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Hello, I use CRS v5.0, via Easz WP STMP (I use my domain email address) successfully send Test email, but when I reserve a car I get an error “Error: System was unable to send a confirmation email. , Or the customer’s email address is not correct. ”.

In CarRentar \ Settings, the same Email and Send Emails> YES. In Location is the correct Email address.

I ask for help, how to configure it to work. Is there any manual?

Please send your purchase license copy PDF to info AT nativerental THEDOT com


yannism Purchased


Of course I will do…just need to finish the site. I have a couple of more easy questions for you.

1) Need to change the labels on your btns (for example from RENT to BOOK NOW) so need to know where I can find this file?

2) I would also like to know in what location is the search file …… [car_rental_system display=”search”... as I need to slightly modify the html. Thanks!

1. That is language file – Extensions/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php 2. That is front search template file – Extensions/CarRental/Templates/Front/Booking/template.step1…


yannism Purchased

Thanks for getting back to me I have solved this issue although one last minor detail, I have sent an email as some personal date is included! I have also rated you plugin!! Thank you

Hi, I have installed your plugin on and if a customer want to pick-up and return after hours – in total to pay the locations fees are not added. What I have to setup for correct total?

Thank-you in advance.

That is known bug to be fixed in CRS v6

And when will be available this version?

We hope to have V6 Beta by the end of this month.


DevTeamI Purchased

Hi, just thought we would ask the question. One of our clients wants to set up multiple websites using multi-site so they have one admin panel to manage all three. (We realise we need a licence for each front facing site). But they want different cars to appear on different front facing site. and one car to be on two of the sites but not on the third. Is this sort of thing in version 6? Thought we would ask before we go to work on creating it for him in case you guys have already done it OR the functionality already exists.

You need to have one license if the plugin is network-enabled for different language purposes or not network enabled for different language purposes (Used as multisite). You need more than one license is plugin used in multisite individually for each site not for multiple language purposes or if it network-enabled but not for multiple language purposes, usually with different theme on each subside. When you network-enable the plugin, you need to assign item SKUs to connect unit tracking between instances, but you are not required to add all items, you can have more items in different multisite instances. So you can do that in V5.


DevTeamI Purchased

OK awesome thanks for clarification. Will actually save us a tonne of work. Do they share one calendar?

The share everything (calendar view, units booked) if you attach the SKU for Item, Extra, Location and Payment Method. Just you need to add items on each site instance, and then connect by the SKU’s the one’s you want.

There are several major issues with V5 that are making day-to-day reservations difficult – specifically that weekend times do not work, so anyone can book either day no matter what is set for hours or open/closed, and that block end times are not working, so it is using GMT (maybe?) at the time of the block as the end time on the final day no matter what time is requested. As the summer has been very busy, this has nearly led us to over-bookings quite often, but made us unable to use the online system when things are too tight. I know V6 Beta is on the way, however this does not help anyone in the immediate future…

If you need something immediately, urgently, or you need individual assistance, please contact our partners for premium support services. They will be more than happy to fulfil all your needs.

I do remember telling you about them shortly after release of V5, and a promise they would be fixed in a patch, but it sounds as though that is not happening now, is that right? Thank you for letting me know I can pay to fix them myself.

All reported bugs will be fixed in CRS V6. The CRS V5.1 was renamed to CRS V6 as it had too many changes and new features, so that it would never fit to ‘minor update’ classification, and we classified it as a major upgrade. And CRS V6 is of course free to upgrade for all existing customers.

If a client rents from the 23 – 30 August, I want it to count as 8 days rental regardless of pickup & return time. Is it possible to do away with needing to specify a reservation time on the search form?

Price model “Daily by date” is available in CRS V6, which is coming soon. We hope to have CRS V6 beta by the end of this month.


alex_tsap Purchased

hello Kestutis in V6 There will be the possibility of renting for example the insurance of 7 days and above that is to say the extras only to rent more than 7 days. In general, we have the choice to put more than one charge to show the extra charge and the customer to choose it if we want

I did not understood what you wrote. But you can add discount of 100% for extra for up to 7 days, or after 7 days add progressive discounts to match same price for 8 or 9 days. No other change is planned regarding that. Also extras has a feature to pay once per reservation for a fixed price, and that price again can have a 100% discount for up to 7 days.


entypo07 Purchased

Hi, i would like the system to count a rent day from 09:00 to 09:00 and after that time count a second day. For example, if someone selects pickup time 8/30/2017, 18:00 and return time 8/31/2017, 09:00 this is one day. But if he selects pickup time 8/30/2017, 18:00 and return time 8/31/2017, 10:00 this counts as 2 days.I would also like to know how can i have 09:00 as selected return time on the search form (now it shows Noon as selected time). Thanks

No. It has to be 24 hours+. In v6 we added daily by date price plan, that will allow to count actual date, despite the time. But even that won’t be what you need. If that is not ok, please contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web)


entypo07 Purchased

OK. Can you please guide me on how to achieve that if i change the daily pricing model to the hourly pricing model?

Hourly mode also counts hours price. In the first post I wanted to say daily pricing mode, not hourly. As daily counts 24 hours from pickup time.

