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Hello again,

Paragraphs fields can’t be hidden/shown using the conditional rules? I want to hide/show some of them but they don’t appear on the list.


Hi Pcsl, answering your question: Yes, it can be done and in a very easy way! But please, to get support contact us via our support page. Thanks!


mailnike Purchased

Publish , Embed and Share stopped working after upgrade. Can you please help? https://surveyforms.in

Hi mailnike, I see we have answered your support ticket in a very short time. If you have any other questions or require any further information, feel free to contact us via our support page. Thanks!

Hi. My developers are implementing the plugin and cannot see where / how to implement the conditional lookup feature. Kindly advise. Thanks

Hi, we’ve answered your support ticket. Please check your email inbox (and spam folder). Thanks!

Your email notifications are not working! After i purchased i tried your demo page to. Also the demo page doesnt send any email. My support is finished. And now i need send emails. I dont know why doesnt work :( I need hel\\

Hi TurcoLouco, we are happy to help you. In our demo page we have disabled the SMTP configuration for security reasons.

So please renew your support period and contact us via our support page.

All the best,

I’ve been looking for a form application to buy and yours is top on my list. But, I noticed in your math calculations, you only offer the 4 basic operators. Any chance you can include the power function?

Of course, we are always willing to improve the script for future releases. For now, you can combine the 4 basic math operators to get more complex results.

All the best,

Thanks. If I buy it, would you be able to direct me to the file(s) where I could change it immediately?

Sure we can! In addition the files are perfectly readable and easy to understand. But be aware that you need advanced knowledge in javascript to understand how the rule engine works.

can we add maps markers to send lat and long to the backend site?

Sure, you can add them, but you need knowledge about the Google Maps javascript api to store the data in hidden fields.

All the best,

Hi, it’s possible to hide snippet with conditional logic?

Thank you

Sure, it’s possible. If you have any other questions or require any further information, please contact us via our support page. Thanks!


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We are getting following error.

Error (#256) An internal server error occurred.

The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request.

Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you.

Please check.

Hi innovacc, we are happy to help you. So please renew your support period and contact us via our support page. Thanks!

I notice in your demo, although advanced user can access create form page, but form builder not there (blank page)...

Hi tekwinwoon, please try it again!

thanks, may i know this app can support 1k or above advanced user? I plan to provide this amazing form to my existing students

Of course it can! And you’ll see that your students would be as amazed as you are :) Thanks for your comment!


pixelsoft Purchased

Hello … I like your form builder but couldn’t find this option in the demo, let me know if you can make it. ... for purchase forms we need to generate invoice showing the order details, then show option to pay with paypal or other manual method (cash or bank transfer). the admin then can see the invoice with payment status and able to update status in case of manual payment.

Hi pixelsoft and thanks for your comment! Now, about your question if you want to display an invoice order before submit the form, you can generate it by using a page break and conditional rules (Copy From Field To Element) to display the order details on the last page.


pixelsoft Purchased

thank you. i sent you message to discuss in more details.


pixelsoft Purchased

another question, how you setup a form for paypal payment? i couldn’t find that setting in the demo form “Programming Courses”!

This feature is not available out-of-the-box. But, if you want, you can buy the Paypal add-on (a Premium Add-On) to redirect the user to the Paypal payment gateway. To see the configuration, please go to Add-Ons -> Paypal -> Actions -> Update. It’s really awesome!


pixelsoft Purchased

Hello Blauart …. can we filter the submissions in a form based on submited data … similar to the filter you have in Forms

Of course! Even when it’s not exactly the same tool, the search box helps you filter all the form submissions. Kind regards,

Hi, I have some questions :

  • I created a multi-pages form. The problem is when testing on a smartphone, when I fill a field, the virtual keyboard appears with an “Ok” button, but no “Next” button. And when I “click” on Ok, the next page appears directly. So if the user will not make attention, he will skip some questions, but I do not want to add “required” parameter for some questions in the same time. I just want to be sure he knows he does not skip some questions.

Is it possible to force a “Next” button to appear on the virtual keyboard, in addition of the existing Ok button?

  • Another problem, in this particular case : if I use a Select list element on the form, with “required” parameter enabled, the user that clicks “Ok” go to the next page directly, so he does not select specific answer, because the first option is always selected (or the option with ”|select” parameter added is always selected).

So, of course, even if it’s a required answer, the script will consider an option is selected, but the user does not select a specific answer for real.

  • And finally, do you plan a new update again (maybe with an “export to zip” and/or “import/export all forms database backup”)? In case of the export to zip file function, this file could then be uploaded again later, without the need to use all the script files – so if the database crashes, we can still keep an online form working independently. To be practical, after prepared the form in notepad, I spent more than 3 hours to create the form with all the quaestions and pages. If one day the database crashes, it could be very horrible to start all again from the scratch.