Discussion on ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

Discussion on ARForms: Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

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dgold75 Purchased

I have the same problem with WP Bakery – can´t edit anything when ARFORM is enabled since last update


Kindly open support ticket at helpdesk and support staff will help you asap.


It seems you are not listening to the people who have bought your plugin. People like myself are unable use WP BAKERY when installing the newest version of your plugin. Something we all PAID for regardless of extended support. WE are not asking you give us private support, but rather listen to your buyers and fix a broad problem caused by your development and latest update.

and FYI… Updates ARE FREE. Never asked for support.

I think you did not miss my message and understood very well, thats why you freaked out. You can not get any personal assistance years after your license period is over. Regarding general issues if plugin may have i already told you that its noted and will be fixed if its general bug. If you have such big issue with us being honest with you then may be dont update, we are not forcing u to update.

There is way to report bug. The way you wrote it seemed like you own us. Well, yes updates are free and as you know, the same way you know that your support is expired long ago. So, you surely can report issue but after that let us do our job. Will not entertain you again, thanks

Can ARForms be updated through ManageWP? That would make it very convenient to keep everything up to date.

Please let me know. Thanks.


I am sorry, i have tried to find out but we do not have any idea about that. You need to try and check by yourself.


Okay, thank you.

Is there a demo of the Address Lookup Integration add-on? I don’t see one on your website.

So there’s no way to evaluate the add-on before purchase? Is the documentation available somewhere? Without being able to see how something works before buying, it’s difficult to make the decision.

you can test admin section through testdrive. And you can check our online documentation where you can see some screenshots and detailed description of how it works.


I’ll have a look. Thank you.


I bought ARForms recently and I would like to know how I can get the premium addons that are free.

When I download it in my dashboard, it only comes with ARForms, without the addons.

Best regards.


For addons kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


How come my name is not working on the deactivation form? I tried to deactivate the code and activate on another site, but it’s not working. And it looks like due to expired support, I can’t get it done… WTF? 2 licenses and they are gone


I am not sure what exactly you are doing. But I certainly can help you with license reset. Please message me through the message box of our codecanyon profile page with your purchase code. And i will definitely help you.



Shikoal Purchased

I have a problem with upload fail, my server has a limit for upload 1000M

Upload – Form setings –


Please open a support ticket on our helpdesk and our support staff will assist you further.


Hi, i want to change the api codes of the mollie addon but i have the message “One or more add-on of ARForms must be updated with latest version (ARForms – Mollie Addon).” on top of my screen.

I updated to the latest mollie version 1.6. When i try to configure a new mollie configuration i get the message “Sorry! You will not be able to add/edit configuration because you need to update ARForms – Mollie Add-on to the latest version.”

Am i doing something wrong or is there a bug in the Mollie addon?

Thnx, it’s working better now after latest update, there is only 1 problem left which making it unusable and that is that i can’t select a form when i try to add a mollie transaction.

Mollie transaction has to be mollie configuration.


Please open a support ticket for further technical support.



i want add url instead of shortcode on same button that will show popup form so is it possible or there an tip to do that?

formcrft plug-in can do that by adding shortcode for popup on page then add url on button!!



It’s not possible to set URL instead of the shortcode on the same button that will show the popup.


Hi, I need to design a form where the user uploads a DOC or PDF file and the plugin will calculate the words in it and according to this number will be a condition about how many pages in this document based on the paper size the user have previously choose.

Is this possible with your plugin? Or is it possible to develop it?


Sorry, but it’s not possible to calculate words from the uploaded file and place the conditional rules to calculate the number of pages.


The description META field is appearing blank since the last few version inside the USER REGISTRATION plugin when creating a set, why?


It is your website specific issue, we had checked before telling you. So, we are not forcing you to buy support.

But, when you bought license you clearly new that for such small fees its not possible that we give you life time update with lots of features and we give life time support. As if we do that then we wont survive and we will not be able to add more features.

So, what you are trying to do is unfair as you are demanding something for which you have not paid for.

So, just to save your renewal fees, do not put other customers too on risk of not receiving more features in future updates.

Developers have tested it thoroughly and no issue in plugin itself. but still If by any chance we find this as bug then definitely will be fixed in upcoming update.


