Discussion on Clockinator Pro - Time Management system

Discussion on Clockinator Pro - Time Management system

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Hello, I bought this template 2 weeks ago. Email notifications are not working on my website. After I communicated with your staff, you informed me that the problem has been fixed, but that it doesn’t seem like that to me. After sending 2 emails about this problem, I have not received any response! I hope to have an answer here in the comment about my issue. Thank you!

Yes, our support team is working on your issue. So please have some patience we will update you asap on monday due to weekend( off days ).

Hello, I still haven’t received an answer from you! Does customer support work? Thank you!

plugin is conflicting with the plugin WP Project Manager. i want to use both the plugin and it is needed for me to work with both the plugin what is the solution for this???

To resolve this we need to look into it on your website what is the conflict between both the plugins so we can provide you the solution according to that.

So for this please share you wordpress admin access details on our email so our developer look into it asap.


Sure i just sent an email please check and confirm.

Okay, we will check and get back to you!

error activating, please help!

We have received your query about our plugin. Please share your wordpress Administrator access details on our support mail so we can fix it asap.

Or you can do it by yourself just go to your Wordpress site root directory then go to wp-content/plugins/clockify-pro/clockify-pro.php and go to line no 54 then you will find “register_activation_hook( FILE, array( ‘BTCL_CustomPageTemplates’, ‘btcl_setup_clockify_dashboard’ ) );” this line just replaced it with the below code

register_activation_hook( FILE, array( ‘BTCL_CustomPageTemplates’, ‘btcl_setup_clockinator_dashboard’ ) );

then save it. That’s all.

Thanks & regards

hello, I edited but still having error. I will email now the temporary login. pls fix thanks!

We already fix that on your website.

movxd Purchased

Hello, I had a problem in the plugin code, I tried to modify the features to hide certain content and change names. The problem that appears to me is that the “Delete” buttons do not work for the created projects and the same delete button does not work when accessing the project.

I would like to know in which folder or location of the documents is the file with the projects stored or created to delete the projects from there.

Or are they stored in the phpmyadmin database?

If so, tell me the database or file location name to edit or delete. Thank you

Hello, In our plugin project data is stored into phpmyadmin database ( in ‘btcl_projects’ table )

if you want to delete the project data then please confirm that delete button has “delete-entities” this class in it and also contains “data-table”, “data-id” these attributes with their values in it to work properly.

Presale question. Can I assign any user role to be assigned as employee ?

Yes you can do that

hi, presales question is this compatible with the latest wordpress? thanks

Right now we only have hafday timing for day shift only. To setup 24 hours business just create all your shift according to yor employees shift timing and assigne them.

Hi again, any way to test the offline feature?

you can download our free version to test it offline from here


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May i know when we clock in it keep the IP. what happen to the LOCATION? can it keep the location of clock in place.

Yes, it also save the Location data when someone clock in and out. You can see that while generating reports for an employee in reports “Location” field. Thanks

movxd Purchased

Hello again, while trying to perform various actions to correct the problem that I have with the forms in purple color, I found an error message from wordpress about the plugin.

I hope it can help you to correct it in a new update:

The plugin generated 277 unexpected output characters during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication sources or other problems, try disabling or removing this plugin.

movxd Purchased


I have a little problem with the plugin.

The filter formats, add new project, edit and the fields that appear in purple, disappeared from the website, I was working everything normal and editing the “create new project” forms, I hid the visibility in some fields for the roles except admin .

I worked 2 weeks with the modifications and without any problem they were visible, but since yesterday the filter fields and the purple fields of the entire plugin do not appear.

I hope you can help me correct the problem in the pugin or if it requires an update.

I leave you an image to visualize the example of the error:

here is the code of this file, if I have something wrong or missing I hope you let me know. Thanks:

The error message only appears when I click the Save Project button.

Previously it worked with the modifications you made to the form and saved the project with most of the fields empty.

Sorry but we didn’t receive any mail regarding this so can you please resend it now. Thanks

movxd Purchased

I tried to send the email again with the admin account, I hope it has arrived.

Please try to send the email on our support mail id please because we didn’t get you mail yet.

