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I have a question. I have 6 items set to Flat Rate, when one is added to the cart with a “regular” item set to Canada Post, the flat rate ($20) won’t add up with the calculated rate but instead will give the customer the option to choose between the calculated rate (ex: $11.50) and the flat rate ($20) when it should have added both. Did I miss something in the Settings? Cheers

Thanks for using our plugin. It sounds like you are hoping the flat rate (lettermail) will be combined with the calculated rate? If this is a handling charge, you should probably add it separately as a fee. Alternatively, you can add a Margin amount to all rates in the plugin settings. The Margin can be a % or a $ amount. Hope that helps!

Hi again!

Sorry to be a bother, but I’m trying to ship out an international tracked package to a customer, and I’m getting the following error message:

Error occured. Error details has been logged. Error Code: Server Error Msg: /rs/0008468364/ncshipment: cvc-simple-type 1: element customs-description with anonymous type may not be empty

I think I’ve got all of the relevant fields completed for this, so I’m not sure what could be the issue. Do you have any insight into this? Thank you as always!

Yes, that’s the correct field. Can you try simplifying the description? Remove the “&” symbol and even make it something like “Mens T-Shirt, White”. I wonder if the ampersand is an invalid character. It may work after you change this. Thanks!

Perfect! :D Thank you so much! That did the trick.

Great! Glad we figured out the issue. I will add that as a fix to the upcoming version. All the best!

Hi, when i try to make a test order, the rates are like 3 times higher than suppose. The APIs are correct, the weight and dimension of product too. It is a variation product and the weights are entered in each product. Could you help me please?

You may have boxes enabled? If you do, it will be placing the products into the box and using that size. Try disabling boxes to have it generate it’s own box size. Also, you could try switching to “Volumetric Packing” if you products are similar-sized as it often is a smaller package. Finally, check the “Rates lookup logging” feature to see if the package sizes/weight are correct for the cart when it is doing the rate lookup with the Canada Post Webservices API. Hope that helps!

The issue was with the defined shipping boxes weight. Thanks a lot for you quick response. Really appreciated!

Great to hear! All the best!

Hi! I was wondering why i always see two different weight when i activate the connection to see if the shipping fees are ok.

Ex: 0.88kg (Actuel 0.16kg) (Poids de la boîte 0.05kg)

Sometimes it’s heavier and sometimes it’s lighter. The expedition weight and the actual weight are not the same. This could cause problem for shipping fees scales.

The weight you are seeing, (0.88kg) is the volumetric weight because it is larger than the actual weight. This is calculated from the dimensions of the item. Shipping couriers, including Canada Post, use the volumetric weight for the shipping cost calculation if it is larger than the actual (real) weight of the package. Hope that helps!

ok, thank you!

My canada post selection on my checkout page is gone and I have no idea why. Used to work fine. Can,T post all my details here

If you want, you can email support with screenshots. One common reason for this issue is the Shipping Zone definitions. You may have created a new Shipping Zone that has no methods. Of course also check the “Validate Credentials” button to make sure the Webservice API account still has access. Hope that helps!

Thanks, yes I will double check everything again, and send you the screenshots. So many possibilities. I haven’t change/added new shipping zone. Used to work fine. Could be another plugin conflict (does it work well with woocommerce role based method. They added shipping support to that plugin’s update….or i use cloudflare cdn


Is it possible to have a fixed rate with this plugin?


Hello again, I just saw in the previous comments that you suggested to uncheck all the Canada Post parcels options, but it is not possible to uncheck them all, the page is refreshing, it says the settings are updated, but the parcels are still checked..

The flat rates are configured in the “Lettermail/Flat rates” tab. You can add rules there so that you have this fixed rate. You will probably have to uncheck all but one service in order to disable the services. Hope that helps!

Question regarding the Canada Post module for Woocommerce. Does this Canada Post Plugin work with the “new” Canada Post restful / soap api. It seems they shut down a previous api. Can you confirm before I purchase. Thanks.

This plugin uses Canada Post Webservices, which is their official restful/soap API. So no problems there! All the best.

On one of our sites the plugin is not functioning:

“Shipment Log at August 15, 2017, 2:44 pm

Request / API Response


http ”” service ”” apierror “Error Code: E002\nError Msg: AAA Authentication Failure\n\n”“

Credentials validate just fine.

The sooner you can reply to this the better, as our business relies on this plugin to function. Thank you.

Make sure you haven’t set the Webservices Mode to “Development”. the Webservice API Mode for “Rates Lookup / Tracking” needs to be “Production/Live”. (And of course for your Production credentials to validate). This may be a problem on Canada Post’s side. You should check now in case it was a temporary issue. If it continues, you may want to go to your Canada Post developer centre and regenerate the Production credentials (and update them in the plugin settings). Hope that helps!

That was in fact the issue, labels were set to Development somehow. Thank you so much!

Awesome, glad that was quick to resolve. All the best!