Please stop the lies, i installed your plugins on a barebone WP staging site with no other plugin and the description was still missing!! see screenshot below. Also we use to be able to search for a keyword to quickly find the META we need, that has been removed! and the sorting order of the list is messed up, not alphabetical like before. Please revert to how it was before thank you, here is a picture proof from my clean WP staging site:

There is no point in lying. But this is an insult. I don’t think you will ever get help from us through this line of talking.

In my last reply too, I had told you that if it will be a bug then will be fixed in an upcoming update. As we have many better customers so, we would definitely fix if any bug in our products.

I don’t think I will be able to explain you further.

How can i get the free addons?, i have already created a ticket for the same. Plus can you help me out how to create a tab seperated csv file. My csv isnot supporting the plugin


Yes, our support staff had already provided you the add-ons. Regarding tab separated CSV, currently, it’s not supported with ARForms. we’ll look for this in future versions.


In Dropdown Field , There is Dynamic Dropdown, toggle it on it will show. I am talking about that

Thinking of purchasing another license for a different client but can’t find if this is supported or not.

He wants a “Reference Number” field to populate automatically with the DATE followed by a sequential number. So, the first might be 041922-01…second entry would be 041922-02.

Then on the next day, it would be like 042022-01…042022-02, etc. Is this possible, and if not native to the plugin, is it something that could be coded/paid for custom? Thx!


It’s not directly possible but we can provide custom work to achieve it.


Who do I reach out to in order to get a quote? Thank you!

kindly message us through message box of our codecanyon profile page.


I have a need to start requiring an email one-time password (OTP) that is sent to the registered email address before we give access to the site or for content. Can this be done with ARForms or ARMember?


From you description, it seems that you want to send OTP when user login to your website. If so, then it’s not possible with ARForms.

However, There is a ARMember addon for 2-factor authentication and it’ll send an OTP to the registered email when a user login to the website.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. This is exactly what I needed to know. I’m reviewing how to set it up in ARMember. Thanks

Can I use plugin to create RFQ form with the ability to send it to specified categories of listing owners on my directory site? Without woocommerce.


I’m not getting your question please let me know further in detail so that I can check further and get back to you.


I need the form (request for quotation), which let me send this request to specific categories of listings (or users) on my directory website. So, would be good to have drop-down list of such categories before pressing submit button.

Hi Team

Nice plugin

Pre-purchase inquiry -

Is it possible following things with this form?

1) It needs to be able to automatically generate a pdf from the HTML which can be filled out. but the pdf needs to be easy to use as well

2) Some info would be good if when filled out in one place could automatically fill out another set of fields

3) Pdf needs to be generated with page numbers

4) Because the form would be long, it should autosave along the way

5) Requested that when people put in contact info into the form that it can generate a vCard as well.

6) Forms store in back end database

7) Ability to change font size to larger on demand

8) Form needs to auto-route to the right person based on the radio button or dropdown.

Thanks in advance!


1. ARForms has an add-on ( ARForms – PDFCreator ) that will help you to create an HTML template that can be used with the form. you need to get it.

2. Not getting this point exactly but it seems that you want to pre-fill one field data to another field. if so, then currently, it’s not possible but we’ll look further into this in future versions.

3. Yes, PDF will includes the page number

4. Yes, ARForms provides facility to auto save form data to client browser as well as in the database as partial form entries.

5. Currently, ARForms does not have the feature to generate a vCard.

6. Yes, form entries will be stored in the back end as well as in the database.

7. Yes, ARForms provides a real time editor with multiple styling options where you can change font settings.

8. Yes, ARForms provides facility to conditional email and conditional redirection based on the field value.


We need a form with user sign up setup to be displayed for logged in users, however when they load the page where the form is, they see this error: You are already logged in. (how can we avoid that?)

I renewed and tried to create ticket but it tells me a ticket was made but none show up, please advise, this is the 2 issue we are having:

i just tried again and it worked this time

glad to know. you will get reply very soon.


pmj Purchased

I read that your latest version is in conflict with WP Bakery and your form disables it. Has this been resolved? I want to update the form I have to the latest version.


where exactly did you read it? At present there is on such conflict with WP Bakery to the best of my knowledge.


oh, thats old comment. ARForms latest version there is no issue with WP Bakery.


Is it possible to create a non-disclosure document/form that people can sign? Plus can their saved details (e.g. name & company) can automatically be placed on the form? And today’s date?


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