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hi, i purchase the plug in and addons bundle, im using the “post creator” and pdf creator, is there a way to add a button to the post with the link to the pdf???

Sorry, Its not possible this way to add pdf link in post.


Hi Buddy,

How can I hide or disable couple of fields in the form without deleting them ?


You just remove from form. It will not delete those usermeta permanently. For detailed assistance please open support ticket at our helpdesk.


can the booking form show dates that are available

No, i think its not possible.


is it possible to use your plugin as a nonprofit organization for member registration to a local sports club? There will be payments but we are not able to afford the extended package. Thanks in advance.


Sure. Buy ARForms and then contact me through message box through our profile page. and will help you on this.


Hello reputeinfosystems,

We have made a refund request.

Not because the product is not good, it is a good product.

But because the product is not the right one for us.

So please approve our refund request.

Thank you.

Regards LevtCreative

As i had explained above. It will be approved only if you are entitled, we have 7 days money back policy so, we ll be able to process accordingly only.

Also, Refund is been handled by different person so, please have patience.


Hello reputeinfosystems,

I understand what you are saying and I respect this.

I Requested the refund within the 7 day.

But now it is already 6 days since I requested the refund, is that not a little long?

I mean come on 6 days to just click refund approved?

Even when it is done by somebody else, this is getting ridiculous now.

Please contact the person who needs to do this and ask him to put his and on his mouse and click, click,click it is not so hard, it is easier then he thinks!!!!


Regards LevtCreative


you must understand if you come under policy then you will receive refund but it will go by system. so, i request you not to be impatient. I already passed your message.


Haviduck Purchased

heya, is there a way for me to display a users submitted entries to the user in question? im using armember tp provider a profile Page. this feature would fit me perfectly. also in your docs theres a line about users being able to edit own entries. how?


Unfortunately at present such facility is not available in ARForms but we already considering to add this feature in future release.



andress19 Purchased

Hello I have bought the plugin, but when I add the option of mandatory fields in datapicker, dropdown, field text, any. I always get this error {“error”: false} that could be happening.

Thank you

Hi There,

sorry to know that you are facing difficulty using ARForms. we are happy to help you, kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


fields are missing when creating the form. I am missing the code and html field. how can you get these fields ??


You have been using ARForms for very long time now. so, issue should not be general bug. But it could be something your site specific. Kindly extend support & open support ticket at our helpdesk so, we can check and help you fixing your issue.


i ve purchase a new license a try to activate it but i received the same error message in my website and in you support add product area/

Invalid Purchase Code

need help

Please message me through our codecanyon profile page. So, we can continue in private message as i might gonna need some information which you would not want to share in public comment.



How can I remove all your css styling from the form? Tried following but they didn’t worked: wp_deregister_style(‘arfformscss_100’); wp_deregister_style(‘arf_materialize_css’);

Thanks, Chris

Its probably not possible but for any technical assistance kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.



bizna Purchased

Hello, Its been a while since I used this awesome plugin. I have a project that I have to use the plugin. I would like to know if I can use the shortcode on an Elementor Button (Not Arforms Elementor element) Just the Elementor Button? If possible how so since I tried and it is not working on my end. Thank you.

Is it possible with this plugin to manually approve each new users?


This is Form builder plugin. If you want to add users then you need to have user signup addon with this.


Hi, I have need to set date input calendar for es. 30/05/2020 and not May, 30 2020. Please, can you help me ?