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presale question does it support french

As you see in plugin description, French is listed there ;).

Hey there,

I need some help with some things with your module.

Are you or somebody available to help me with things, I have set the module and theme up, and things are working but it brings a 404 error when I go through the booking process.

Also I am trying to find a way to add the form to a page for booking, and also to show multiple images.

I am running a caravan rental website so I need some help with that.

I can pay $ if you can help me out.

My Skype is SheldonKirkNZ

Cheers, Sheldon

Hi, first of all (503 probably, not 404 error) is probably happening due to theme you use (AutoRent or Rentify), so you need to contact them if needed a help with that. Always test with default TwentySixteen theme, or have a setup on your localhost. If you follow the instructions, you can use it without any issues and have reservation form and car slider etc. in same page.
If you need custom works, or individual assistance, please contact our partners (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web). They will do whatever you need.


m_aboali Purchased


First: I’d like to praise your good organized work

Second: I’d like to report a bug in the latest version I purchased few days ago, adding new customer for allowed roles doesn’t work and saying you don’t have permission to do it. I fixed it by doing following in file “partial.SearchForm.CustomerDate.php” line 26 changed “add-customer” to “add-edit-customer”

this worked for me and I’m able to add a customer.

Third: I’m trying to add few functionalities and there are few things that would help me if you answer below questions:

- is there any list of coming changes in new update? - what do you use blog_id for in the database? is it for the multisite? - If you have a simple developer guide as where to find what in the code, and how it’s organized. - If I want to developer flow to add new module/extension/page

Thanks in advance, and looking forward for your reply soonest possible.


m_aboali Purchased

sorry there is a typo in my request :

- I need  the flow to add new module/extension/page.  (for experienced developer).

Blog_id is for multisite. Code is 100% MVC, has many comments are self-describing. Majority who had skills, told that it took them only couple hours to get used to MVC structure, and they were able to extend :). There is some examples in F.A.Q., and documentation, plus in the “Developer Tools” folder of package.
As for roadmap, the upcoming CRS V6 is a next-generation. It will keep same great V5 engine and structure, but feature-wise it will be doubled (including transactions, financial analytics & reports, and hundred more features and changes). Anyway, there will be update button for CRS V5 to V6 to transfer all it’s database data to V6.
If you need some kind of work, you can always contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q, Inteligencia Web). But it seems that you are great developer yourself, so maybe you will want to pay them then for some explainatory videos, or deep consultations – maybe couple hours video call over skype or so. We personally don’t do custom works or individual assistance, we transfer all them to our partners. We self here are fully focused on the upcoming CRS V6 release. But keeping in mind the MVC, MVC always means, that despite whatever the version that is the model is never dependent on exact system (it’s independent, same as library, and it has it’s own database table if the model uses database writing), so if you will build additional model, you can always integrate it in the newer version, with some changes in controllers only.

Pick-up Locations not working:

I set different Pick-up Locations in car manager page, but in the front end there is no option to cliente chose the pick-up location.

Can you help me?

I don’t remember, but regarding the after-hours fee, I believe there is a reported bug to patch for V6, in some particular situation. So that will be solved in the upcoming CRS V6 if that is that case.

“You don’t remember”, but as you see, I have some reason to complain about bugs :(

I really hope V6 will have this issues solved!

It’s is hard to know everything. If the V6 won’t have it solved, definitely report that again (and we will do a patch for V6), but I believe it will have it patched, as we have a registered-list of all the reported issues and new feature requests since V5 release.


colotuzzo Purchased

Hello, we tried to use the callback URL for custom payment system but we can’t mark a reservation as paid when we go through that URL. How we identify the booking ID to mark that reservation as paid? Thanks in advance, Matias

(new Booking($this->conf, $this->lang, $this->bookingId)->markAsPaid();
Make sure you pass correct Booking Id, and it will mark it as paid. Booking ID can be received from Reservation Code from Observer. See NSNewPay or PayPal to see how it got there.

how do i make the reservation only avalaible for all veichles only for the current month and next month? and for example now is october so only for october and november and not in december? thanks edit: i think i found it, it’s block cars right? 2nd question, can i translate the back-end car manager for the client? if yes how

The setting you are looking for is the ‘maximum reservation in advance’, which is in CRS global settings. I’m not 100% sure if we have the ‘max.’ setting in CRS V5, but that is definitely added in the upcoming CRS V6. As for the back-end translations, many things are translated by the language file there as well, but for a full back-end translation, if you really need that, you need to do that directly by editing HTML templates at Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Admin.

