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Use php render each time make it very slow to load and wait few seconds after change each item, how about use javascript for review and php only for completing the work :) GLWS

This is a good idea, we will evaluate the possibility of implementing it in the next update.

Very useful script, good work! :)

Agree with huykhong , it loads very slow. Please change to js instead of render for review and I will purchase this ;)

Skin and hair colors are applied by the php backend this is why we have opted for the rendering. Anyway we are trying to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Interested to purchase this, can you either give us access to admin so we can demo it or provide access to the documentation.

Want to see how easy to add new images/bg/colour options etc


First of all sorry for the delay due to this holiday period. There is no admin backend if you want to add a new image you have only to drag & drop the image inside the proper folder. You can access the documentation here: If you need any further information don’t esitate to ask.

No updates yet? risky purchase…

We haven’t forgotten this item, we are only busy working on other projects. Anyway if any bug or malfunction is reported we will fix it.

Hi If I purchased this plugin, could I change all the images eyes, ears, hair etc. to my own images I want to use the functionality you offer, but use all my own imagery colours etc. Can this be done? Many thanks

Of course you can!

Once you have created your custom images, you have to export them as png images (Eyes in one image, mouth in an other and so on). Then you have to copy them inside of their corresponding directories.

Hair and skin colors are applied by the php backend, you have only to specify them in the configuration file, be sure to export the images corresponding to these traits in grayscale or the output won’t be as you want.

A simple look at the default images should be enough to understand the process but if you have any problem we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us through email at

are you available to design more images? And what would you charge?

Hi boionfire81,

We are available to create more images ;) . Write us an email at to discuss the details about your request.

Kind Regards,


Can I translate the website to Arabic language ?

Hi thamer_898,

Yes you can translate it to your language.

You can access the documentation here: If you need any further information don’t esitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Hi, we are interest in buying the avatar maker, we have the following question:

- We need to add our own images for noses, heads, ears and others. Is this possible? In which extension we need to save the images to put in the system?

Not only it is possible but it is really easy. You need to export your images following these specifications:

  • PNG format
  • 250×250 pixel sizes
  • heads/ears/eyebrows/mouths/hair must be grayscale or the colors will interfere with the tinting made by the avatarmaker
  • Each item in a different image
Here are some examples:

If you decide to buy our product and you experience any issue inserting your images we will be happy to help you sort them out.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam

Dear InochiTeam,

your Avatar-Maker is wonderful! But I find one thing: “The random-function don’t work with all avatar-traits…” Only the 2 first avatar-traits (e.g. head_1 & head_2 or mouth_1 & mouth_2) change in the random function, but if you got for example 15 “hair-traits”, then you need a random-function what changed the traits of the 15 different hair-traits and not only the 2 first.

Can you please help me to create a random-function what work with all traits?

Yours faithfully, Te_Melko

Thank you for the bug report! I’ll fix it right now and i’ll let you know as soon as it has been corrected.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam

The bug has been fixed. You can view the details on how to fix it manually here:

A new update (2.1) has been released with the correction.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam

Thank you! Now it works perfect! Very good job! :)


KnB92 Purchased


I have trouble to install the code with wordpress, it keeps saying :

Something went wrong! Please reload the page

Any advice on how to integrate it in my wordpress website ? Thank you

I tested it. If the UI is not in the same folder as the rest of the app, all the avatar parts are empty. This is a bug and I’ll fix it today. As soon as I have a solution I’ll notify you here.

Just one thing, please check if in the cache folder there are 9 images. This will tell us that the backend is working properly on your server.

The bug should fixed. You can view the details on how to fix it manually here: By this evening i will release an update (2.2) with the correction and the documentation updated.

For the error in the downloaded image i was unable to reproduce it, if you can give me more details about your implementation (especially the structure of the folders in witch you have installed the AM) i’ll try to help you.


KnB92 Purchased

Wow, thank you for a such great technical support. Good job to all your team for being so quickly responsive.

I will try to manually fix the bug that made all items previews are empty with tthe details you provide to me. (the backend works properly as i have the 9 png files in the cache folder)

For the error in the downloaded image, I fix it by pasting the whole code (i guess i had an error in my previous code).

Hey there,

I am looking for an avatar creator which can be integrated with our web app.The current web app is based on front end- react and backend- java, spring. Can i integrate this avatar creator to my application to let the user to create their own avatar and save into our db?

Also can i customize the application and add our own images, items, etc.

The interface of the avatar maker requires jquery to work, if you want, you can insert it into any webpage. Anyway, I have never tested it in conjunction with React so I can’t tell you if they will work nicely or not.

The backend requires PHP with the GD library installed to render the avatars. For this reason, you will not be able to run it in a Java environment.

Aside from this, yes you can add your own images, all items are PHPfiles with transparent background.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam

Hi I just bought this , and it is very cool but one major thing I didn’t notice is that there is no female hair styles. Which causes a few problems for me.

You are right, we will work on it. It may require a couple of days.

We are open to any suggestion for new items.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam

Great stuff. Going through it it is not too bad… but there is a lack of more female items like longer hair.

We have just released an update with 7 new hairstyles and 2 mouths, you will be able to download it as soon as the marketplace approves it (You should be notified when it happens). Check out our demo to see the additions in advance (You may need to clear your cache). We hope to have solved your issues.

Best Regards, MakeMake – InochiTeam