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I do not recommend this plugins, it is very complicated to use. It has a terribly complicated interface, since it is all piled up. To create a table you have to waste a lot of time and do not pay. I asked for the return and I have not accepted it, be careful, try the options well, since they will not return the money.

I have offered help with configuration but you haven’t send us any questions or help requests. As I have wrote before – plugin may looks complicated at the first time as it have a lot of options. Anyway to create your pricing table you can leave all options on defaults. About the refund as you have already downloaded the package I’m not able to accept your request.


I am redesigning my pricing table and for some reason the first column does not line up with the other columns.

So for example if the first column has a feature in it the rest of the columns, with the ticks and minuses, do not line up and you can’t tell which feature is included or not :-/

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Is it possible to make the footer cell full width ? what i see now is that the footer cell has the width of the column , but what if i want to add something in the footer cell that goes across all the columns ?

You can prepare the footer as some html element just below the table, to emulate full width footer. By default each column has own footer.

Not sure what you mean. If i purchase the plugin will you be able to tell me how ?

Hi ! My support has expired but I have found a bug. Where shall I explain it ?

This is not a bug but an option. Please check example 3 here on your smartphone: http://quanticalabs.com/wp_plugins/css3-responsive-web-pricing-tables-grids/ You’ll see that first column will still be visible. Please extend your support period and create new topic on our Support Forum, our team will help you to set this up. Thank you!

I understood the problem and it was NOT a bug. Thanks for your quick answer

You’re welcome!