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My license code wont let me download examples and my support has run out? its saying the code has expired??


i am not sure what examples you are trying to download in arforms. And further more i even dont see you bought license.


Can this plugin limit number of submissions/entries?

Not presently but in next version which is coming out in around 2-3 weeks we are going to give this facility.

I’ve noticed that the “wp_arf_views” table gets very big with time (361,010 views, 53 MB). How does this happen? How can I reduce this? Tabledump is too large. Thanks for reply!

That table stores statistics data, so, every time form is viewed it will add new entry. if dont want past analytic data then you can clean it.


Pre-sale question. Can your multi-step forms auto-save entries if visitor did not end survey and did not pressed submit button? Just filled some steps, but not all form steps.


No, at present auto save is not possible but in our next release we are going to add this feature.


Hi, i filled and sent the form to reset my license few days ago but no reply. Can you please reset so i can install in a new site. The site it was on originally no longer exists so i cannot reset it there. Thanks


perhaps your form did not went through, As i dont see any license reset request in our system. last ticket from you was in 2015 :)

but to make it easy for you, please send me details with your purchase code using message box of our profile page here in codecanyon. and we will do the needful.



redsai82 Purchased

I recently bought this plugin. After not recieving regular emails sent by wordpress/php i switched over to the SMTP option. Test emails with the smtp configuration works fine and i do reciece the mails. However!!!!!!!! no mails are making it to my inbox while submiting from the frontend! i see many people having this problem in the comments. Why are you not writing a general help text for this supercritical function to work? i mean i cant be that everybody configues it in w wrong way. My customer is pissed as hell becase he has not recieved a single mail in 2 weeks. I never tried the plugin i payed alot and took for granted that it would work out of the box….. I have already submited a ticket would appriciate a fix ASAP! Ticket No: 003684


well, the problem is when you read some of the comment you get this impression but in many many cases customers do very simple mistakes, like don’t check the checkbox to send mail. And write down here to get faster attention. But when we show them their mistake, nobody care to come here and post that it was not issue in product :)

if arforms had problem in such basic function as email then how can it would be sold this far?

so, please don’t just assume anything on basis of comments. We have dedicated support staff, its way better then typical common answers in pubilc forus.

As you already opened support ticket. so, kindly have patience our support staff will assist you quickly as possible.



mt4home Purchased

How can I reset the licence and I have not got any reply since I sent you the reset from backend of the wordpress a week ago?

its done :) sorry for the delay. next time plz contact here or in support area.


mt4home Purchased

thanks a lot!

what the hell this plugin is , it broke my website , i installed the plugin and after activation my website get blanked even not able to uninstall it

there are a lot of bugs in your plugin and your support is so poor as well , your plugin is not compatible with Jupiter theme

why are you not replying of ticket ?

Please have patience. As we had clearly mentioned when you open a support ticket it could take upto 24-48 hours its not possible to reply immediately as we will go in first come first serve basis.

secondly we already had replied so, support staff must be checking your chase.

And i personally checked your screenshot

if you check properly then you will notice that warnings are from your theme itself. you can turn off your display error and it will disappear.

And installation issue was too because of another unprofessionally developed plugin wordpress currency switcher. so, please have faith in arforms its very stable product and been tested with most of popular plugins and themes but there are almost 50000 plugins in wordpress repository, its not possible for any plugin author to test with all other plugin.

support staff will reply you asap.


Hello, while form element : “Date” is added, I would need a calendar in front end to be in my language. thank you

i think you can achieve it as calendar supports languages. But for more detailed assistance please open support ticket.


Hi. I would like to buy this after testing the demo. However, when will you include support for more than 3 columns? For example, what if I want 5 columns? I see several comments from you from years ago stating you will release it in the next update, but it has not. Any updates? Thank you! :)

yes. already included in the version which will come next :) lots of things will come together.


enrico-v Purchased

Hello, is it possible to send the form statistics in a predefined interval (like every month) via email? And also a function to delete all entries every predefined interval? Maybe with the upcoming update? That’d be awesome!


sorry its not possible at present. Thanks for suggestion, will give it a thought. :)

The submitted date format is switched. My form is set “english/western” for calendar localization and date format mm/dd/yr. Looks fine on the form, but when you submit any date mm/dd that can be read dd/mm, the submitted input is dd/mm…not what is desired. For example: I select 04/03/2017, that is April 3rd…the submitted format in the email is 03/04/2017…which I think is March 4th…It’s fine when I select 04/24/2017 because it month and day can’t be transposed. Is this a bug?

sorry but i cant see you bought any license of arforms.


Plinbo Purchased

I need a popup form link (HTML) from an existing image, i tried it with a shortcode but that didn’t work, is there an other solution.


For any technical assistance please open support ticket at our helpdesk. so, support staff will assist you soon as possible.

Hello, I´m not sure if you got my ticket, just in case : I´m getting this line of code: Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /data/web/virtuals/125366/virtual/www/wp-content/plugins/arforms/core/controllers/arrecordcontroller.php on line 1114 what can i do about that ? thanks

yes, if you already have opened support ticket then don’t worry, support staff will assist you asap.


deversus Purchased

Hello. I need to start a new project and would like to know if with your plugins I can do everything. I’ll explain what I need to do: I have to create packages where users have to make a predefined number of choices using checkbox. Following the selection users must enter a username and password in order to signup with the site. After this the user pays for the purchase of the selected package using paypal. Please be careful with this detail: the purchase button will appear or be activated only when the user has selected the right number of checkboxes, this aspect is crucial! Buyers thanks to your registration can access the pages reserved. I hypothesize to do all this by combining: ARForms + ARMember + Paypal Pro for Arforms + User Signup for Arforms So, do you think I can integrate ARForms (and its addons) with ARMembers? I hope I explained well my needs. Thanks a lot! Luca

Hey Luca,

i think i will have to check further on this. please allow me some time. i will check and get back to you on this.


Pre-sale question. Did you know that Arforms is not fully compatible with mobile devices, android, ios and blackberry. i don’t even care about blackberry because only few use that to view. but at least fix the android and ios compatibility.

What happened is that your form (Arforms) shows error after successful form submission and refuse to either redirect or show another page message. only the ajax message works which is not the best for submission because some people will not know that the form they filled has been submitted.

Arforms is amazing and i’m ready to buy it immediately, but there is no point in buying it without it been compatible with what most people use.


thanks for showing interest in arforms. But i believe as many people already using arforms so it should not have this much issue as you are saying. still we will check from our side.

And be assured any issue or arforms will be fixed. we believe in best quality in product. We are also working on new version with tons of new features. it would take couple of weeks.


I purchased ARForms for its easy-to-use drag and drop function and quick previewing. I found a major bug with check boxes and conditionals that don’t work properly on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Specifically, if you check the box with a conditional, the conditional item(s) do NOT appear. It’s actually a little more complicated then that – the items appear, then immediately disappear. I submitted a support ticket and they supplied me with a new Java Script document that eliminated the animated appearance of the conditionals stating that the animation was the source of the problem. Now when the conditional check box is selected – nothing happens. When you uncheck the box, however, the conditional appears (without the animated drop down effect)! I reported the problem and they have not supplied an answer in 5 days. Very disappointed. I spent a two weeks building 3 complex website forms for a client’s website. Now I’m stuck unable to present the malfunctioning forms.

Sorry to know that u r facing this trouble. Arforms should woek fine in ios but can understand ur problem too. Please be assured i will check with support team and resolve ur issue asap.



vfierro Purchased

I dont receive emails?

Please provide more information on your issue. And kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.