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Hey guys,

Additional pre-sales question: Does ARForms support ADA Compliant forms? In other words, accessibility?



not particularly tested for ADA compliance but you are welcome to share more information.


Hello, i want to ask why the conditional rule doesn’t work on mobile? it’s working on desktop but on iphone it just doesn’t show.

There is no such known issue, so, it should be your case specific issue. As your support period is expired so, i would suggest get support extension and open support ticket so, we can check. btw, you can also wait for few weeks as we are soon launching our next release which may fix your issue automatically as we have made huge changes.

thanks, no problem. i have put the conditional question on another page and that’s fixed my problem. also i need to ask if it’s possible to limit the registration when it reach a certain number of entries? i’m currently using this form to book an event. let’s say after 20 entries in a certain form- it’s automatically tells the user that the event is fully booked. is that possible?


not possbile at present but we may added it in future.

I have a dozen questions and don´t really know where to begin.

Well, let´s just start

  1. Is there a overview of operators that can be used for calculations?
  2. do you have logical operators like “if field x is y than formula, else if field x is > y than formula2
  3. Can your plugin be used to create posts and custom post types along with taxonomies, fields, etc.? Autor dashboard frontend etc
  4. Can your forms have tabs to create a multiple forms page?
  5. Can form submissions be shown in frotend, maybe in sortable searchable teable`
  6. Can results of formulas be shown in other fields labels?
more to come


1. not sure what do you mean by overview of operations.

2. yes conditional logic is supported.

3. At present not possible to create posts but soon we are bringing addon to achieve it.

4. Yes you can have multi step forms with arforms.

5. no it will only show in admin section form entries yet. possibly in next release we might add this feature.

6. you can use html field to show result of mathamatical calculation between fields.

1. Well… What can be used for calculations. Only + and – and / and * or pow… Round… 2. I did not ask for conditional logic but for conditional operators. For calculations :) 3. Ok 4. I did no ask for multistep :) but for multi forms. One Form im each tab 5. Ok 6. Is HTML.field the only field that supports those results?

I’m getting 550 High Probability of Spam messages from the inboxes I’m trying to send to. Is there a better way to send my notification emails?

i think its more related to server reputation.

I am looking to make a pre-order form + user registeration at once..

1. User put in details such as name,phone,etc.. 2. Selects product they want to buy.. quantity > gives total price 3. Click preorder for form submission > custom thankyou page(telling payment method) with entry or transaction Number. 4. User gets registered in Wordpress..

Let me know if these are possible


1) For first requirement, its mostly possible in ARforms however it need customization in thank you page to show transaction number.

and product listing too can be achieved in simple manner not like cart.

you need to purchase ARForms and User Signup addon for this. on top of that customization is needed so, not an easy way.


Hello, i want to ask about the analytics tabs on form entries. recently my reports shows that the entries are bigger than the views. how can this possible? is it because the views are counted by the unique ip so the subsequent visit is not counted?


that might happen if user visits on your form page and then keep submiting multiple records without leaving the website. in that case visit count will be lower then entry count.



Is it possible to auto selected some fields via URL? For example, I want to create a URL linked to a form with a variable that pre-select a value in the dropdown box.

Can ARform do that now?

Thank you


next version of arforms which is coming out soon will have this feature. but it still may take couple of weeks as presently we have focused our energy in launching major update of our another plugin armember.


Thank you for your answer.

I think its a very important feature and your competitors already propose it…I’ll use another plugin for this project and will be checking on your next updates for the future ones…

Good luck


thank you for keeping patient.

Best wishes


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Hi, I have a problem with my date picker it’s not showing as a popup calendar


yes if there is any difficulty then kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk and support staff will assist you.


can this work like click funnels? Where based on the user answer i can direct to a different page?

At present its not possible but in future release i believe we possibly will add this feature.


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Hi any thoughts on supporting SendinBlue ?

to be frank with you never heard of it. will check its popularity and if its found to be popular then in future release we will add it.


Hi, Do you have a date for your next update ? Thanks

No we do not have date on for next update. but hopefully as our another big product armember update is been released so, now in few weeks arforms update also should be released.



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And another question please, if you can answer it.

We want to use it for cascade selecting, but with your plugin we saw that we cant.

Explanation: We want to seperate Regions, towns and areas.

So we want to assign 1 value of region (lets say attica) to 5 towns (town1,town2,town3 etc) and each town to different areas (area1,area2,area3 etc) but we cant.

The only way to make it is by making different fields for every combination.

Is there any other way


sorry but at presnt no other easy way possible.


I’m trying to get you to reset my license, i’ve sent about 50 requests however you seem to totally ignore these!? I can’t submit a support ticket, so please don’t suggest this. Just respond to the reset request!


Not a single request reached to me otherwise there is no reason for me to not to reply. And go through comment history and tell me when exactly we had suggested anybody to get support extension to just license reset. and btw you could do it by your own too.

but anyway, kindly contact us through messsage box of our codecanyon profile page with your purchase code. And will reply asap.