Hi, PreSales Questions: I downloaded lite version to try it out, which is fine, - I want to change the design of the dashboard to meet my requirements, How to achieve it? - I want to attach contracts, passports or any document for each employee?? - Can I have a landing page upon employee sign in other than the dashboard??

Hello, Glad to hear that you like our plugin, as for your customization points please contact us on our mail on mail we can discuse it, or you can send us all your points that you want to change or add in our plugin for your better use so we will look into it ans provide you the better solution. Thanks & Best regards

movxd Purchased

Hello !

I want my users with the roles of: Department Head and TTD to be able to create new Projects and manipulate the plugin control panel, but it does not allow me to access the accounts with those roles.

I hope you can tell me how to give access to those roles and this message also appears:

Sorry, you do not have permissions to access this page.

Hello, For this please registor all your users as an employee into clockinator system then they will access the employee dashboard( they need to be registered first and assign roles them as you required ) For more info please mail us on so we can assist you properly. Thanks & Best regards

i have had an issue for more than three months, no help

too slow to reply fix the thing please

Hello, Did you create a support ticket on our support forum or send us any mail regarding your issue on our support mail before?

if yes then please let us know your support ticket no or your mail id.

Hi! Is possible to enable geolocation function? Thanks!

Which type of file and regarding what? for what reason ?

We need each employee to upload an image of a signed document every day

Sorry, that feature is not available right now, employee can submit work repost but can not attached media files in our current version. If you want then we will customize it. please let us know if you want customization. Thanks

hi some strings don’t translated like ‘No. of leaves’ I use (loco translate plugin)

Please share your Wordpress Administrator account details on our email so our support team will look into it and resolve it asap. Also please send list of all the list that you unable to translate it. Thanks & regards


Some questions i have for you!

1. Next update when ill be? i have read it the comments and there are some people waiting for update

2. I can’t login in demo accounts. Can i have a link with a user and password?

Hello, First yes, our next update will be releasing in next month, date is not confirmed yet but it will be released in next month definetly.

Second, you can test our demo now here is the link for demo and here are the login details

Administrator Username:- admin01 Password:- admin01@123

HR Manager Username:- hrmanager Password:- hrmanager@123

Department Head Username:- dhead Password:- dhead@123

Employee Username:- employee Password:- employee@123

Thanks & Regards

Hello, when can we expect the new update? Thanks!

The New update will be released in next month. Thanks

Hello, I find this comment relating to what I’ll want. Has it been added yet?

Right now our next update is not released yet, when it will complete then we will release it with this feature in it. Thanks

Pls when is the update coming up??? I’m paying for this plugin this week. When is the update???

On the frontend dashboard, can I embbed custom tabs? I want to link tutor lms dashboard to it so employees can click and go to take their onboarding courses on Tutor LMS.

And as well as link from tutor lms to the clockify,,,is that posible?

Our next update for this plugin will be release in next month. And for your other point yes its possible, you can link or add custom tabs on dashboard with customization. We do customizations too so you can let us know we can do it for you. Thanks

Hello… First of all, this project is a very beautiful one from my observation. Great idea, great product.

However, I’m afraid because, this plugin was last updated in 2021. For a product like this, I believe you could be on a lookout for new features, updates and optimization for best user experience and feature requests.

My presale questions:

I’ve seen the plugin has a lot of features that I intent to use for my project and I’m certainly going for the plugin…however here my my questions.

1. Do you intent to add accounting module soon? 2. Can the system automatically set appraisals based on certain KPIs? 3. Is there a profile completeness requirement to force users to complete their profiles? More questions coming in

For your first point, yes, we will add more features to make it more useful for an organization or business team. And for the 2nd point No, right not our plugin does not set auto appraisals And for 3rd point right now in our plugin, we didn’t add any functionality that forces the employee to complete its profile details repeatedly. But if you want any specific features then you can let us know we also provide customization. If you want customization, you can contact us on our mail id Thanks & Regards

Hello, I am very interested in this plugin. I would like to know if it’s customizable/extendable. I would like to add (code) a few more features/fields/functions to fit our use case. Perhaps using filters and hooks and templates. Thanks.

Yes, its customizable. You can send your requirements to us on our mail then we will let you know in details. Thanks & Regards

only admin demo is working all other three demos show empty dashboard.

Demo is fixed now so please cehck it now Thanks & Regards


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