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I have renewed my support. How long does it take to register in your ticket system?

Took about 3 hours, but seems that I can submit a ticket now.

It should be instant. it wont take 3 hours after you renew support. may be something else.

When do you expect to add zapier capabilities?

zapier capablities could take some time. First we are bringing our major release in next around 3-4 weeks.

Could you please add universal autoresponder support?

I dont think such thing is possible. Thats why no other plugin have such facility.

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Anewhopellc, I bought one. My problem was resolved. The ticket that you can create from the license section for help resetting, caused the confusion. My license is available again.

I was all pissy and flamed a bit hard in this comment, I wont feel slighted, if you wanted to take down this message. Im fine with you taking it down.

I try to find your demo for Paypal, Bank Transfert etc… And I don’t find it. I would like to offer the possibility to choice between paypal and bank transfert. Is it possible? And what is the formula for that?

These all things are very simple and easy. please open support ticket and our support expert will assist you.

Hi please help me Arforms does not attach files other than txt in php7. Arrives mail to user and administrator without attachment Php: Version php 7.0 Mysql: 10.1.18-MariaDB-cll-lve


i don’t think it could happen as file permission does not have anything to do with php version. Possibly you have have allowed only certain extension in field options.

for more assistance kindly get support extension and open support ticket at our helpdesk.



We are rebuilding our webpage with another theme and have a question about MailChimp mapping. On the old page, when you loaded the api key and did all the config as required, ALL the fields for a specific mailchimp list was shown for mapping. When we try this on the new page, to the same list in Mailchimp, we only see mapping fields for: First name mapping, Last name mapping, Email field mapping.

Se screen from old & new site.

How do we go about to get ALL fields again for a specifik mailchimp list?

Thank you! :)


I think you may have us do custom work for you in past and obviously if customer work is done in plugin you update the plugin then it would get overwritten and i don’t think we can do anything about it.

so, i would suggest you may use old version or redo custom work.

if you need further assistance then kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


Hi, WordPress users with subscriber role can see the plugin in the wordpress dashboard and modify it. How can we hide it to the subscriber?

well, by default we dont give any capablities so, should not show but may be due to some modification by you it might be showing. you can use plugins like advanace access manager and restrict plugin.



overpress Purchased

Hi, no we don’t use plugins to modify WordPress roles nor did it through functions.php. It is very strange :(

We recently changed the name of our business and moved to our new site, however the key is still registered to the old domain and the reset license link doesn’t work. I tried submitting a support ticket but it tells me my support ran up. Thats fine and all but resetting the license should be apart of that. Help!


of course, you can always reset license. we have special arrangement for that. when you try to activate already activated license to another site then it will show you form to reset license. just fill up that and thats it, we will take care of rest.

but, it seems u already replied in private message with your purchase code too. so, will assist you there.



TashWord Purchased

Can Dropdown boxes be edited? That is, can the wording for a (blank) be changed? Can the default row be selected to show in the live form (I assumed the first listed would show first but it doesn’t…)? Thanks


you can edit default value as well as you can also keep any particular item selected in dropdown in editor. please try and you will find it


didugboe Purchased

I have two questions:

i) When is Active Campaign integration coming? ii) When is your promised major update release coming?

1. active campaign integration may take some time.

2. yes development is going on already. we may release public beta once its ready but will take few more weeks.

sounds like a complicated overloaded toolbox….as I am reading user comments…

Its very easy to use and great features with less complexity. And we have dedicated support staff too. so, i think you are carrying wrong impression about arforms.

Hi. PPQ: Only reason why I am looking for a contact plug-in is my problems getting the Contact Form 7 to work with Country-selection and Time-zone selection.

Also, if a user is logged in, I want to automatically fetch the already exisiting data, so the user wont have to type it in twice. Is that something you also support?



Sorry, Arforms does not support such facility

Hello, does ARForms support multi-step forms? Thanks


Multi step supported.


Will you being doing an update so that the plugin is compatible with PHP 7?

yes, major release will certainly be compatible with php 7.