some UI Changes
- Minor Fixes and performance enhancements
v1.9.2 (7 May 2022)
- Apple build with Xcode 13 and iOS 15 equivalent
- Google API limit issue solved
v1.9.1 (4 May 2022)
- Driver finding issue solved
- Minor Fixes
v1.9.0 (28 April 2022)
- React Navigation 6
- Expo SDK 44
- Node Js 16
- Mobile Login based Approach
- Google API billing again optimized to cap minimum cost possible
- Google API will Support Language
- Direction API is costly and made optional from Admin Settings
- Web Setup Made Easy
- Wallet Add fund options configurable from Admin Settings
- Image Upload Size Reduce
- Captcha Appearing Frequency reduced (This will depend on Google's Algo now)
- Car List View Horizontal & Vertical Options
- Push Notification Reject possibility requested by Apple
- Apple Location Permission String Changed
- Cancellation Fees on Admin Earning Report
- Driver Alert for Duty if turned Off
- All Driver ignore will cancel booking
- Facebook Privacy Policy updated
v1.8.0 (9 February 2022)
- Handle location permission rejection gracefully as per Apple
- Privacy policy updated with Account Deletion section as per Facebook
- Default Country and Autocomplete Restriction UI changed in Admin Settings 
- Web default language settings working
- Phone number mandatory check for Booking
- Optional Bank fields for Customers to Withdraw
- Payment Type seen by Agent on Delivery Request
- Other minor fixes
v1.7.0 (16 January 2022)
- Admin Setting to turn on and off Delivery capture images
- Car Selection in App made Vertical scroller
- More Admin create page.
- Numbers after Decimal Setting Added
- Currency Symbol Switch Sides Given
- Negative Balance Allow for Driver Settings added in Admin 
- Customer Wallet Withdraw and Admin Setting to turn off feature
- Multi Languages moved to database and easy setup from Admin
- Google Autocomplete country search restriction in Admin Settings
- Admin Panel Design improved with more Settings
- Login Default Country settings from Admin 
- Trip Counts added to Reports
v1.6.0 (20 December 2021)
- RTL Support added
- Push Notification Page Added in Mobile App
- Push Notifications opens relevant page
- Theme file colours made easy
- A Test Payment Gateway added for developers
- Email verify issue solved
- And lot of fixes
v1.5.0 (17 November 2021)
- Expo SDK updated to 42
- All Payment gateways added to Web App
- Multi Language
- Manual Agent Dispatch
- Cancellation Fees and Cancellation Slabs
- Mercado Pago Payment Gateway
- Setup Steps reduced by 40% with Smaller Documentation
- Improved Map Page UI
- Setup Page for Admin & Database Setup
- API Restriction for Google API Keys
- Custom Search Component now supports Google API restrictions
- Car Icons on Map 
- Pickup & Delivery Phone Number Choice
- Auto Date Styling based on selected Language
- Driver Home Page Changed
- Web Menu Collapsing
- OTP Sharing Prompt
- Tabs in RideList
- Convert to Driver/Agent page on App
- Language and All Settings shifted to Server side
- Prices shown under Cars in Home page
- And many other major fixes
v1.4.0 (17 November 2021)
- Jumped to 1.5.0 to match the Taxi App
v1.3.0 (17 November 2021)
- Jumped to 1.5.0 to match the Taxi App
v1.2.0 (19 July 2021)
- System upgraded to Node.js 14
- Home screen load time reduced heavily.
- Location permission rejection keeps rest of App working
- Option to use platform based Google API Keys for better monitoring.
- Wallet withdraw loader added
- Bank fields can be turned on/off for Registration
- Removed App Transparency (Not required on our App as explained by Apple)
- Driver Logoff to turnoff duty
- All old package decrepitation messages solved
- Documentation updated
- Plenty of minor fixes
v1.1.0 (1 June 2021)
- Delivery details added to Driver Task
- Loader added to Withdraw button
- Wallet credit issue on cancellation solved
v1.0.0 (26 May 2021)
- iOS and Android ready
- Map based Pickup and Delivery
- Instant Estimate
- Booking with Delivery options and Book Later
- Vehicle types selection
- Full Map based Delivery tracking
- Cash, Wallet and Payment Gateways
- Promos and Referrals
- Admin Panel
- Fleet Management
- Website and Web Booking
- Push Notifications

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