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Q: I need more than plugin – I want that you would build me a whole website or integrate with specific system. Where should I contact?

If you need a personal assistance building a website, a lot of custom work, or unique website’s design, or to help you personally set up a web, you should contact one of our partner teams at they can make you a whole website or unique design if you need.

Our partners for custom work:

Inteligencia Web, Ltd.
Skills: moderate, advanced modifications
Location: Spain, European Union
Contact E-mail:
Contact Inteligencia Web

UOU Apps by DG Factory LLC
Skills: App Themes
Location: Switzerland, Europe
Contact Details: PM via ThemeForest

Q: Where can I get a great free design which works well with this plugin?

WordPress default “Twenty Sixteen” theme is already in the WordPress default package. That theme is fully compatible with newest coding, W3C, HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress standards.
We recommend using “Full width” page template, but it can be any other great WordPress free theme, or any page template.

Q: Where can I get a great premium design which works well with this plugin?

We recommend “BeCarRental” design from “BeTheme” 250+ themes pack, which incorporates bunch of hi-end features (visual content editor, Google Fonts, Twitter Bootstrap etc.).
“BeTheme” uses their own icon set, so to have support for FontAwesome icons, you will also need to be sure that you enabled “Font Awesome” in Car Rental System Settings.
We recommend using “Full width” page template, but it can be any other great WordPress Premium theme, or any page template.
Also, make sure that you have set the “Steel Blue” style in Car Rental System Settings.

Q: Is there is a detailed documentation?

Yes, there is! In folder “CRS Documentation” there is detailed beautiful HTML file with all step-by-step guidance, detailed front-end and back-end feature list, and all possible short-codes, needed for the setup!

Q: What to choose for multiple languages – WordPress Multisite or WPML?

Short answer – if you can choose, choose WordPress multisite.
Long answer – if you‘re thinking that your business will scale or will face a heavy traffic in the future and you want to run it in multiple language, we highly recommend you to go with official WordPress multisite setup and “network-enable” the plugin and do not use WPML.

Q: How to copy all plugin data from demo website to my website?

For people, who would like to replicate demo content, we made a copy of our English Car Rental Agency website.
To import a demo you need to go to WordPress admin, click on “Car Rental” section in left navigation menu and choose “Settings” element.
Then go to tab “Import Demo”, select “Car Rental Agency” demo item from drop-down in that tab, and click “[Import]” button.

Please keep in mind that:

  1. By importing demo you will flush all your existing car rental data.
  2. Other website content, including pages content, won’t be affected, so you still have to add the shortcodes by yourself.
  3. Make sure you have a latest DB backup with you before performing this action.

Q: How to change visual style (HTML and CSS) of search form?

The easiest to do without template overriding, is just to edit HTML of ’/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.Step1SearchForm.php’ and CSS at ’/Extensions/CarRental/Assets/Front/CSS/style.CrimsonRed.css’.
The exact location of each CSS class line in CSS file can be seen with Firefox Developer Edition browser and it’s ‘Developer Tools’ with ‘Inspector’ tool.
If this seem hard to do for yourself, please contact our partners for custom work (see F.A.Q. answer for ‘custom works’ / ‘individual assistance’).

Q: How can I make search in new page?

Please create a new WordPress page, put a [car_rental_system display=”search” steps=”form,list,list,table,table”] shortcode to it and get that page id. Then use that page id for ‘action_page’ attribute value for your main page search form, where you have you have your primary search shortcode.

Q: I need the script for motorbikes and bicycles, how to change the language text for that?

You need to modify the text in ’/Extension/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php’ language file, and replace all words in file from ‘car’ to ‘bike’ and from ‘Car’ to ‘Bike’.

Q: Plugin does not have a translation to my language. How can I translate it?

If your language, if it is not yet listed in existing translations, then you need to make a copy of ‘Extensions/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php’ language file as ‘[YOUR-LANG-CODE].php’ (for exact language code of your language, please download see ‘Language Kit for Translators’ folder in the package), and translate the text next to language keywords.
Also, if you want to be sure that your language file will be always up-to-date with the newest plugin versions, please add it to ZIP file and send it to us via contact email.

Q: How to make changes the the templates that uses for car (“car_rental_item”), page (‘car_rental_page’) and location (‘car_rental_location’) WordPress post types?

You can create ‘single-car_rental_page.php’, ‘single-car_rental_item.php’, ‘single-car_rental_location.php’ files in in your theme folder. WordPress core should pickup these template files. At the begging these templates can be a copy of single page template or default theme page template.

Q: How can I create another cars front-end listing template?

You need to a new shortcode attribute handler with it’s controller and template file:
1. Create a template file, i.e. ‘template.ModernList.php’ in the ’/Extension/CarRental/Templates/Front/’ folder (at first it can be just a copy of ‘template.ItemsList.php’)
2. Create a ‘ModernController’ controller class file, i.e. ‘class.Modern.php’ in ’/Controllers/Front/Shortcodes/’ folder (at first it can be just a copy of ‘class.Items.php’ with a class rename to ‘ModernController’).
3. Add a new resource handler in shortcode parser – you need to add a new CASE for switch statement for parseShortcode($attributes) method in \Controllers\Front\LoadController final class, i.e.:
case "modern":
    // Create instance and render modern list or modern slider
    $objModernController = new \NativeSystem\Controllers\Front\Shortcode\ModernController($this->conf, $this->lang, $arrLimitations);
    $retContent = $objModernController->getContent($sanitizedLayout);
4. Use the newly added shortcode in a WordPress page, where you want to display a new listing content:
[car_rental_system display="modern" layout="list"]

Q: In reservation process, I don’t receive emails neither as a customer nor as an owner. Could you help?

Make sure your server SMTP settings are working. Or use SMTP plugin, which is attached in plugins package and use 3rd party service like Also make sure you have enable emails sending in CRS main settings page.

Q: When we add images to the cars, the thumbnails are not being generated. What could be causing that?

It’s either your /wp-content/uploads/car-rental-gallery/ folder was not created automatically due some restrictions in your server, or files can’t be upload to that folder. Also, it you are not using regular DirectAdmin, CPanel, WAMP, LAMP, EasyPhp server or so, and using your own server configuration, it might be that you’re are missing the GD library, to install it use it:
sudo apt-get install php5-gd
sudo service apache2 restart

Q: How can I set discounts that my daily rate would be $50, weekly rate would be $330, and for each extra day it would cost additional $50?

You need to add discount periods for that:
0-6 days: 0%
7-7 days – A % (so that it would be 330/7= $47.14/day)
8-8 days – B % (so that it would be 330/8= $47.50/day)
9-9 days – B % (so that it would be 430/9= $47.78/day)
And so on.

Q: My server does not support $_SESSION, how can I still use the plugin?

In case if your server does not support PHP sessions, there is a 3rd party plugin – “WordPress Native PHP Sessions”, which included in the package.
This plugin implements PHP’s native session handlers, backed by the WordPress database. This allows plugins, themes, and custom code to safely use PHP $_SESSIONs in a distributed environment where PHP’s default tempfile storage just won’t work.

Q: How to say thanks to your team for a great product?

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