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VinceBalk Purchased

Hi, I am about to buy your plugin for my client. He has two rental sites, different rates, same cars. Now he asks me if I can synch the data between two sites. I think it is all about the availability and not prices but:

1) can I synch via wpallexport (cronjob) to other site and vice versa 2) what data can be exported and imported

Well, the CRS V5 has an API support, and CRS V6 has an improved API support. Things like that are usually done via deep API, so that could be a custom works for our partner to fit your site needs.
Different story is the multisite on same domain, i.e. and, so that you could have different language and same database linked via SKU’s, as plugin does support network-enabled feature, and Multisite is official WordPress way. I may even think that there can be some server configuration to run multisite via different domains on same FTP folder.
You can export plugins data (car_rental_* DB tables via PhpMyAdmin or similar tool in CSV, XML or similar format. There are no internal export / import tools. But if you have specific needs you are always welcome to contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web, but they are on their holidays till Apr 23rd).


VinceBalk Purchased

Hi Thanks for your reply. I use WP All Export/Import for these kind of jobs. DO not need a multisite, will be two different sites with different urls. Just want to synch only specific data. I consult my client and from there on I will either buy or make other plan.

Any documentation for API available?

I don’t know anything about that ‘WP All Export/Import’ – that is not an official WordPress product. In the full package after purchase there is some documentation on the API. Any is extended in the upcomming CRS V6, but still, it is more for search queries from partner sites, not for full reservation etc., so that would be a custom work for our partners if needed (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web), and you would have to deal all these works with them, by default plugin does not have such features. Multisite as mentioned before, probably can have different domains as well, and use same database.

Hello! I have been asked to develop a website of a bike rental for a client, he has seen the live preview of your plugin and he wants exactly want it offers, but I have several questions before making the purchase:

1. I guess the appearance also depends on the template you are using in the demo, which template are you using? Is it free? If not how much does it cost?

2. The client wants to rent several item of the same model, is there any option for that?

3. Is there any way of making only the reservation, without the payment?

4. Does the plugin work properly with Polylang instead of WPML?

You can definitely suit it for bike rental.
1. We using in demo site a child theme of Avada theme (it is most selling WordPress theme in the world, link is in the plugin description), but you can use it with i.e. even default TwentySixteen theme, as the design is only for the plugin in the plugin, the rest depends on the website theme.
2. Yes, you can set units amount on each model and track the units correctly, as well as order multiple items if needed per single order.
3. Yes, you can set it as “Pay at pickup” etc., or don’t even set prices and use “Get a quote” mode.
4. The best, most stable and most scalable way for multiple languages is the official WordPress Multisite setup and then you just need to Network-enable the plugin. It will allow you to scale website much more than via WPML. About Polylang I don’t know, it is not a leading plugin, nor there is need for it. Maybe it will work with it as well, anyway you can always order custom works from our partners to make whatever you need (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).

I don’t want to email the invoice to the customer as the values are bit off due to the %. I want to send invoice manually. But the resevations details should be emailed. How do I do this?

The system is made for automatic work, not the manual. 2nd mail is send when reservation is paid (marked as approved).

does the admin have the option to approve a booking now?

When you mark it as paid, it is approved, and suppose to send 2nd e-mail. In the upcoming CRS V6 it marks it clear as approved and definitely sends the 2nd e-mail.

Hi we are getting Notice: Undefined index: lunch_enabled in /home/happyrentalbike/dev/wp-content/plugins/NativeRentalSystem/Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/partial.LocationsSummarySimple.php on line 52

when trying to make a booking.

We will mark this down for V6. So please test with V6 when it will be released (expected later this month). You can, of course disable error warnings by PHP to not see this notice. This probably is related to used or disabled lunch feature.

Hello Kentutis,

I have a problem at the moment and dont know why. I have differente emails in different locations of my cars. When any client makes a reservation to my (second agency), the first agencya always receive the reservation details. I can only send to one of the agencies? Anything I’m doing wrong?

The website owner should always receive the e-mail. Also the location e-mail should receive e-mail as well if it is different, but I’m not sure if that feature was in V5, or is only from V6 (expected later this month).

Hi. When I finish the order, choose the PayPal method for payment and click the confirm button it redirects me to the PayPal page but the link have an error. The link is: I search for this in PayPal forum and I find that our application doesn’t send the correct amount. How can I fix this?

Well, try changing your currency to i.e. USD, or import demo data and see then. Appears that your currency is not supported.

I did but i have the same problem.

Well, then I’m not sure. Try installing default site, with default theme, and import default demo data and try them. I was working well, when we created, unless PayPal changed something. Upcoming V6 (expected later this month) will have more details and more logs, and currency converter.

hello, why label not appear like this image:

I did not understood your question, but in demo site the text is there: You can edit step 1 template at Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.step1… or CSS at Extensions/Assets/Front/CSS/style.CrimsonRed.css. If you have no HTML, CSS skills, you are welcome to contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web) and they will do whatever you need.


