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Is there a way to add a line for a delivery note? Like “personal and confidential” or leave by door if it doesn’t fit in mailbox” etc. EST has this so I was hoping this plugin did too. Can’t add it to address area because there is no room if shipping to a business. Great plugin otherwise! Saves us so much time! Looking forward to manifest shipping.

Just thought of something else…Is it possible to have a shipping method chosen by default? We always ship xpresspost and have only that shipping method ticked but the others still show in the dropdown which means that we have to choose it each time.

Thanks for using our plugin! The Canada Post api doesn’t have a specific delivery note field. But you could try using the “Additional Reference Number” field since this is printed on the label. It is limited to 35 characters though. From the docs: The value you enter here will appear on the shipping label, in Track and – for customers who subscribe to our Automated Parcel Tracking service – in your APT file. That might work. I think the “Delivery Option” is also something you should use to cover some of the purposes of the note.
A default shipping method selected isn’t built-in—but if you ship out very similar orders, you may find that the “Shipping Template” feature may work for you. This includes the service selected, but it also includes other information on the form, such as the package size. It’s a button on the top-right corner of the shipment label form. All the best!


Just one question before I buy. Is it possible to set up a flat rate for the shipping I will charge to the client regardless of the amount canada post will charge me?

Thanks so much for the answer from @cavinggirl: “I do that with this plugin now. We have a flat rate of $15 and free shipping above $100. I just use the plugin to ship with canada post and do tracking numbers. It works great for that. Woo Commerce allows the flat rate and you just tick a box to keep your Canada Post shipping rates off the checkout.”

@logreetlafee I do that with this plugin now. We have a flat rate of $15 and free shipping above $100. I just use the plugin to ship with canada post and do tracking numbers. It works great for that. Woo Commerce allows the flat rate and you just tick a box to keep your Canada Post shipping rates off the checkout.

Hi there,

This is working great for calculating shipping for my orders being sent within Canada. However, I get the following message when people are ordering from the United States:

There are no shipping methods available. Please check your address or contact us if you need any help.

Please help! Thanks!

So if it is working fine for Canada, can you check the following? Make sure you have Canada Post in a Wooocommerce shipping zone that includes the US. If it is in “Rest of the World” and there are no US shipping zone, then that is correct. But if you do have a US shipping zone defined, please add “Canada Post”. Then make sure you have enabled US Services, such as “Expedited USA” for example. Then ensure you are using a valid zip code, as this would determine if the rate could be found. Finally, take a look at enabling “Rates lookup logging” in the plugin settings to see if there is a lookup being done for the US destinations. Hope that helps!

Hello, we’re still experiencing issues with the packaging part of the plugin. It’s separating items into different boxes even through none of the items are selected as “ship separately” and they all have the proper dimensions. What can I do to fix this problem? It’s discouraging customers from placing orders because their shipping costs have tripled. Please help…

We have updated the plugin and have resolved this ship separately issue. (version 1.5.16) It is currently waiting to be approved by CodeCanyon. If you need it sooner, just send an email to support @ Thanks!

Hello and thank you for the new update! Keep up the good work :)

Hi! I had a notice that there is an upgrade to the Canada Post plugin. When I tried to install this I get an error message that the update failed. Is there something else I need to do for this? I noticed the notation that automatic updating is not available for this update but I’m not sure what I need to do.

Thanks! Susan

Thanks for using our plugin! The Wordpress admin needs you to delete and then re-add the plugin in order to update it. You won’t lose your settings with this plugin with that process. Also, make sure you upload the plugin zip file, as the full download also includes documentation (so unzip it first if there is documentation) Hope that helps!


mdsweb Purchased

Hi, we have been using your plugin successfully over the past year and it has worked great! Amazing tool.

– however after the latest wooCommerce update 2.6.14, when enabling your plugin my entire admin area becomes blocked and I get an error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in …wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-canadapost-webservice/models/woocommerce_cpwebservice_shipments.php on line 294

Needles to say I need to disable this plugin through FTP just to get back into my site admin. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for using our plugin. It sounds like the php file has been modified. You should upgrade to the latest version of this plugin for compatibility with Woocommerce 2.6.x and Php7. You can find the latest version of this plugin (v 1.5.16) from your CodeCanyon downloads area. Hope that helps!


mdsweb Purchased

Thank you so much… that did the trick – not sure why the update notification did not show up in the plugin folder – that would help in the future.

Great, glad to hear it is all working now. All the best!


I’m working with this plugin for a client of mine, I just updated to the latest version yesterday in hopes it would fix the issue with shipments being split into multiple packages…

It hasn’t fixed anything for me, any ideas on what i can do to try and resolve this issue?

Look to see that the items are not marked “Pre-Packaged/Ship Separately” as that will cause them to in their own package when shipped. Do you have boxes defined? If you do, you may need to define some larger boxes that can contain the multiple items. If you have a specific example, please email it to support @ so we can add it to our test suite for optimizing the packing feature. All the best!

Definitely not marked as ship separately, I’ve tried with and without boxes defined and still get items separated.

Will email over specific examples now



I keep getting an error, where it says there are no shipping options available. And this is the debug code:

<messages xmlns=””> <message> Server <description>/rs/ship/price: cvc-simple-type 1: element {}origin-postal-code of type {}PostalCodeType may not be empty</description></message></messages>

Any help would be greatly appreciated

This would happen if the postal code entered is invalid. Please make sure the destination postal code is correct. All the best!

Are updates always available after purchase or is the support subscription required to receive them?

Updates are available to all who purchased. But they need to be downloaded from your CodeCanyon downloads area and then install the updated plugin files to your wordpress site. We hope to have an automated update available soon. All the best.

I purchased this plug-in on February 16 and am generally very happy with it. However now on my plug-in page it says there is a new version available, but no automatic update is available. How am I supposed to get the new version into my website? Also it says it is bilingual but when I set my WooCommerce shop to French, it still comes up with most things in English and the emails sent to the customers are in English. Does this mean I have to purchase a second plug-in?

I’m having an issue with my WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin.

Within Canada, the prices it gives are fine, but to the USA or elsewhere, the price of ordering multiple items is way too high. If a customer is ordering ten of one item from my site, it charges them ten times the price of sending one of those items, when it should only be slightly more. Is there a setting that I can adjust to fix this?

Thank you,

David Brunsden

The cost for larger packages does increase more significantly when shipping outside of Canada. Have you made sure that you have the most recent version of this plugin (v 1.5.16)? You can get this from your CodeCanyon downloads area. Also, try to enable more box sizes (or disable defined boxes to see how the generated packages appear for cost. The “Rates lookup logging” feature will let you know what package size was used when looking up rates with the Canada Post webservices api. Hope that helps!


chiko930 Purchased

Hi, I have flat rate lettermail options for my smaller orders but I have a couple of products that won’t fit inside the lettermail dimensions. Is there a way to disable the lettermail option on certain products? I have tried adding a new shipping class and adding all of the other services eg Expedited and Xpresspost and not adding Lettermail but when I tested, the lettermail option still came up at the checkout for these products.

Also, is there a way to add Pay on Delivery as an option which automatically adds the Canada Post $7.25 fee and disables lettermail so all Pay on Delivery orders are shipped by a tracked service? At the moment, I have Pay on Delivery as a payment option and have a note that only tracked services can be selected with this but lots of customers still choose Lettermail. I also have to then add $7.25 manually to their total afterwards for the Pay on Delivery fee.