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Why my app can’t show the news content description?

This problem occurs because there are bugs in the latest update version of the default Android WebView System from Google, to solve the problem, please do the following instructions on below:

go to app/java/<package_name>/activities/ and find the files below :

open each file above and find the code on below (Ctrl + F) :
.loadData(text, mimeType, encoding);
then, Replace All with the code on below (Ctrl + R) :
.loadDataWithBaseURL(null, text, mimeType, encoding, null);

sample image screenshot :

do the same thing on all files and the problem will be resolved.

Why my AdMob ads is not showing?

You’ve monetized your app with AdMob, but your ads aren’t showing when you test your app.

Here are some common causes and how to fix them :

  • Make sure you have updated AdMob with your payment details
  • Make sure that the ads you created in AdMob are Banner Ads & Interstitial Ads.
  • Check your AdMob dashboard to see the status of your ads, are they active?
  • Verify you used the correct Ad Unit Id.
  • Give it 24 hours, it can take time for an ad to become active in your region
  • Make sure your app have is live on Google Play
  • Make sure your app has already linked with Google Play in the App Settings of your AdMob account
  • Make sure your app package name is not disabled by AdMob

Also keep in mind :

1. It’s too early for the ads to fill. English speaking regions tend to get a faster fill-rate as there are more advertisers targeting these markets. The smaller the market, the slower the fill-rate. Wait 48 hours and see if the issue resolves.

2. Your region has a slower fill-rate. You notice you’re making income, but when you test the app yourself you can’t see any ads in your app. The region you are testing from may have a slower fill-rate, but advertising is active in the other regions you released for. Wait 48 hours and your region should be updated with active ads.

3. You haven’t entered your payment details. We have received reports from users, particularly using AdMob, that their banners haven’t filled with active ads until they have entered their payment details into the AdMob account. Update your AdMob account with your payment details and see if the issue resolves in 24 hours.