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Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I have open a support case on WPML website to help resolve my issue between Post Canada plugin and Strings translation:

I am trying to:

Use WooCommerce Canada Post Webservice Method plugin by Jamez Picard

URL of (my) website where problem appears:

main cloned website:

I expected to see:

Until recently, this plugin was working fine. I was able to active and unactive “Enable Estimated Delivery Dates”, and changes did occur normaly. Estimated dates where ok.

Instead, I got:

Now, the only way to make this plugin works is to Unactivate WPML Strings translation. Otherwise, if Strings translation is activated, Estimated Delivery Dates IN THE FRONT END are wrong (they all refer to December 2016 instead of January 2017) but are good in the BACK END editor. Further more, I canno’t make them disappear because even if I unactive “Enable Estimated Delivery Date”, the false Estimated Delivery Date still show up in the Front End, that is, in the Check out process.

Steps to duplicate the issue:

1- Unactivate WPML Strings Translation and everything turns to normal. 2- Activate WPML Strings Translation and problem reappears.

I did:

1- Contacted plugin author and he is aware of this issue on some websites using WPML;

2- Changed how date format is handled by WP in Dashboard, Settings, Date Format and Time Format;

3- Used all Clean up options in WPML Troubleshooting page;

4- Cloned my website to do heavier transformations on the cloned version;

5- Cleaned and Sweeped Database with pugins;

6- Deleted wpml-config.xml file in Canada Post plugin directory;

7- Removed *.mo and *.po files in Canada Post plugin Languages directory;

8- Completely Reset and desactivate WPML (yes!) and lost all my traductions;

9- Completely Cleaned Database in CPanel;

10- Did reinstall WPML, activate Stings translation. Estimated Delivery Date are now good, but still unable to Unactivate Enable Estimated Delivery Date because it’s like Strings Translation take over the Post Canada plugin option.

Considering that I have lost all my translations and that the problem is just partially solved in the cloned website, I would need your help to fix it before to go ahead with my main website. I did stop all translations jobs by this time.

Thank you!

Thank you for opening a case with WPML Support. I hope they can give some information on what needs to be corrected. If you have any further information you wish to share, you can also email support @ We don’t currently have access to the “WPML String Translation” Plugin. in order to help troubleshoot. Let us know how it goes. All the best!


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Hello, can we suggest new features?

Sure, sounds good. All the best!


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Is there any way I can have the shipping labels generate a pdf for thermal printers?


emadhn Purchased

Sorry not PDF I meant ZPL II

This feature of printing ZPL is only available for Contract accounts (not Small Business). If you have a contract account with Canada Post, this functionality could be available. We could add the option on the Shipment Label form in our plugin. However, it would give you a .zpl file which you would then need to send to your printer somehow (a browser plugin would likely be required or some other program). We did not enable this for customers as it had never been requested before. All the best!

In order to see everything available for Contract customers, select the “Commercial/Contract Customer” option in the plugin settings and then add your Contract ID. Then you’ll be able to select 4×6 as a size on the shipment label creation form. This option is not available for Small Business Customers, but is provided for Contract customers. Currently pdf is the file format (as mentioned) but at the 4×6 size it may be able to be sent to your thermal printer, given the correct printer drivers for your browser to use. Hope that helps!

Hi. Setting up the plugin and your documentation were great but… We need to rebuild the site. Is there a way to backup and re-import our box entries and other settings? Thanks Dale

There isn’t currently an import/export function in this plugin. But if you didn’t mind database work, you could copy over all the plugin’s option data directly from the wp_options table. You could get further information about the database by emailing support @ All the best!

Hi, i need to “see” what the plugin choose, then to understand why the plugin charge 144$ for shipping and when i go to postecanada it’s 75$. what is the right process to get all the infos from this ?

i have enable : Shipping Debug Mode in WOO commerce system status tools… but i cannot find the “rate lookup loggin anywhere” please help !

The “Rates lookup logging” feature is located in the Canada Post settings page (Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping (tab) > Canada Post) in the Rates and Boxes tab. You should then be able to see the weight and dimensions calculation and the rates returned from the Canada Post webservice. All the best!

Hi! I’m not sure how this plugin works, i.e., I put a LxWxH for each individual item, but what do I need to do in the Canada Post plugin? I plan on using mailing envelopes but I don’t know how it all fits together. I’ve read the documentation I can find – I still don’t know how to set this up.

Thanks for any help or direction you can provide!