I want to buy this plugin. But, can a car be blocked during some dates so that it can not be rented?

For example. The Ford Mustang car can not be rented on June 8 and June 15. It’s possible?

Thank you.

Yes, by creating a discount for i.e. 11-365 days with 20% value.

I already have a website with a reservation plugin but it does not work the way I like it. Could you use your plugin? Is it integrated with woocommerce?

This plugin is better than WooCommerce – it is much faster, has no ads, and can scale to work even with 1M+ views websites. The upcoming CRS V6 update (expected in ~2 weeks) will have ~600 new features and changes that it will make it even more amazing.

In this Car Rental System I want to add a coupon code named “APR10” with a discount percentage of 10%.. I tried searching it via your previous comments but nowhere it is simplified. I would appreciate if you can please let me know how can I create a coupon named “APR10” and apply flat 10% discount to all items.

If all your cars have same price group assigned, then you need to create a price plan for that price group with that coupon code only once. Otherwise, you need to create such price plan for all price groups.

I would really appreciate if you share any video tutorial on how to create coupon code. As the system is very complex

Not sure what is so complex. You create a car in car manager, then assign a price group to it. To create price groups, go to pricing manager, as well as you need to add price plan to price group with that coupon code. We don’t have video tutorials for that, but you can contact our partners for individual assistance, if needed (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web, still they are on their holidays till Apr 23rd).

will it work with themes like Bridge or others?

This plugin works with any modern theme that supports shortcodes. You just need to tune the CSS to fit it perfectly to your theme and that’s it.

Hi I have a couple of pre-sales questions. Is there the ability to add Car Registration number to each car unit, so they can be tracked on the admin backend. Also we require an hourly calendar function for all units so customers can see hourly availability and also units can go out several times over a day as we offer hourly and day hire.

Also under the Admin cars Calendar I notice there is an option to click Item Calendar at top right, will this show a Calendar based on individual units? Can I see a screen shot of it?

You can see that same calendar in front-end at -> Prices: See the “Availability table”. It will show units reserved / remaining for full and half day. Units are tracked by units, not by registration plate, but you can create a car models by including number or license plate number to the model and add one unit per model if you need to track by license plate. The plugin does support hourly mode, if that is needed, so it can be taken more than once per day, if the time does not cross-over. Anyway, if you need something more specific, you can always order custom works from our partners and they will do whatever you need (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web, but they are on their holidays till Apr 23rd).

Hi guys!

Great plugin! One quick question about localization, any way to translate slugs (Page Slug, Car Slug, Location Slug) using WPML?


This can be do via official WordPress multisite setup, as I know WPML allows to translate only page names, not the slugs, but you can contact WPML team. As well as if you have a more detailed question to us, please send your license copy PDF to info AT nativerental THEDOT com.


lostchoi Purchased

Hi! we just bought the plugin and we need to integrate it with PayU latam payment checkout, can you help me please to do this, I’m completely lost. Thanks


lostchoi Purchased

I already wrote to Inteligencia Web and they don’t reply also the “step by step” is not clear.


Santukon Author Team

Hello lostchoi, sorry, but looks like we didnt receive any email. can you resend it please?


lostchoi Purchased

I’ve sent the email again:

Hello my name is Jhon from Colombia,

recently I bought this plugin for wordpress, I’m completely lost adding a new Payment Method, specifically PayU Latam, can you help me please with this process,

Thank you for your help, have a good day.

(You can reply me in spanish if you want).

KestutisIT…...we have been waiting for the realease of new version. You’ve said many things on the comment with some new [great] feature and improovements that we want to implement in our website. How things are at the moment? We are anxious to see the new version.

We pushing it as hard as we can. Still it has over 600 new features and changes, so it needs time. Currently we expect to know more accurate release date after ~2 weeks. It will be soon, but we need to finish it.


xvillacis Purchased

How can I change to v6, I have version 5 currently . Please help me

It is not yet released. You will get an e-mail from Envato when it will be released, as well as we will post to comments here. Currently we expect to have more accurate release date after ~2 weeks.

Hi KestutisIT, Any news about when the update is availlable I stopped working on my site 2 months ago because i wanted to wait for the update

Thank you

V6 is a very big update. So it takes time. We currently expect to have more exact date after ~2 weeks. But you should never base your project on future upgrades, meaning if you need something custom get done now, you should contact our partners for custom works on V5, instead of waiting V6.

Hello can I export admin calendar bookings into other calendars like google calendar etc.

It is possible via PHP my admin to export the data, but you need a data parser suitable for Google Calendar data type, or this feature for Google specific can be create by our partners via custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).

ok, but does the backend have a calendar for the rental bookings please, can it be connected to woocommerce?????

Hello, is your plugin compatible with Woocommerce? Will the new version V6 be compatible with Woocommerce?

I need to have a payment gateway with “redsys”, I have thought about using woocommerce to make the integration with the payment parade. Or also if it can be done without using woocommerce.