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I am getting the error code E002 and error message AAA Authentication Failure “Failed API Credentials did not validate” when trying to validate credentials. I am using the same login credentials I use on the Canada Post website, entered in the Personal/Small Business Production Credentials form. I have entered a sender postal code and my customer account number. I have not changed my Canada Post password in approximately 24 hours. I have confirmed that I am using PHP 5.6 and that SimpleXML is enabled on my server. I have tried retyping the user name and password and account number (with and without the 000 prefix) many times to ensure there is no typo. I can log in to the Canada Post website without a problem.

What could be causing this error? Please help!

Thanks for using our plugin. You’ll need to go to the Canada Post Developer Program page and sign in there. Then you’ll see the API credentials—- use the Production credentials, the username and password are provided on that page. The plugin uses these, not your Canada Post login account user/pass. Hope that helps!


vau6hn Purchased

hey there. Can you tell me where I can obtain the download update to 1.6.1?

You can download it from your CodeCanyon Downloads area. Just re-download it and if you are using the Wordpress admin, you will probably have to deactivate, delete and re-add the plugin. You will not lose any settings in the process. After you install it, you will be able to use the automatic updates feature for any new version. All the best!

I have purchased this plugin today and have created account on canada post. My Production Credentials not getting validate . its showing Error Code: E002 Error Msg: AAA Authentication Failure

but Development Credentials validate successfully.

I have done every step given in documentation. But at the time of checkout its showing There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.

Please guide asap.

When entering the Production credentials, please also make sure that your Account number is correct (and the same one that the API Credentials are from). If you have checked, and it is correct, then I recommend going to the Canada Post Developer program page and regenerating the Production credentials. This should fix the issue you are having. Hope that helps!


cnicol Purchased

Hi there,

I’ve been using the plugin for a while and just today it gave me an error and wouldn’t create a shipment label.

” Error occurred. Error details has been logged. Error Code: Server Error Msg: Rejected by SLM “

Any help would be great, thanks,


That sounds like a temporary error. That might me either on Canada Post’s webservices side or too many requests from your IP. But in any case, just try again later. All the best

That sounds like a temporary error. That might me either on Canada Post’s webservices side or too many requests from your IP. But in any case, just try again later. All the best.

Hi if we put 1 product cost shipping 8.09$ if we put 2 items normal cost shipping is the same your plugin make a double cost why

The rates are calculated live from Canada Post webservices. This plugin does pack products together except when they are marked as “Ship separately”. Please make sure this is not checked on the Product edit page in the Shipping tab. Please use the “Rates lookup logging” feature to understand how the rates are calculated. Hope that helps!

Just purchased your plugin and I am also having the error “The selected service did not have rates for the package entered: 75×32x20cm / 6kg Try selecting a different service.”

I have checked and the api is connected correctly , The shipping zine is correct and even entered the data on canadapost directly and get the following

Expedited ParcelTM – USA – 3 business days – $44.93 Options

But expideted parcel is not even an option in your plugin for a shipment of 6Kilos 75×32x20 cm .

If I have to go through the canada post website whats the point of this plugin or is there something wrong somewhere ?


do you have any idea whats wrong and do you need admin access to my back end to figure what is the problem ?

ok it worked. It had something to do with that I clicked on proof of delivery signature and when I removed it I was able to purchase my shipping your plugin should be a bit more specific about what the errors are as I just lost 30 minutes trying to get it to work

Glad you’ve found out what the issue was. The Canada Post webservices that provides the error 1722 isn’t very descriptive. The issue is that certain options end up not being available for specific services. So in this case, proof of delivery/signature is only available for Xpresspost to that address. Usually the error message describes which option is not available for the service. But I hope that as you get used to this system you will find that it works well, providing flexibility and auto-populating the data that you need. All the best!


kevinpbs Purchased

I have not been able to update since 1.5.10. Every update since has always taken a very basic list of products and split them and taken up 2 of the smaller boxes than what I have in the box listing in the settings for this plugin.

How many boxes do you have defined? If some are very similar, it may be using the wrong one to pack in the newer versions of the plugin. We have the box packing unit tested so we could add your boxes/products to the unit test to determine a solution. (You could send a screenshot of your defined boxes and a few product dimensions to support @ if you like). All the best!

Having trouble creating shipping label when using a coupon but it works otherwise. This is what the client said:

“So I created a coupon for a discount on the bamboo scarves. I received the first order using the coupon and it won’t let me create a shipment. It says no shipping information was saved with order. Now I don’t know for sure it has anything to do with the coupon but that is the only thing different about this order. So I went in and clicked let coupon allow free shipping in case that affected it( didn’t seem to change anything)”

Any ideas why this is happening?

She says when she clicks on create a new shipment she gets a message that says “error, page not found” ... luckily in both cases where this happened the customer wanted it hand delivered so it might relate to the fact that they didn’t enter any shipping info…

The customer did not enter a shipping address? Yes, that would make it not able to create a shipment label. They would need to edit the Woocommerce order and put in a valid shipping address. Then it would work. All the best.

Hi, no they did add their shipping info, it was all there…

Every time I get a purchase the estimated date of delivery is 2017-02-28. I have looked through all of my settings and cannot figure out why this happens. What am I missing? This is copied from an order confirmation Shipping Method Expedited Parcel (Delivered by 2017-02-28) Thanks, Wendy Barber

This date issue is likely caused by WPML Strings. Please try to see if WPML strings is trying to translate the shipping methods. You can also make sure you have the latest version of this plugin. Hope that helps!

My store is using a currency switcher and we use BOTH USD and CAD – it depends what the user wants. Can your plugin be used to show CP rates in USD and CAD? I just want to make sure the compatibility is here and that this will work with my store.

What plugin do you use for the currency switcher? This plugin has a WordPress hook that could be used to integrate any currency conversion. This would require a few lines of code to activate. Hope that helps!

We’re using We can buy your plugin if it will be possible to get them to work?

Yes. That plugin will convert all checkout values, including shipping rates to the user’s selected currency. So all you need to do with our plugin is make sure you check the base currency of your store. If this is CAD, then you do not need to set anything. It will automatically convert for the user in the checkout. If the store base currency is USD or other, you will need to add some code to integrate (so that the Canada Post “CAD to your shop base currency” is correct, then it will be converted again by the currency switcher to the user’s currency). Hope that helps. All the best!

When I try to print shipping labels I just get a blank popup – no errors just blank. Do you know what might be causing this?

i am getting a 500 error when the iframe tries to load: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=cpwebservice_create_shipment&order_id=41696&package_index=0&_wpnonce=dd4998124a if that helps any.

Are you using the latest version of this plugin? Have you checked the “Validate Credentials” to ensure that your server has the correct server requirements? The 500 error should be logged in the server’s php error log. All the best!

I am using version 1.6.1 and when I validate credentials it returns success. I’ll ask my hosting company about the php log.

Hi there, I have been using this plugin for quite a while now, but I can’t get it to allow shipping to the US. it use to, but now it stopped working. My computer person said maybe i need to update it? so i repurchased it again yesterday, and it’s still not working, It say”there are no shipping methods available” s if you try to put in an american address. help! :)