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RBrehl Purchased


I have purchased this plugin – license: faa4bcd8-2042-4e91-85fd-209212cf4b3f – and am unable to install it from the zip file. Do you have instructions for manual installation?


Hi, very strange, I tried the plugin in several wp installations and it hasn’t failed, can you contact me via email? (Through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)
I will send you the plugin via email (in case in got corrupted when unzipping it)
Also I would like to see a screen shot of the error
Best, David


RBrehl Purchased

Thank you :) I’ll send you a message with screen shot now

Glad its working now :D

Why is the plugin’s folder name so long? ... Like so “castlecodeweb-wp_auto_grid-xxxxxxxxxx”. Can I simply rename it to just “wp_auto_grid”, and if so, will it still function? Please advise soon. Thank you.

Noted. Thank you.

I found the issue (a repository was re-naming the folder when compressing) I’m pushing the fix for this issue to CodeCanyon so in future updates this doesn’t happen again :)

thank you for reporting this :D

Best, David

Oh!? ... I’m surprised about this issue. Cheers …

[galleries] |- [weddings] |- [wedding 1] |- [wedding 2] |- [wedding 3] |- [events] |- [event 1] |- [event 2] |- [event 3]

The filter tabs are to show only All [ Events ]

And, the text information are to appear below wedding 1 – 3, and event 1 – 3.

I want to achieve these, but I cannot figure out how to.

Please advise. Thank you.

1) you mean you wish to hide some of the filters?
2) also which text information? the name of the image?
can you show me a living example online so I can see what you mean visually? Also you can contact me privately via email here: https://codecanyon.net/user/castlecode#contact

Best, David

Looking for the latest way to edit the color in the css file for the nav bar. what’s the name of that file. Looked through several css files couldn’t find it.

here are the CSS selectors for the filters:

.media-boxes-filter li
.media-boxes-filter li a
also don’t forget to renew your support period ;)

Best, David

Hello, I just bought your Auto Grid Wordpress plugin and I started to customize my portfolio. First of all, congratulations for your plugin, it is very complete and very practical to use. However, I have a question, I would like to make appear a text in addition to the title at the bottom of the FancyBox. This text would be called with the text variable I would have added before in the .txt file I have modified the code in several ways but no way to get my way.

Would you tell me how to do it please? Is there a way of not including the variable if it is empty?

My variable is {{text}}.

Here is the current HTML code :

{{name}} {{filter}}

Realized something is wrong in the WP version with the quotes, let me check it out and I’ll get back to you with the final snippet ;) (in couple of hours as I’m away from my computer)

I sent you a private message with the online example ;) I wrote a text variable for the image with a sheep in the Print category if you want to test with this image.

I answered you via email :)


arzieh Purchased

Hi, very interested in this plugin. When I looked at it a few months ago, galleries were displayed just by uploading images to a folder and then calling that folder in the shortcode on the page/post you wanted it to appear. It seems now you have to first “create” the gallery in the settings first. Is it still possible to display a set of images in a post the old way (ie adding the folder path in the shortcode)?

Currently no, since now each gallery has their own settings (so each gallery can be totally different from the other in their options).

But it sounds like it can be done, just by using the same shortcode everywhere and be able to specify a different directory in different pages/posts, something like this:

[auto_grid id="gallery" directory="galleries/gallery1"]
[auto_grid id="gallery" directory="galleries/gallery2"]
[auto_grid id="gallery" directory="galleries/gallery3"]
[auto_grid id="gallery" directory="galleries/gallery4"]
so the same id of settings but different directory on different page/post

I’ll try to add the directory parameter as an update ;)

Best, David

arzieh Purchased

Ok, thanks. Thats good to heard. Picked up the plugin and will try your suggestion. Looking fwd to it being added as an update.

Cool looking grid plugin. I have a quick question on this statement. “You can link to another page when you click in a thumbnail”. Does this mean I can set different destination urls for each photo? I’m looking to create a one page visual link directory, so I’d need to be able to redirect clicking on each image to an external site. Is this possible with your plugin, or possible with something like “page links to” plugin? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. So, would that be like a hosts file for your plugin to reference?

the plugin reads a folder full of images (in your wordpress installation) as shown here: http://www.castlecodeweb.com/wp-autogrid/wp-content/themes/auto_grid_theme/img/turn%20into%20gallery.jpg

in that same folder you can add a file named “config.txt” with the content I showed above, and the plugin will automatically use that file to add extra information for the grid, in this case add a link to the thumbnails

there’s a config.txt file included once you activate the plugin (for the demo)

Great, thank you very much!

Hi, I have installed the plugin and have added two new folders inside gallery….but the image is not loading in lightbox when clicked. Can you please guide me on this.

Thanks & regards, Hari

Very strange, maybe some compatilibity issue with other plugin, Any chance you could give me ftp access to the plugin folder so I can run few tests? (You can contact me privately via email, through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)

Hi, I have emailed the details.

I answered you via email ;)

The gallery width in VC fullwidth row is being set wrong. I had to change ”$(window).ready” to ”$(window).load” in init.js to fix it. The window object doesn’t have the “ready” event. Please fix in future updates. Thanks!