Is it possible to change the language of the database interface?

thank you

What? If you are asking about plugin language, it changes with the site language change. See documentation for more information. You can have two languages by enabling it in multisite mode as network-enabled and having two different languages for each multisite instance set in WP Admin, and then have units linked via Car SKUs, Extra SKU, Location Codes, Payment Method Codes etc. Or you can do that via WPML plugin.

I mean, I changed the wordpress language but still the plugin was english.

If the plugin does not support your language yet, that means that you need to add translation to your language. Please see to the documentation and the “Translation Tools” folder in the full package for the translation.


cutprice Purchased

Please advise how to change any words that says RENTAL or CAR and the like and remove or change icons that look like a motor vehicle

We wish to use as a Machinery hire plugin

Rgds Steve smith

Recenet purchase

Please edit the language file at Extenions/CarRental/en_US.php and replace the word ‘Car’ to ‘Machinery’ (that is really strange English word, are you sure that it is correct one?).


jironia Purchased

I have sent an email attached proper Korean Translation PHP and JS file to you. Please check your email.


jironia Purchased

en_US language file has missing parts for translation – actually quite a big hole there ;( – The translated ko_KR file does not cover all the text in admin and front end in Korean. Although I have 100% translated the php file, most of Manager section’s texts in admin area are showing in English.

Please update the base english language file ASAP and send it to me for perfect translation!

Thank you!!!!

It cover all 100% in the front-end and always did for the front-end even in earlier versions. For the upcoming V6 we improved the translation file, and it now covers much more of admin templates.

Is there a way to generate the reservation code prior to payment i.e. prior to confirmation, (on step 4 i think that is…) I would also like to know if it’s possible to generate my own reservations codes to follow a format that suits me. Is this possible?

In CRS V6 we added thing like invoice series, and invoice number on the invoice. And reservation code is generated only after completeness (not confirmation, confirmation is when you in admin mark reservation as paid, or the payment is received and marked as paid by bank via callback)


Domank Purchased

I have installed the Easy WP SMTP i have send test e-mail but still i have the same problem !! Error: System was not able to send a confirmation email. Either system email settings are not configured properly, or customer’s email address is not correct.

We improved email headers for v6. See Ken_WD comment, he wrote how he did that himself. Also make sure your servers does not block email sending via SMTP and try using Zoho for email sending, and try to sent to gmail.


gronzo Purchased

Small questions about coupons. Is there a way to add a coupon and lets say have a 10% off for all cars? Or i must edit all price plans for all cars and add coupon code seperately?

The documentations is kinda lacking in information of how to use coupons and how to set them up? Is it possible to set up for example a coupon to get a day free after 5 days for example?

You can assign a price group to multiple cars, so that group may have coupon. But if your cars have different prices, then yes, you need to create price plans with coupon for each price group, that is probably have different car assigned for each one. For the one day free – that is not a coupon – that is called duration discount, and they are managed in other place and discounts can be local (for specific price plan) or overall (for all price plans). In that case you need to add discount for 6 to 6 days – 10%, from 7 to 7 days – ~8% etc., to match the week’s period correctly.

I understand duration discount, and that’s how I’ve set everything. We have several categories, and every car has it’s own price just as you have them set up on your Demo.

Can I have lets say one coupon and have 10% off on all reservations? Is there a simple way to do it or i need to pass prices for all cars seperately?

Probably you have to do it for all cars separately.


ChrisWinf Purchased


How can I disable the “Business hours” ?

What do you mean? It is shown only if you use locations shortcode. Don’t use it. You can also try using 00:00 – 23:59 without lunch break, to say it works all day. Also you can edit HTML template to remove that part (please contact our partners for custom works).


stofan92 Purchased

Hello I need to translate the plugin into Slovak. Remove the coupon row. But I do not know how

When you download full package there is translation instructions folder. It all described there. Language file is at Extensions/CarRental/Languages/en_US.php, Slovakian will probably be sk_SK.php code. Also please shoot us an e-mail if you are willing to do the upcoming CRS V6 translation.

I understand. Now I’m looking at the Czech language . there but I do not know change English language to Czech language. I do not see this feature in settings.

You need to change the wordpress site language.


alex_tsap Purchased

Hello Kestutis 1 question for V6 we will have the select to confirm the booking of a costumer when he make the booking for example if we accept the booking or not for this costumer??

It is already exists in CRS V5 – you have to confirm reservation after completeness (except if it is paid online via PayPal or Stripe). So it will stay like that.

how can you confirm it like Mark as Paid this mean that the Booking is already paid but if you accept money on pickup is not the same? is better when we have a accept button that we accepted the booking for a costumer!

No, it is not better, because that means that you are not using benefits of process automation. Good process is automated if it can be processed without extra clicks. It can be limited with minimum days until pick-up, prepayment percentage, but still this should be automated. Of course we will consider your thoughts, but currently I don’t see any better solution how we can do this to be good for everyone.

When will be the V6 available I am eagerly waiting for the same.

We are doing our best to have it as early as possible. Currently, we expect to have V6 beta by the end of this month.

Is it possible to identify and administrate a specific car rather than a group of cars?

The car model often means that companies have one units of each model. If they have more than one, you can either use units, or add multiple models and assign them to different locations. If case if you have more than one model in same location of same car, then you should use units. Also you can use number suffixes in car list then. There is no license plate relation, as that would then give a hard times easily adding / removing units, for customers who don’t need to manage license plates. You can, of course, contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).