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I would like to disable any splitting of an order into multiple boxes. I’m once again having issues with the box packing algorithm. 99.99% of the time an order can be fit into a bigger box before having to split into two boxes (2 boxes cost basically double to ship). I have two products in the cart and it is shipping them in individual boxes, if I up the quantities to 2 of each product, it then puts them all in a bigger box and the shipping cost goes down!

If I can fit 2 each into this larger box, why won’t it put 1 of each in it? The algorithm is deciding to split into two boxes BEFORE it tries a larger box. This to me seems like a major logical error.

I can provide specific measurements for you to test, but I think the easiest solution is to just disable any option or attempt to split the order into 2 or more boxes. We cannot think of an order in the last few years that had to be split into multiple boxes.

Here’s the test case for you anyway: Product 1: 33cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm Product 2: 17cm x 17cm x 15cm

If 1 of each in cart, the order is packed into: Box 1: 19cm x 19cm x 19cm Box 2: 36cm x 19cm x 19cm

If 2 of each in cart, the order is packed into: Box 1: 29cm x 39cm x 16cm

Thanks, we’ll use the test case and see if we can optimize it. All the best.


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How do I bundle several items together in an order for shipping? I can put up to 4 items in a box, but Canada post is charging for each item individually. Thanks

As long as you have not marked them as “Ship Separately (Pre-Packaged)” this plugin will try to combine the items together. However, if you have enabled boxes and defined some boxes, you have to define a box big enough to fit the items together. We are looking at optimizing this box packing part of the plugin. All the best.


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I have not marked them as ship separately, and the box I have defined will fit multiple products. Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?


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Hi, I’m having difficulty making test labels. I keep getting the error message, “The selected service did not have rates for the package entered. Try selecting a different service.”, yet the chosen delivery service isn’t even mentioned in the options and none of the other delivery methods work either. Thanks

This error is sometimes if the Postal Code is invalid of the destination address (The order’s shipping address). Also, this error is sometimes returned when the package size and weight are not valid for the service. (Certain services have different limits). Also, you may find that you need to enable the service in the Rates lookup in order to use it in the Shipment Labels. Hope that helps!


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So when you say, “enable the service in the Rates lookup”, you mean I may not be able to print test labels?

I was only talking about the services (ie. Expedited) under the “Shipping Rates/Boxes” tab in this plugin settings. You can keep the shipment label generation in Test mode. Ensure that the “Validate Credentials” works successfully, as this may help you fix any issues. Hope that helps!

Hi! I’ve set up Lettermail which gives one price in the cart, but when I print the test label it switches to a parcel and a huge price difference. Is there a way to set Lettermail and Box settings so the correct price is reflected throughout? Thanks!

Canada Post Webservices only provides creation of shipment labels for Parcel services. So when creating a mailing label, there will only parcel services available on the form. To ship with a lettermail price that you’ve set, you would need to mail the item at your local post office or by using stamps. Hope that helps!


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I purchased your Canada Post Web Service plugin for WooCommerce but I am experiencing a small issue on the Shipping Selection form at checkout.

The page always loads with the first option selected but when I select any Canada Post shipping method, the little spinner appears as if processing is taking place, but the price doesn’t update and the initial radio button stays selected, not the one I clicked. If I enable other shipping methods (like flat rate, etc) they work fine – it’s just the Canada Post ones that don’t allow selection/update. The plugin appears to be fetching the shipping cost properly it just isn’t working with the cart.

Do you have any ideas what might be causing the issue?

Wordpress 4.7.1 WooCommerce 2.6.13 I have tried a variety of themes: Mix Store, Avando, Twenty Seventeen

Thank you, your help is appreciated.

Thanks for using our plugin. Here are a few things to check. Ensure that your hosting is running PHP 5.4 or higher. If you can, enable “Rates lookup logging” feature in this plugin’s settings and then see if anything is displayed in there when testing the cart. Finally use F12 Developer tools in your browser (like Chrome) to see if there are any Javascript errors in the console. One more thing you can try is to remove and re-add this method to your Woocommerce Shipping Zone setup. Hope that helps!


Very interested in your plugin BUT, I just need to know if it’s working with US currency…

My client has a website on which he is selling products from Canada to Worldwide BUT his main currency is US $ and NOT CAD $?

Huge thanks for your quick answer. Ben

Yes, your store can be in any currency. You could use USD for your store if you like. The rates returned from Canada Post’s API are in CAD, so what you would do is put the Exchange rate in the “Margin %” setting, so that the shipping rates would be effectively changed to the currency of your store. Hope that helps!

Hi there, I’m the webmaster at – I’m having a rather urgent issue – your plugin was working perfectly until a few days ago – and now no matter what we do we get the message “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help” for all orders. We’ve updated everything to the latest version to no avail. Can you help?

If you’ve recently updated Woocommerce, ensure that “Canada Post” is also in the correct Woocommerce shipping zone. Then check to see if you’ve added some new products that have no weight/dimensions. You can also try the “Validate Credentials” button in this plugin’s settings to ensure that connectivity and account information is correct and active. Ensure you haven’t activated a shipping class rule that should not be active, as this will restrict the services that can be used. Finally, you can also enable “Rates lookup logging” feature and see if there are any error messages/information that can help you with your solution. Hope that helps!

HA! For some reason the Canada Post API Keys in the Validate Credential sections had changed to something wrong – got some new ones from Canada Post’s website and everything works again. Thank you!