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Is there any add on that may allow signature to a form?

Sorry, but there’s not. However, if you need it right now, please contact our support team. We can make any customization for a very reasonable price!


Sunrisen Purchased

Hi, since I do not have the skills to export/import sql data, is that possible to pay you for a migration service, from a host/domain to a new one. I do not want to rebuild the forms from the scratch.


We’ll more than happy to assist you Secolight! Just please contact us via our support page!

How to hide paragraph or header using conditional rules? If we hide it using conditional rules, how can the admin see it?

Hi, we have answered your support ticket. Please keep in touch via email Thanks!

Hi, how can we create custom domain? We’d like to change the domain when we share the form link. Also, when we view the form via share form link, it has a logo, can we replace that logo?

We’ll more than happy to assist you conversionhub! Just please contact us via our support page!


I have a pre-sale question : is that possible to export the forms itself (not the data input by users), so in case of a DB crash (or if we need to reinstall the script), we can simply import the saved form after reinstallation?

If yes, where’s this option (did not find anything related on live demo)?

If no, do you offer an export/import service (as we provide you ftp/sql details)? Is this included in the 6 months support? Or do we have to pay an extra? How much does it cost, before and after the support period?

Indeed, the creation of a complex form seems to take long time (adding all questions, options, conditional rules, etc), and it would be very bad to restart all from zero.

In advance, thanks for your answer.

Hi DirkFm

This feature is in our to-do list, so we are going to implement it in a future version. For now you must backup your database to avoid any issues.

All the best,

when im using google chrome every thing is ok but when i use internet explore the date picker not show event when i try to enter manually not accepted ” im talking as client not in admin side. So can you help ?

Of course, we can help you! Please contact us via our support page. Thanks!

Hi, Can I call a private RESTful with all fields after submit?

Not directly, because this needs an integration with your API. However, you can use the WebHooks add-on to re-send the sent data to a PHP script able to call your API (in real-time).

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I’m getting An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry later. on all forms on all sites. What’s happening?

Hi Jim, we’re going to help you ASAP. Thanks!

Thank you!!

Hi Jim, just to let you know that we’re waiting for your answer via email. Thanks!

I’m echoing previous requests for a “Copy Form” or “Copy Fields” function. It would make a big difference when having to create multiple complex forms. Also, a “Backup forms” function for created forms would be very valuable for backups and future imports. :-)

It will surely make some difference! And it’s definitely on our to-do list for future versions.

Thanks for your comment!