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im getting this error when i try to install adminpanel on my website

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’ (T_STRING) in /home4/ab85651/orionsnebulas.com/mauicove/includes/connect_database.php on line 2

Hi quadcore0,

it seems you make a mistake when configure database, please contact us by email for support and provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we need to check your configuration first to solve the problem.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Dear Brother

I forgot the username and password of the Admin Panel of Android News App

Could you please help me in changing the password through the cpanel.

Already emailed you!


Hi, for more detail answer in changing the password through the cpanel, you can read this tutorial here. Thanks

Hey.. Is it possible for you to implement swipe left/right feature to navigate between the news articles?

Hi t3hn00b, if it is intended within the scope of our support, it’s not possible to implement it because it’s beyond of our support scope, but, if you want to modify it to implement that function, it’s possible to be implemented with modify the code. Thanks


shonmc Purchased

You have said new update suppose to be released at the end of march where is it? Its a shzme to just lie to people.

Hi shonmc,

please note, we have release the update in the end of march, now, currently process submit the update version.

it can be take 3-7 days until the update is approved by envato market reviewer team, you will get email notification automatically when the update version already released, but, in fact, you never purchase our app.



shonmc Purchased

Yes right i havent purchased it yet thats why i asked for update so i can get the latest version you know

Hi shonmc, the updated code has been sent to your mail. Thanks

which month update next version

Hi muneeskumar, we have contact the reviewer team but still get no response, for other alternative, you can contact us by email and we will send the update code directly to your email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks


shonmc Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.


shonmc Purchased

Can you send me the update directly if i buy now?

Hi shonmc, the update code has been sent to your mail. Thanks

Do you have an iOS version of this app as well? to work off the same database of news items?

Hi lmfservices, we only develop Native Android app, so, we don’t have ios version for this app. Thanks

Appreciate the reply.


verq1 Purchased

Can you please send the updated version to me aswell? The crashrate is insane atm

Hi verq1, you can contact us by email and we will send the updated version directly. Thanks


verq1 Purchased

Thnx, email send fx.....@gmail.com

Hi verq1, updated version has been sent to your mail, this is same update for official update which will be released on codecanyon until approved by reviewer team. Thanks

Hi! Is it possible to access the admin panel and create new content through an API or JSON and npm js? And does it have a in-app language change option?


tumurr Purchased

please send me a updated version via email please. zbtumur@yahoo.com

Hi tumurr, latest update version has been released on codecanyon, you can download it from your codecanyon download menu directly. Thanks


irfan8gb Purchased

suwun updatenya kang…

Halo gan, oke gan sama2. :)


yogesh986 Purchased

How to manage comments posted by users, If somebuddy will abuse or write something wrong, its directly visible. As I’m checking there is no control for comments as well as no social login is available which is really uncomfortable for user.

Hi yogesh986, administrators have control to remove the comments from admin panel side, then, we are not integrate the app with social login, but, we prefer use integrated login or register system through admin panel. Thanks


yogesh986 Purchased

this is not exactly that which you have sent to us earlier as demo version Its totally different & I couldn’t found any comment related option in admin panel.

Hi yogesh986,

please note what we have sent to you earlier is beta version, of course on the official version that was released there may be changes, what we release has also been through the feedback, evaluate stage and follow the development of design trends that are currently popular, so, please note that what we do about what features should be added is our independence.

if the news have comment and if administrator want to remove it, see this image on below for more detail where it can be managed.



vinoth908 Purchased

Hi, Thank for u updating app. Admin panel Notification not working.

Hi vinoth908,

push notification should working properly if you have configure it correctly, so, please re check again and make sure :
1. you have already replace google-services.json with your own according your package name
2. you have already put your FCM Server Key in Settings menu in the admin panel side
3. you use real devices to test the app
4. firebase token key should be recorded in the database when you install fresh app in your phone, make sure when you send push notification there are number of devices that will receive push notification.

if you have any question or need support, you can contact us by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


How to Update the Control Panel

Hi karemshiha, please read changelog of this app, there it has been clearly written that latest update version as new app and it’s not compatible with previous or older version, so, using this latest project and admin panel is mandatory. Thanks

I changed the database url in the config file but nothing appears. While screen is loading in the app I get a toast message that There is no internet connection. I have tried with wifi and cell service. I have also imported the sql file. all is good there. Not sure what I am missing.

Hi lmfservices, it can be caused that your admin panel configuration still not correctly or json api services still not working properly, we need to check your server configuration first, so, please provide us your admin panel url and contact us by email that we’ve provided for support : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks

sent an email with admin panel url

Fantastic update version ! Thankyou ! i am not interest to post video in my app ,so how to config video tab in show today post only.


verq1 Purchased

Im sorry to say, but the push notifications still doesnt work from the dashboard. I followed your tutorial, but it only works manual from within firebase. I can see the new token is not being saved in the Database. The application updates with new posts I post so everything else works fine.

Another question: Can we take out the video section, as I never post any videos and disable the comment section as I dont want people to comment or spam and dont want to check each post manual each day to check for spam. Or make it atleast so that each comment needs to be approved by an admin, it is pretty usseles the way it is as there always be people who will spam and advertise their products.

Thank you

Hi verq1,

push notification should work if everything is configured correctly, make sure you have replace FCM Server Key in Settings menu in the admin panel side with your own key, we’ve test it using some devices, but it’s possible that push notification not working in other devices that we didn’t found, so for check it further, please inform us your device brand name, model, type and android os version, you also can provide us your apk file and admin panel login detail so we can check directly, you can provide us your detail to our email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com

video support dan comment section are the most requested features by users, therefore we present these features in the latest update version, it would be to modifying the code such that to disable, remove or change the code structure and ui as you wish, but we’re sorry, please keep in mind that help with this is beyond the scope of our support, or if you prefer use older version, you also still can use it which still included in the download package.


hi i want two languages (urdu & english) english is already add but please tell me how to add urdu language in your app

If the news is too long app crashes… Method exceeds compiler instruction limit: 25337 in void org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup.HTMLSchema

any fix for that ?

I am getting following error in godaddy server Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent …........../index.php on line 3 How to solve this