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Hi KestutisIT,

I need help. When I try to restore a backup of the DB (SQL) shows the message: —Table structure for table `wpwr_car_rental_benefits`

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `wpwr_car_rental_benefits`;

Are there any ways to properly backup?


Go to PhpMyAdmin (or Navicat for MySQL / Maria DB) and save all “car_rental_” prefixed tables. That’s it. For the location, cars, and pages you will be able to backup via regular WP backup for ‘car_rental_item’, ‘car_rental_page’ and ‘car_rental_location’ post type. Also make a copy of wp-content/uploads/CarRentalGallery/


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Hi, How do I change the search from titles?

I want to change ‘PICK-UP INFORMATION’ to “Pick Up” and ‘RETURN INFORMATION’ to ‘Return’.

How do i change it?


The HTML template is at ‘Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.step1..’
And the language is at Extensions/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php

I want know wich is the fille where i can edit the code for detail rent

Hi, your English is bad. Please be more clear, as it is hard to understand. If you are searching for step1 template, it is


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Hi KestutisIT,

03.12.17 is the beta ready or not yet AGAIN???

The was never schedules date for beta. We currently have plans to release it by the End of the year, but we can’t guarantee that. We currently focused on improving MVC and Testing process with PHPUnit, QUnit and Sinon.js, and apply that for a whole Wordpress community scope. At the same time we apply the solutions for CRS. Anyway, we are not in a hurry, as the goal of V6 is not the plugin release, but something amazing. Our partners soon to release a partner theme, that improves the V5 engine as well, so you can contact Inteligencia Web for that. We are focused on the principless of amazing code, scalability, editability and testing, and that is more science than just a code. Again, it is worth waiting, and as well as we move forward, just not that fast, we do not spend time on CRS coding daily, as there are much more important things to solve on global Wordpress and PHP7 MVC scope. Anyway, I strongly believe that before the new year we will be able give much more information. Anyway, no promises here, we are not an agency, and for our team is more fun to make something amazing, than to live by the schedule. So, current expectations are by th end of the year.

Hello, first of all great plugin, we’ve found all the functions needed. We have an issue during the booking process. Some of the booking process pages, are not shown properly, in fact they go behind the header. We have tried to use CSS, wich it works where we refresh the page, but it doesn’t during the next reservation. Here the screenshots, hoping you can help me, because from rentify we are not getting the right assistance, and we need to release the site to our client.

1) 2) 3)

This is due your theme. Try with default twentysixteen theme. Anyway, the plugin has just an example design, you need to tune the CSS to fit it perfectly. CSS tuning means editing the CSS. I’m not sure if your theme is not overriding the plugin styling. The default plugin style is at Extensions/CarRental/Assets/Front/CSS/style.CrimsonRed.css, but looks like yours is overridden by the theme. So contact your theme author. You can also contact our partners for custom works / individual assistance (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web), they will get you sorted for probably something like 50 bucks, as that is small fixes for your CSS that is needed. But first, try to contact your theme maker.

Hi, I made a translation file for CRS, how can I implement it, the file is already in the Extensions/CarRental/Languages/ folder?

If you made a translation, then just switch your Wordpress site language to it as well, and it will work (make sure the language code is matching). Also, in case if you would like to make an official translation to your language for V6, please shoot us an e-mail to INFO at NATIVERENTAL thedot COM. And I will send you the V6 beta language file.

I am wondering if your plugin can be used for a limo rental type of business? and also wondering if it can be used for more than one limo company. People won’t necessarily know there is more than one limo business, because we would just show what car is available

Yes it can be used for limos and it can be used with partners feature, and you can even set to not reveal partners in CRS settings. Just edit Extensions/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php and replace word ‘car’ to ‘limo’ and that’s it.


Does your car rental plugin also support other payment providers, like iDeal (Dutch), and Credit-Card?

