Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker


With the Avatar Maker you can give to your users the possibility of creating their own and unique avatars directly on your website. It is based on a powerful php class this way it is easy to include it inside any existing script.

You can generate up to 411 771 500 different avatars with the included images and colors but if this number is not enough you can add your own images in seconds and changing colors is even easier

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Version 2.1 “Galahad” [02/11/2017]
-Fixed Bug V2001C: The random function didn't work as intended
Version 2.0 “Eva” [21/07/2016]
-New responsive interface customizable through scss
-Assets dimensions increased to 250x250 additionally they are now all square
-New caching system for configuration files and assets previews
-Interface updated to jquery 3.0.0 (It still works with outdated version)
-New language Russian (RU)
-HTTP request to load the interface reduced from 57 to 11
-Interface weight reduced from 439.6 kB to 148.3 kB
-We now sopport this item via email at you like comments you can still get assistance there)
Version 1.0 “Stimpak” [15/11/2014]
First release