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Hello, We are looking for the “Online Application”, can the user revise the form after they submitted (create user acc)?


After submit, they can receive a confirmation email with all the information they have sent through the form. If you want to display the input values, before submit them, you can create a multi-step form and use conditional rules to display the input values in the second page.

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I hope in the near future your application will support Vietnamese language.

It would be great! And let me tell you, thanks to the help of some of our collaborating users, we have managed to expand our language offer more and more. So who knows! Maybe someone will offer his help in the near future for Vietnamese and make this happen too!


I am looking for a system for my company.

The manager can log into the system and create forms:

The manager can create user accounts for employees

The manager can assign forms to employees or user groups.

Employees can log in and fill the forms.

Can this be achievable with this? Thanks

No without a customization, since by default the forms are public. Also, you can only assign forms to basic users, not user groups. All the best!

Hello, May i ask if the export report functions for those forms required Email/ Phone to be filled, am i able to collect all those information such as email/ phone,... from customer who used the form? Thank you!

Yes, you can export the collected data by your forms (email, phone numbers…) as a CSV or Excel file. Then you can use other software to create custom reports or to analyze your data. All the best!

Hello. We need to add some additional text to the login page. Which file do we edit please?

Nevermind. I found it thanks.

Hi, will it come with source code ? or it is encrypted ?


Sure, you will be able to download the source code, it’s readable and well commented.

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I would like to congratulate the support team in particular to Mrs. Rose Mary, a very kind and helpful person, for the support she has given to me.



Thanks RJCS! Users like you make us want to keep improving day by day!

We would like the user to have the ability to download the form, print it and fill it in manually. Can this be done?? We cannot find anywhere in the documentation to do this.

Well, this is not in our features but of course it can be done! What you need to do is use the browser to save the form as a PDF file, so then you can print it out. Go to “Publish & Share” and check “Without box”, then “Go”, to get a better design for print the form.

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Thank you. That will work. However, we do need to put a button on the form that links to that new page. I don’t see how to add the URL link to the button.

Hello, please go our new help center.


You’ll find very useful

And about how to add the URL link to the button, that’s not possible. Instead, you’ll need to create an hyperlink with the CSS class ‘btn btn-primary’ to display the link as a button.

Here you can read how to add a hyperlink to your form.

If you have any more questions, please open a support ticket.

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Hi, how form submit data is stored? Is created a database table by each form?

Hi Pablo, all the form submissions are stored in a table.

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Hello, I have an error during the installation “There was an error installing your app, please contact us.” Can you tell me what to do?


Sure, we are here to help, but please open a support ticket via our support page. Thanks!


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Okay, thank you for your answer Baluart. I have opened a ticket at support I am waiting for a return. Cordially

Hello, we’ve answered your support ticket minutes ago. Please check your spam folder and keep in touch via email. Thanks!