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I want to have this form. exactly the same is it possible?


with same options and logic, and 3 columns

Integration stripe? works with stripe?

thank you very much

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I tried register in your support website, but I didn’t receive the confirmation email.

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Please kindly contact with us via Profile we’re will check your account on support forum to help you.

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Hi my dhvc form is not working at all it does not send me any email notifications

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on http://sitesao.com/support/ our supporter will check details to help you.

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It has been months now…. This product does nothing and “SiteSao” has still not issued the refund…TOTAL SCAM COMPANY….DO NOT PURCHASE THIS COMPANY’S PRODUCTS!

Dear, you have problem when use plugin ? please kindly contact with our support team on http://sitesao.com/support/ our support team will check to help you.

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Using your plugin can I modifacate the login form using a template ? I mean using colors and textures in order to make something like that . Thanks


Yes. this plugin can help you to custom login page with visual composer plugin.

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So could the login be customized using image texture like in the image using only your plugin and vc isnt it?


I just purchased the DHVC Form plugin, installed it, set it up, but no emails are being received. When trying to reach support, I an caught in a never ending loop that takes me to Support Forums. Is there a way to receive assistance?

I have check Support forum again, it still working, you can’t use our support forum ?

Hi, I would like to create a custom registration form, but then those fields are not shown in user are (WordPress > Users). How can add this fields that they will be available in user area (like username and password)?

Sorry. this plugin not support add field to user name. Thanks.

This means that you cant add user data to a user in WordPress?


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I always find this plugin embarrassing when not only do I spot the typo in the plugin description, but so do my clients. “Bulder” is a form of rock climbing of course. It’s not once, but even on the home site. I’ve given up telling the author!

Otherwise it’s a great plugin of course.

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Hi, I got this plugin with theme Classiads and I would like to add Entries to the User Profile (e.g. in the user profile, I can then find Registration form ID to check it or other custom fields information). How can I add them? Probably something like WP fields: <?php echo esc_attr( get_the_author_meta( ‘user_email’, $user->ID ) ); ?> ?

Sorry, with your problem, please kindly contact with theme author to help you. Thanks!

1) Prebuy question . I wish to have a demo in order to double check if this could be done . In fact i am interested in use your plugin to customize the reset password behaviour . I wish to have a front end page where the user must put his name like that https://d13njzr7tvlzz9.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/05/memories-password-reset.png and after that he must receive an url in his email . Clicking over this link he is going to be send in window like that in order to put a new password .https://d13njzr7tvlzz9.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/ajax-password-reset-handler-form.gif COuld be this done using your plugin ? Can i have a demo webpage( as sandbox) where to do it in order to double check that could be achieved . Thanks

2. Could be the free plugin force strong passwords work with the registration form ? is it compatible ? thanks

3) Could be done verification registration using your plugin . After registration the user must receive an verification url to his email. After clicking over it he is going to verify his user and he is going to have access to the webpage . that s all thanks for your time