Ohh that was meant to be ”$(document).ready”, thank you for reporting this, and yes I’ll include it in the next update ;)

Best, David


edith88 Purchased

Hi! how can I hide the ALL option, so it loads only the categories? Thanks

in the admin page under the “Filter-Search” tab there’s an option named “Filter all” just deactivate it, and set a different “Filter default”

Best, David

Hi. I recently purchased the plugin for wordpress. When I go to the page on which I entered its short code, it shows the images and filters perfectly but only on a black/deepgrey background. I have been struggling to change this color because my theme has white pages so the black isn’t bringing a good outlook. How can this be changed?

yes this one was supposed to fix the filters inline, I just tried it in your page and it works
  width: 100% !important;
remove the “pre” tags, those are HTML not css

Best, David

Lol…sorry so new to wordpress, my second site lol. I appreciate you help so much. Thumbs up!

Happy to help ;)

hi there,

thanks for useful auto grid plugin, i wonder how to play with colors like Filter tabs/button background on hover, selected etc, and add some spacing underneath of filter buttons as well?

i can do it myself if you address me the file name and location i need to edit.


in the CSS section is there any rule like this one?
.media-boxes-filter>li a.selected
if so, you can change it there

thanks for your followups its already there, its not changing active filter background, i guess it that attribute is controlled by javascript or something, i got screenshot if you need, there is no option to send it here.

can you show me a living example online? so I can take a look and see what’s going on. Also you can contact me privately via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)
Best, David

Please I need help. Why I cannot easily customize the colour of the hover and rather than making visible the name of the file I would prefer an icon. If you show me how to do that the plugin could be perfect for my need

I’m guessing you know some basic CSS, if so then you can open the admin panel and go to template tab and look for the CSS, then just find this:

and in there you can adjust the background color

the pinterest style example has some icons on the overlay/hover you can copy the template from there

I’m assuming you imported the examples correct? if not, check it out in the docs here: http://www.castlecodeweb.com/wp-autogrid/documentation/#importexport

Best, David

The plugin could not be activated because it caused an unhandy error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /vhosts/turkmermermadenvakfi.org/http/wp-content/plugins/wp_auto_grid/class_auto_grid_shortcode.php on line 202

Very strange, can you contact me via email? (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form) so I can send you the plugin, maybe there was some corruption when uncompressing

Best, David

Hi and Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to using your Auto Grid gallery

Purchase code:

7abe6d4e-237c-4ad7-927c-5db0969b31ac – 23 Dec 2017

Error on activation on WP 4.9.1:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home8/rendercr/public_html/divimotioncircus/wp-content/plugins/wp_auto_grid/class_auto_grid_shortcode.php on line 202

Please advise Nigel

Hi Nigel,
Sorry for the delay, I’m currently out for vacations but I’ll be back on Friday.

About your issue, can you try to download it again and unzip it with another program? Maybe there was an issue when unzipping

Best, David

Received this error when I tried to install the plugin. I would like a refund.

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

You must unzip the file you download from codecanyon and inside you’ll find a file named wp_auto_grid.zip that’s the file you must upload to wp.
Are those the steps you followed?

Hi there, yes those are the steps I followed. I also tried uploading it through the FTP and got the same error.

Very strange, please contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form) so I can send you the plugin, maybe there was an issue while uncompressing
Best, David

Hi David, Happy New Year! I am back at my desk now and would like to get the AutoGrid plug in working. I’ve redownloaded and unzipped with a different expander but I’m still getting the same fatal error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home8/rendercr/public_html/divimotioncircus/wp-content/plugins/wp_auto_grid/class_auto_grid_shortcode.php on line 202

I also tried replacing the plugin contents directly with FileZilla ftp. using the other WP Plugin only download, with no success. Please send me the plug in via email so I can get up and running. Sdack

Please contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form) so I can answer you directly to your email, I will attach the plugin, if still not working you can send me the ftp credentials so I can install it and find the problem

Best, David

i payed auto grid and i enjoy it now. but every time i make a new gallery .. i must change grid layout menu into 5 column per row .. default 3 column. how can i change the setting 5 column into default setting?

my email – kosinus@naver.com

have a nice day ~

yes you can do it by editing the PHP files, open the admin/admin.php file of the plugin and find this:

$form_columns                        = '3';
then replace it for this:
$form_columns                        = '5';
Best, David

How do we display the example galleries on our site? The documentation ends after showing how to import the examples, and does’t explain how to actually add the example galleries to the site. I’ve read it over and over and what am I missing?

in the admin section of the plugin you’ll see a unique shortcode for each example, you can copy that and past it in any page or post (it will create the gallery where you place the shortcode)

for example this one:

[auto_grid id="masonry_gallery"]
I hope it makes sense ;)

Good day Sir, by mistake, we have purchased “non-word press” script. Can you please help me get the word press version which we can use with our word press.


please contact me privately via email here: https://codecanyon.net/user/castlecode#contact
Best, David