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Hello – I just activated the plugin, any reason I’de be getting this error message?

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /Users/zeus/Code/themename/wp-content/plugins/arforms/core/models/arrecordmodel.php on line 625

I’m testing on a localhost.


well its not error, it is warning, usually on production server people keep only errors enabled. And as your support is expired so, we wont be able assist you on this as it can be any version of arforms and also can have any circumstances.

so, either kindly extend your support and open support ticket or wait for update.


You’re correct, it’s a warning not an error. It’s the latest version of arforms.


Not sure why you are harming such good product by negative review for little reason of warning,

its not necessary you are killing possibility for getting free updates and free basic level support by doing it. if possible kindly remove it.

Hello, does this plugin can work with additional API code in it? Is it possible to add PHP code and / or API code into the forms that we build with this plugin?


it comes open source so, you can customize it any way you want.



dave8528 Purchased

I purchased a Support and I need a code to add in your ticket system. Where do I get that code from?

Go to downloads page of codecanyon and then click on green download button and you will see link to download license certificate and purchase code. Just download it and you will see purchase code in that doc. That is the code which you need to add in our helpdesk.


How do I update the plugin? I’m running version 2.7.6. The WordPress control panel doesn’t show that there’s an update but I see on this Envato page that version 2.7.8 was released a while ago.


you just need to download latest zip from codecanyon. unzip it and you will get arforms folder. just copy it and paste it inside plugins folder. Detailed steps are given in documentation comes bundled with plugin. kindly follow it.


Thanks. I’ve done that. It would be helpful to have the documentation on the website. That’s where I went looking for it.

Yes, will be on website from next major release. Thanks for suggestion.


q2mars Purchased

Any cool features coming in next release for this great form builder

Yes. I wont ruin your surprise by telling you but if you like current version of arforms then next version will be lovable :)

Good morning, dear,

You just joined this product, but installing it gives you a fatal error. I followed all the step by step, by activating it from the asseginte message

Warning: require_once(/home/envs/public_html/wp-content/plugins/arforms/core/models/arsettingmodel.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/envs/public_html/wp-content/plugins/Forms/arforms.php on line 46

I need an immediate solution or request a refund.

Have already opened a call

seems you just needed hint ;)

Good night dear ones

I was able to install the ARForms and ARFoms PayPal PRO plugin. I’ve already created a form with the fields that received the payment, but I’m not sure how to create the product. The document that comes with the product is not how to do this, please help prices.

Why are not you a complete document? Or create a tutorial to help your customers? I’m waiting for support


Document comes with all our plugin. bundled in zip file. But yes we are also going to put full detailed documentation on our website too very soon.

Now, regarding further technical assistance we have dedicated support staff. Please open support ticket at our helpdesk here