Support for Canada Post WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates, Labels and Tracking

Support for Canada Post WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates, Labels and Tracking

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No rates are displayed in the cart/checkout? I am getting “There are no shipping methods available” in the shopping cart.

When setting up this Canada Post plugin, there are a few things to check if you are not getting shipping rates in the cart or checkout.
1. Check the entered Canada Post API Production credentials. Click “Validate Credentials” button to know that this is working.

2. Make sure you’ve added “Canada Post” method a Woocommerce Shipping Zone. For example, add it to the “Locations not covered by your other zones” shipping zone.

3. Ensure some services are selected (ie. Xpresspost, Expedited, etc).

4. Ensure the Products in Woocommerce have Shipping Weight and Dimensions entered for them.

5. In the plugin settings, try to disable “Shipping Class Rules” if you’ve got them enabled.

6. Check the “Rates Lookup Logging” feature—this will tell you what is being calculated in the checkout—and whether the plugin was able to get rates for the cart.

The price of the rates is not matching Canada Post online rates or at the retail counter for a package?

If the price for the rate is too high, it can be because of the calculated package size.
  • Look to see if the Product has “Ship Separately” selected on it. This selection can be found on the Product edit page in the Shipping tab. This will keep the product from being packed together and will result in a higher rate when multiple items are in the cart, because the rate will be as if the products are shipped separately.
  • Look to see what the “Rates Lookup Logging” area displays, what package size and weight was sent to the Canada Post Api for the rate.
  • This plugin uses the dimensions to calculate the “Volumetric” weight which is used if it is higher than the actual weight. This can be turned off with the option “After packing, use Volumetric weight”. It will still use the dimensions when packing and determining if an item will fit in flat rate services, but it will use the actual weight for the rate lookup.
  • Look to see if you have boxes defined—this will increase the size of the package if you don’t have small enough boxes defined for the product. You can uncheck “Enable Boxes” if you want to just let the plugin generate the package size for the packed items
If you want Commercial/Contract Rates enabled, just enter your contract account number into the “Commercial/Contract” in the plugin’s settings. This will give you commercial prices and enable shipment labels for contract accounts.

How to set up Canada Post in a Shipping Zone? (Woocommerce 2.6+)

You will need to add Canada Post to a Shipping Zone. (This feature exists in Woocommerce 2.6+ If you are using a previous version of Woocommerce, you do not need to worry about this). Also, ensure you have updated this Canada Post plugin to at least version 1.5.7+ (If you’re not sure, just update the plugin to the current one available as a download in your CodeCanyon downloads page).

Steps to Add Canada Post:

  1. Go to the Shipping Zones page (Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping (tab).
  2. If you want Canada Post for any area, click on the “Rest of the World” Shipping Zone.  If you want Canada Post for only a specific zone, click on the zone(s) that you want to add Canada Post to.
  3. Click “Add Shipping Method” button (bottom right). Then Select “Canada Post” from the dropdown.
That’s it! Now Canada Post will be an active shipping method.

Screenshots of setting up the Shipping Zone

Initially, your Shipping Zone page will look like this. Scroll down and click on the “Rest of the Word” shipping zone. \\ Then click the “Add Shipping Method” button \\ Then Select “Canada Post” \\ You’ll see “Canada Post” Enabled in the “Rest of the Word” shipping zone. \\

That’s it!

The rates do not match the rates at Canada Post ’s website? Or the do not seem accurate?

The rates are returned directly from the Canada Post Webservices API. If the cost does not seem correct, check to ensure your Products have the correct weight and dimensions entered (what they would be shipped) and in order to see what is being sent to the api, use the “Rates lookup logging” feature on the Plugin Settings page.

Yes, the rates returned are using your Canada Post (Venture One) Account rates. They use the origin postal code entered. Also, if you have a contract with Canada post (ie. Commercial customer), you need to enter the Contract ID into the area where you entered your account number.

My Api credentials are not working? I am also getting this in the log (or when I hit Validate Credentials:) 401 Error Code: E002 Error Msg: AAA Authentication Failure

Your Canada Post account number may be incorrectly entered, or you may need to wait a few hours for new accounts to be activated. Ensure there are no spaces in your Account number and sometimes it needs the leading 0’s at the start of it. (ie. 0001111111). If you know it is correct, you may need to contact CanadaPost technical support (1-866-511-0546 ) and ask them to activate your account—so that it is enabled to look up Rates.
Also, ensure that you’ve entered the Production credentials and the Development credentials into their respective text boxes in the plugin settings. Having them reversed will also cause this error. Note: this message will only display in the admin area. It will not display in the cart or on the website frontend.

What is the maximum weight I can send with Canada Post?

Canada Post only ships a max of 30kg packages. So your products need to be split into 30kg maximum boxes

When we navigate from the cart page (where a shipping rate has been selected) to the checkout page, the totals on the right side of the page hang and spin endlessly. I need to resfresh the page and then the totals are updated. Is this a known problem?

This plugin is not causing the issue. This is caused by a Javascript error on your checkout page. This can be caused by your theme code or woocommerce. Just open F12 developer tools in your browser to see the javascript error.
You will also need to ensure that certain class names are present on the page for Woocommerce to update the page by Ajax. (Example: It needs the class ”.woocommerce-checkout-review-order-table” ) These issues are often caused by the theme having woocommerce template files, which can be fixed by either removing the template file (ie. yourtheme/woocommerce/templates/..) or by updating the theme file’s customization with the required class.

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