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We just sent out v5 for partners, translators and best reviewers.
Want V5? If you want V5, and want to reviewed it and give us feedback, please rate it 5 stars, and send us email with your purchase code and Envato username to info AT nativerental THEDOT com. And I will send you V5 today.

Envato dates – we will submit it to Envato by the end of this week. We are now starting to write the release notes document, which means that we need to review ~20 pages of draft changes/to-do document, and summarize it to clear 2-3 pages document.

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I have a few questions regarding V5.

1. During booking process, can I integrate BuddyPress to fetch user information?

2. Is is possible for custom developers to build front-end car manage system using BuddyPress?

So BuddyPress for you is to allow everyone to register on the website. Also you can set a role “Partner” after install to them. And the Partner is WordPress role, that allows to go to WP admin, and see partner data (add partner-only cars, extras, prices). Partners are not the customers in CRS, partners are WP role with WP users, of those that can login and add their own inventory (cars). Customers are the ones who rent cars, and they are left unchanged. So you need to do a custom work if you need that (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).


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So it doesn’t sound like Buddy Press does much .

1. Can you use something other than BuddyPress, like Ultimate Member?

2. My developer had trouble modifying booking process. Is booking process customizable?

3. Do you mean front-end car management is possible?

Yes, that was hard to do (modify booking process and customers) in V4. But V5 is fully MVC. This means, that you can go to /models/ folder and totally replace the “Customer” model. It currently has only two classes – (instance) class.Customer.php, and listings (class.CustomersObserver.php). So you have to remain only same constructors parameters, and public functions return values and parameters. You can change the rest inside, to i.e. make that it would use the data not from _customers table, but from wp_users for your BuddyPress.
For existing V5 – we wanted to use BuddyPress for partner role only, not for customers, we did it, and we believe that is the best approach for the plugin, so we are not going to change that, as we believe that the customers don’t look to that as a login website, they are more looking to quicker booking process. While the partners they want to manage cars, and their inventory, so it makes sense them to have with BuddyPress.
For your developer – as V5 is fully MVC, now it is much easier to modify booking process. Either you want to switch the model for how the data is managed – you edit a model, or either you want to change the process – you edit a controller. You can also change the view, but probably there is no need to do that, as it a just a standard. And then if you want to change the visual look and UX, you edit the templates, CSS, JS, IMG etc.
“Front-end” car management sounds without a logic. WordPress is build, that admin section has permission what to do and what not, and BuddyPress allows any user access admin, but only the desired admin pages. That’s how WordPress works. You should not call that “front-end” car management, you just call it – individual inventory management (and it happens in admin section, without access rights to other pages).

V5 update note for those who use V5 now: So I’m happy that you guys test V5, on different server environments. It appears that with the UPGRADE from V4 to V5 script there some bugs were discovered for permission rights, redirect, and probably for those who use MariaDB on servers (MySQL clone), and for those who’s update crashed and tryied twice (so we now made a hook, to continue upgrade steps only if the plugin sql update did not crashed in previous. So thanks for feedback, we know about this now, and tomorrow evening we will have a patch released for our partners, testers and reviewers. We will let you know by email when the patch is released. Until then, if the upgrade failed, use the regular V5 install (not via upgrade). If upgrade went well, then it’s all ok.

hi KestutisIt, what’s the difference beetween Car Partner, Car Assistant and Car Manager Role? thank you

Car partners – are those you want to allow to use with BuddyPress. I mean – a partners with their own cars to list, add, and manage their inventory. Buddy press will allow them to register from front-end.
Car assistant – is your business assistant who take cares your reservations (confirm/reject) and customer and that’s it (they cannot edit the inventory – cars, extras, prices – only review them).
Car Manager – is admin of the plugin. You need this role if you want someone allow to manage plugin only, but not give the access to your whole website admin.

got an error on reservation manager page. that page doesn’t load and on its place appear the written: Fatal error: Call to undefined function NativeRentalSystem\Models\Booking\restore_current_blog() in …/wp-content/plugins/NativeRentalSystem/Models/Booking/class.BookingsObserver.php on line 561. how can i solve it? thank you

I’ve replied bellow.

got an error on reservation manager page. that page doesn’t load and on its place appear the written: Fatal error: Call to undefined function NativeRentalSystem\Models\Booking\restore_current_blog() in …/wp-content/plugins/NativeRentalSystem/Models/Booking/class.BookingsObserver.php on line 561. how can i solve it? thank you

Well, this is V5 bug report. Is your plugin is network-enabled? You should send a screenshot to email, and tell if your plugin is network enabled, or action you did. I’m marking this down, to test and patch. We will release V5 patch tonight for all those received V5, and those who still need to receive V5.

What is your WordPress version, what is your server version? Maybe WP is too old? Also try to replace that line with:
Maybe it will solve the problem.