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hi, my product should not be expired. as i only bought a few days. I have some enquiry: How do i change the cars fields as i will need to insert vehicle number, log card, insurance details, service date As one of my partners will want to see how much this particular car has bought as an income for him, can the search be done on the car vehicle or id field? as an inventory management for cars, actually each car is an asset or individual stock at partner/owners because wear and tear condition is different. Thus, it makes sense for an overall view of this vehicle and remarks on any accident happen to this car which may lead to some discount in rental based on mileage/km/ age of vehicle. even to customer having two honda civic to choose from may have different in performance which result one offer better discount as exterior it looks inferior to the other one. Do consider the report function as an improvement.

It does not show you as a customer. Can you please send your purchase code and purchase date to info AT nativerental THEDOT com. If you can, please include license PDF copy, thanks.

Done, please check. reason is envato market staff reset my account due to account locked

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Well, we will test that for sure. It might be that there is a bug. As for the partners – please contact Inteligencia Web (see f.a.q.)

Hello have you test it? it’s always Don’t work… can you fix this bug on my platform please? i need it s work as soon as possible i nedd the site ready!! tks

If you need something urgently, please contact for individual assistance our partners (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web). We do the tests only for the releases, next release is V6, which beta we should have by the end of the month.

Hello Is it possible for a vehicle to have different price for a day: Rates for 100 km Rate for 200 km Rate for 300 km

Thank you

You can set mileage for car, and then you can use extras for that car, i.e. ‘Extra 100 miles’ with price per reservation or per day

Hello I’m interested in buying your addon. I would like some more information about the payment system. Are there any addons that add other payment methods? Is it possible to receive CC number to our email so we can run it on our Pos?

Also I would like to know if check box is available for the extras instead of the number selection.

Thank you

In the next v6 version it will show checkbox if 0/1 units limit is used. As for payment methods – there is detailed API and examples how to easily add new payment method. See the ‘Developer tools’ folder.

Hi, template.Step4BookingDetailsTable.php

we would like to show partner id and name on

What is variable name we could use to get selected car parter id/name?


It shows it together with car title, the partner id can be get via item[‘partner_id’]. For the names make sure in setting you’ve set to reveal them.

Hello dear author. I installed plugin CRS but the plugin doesn’t send email about a order, not to me, not to my customers. Site I marked in global setting the plugin “Send Emails: yes” and in block Email Settings choose Email Type: №1 and saved the setting. Thanks for your help.

Use and EasySMTP for e-mail sending if you server doesn’t support that, also you can try Ken_WD solution from comments in previous page.


sceafa Purchased

One of the things I do not get is the fact that you (KestutisIT) keep stating that to add a mandatory You have to add an extra and set the minimum to 1 and the maximum to 1. The only thing I can see as an option in V5 when adding any extra’s is:

Total Units in Stock:

and / or:

Max. Units per Reservation:

Please advice, as I have everything working on the website, except the Surcharge (Airport) and the Insurance options.

When I set Total Units in Stock, to 1 and Max. Units per Reservation to 1 as well, the customer that wants to book a car rental, still can set the 1 back to 0. I want it to be there without the dropdown that allows the customer to set it back to 0.

Please reply

That feature was removed in V5. In V5 there is an ability to mark to include deposits in the prepayments. Also in V5 you can have more than one fee. Otherwise you are cheating the customer. The airport fee (surcharge) should be used as location fee. Insurance should be either optional, or it should be included into car price, or you can make deposit not included in total, and create an extra named – “Insurance, to void deposit at pickup” or so. If you need something custom, please contact our partners for custom works (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web), as we are only supporting fare business, without any hidden mandatory charges.


sceafa Purchased

Okay thank You that clarifies it. I will make the Airport Surcharge a location fee. And I think I will be able to add the insurances as well now.


sceafa Purchased

by the way this is the result so far:


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For a network, I have to put a description of all the cars in the three languages and they must be mandatory with the same IDs.

Global settings are different for each site, because they can use different currency settings, or different words in different language. There is no need to link settings.


kittaeca Purchased

Can the different categories ( COMPACT, INTERMEDIATE, STATION WAGON, SUV ) appear separately.

What do you mean? If the classification is enabled in settings, they are grouped by them. If you provide a shortcode parameters of body_type id then it will list only those that on that class. Read the documentation for more information.


radupop21 Purchased

Hey, I have just installed the plugin following the guide, but I do not see the entire menu (I only see Car Rental and under Network Manager). I am new to this. Can you please guide me to a correct installation? PS: I have set the permission of the upload directory to 0777. Best regards, Radu

If you have network-enabled the plugin, then the plugin is seen in the blogs – you need to create blogs on your network, i.e. one blog per language. And in the blogs you will see them. If you need individual assistance, please contact our partners (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web).


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Hi, i have a strange situation, i set up the daily rate. If i select 4 days (from 1 July 12:00 to 5 July 12:00 – 4 days ) i have the correct price but when i select 4 days minus 30 minutes like (from 1 July 12:00 to 5 July 11:30 – 4 days ) i have a wrong price, with plus 8 euro. I the back-end everything is set correct, the prices show at the discount per duration is correct. But it puts the price for 3 days…. not 4 days..

What can be the problem. Best regards, Calin

I only use Daily, and i send you print screen with the situation. I the previous version v4 it was ok, working just fine. When do you believe that the patch will be release? Because i am live with the website and its not ok :(

Can i make a downgrade to the old version?

If you have a backup of old version, then yes.

Hello, my name is Nicholas. I’m a web developer and I intend to buy this plugin. I’d like to use it with WP RENTALS since the website I’m building will have booking of villas and rooms but it will also have a module of car renting.

Can you tell me if this plugin is compatible with that theme? I’d like to know before I buy it. Also how is it “constructed”? More pages or is the entire module built in one page? Can you pay with credit card, paypal or the payment is done purely in cash when the client takes the car?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

You can have villas renting with this plugin as well. All visual can be overridden by theme if needed. It should work with any modern theme, as it is using short codes that are supported by all modern themes. Only exact location and exact cars can have pages, but pretty much the amount of pages will depend on how many shortcodes you need to use. Plugin itself is module based, and has manuals for adding new payment methods. Stripe and PayPal supports credit cards, with PayPal premium you can allow customers pay directly without creating PP account.

Hi. Great plugin. One query, however. The search by “class type” doesn’t work. It shows all vehicles instead of just the vehicles which are within a certain class. We have this website ready to go for a client but cannot make it live until this is working. Can you assist?

That is a reported bug. Will be patched for V6.

Ok, thanks. Do you have a release date for V6? We need to publish this website live but the client doesn’t want it live until its fixed. Do you offer a development service to fix the issue for us? Obviously, we would be willing to pay for the work?

We don’t offer that, but you can contact our partners (see f.a.q., Inteligencia Web), they will do whatever you need. As for V6 – we hope to have V6 beta by the end of the month.