Presale Question: Is there a backend demo?

In description there bunch of back-end videos, plus see attached screenshots – they are from all major admin pages.

Thanks. I saw them all, but thats not the same. ;-)

That is more than enough to see how the system looks. We don’t do trial versions.


shanehi52 Purchased

Hi! I need the previous version (4.0 or 4.0) of plugin “Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin)” Where can I download it? I’ve bought your plugin recently, but I downloaded version 5.0.

I need 4.0, because the theme is compatible only with this version.

Thank you!


shanehi52 Purchased

Unfortunately, no This is the message from support: “autorent 4.0 version is compatible with crs 4.0. and autorent previous version is compatible with crs previous version”

Check again with them. Even it they say 4.0 that will include 4.3 as well. But I think they wanted to mean 5.0.


shanehi52 Purchased

No, I asked two times. They specified – 4.0 (with 4.3 it is also working, I’ve checked)


sjoblin Purchased

Hi Paypal is not working. I receive an email to say that i have made a reservation and used paypal as my method of payment but i dont get transferred to paypal to make the payment, the page just refreshes


sjoblin Purchased

Ok I think for newbies like me you might need to explain that the class name must be picked for using paypal or stripe. It says to leave blank for payment methods without class integration. I didnt even know what that meant so I had left it blank. After trying everything else I could think of I chose the one for paypal and so now it works. Maybe just add a bit more of an explaination there in admin for people like me who have no idea. Sorry for causing a problem when there wasnt actually a problem.

Great to hear. Don’t forget to rate the support 5 stars. ;)


sjoblin Purchased


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Hi is it possible to use this plugin for a rental items for multisite? I am developping a site where users can go buy or rent items with deposite system and comission system on every transaction. Other wise will you be able to modify it based on my needs? Thank you

It is made to work as both – single site or in multisite mode. And if you need something specific, please contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).

Hallo, i’ve bought the rentify theme and the car rental system plugin. During the installation, importing the dummy xml files of rentify i loads of failed importation. As i can’t get any assistance from Rentify theme, could you please help me telling me if it could be something to do with the plugin? Thank you

You can always test with default Twenty Sixteen theme, and import demo data of plugin (via CRS Global Settings -> Import demo). Per my believe if you have any issues that is related to theme, not the plugin.

Is this plugin compatible with beaver theme and page builder?

It works with any theme, you can add shortcodes in any page. Rentify and Autorent themes made integration in page builder itself, but anyway, you can also put shortcode a just as a plain text in page builder as well.

thanks for your fast reply… and the look of the widget/booking form can that be designed as i wish, ie i wouldnt want those big arrows above.. just want to know that i can apply my own design without too much difficulty?

Well, you need HTML/CSS skills for that, but plugin is 100% MVC+Templates, that means that each view templates are fully separated out of models and controllers, plus it does support fully visual overriding by the theme and has given instructions. So if you have these skills, you can edit Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/ folder HTML’s, or contact our partners for custom Works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).


shanehi52 Purchased

Hi! I don’t receive any emails from the server. Like booking confirmation.

After payment (branch type) confirmation of reservation I get this message: “Failed: Reservation was marked as paid, but system was unable to send the confirmation email!”

The setting “Send Emails:” is set “Yes” I’ve also correctly set the smtp using the included plugin in your directory “Easy WP SMTP Settings” (smtp is working correctly, tested and checked)

My current version CRS plugin is 4.3 Auto Rent theme – version 4.0

Please tell me, what is wrong and how to fix it?

Hi, it is hard to answer questions regarding V5, as we have V6 in our servers, not even talking about V4.3.
But try sending emails via and use EasySMTP plugin. Also, as I remember, 4.3 had some ’ or ” chars issue if used in names on reservation form in step 4. I’d advise to use at least CRS V5, or contact our partners for individual assistance (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).