Kind regards, Roger Hoen – EZ Webdesign

You can pay with Credit Card with Paypal premium sellers Account, your customers won’t need to have PayPal account then. As well as the plugin has API, step-by-step instructions with NSNEWPay example and detailed documentation how to add new payment methods. You can of course contact our partners for custom works and they will add any payment method you need (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web)

Thanks for your reply. One more question: I have to integrate it in Kriesi’s Enfold theme. Do you know if there are some issues with this?

Regards, Roger

There is thousands of themes online. Plugin works with any modern theme, as it based on shortcodes. You may need to tune the CSS to fit it perfectly but that’s it.

i want to setup website same design as your demo.

how can get same look and feel as per demo?

which theme needed?

waiting for your reply.

thank you

We use child theme of Avada. You can get closest with Avada theme, as it is very flexibile. We not yet selling our demo theme, that we will do only after few months, but there is plenty of themes like Rentify, AutoRent or the upcoming Car Rental theme from our partners – Inteligencia Web, that works great.


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Hello! I saw that your plugin support WPML. I need to translate “Location” in Car Rental -> Location Manager, so that when I use shortcode for locations ( [car_rental_system display=”locations” layout=”list”] ) to be able get information for the certain language. Also can I add one more field, because some locations have got 2 phone numbers you can contact with?

For one more field, please contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web). Regarding the WPML, if WPML String translation plugin is enabled, you will see that text as translatable in WPML String Translations after adding location in CRS, or saving existing, or disabling -> enabling the plugin.


tachov Purchased

I saw “Location name” in WPML String Translations, but there is no “Street address” or may be I could not find it.

Address is not a subject for translation, as it is international. Location name is a subject of translation.


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Hello, I found critical bug in latest version, you can check it on live demo as well. This bug has been reported to you 2 years ago and the bug is still there: Please be aware to solve this BUG. for a rent of 2 days and 10 hours it shows 3 days in step2 but it calculates the price without discount (3 days discount).

This is not a bug, and definitely not critical. As it is using an actual date of discount period that is set from-to in hours in duration time settings, and rounds the the reservation time. Anyway, I agree that this is probably not the best decision, and we marked this to be changed for V6. Anyway, not sure if that was reported 2 years ago, as I think we set all V6 roadmap Spring of 2017 + June / July, when all the new features were asked, bugs reported, and changes-requested. Anyway, double check on this after V6 release, as it is planned to be changed for V6. And as To-do / to-fix / to-change list in very long (over 500 items there), please let us know if we would forgot this, so we can include that in one of V6 beta’s or 6.1.

Found another bug. When the customer is created it gets a id. example customer id is 2 (tom). I had deleted this customer. After that a new customer(peter) was created and it got assigned id=2. I created the old customer(tom) again with all details same as before. It id got assigned as 2 again. All the new customers(peter)reservations got change to old customers(tom) details

I’m not sure if this is correct, as MySQL table is using AUTO_INCREMENT for ID, and the any new created id should get a new id. Unless you create users at the front-end and use the same e-mail. Anyway, I will put this to test to v6, but make sure that your database is working well, as well as you created with either new e-mail address, or definitely deleted old customer via admin section, or created a new customer via admin section that does not have same e-mail.

How do i change the booking form pick up and drop off time to show the default time as 9am( instated of ‘noon’)


Please edit controller of step1 at Controllers/Front/Booking/class.Step1, or please contact our partners for custom works and they will do that for you (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).

Is there any way I can add an option to tick the age group of the driver and add a daily charge based on the selection? so the option should be on the booking form. eg:

Age 21-24 (add $10/day) 25+ no extra charge.


Just create an extra, with name “Underage driver(-s) (under 25) with 10 $ / day price. Whoever will be younger with select that extra.

Hey, I have installed your plugin, however, my client has varying prices during most months. So, for instance, his daily rates for Dec 1st – Dec 20th are $89 per day, but from Dec 21st – Jan 2nd they are $119. How can I set it up so that if someone was going to rent a car during those dates, that higher price would show up?

When you create a price group, you add default price plan with default prices. And then on top for specific date ranges you can add seasonal prices as seasonal price plan, for same price group.

Thank you, that was too easy.