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Hello Support please reply me back this plugin is not working with Woo Commerce 3 x. I mean when i am going to Woo Commerce Settings tab under Shipping there is no option for Canada Post

There might be an issue that you can’t see and might be an error or a warning. Try temporarily enabling WP_DEBUG=true in your wp-config.php file. (Then set it back to false after you check). This will show any warnings or errors that may be occurring. Thanks for sending this report, but I don’t see any reason that this plugin isn’t working. Please try adding it to the Woocommerce Zone. See if you can choose the “Rest of the World” zone and click “Add Method” and choose “Canada Post”. That might be what is missing. Hope that helps!

I have done this WP_DEBUG before but there is no issue at all

Can you click on the “Settings” Link on the Plugin page? Go to Plugins page and find the “Woocommerce Canada Post Shipping Method” plugin record and click on the Settings link there?

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The issue may be that you need to get the most recent version of the plugin, which does work with Woocommerce 3.x. Please download this latest version (version 1.6.1) from your CodeCanyon downloads area. Ask you client to send you the most recent download from their purchase. All the best!

Hey there,

I just downloaded the lasted version from Code Canyon and installed it. When I login to my WP back end, it tells me ‘You have version 1.6.0 installed. Update to 1.6.1. View version 1.6.1 details.’

Thought you might wanna know.

Thanks. Yes, this 1.6.1 is the CodeCanyon approval queue (it can take a few days). It is a small update for Woocommerce 3.0 compatibility. If you enter your Envato purchase info in the Plugin’s settings, you can get this new update right away. It should be much more convenient, since Wordpress can update the plugin automatically. All the best!

Hello, I’ve updated to the newest version 1.6.1 and I’m still having problems with the plugin putting items in separate boxes when they will fit in one box.

It looks like the issue is to do with how many boxes are defined. (It’s estimating which box to try packing by using the cubic size). Maybe if you removed a few of the box definitions, it might have a better time using the correct box? There may be a better solution as well. All the best!

Ok whats the better solution? I’ve been using the same box sizes for years and different combinations of my items fit perfectly with this setup of boxes


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2 issues:

1- I need to create pre-set shipping templates with defined package size, dimensions, weight, customs $ value, country of origin, so that at the time printing shipping label I could chose a desired template—I do not want the plug automatically populate from the Product name and price. For privacy reasons, on customs description would need to write a generic description of the product and not the one that is sold .

2- I cannot get latest version of the plugin? where to get 1.6.1 version?

Thanks Mahmood

Have you tried out the Shipping templates available on the form? When you create a Shipment label, you can save almost all the information entered. Also, I recommend going to this plugin’s settings and clicking on the “Shipment Labels” tab and select “Include Customs Information (but not Customs Products) in Shipment Templates”. Unfortunately, we don’t have the feature of populating the Customs products as you suggest. And to answer your 2nd question, just go to the “Updates” tab in this plugin’s settings and put in your Purchase code, which will activate automatic updates. Then you will be able to update to 1.6.1 as it has some updates for Woocommerce 3.x for shipment labels. All the best!

Downloaded the latest update, Tried to deactivate the plugin and it will not deactivate.This means I cannot delete the old version to upload the new version.

If using the Wordpress admin doesn’t work for you, try using your web hosting control panel or SFTP to just upload the plugin files to the wp-content/plugins folder. Just simply overwrite the plugin (unzip and overwrite all the files in the woocommerce-canadapost-webservice folder). Fortunately, this new version will let you activate automatic updates so you shouldn’t have to do this again. Hope that helps!

Thank you

Hi—I sent you an email yesterday for support to but haven’t heard back.

I’ve responded to your email, I somehow missed it. Anyway, it’s a small change you need to make to the Shipping Zones and all will be working. All the best!

Thanks for this new update :) Keep Up! Merci!


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I want to update to 1.6.1 and it says an automatic update is available. When i try to update it it says the update is unavailable. Should i try deactivating the plugin and reinstalling it?


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When i click on plugin settings, there is no Updates tab. It takes me under Woocommerce Setting, Shipping, Canada Post, and there is no updates tab. Am I looking in the wrong place? The update is showing up in my dashboard already, it just won’t work.

You can get the update by going to your CodeCanyon downloads area and download the Wordpress plugin file there and manually update it. Your version might be just before the automatic updates were added. If you use the Wordpress admin, just deactivate, delete and re-add the plugin with the new plugin file. You won’t lose any of your settings in the process. Hope that helps!.


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thank you!

HI, getting error code AA003: the customer number in the url does not belong to the webservice authorization in your request.

I’m no sure how to fix that? Urgent help would be appreciated.

This is your Account number that needs to be corrected. Take a look at what Canada Post customer number you have used in the plugin settings. If the account number looks correct, you may need to get new api credentials from the Canada Post Developer Program. You can regenerate a new API username and password there. Hope that helps!

Ok, well the info is correct as I can see it, but will will try getting new code from CP. thank you.


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Hi, thank for your good work! Each time I add a product the shipping price are multiplicate How I can fix that, and how I can put free shipping for order 50$ and more? Thank

Hey, I’ve emailed you guys since friday, hopefully you see it and respond soon I need the issue corrected this week

Thanks, we have taken a look at your email and provided some suggestions. All the best.

Hi there! Love this plugin, but I’m running into a weird issue when trying to create shipping labels for orders destined for the UK

This is the message I’m receiving:

Error occured. Error details has been logged.

Error Code: 1722 Error Msg: The COV option is invalid for the selected Service. Please change the options or select another service.

Error Code: 7050 Error Msg: The COV option requires the DC option to be selected. Please select the DC option or remove option COV.

Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance!