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Hello I need css support for http://huse.online/ cause on mobile device responsiveness does not work.See it in footer. I am waitting your answer.Thanks.

Hi there,
the grid seems to be working correctly on mobile, but I see an issue with the navigation filter bar, is that what you mean? if so just add this pace of CSS:
  overflow: hidden;
.category-navbar li{
  float: left !important;
you can add it at the top of the css/gridGallery.css file of the plugin ;)
Best, David

Thanks for very fast and helpfull suppot. It works.

awesome :D

Hello. There is no getImages.php file to remove “In” word…

in the latest version that file was renamed to “reader.php”, try doing it there ;)

Hi David, Is it possible adding social links onto images to share?? with this function autoGrid would be perfect!!!

Hi Aear,
In the lightbox there are some sharing buttons in BETA, if you already have the plugin and wish to activate them just go to the autoGrid.js file (in the root directory of the plugin) and find this:

linkOnSamePage: false,
and right after that line add these lines:
fb: true,
twitter: true,
pinterest: true,
that will activate the sharing buttons in the lightbox that look like this: http://www.castlecodeweb.com/files/plugins_comments/autogrid-sharing-buttons-lightbox.png

Best, David

Hi David thank you so much for your fast reply about adding social links, but i couldn’t find the line to modify like you explain in autoGrid.js. I have html plugin version not wordpress. I have to say very nice plugin.

best, Aear frm Chile.

Hi Aear,
I though you had the WP version, this feature is not included in the Stand Alone version :)

Thanks anyways David!!! you’re a big developer. Thank you for your willingness to answer questions. Have a nice day!!!

thank you :)

Hi Autogrid

I have my Autogrid on my wordpress home page. Can i create a second gallery for a new Wordpress page?

eg gallery2 folder in autogrid folder in public_html

what would be the code to insert in the new wordpress page?

Cheers Michael

Hi Michael,
you can place another shortcode in a different page and specify a different folder right in there, for example like this:

[autoGrid directory="gallery2"]
Best :)

I just tried to load this to my wordpress site just like i have done with other .zip plugin files, and I got an error message: Plugin could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Hi there,
unzip in your computer the file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon, then inside you’ll find the docs and a zip file named “autoGrid.zip” that’s the one you need to upload into WP ;)

Best, David

That is what I did David, and I got an error message when it tired to load. (sorry for my delay in answering, I was expecting an email…)

I’ll answer you via email for a faster reply ;)

Hi. So I bought and installed the AutoGrid plugin. What’s next? I can’t find it on my dashboard. How do I use this? Currently using themify. Can I have a short walkthrough? Thanks.

Hi there,
yes of course, here’s the basic:
a) Activate the plugin in your plugin’s page

b) Put this shortcode in some page or post: [autoGrid] and then check out that page and you should be able to see a gallery right away (since the plugin comes with a default one)

c) Probably you want to put your own images and folders, so connect with FTP to your server (where you have the WP files) and navigate to this location: wp-content/plugins/autoGrid/gallery that’s the gallery folder, so you can just drag and drop your images in there and you will see the changes automatically in your page/post once you refresh the page.
so when you wish to add/delete images to the gallery, just connect via FTP to your WP and drag and drop images into the gallery folder and that’s it :)

d) Now if you want to change some settings you can navigate in your WP dashboard to this options page: http://www.davidbo.dreamhosters.com/files/documentation/#Options

c) also you can read the documentation here: http://www.davidbo.dreamhosters.com/files/documentation

I hope this makes sense ;)


donat1 Purchased


I have found your wordpress auto grid galleries. There are two versions. Is there a way to combine them together. There are cool visual effects in the autogrid responsive gallery and in the other one there are the possibility of subfolders. We need both!

And something else: We would like to allow people to comment the images, but lot’s of them have no facebook account. Do you have this feature included? For our needs the “Ajax Lightbox Image Comment”-Plugin would be great. Is it compatible with your gallery. Or can I combine with any lightbox-plugin for the galleries, which I have made with yours?


donat1 Purchased

Okay, I will give it a try!

Can you tell my now, how I can enable the external lightbox with your autogrid? I have installed fancybox and magnific popup and both are not working together with autogrid. I’d finally would like to use EverlightBox, which has a comment feature in a facebook style. Maybe you are doing the same once, then I don’t need EverlightBox, since your plugin looks great. Everlightbox wrote: You ask the author of autogrid which is the css selector to activate external lightboxes on his plugin. So can you give me a hint to activate this?

Kind regards, Donat

Hi Donat,
The selector for the thumbnail is this one:

and the URL of the image for the lightbox is in the data-lightbox attribute of that thumbnail

I hope that makes sense
Best, David

Just a quick question. Is it possible to link the images to another location. For example, I upload the image of a brochure design and when it shows up full size the user can click on it to open a PDF to view to entire brochure. Is this possible?

Try the following:
open the autoGrid.js file (in the root directory of the plugin) and find this:

linkOnLightbox: false,
then replace it for this:
linkOnLightbox: true,
then use the normal “linking to an url” method that’s mentioned in the docs

Best, David

Hi, Nice plugin.

However, i would like to hide/disable the “Search google for Image” text on right click of the light box images. How can I do that?


Hi, the right click is “search google for image” is beyond the scope of the plugin, as its a feature from Chrome, I personally don’t see it because I have the “adblock” extension on Google Chrome.

But the only way I can imagine to disable it is to disable the right click completely, but of course you will loose the save as and all the other options

Best, David

Hello, Im just about to purchase this item but before i do i just wanted to see if it was possible to scale all the images/layout down for a mobile rather then having the image stacked on top of each other. Is this possible?

yes thats what i mean…

Sorry my apologies, Ive just looked on my phone again and there is 3 columns now. Please feel free to delete this comment…

Don’t worry ;),
You can configure this as well, there’s a setting named “minimum width of each column” you can set it for example to something like 220px, if the width (depending on the resolution you are) of each column is less than this setting the plugin will reduce the number of columns (so each column is wider and more than the 220px)

if you don’t want this responsive behavior and always want to keep the same columns in all resolutions you can set this setting to 0

I hope this makes sense ;)