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Hi, Firebase doesn’t work in our targeted country. Does the app depends on it functionally or just for analytics? Thanks

Hey, you have a problem of onesignal notification in the current update , when i want to send a notification from onesignal and when you click on it. it is show a crash and do not open the app. the previous version was working. when you click on notification the app open normal. how can fix this ?

and i also noticed that you change the implementation of notification in gradual and in tools java , is this related to our problem ?


Hello, I am contacting the Google Console team in order to recover my account, which was suspended due to the WordPress news application. Can you tell me which SDK is causing the problem?

They asked me for this thing

Well they are not going to know. That why you need to research them all and see if other have fallen into the same problem. If you get a Malware notice it will be one of three things. Either something you have added is showing up as a false positive for malware when scanned, or there is unusual data leaving the app and being sent out onto the internet or your app has malware in it.

If you can prove the first or fix the second then you might be able to win an appeal.


bipulalam Purchased

Hi, In my Google Play Console it shows warning “Cleartext traffic allowed for all domains” (See screenshot). Please let me know what this is. Is it important to fix this. If yes, then how to fix. Please suggest.

Policy warning screenshot –

Hi, You must know that the target level of this app is 34, solved. Thanks

Thanks for confirming. Yes, the warning is gone now.

can’t load Privacy policy and Publisher info. it’s not work no load anything. help to solve them.

Hi, There is no purchased sign in the right side of your username, did you buy this item officially? Thanks


bipulalam Purchased

Your documentation says PHP Version 5.4 – 7.2. So is this means PHP 8+ will not work? Please suggest

Hi, Don’t worry, it supports PHP 8+. Thanks


bipulalam Purchased

Good to hear that. I just finished installing it. Thanks

Hi, Ok good luck, hope everything goes well. Thanks

I uploaded the application to Hungary Play and got this error. Can it be resolved in the future?

warning The application package does not contain a de-cluttering file. If you are using code that includes obfuscation terms (R8/proguard), you must load a deobfuscation file to facilitate analysis and correction of faults and ANR errors. The code R8/proguard was used to reduce the size of the application.

Hi, That’s not a problem, just a warning message and 100% can be ignored, our code does not use proguard, but even so, the security of the code is guaranteed and protected with an encryption method using a server key. Thanks

I am unable to check demo because the app file link is not opening

I need the demo of how push notifications work

Hi, if you want to know how push notifications work, you can watch this video: Thanks

I recently purchased your application, it is 100% functional with all the functions it has so far. I just would like help with something, when adding an administrator user, this administrator has the same privileges as the main administrator. I would like to add editors, moderators and that these users cannot see some options in the administration panel, such as licenses or the settings tab. I could do this by commenting on the sidebar and dashboard HTML codes, but they are also hidden from the main administrator. Please can you give me a solution to this or add it in a future update. Thank you so much. Regards!

My version was 3.4.0 and due to all the changes I installed the latest version 5.1.0 on my other server. My question is how can I put the content I have from the old version into the new version without copying it one by one? In which folder are those contents?


Guide migration must be carried out sequentially from version to version, we recommend that you back up your data first, both the PHP code file data and the MySQL database before migrating and updating:


I did not follow the steps because the version I had was very old and I chose to install the latest version. What I want now is to find a way to recover data from the old versions that are still valid today and put it in the new installed version. Currently I have the old version working on one of my servers and the latest version on the new server that I have not uploaded to Google yet, that is why I need a way to recover that data and put it in the new version, is there a way to do it ?

How to update from version v4.5.1 to v5.1.0?

Hi, a complete reinstallation is required for android studio project, for the admin panel, see the documentation in the migration from older version sections. Thanks


erdemnz Purchased

Can you help me with Facebook ads mediation?

So with the new google play rule all i have to do now is to replace ” //Ad Networks implementation ‘com.github.solodroidx:solodroid-ads-sdk:1.7.9’” with this “implementation ‘com.github.solodroidx:simple-ads-sdk:1.+’” is this all i need to do please answer me i can’t loss my account please.

Hi, a complete reinstallation for android project is required, you cannot implement simple-ads-sdk in the older version of this item. Thanks

Hello friends, I have already sent you 3 emails, I still have no response, please respond. Greetings.

Hi, your email has been replied, please check, Thanks

Mail received, Thanks for the help.


squishyX Purchased

Hallo admin, saya tidak bisa menemukan aplikasi solodroid satupun di google play. Apakah ada suatu masalah?

Halo gan, kena prior / multiple gan, karena godev sebelumnya dihapus google karena masalah malware (terkait dengan beberapa sdk ads atau onesignal sdk), tetapi untuk akun yang baru hanya masalah prior saja karena kebetulan akun godev dibuka di pc / jaringan / lokasi yang sama, untuk masalah sc sudah kami update dan dijamin aman. Terimakasih

I copy and paste 4900 words news and published it. But published news shown 4200 words next 700 words not shown.. How to solved this problem??

jeffi27 Purchased

I have purchased, but when I start App it says Invalid licence, please help.

jeffi27 Purchased

@solodroid can you please read my email, there is a screenshot of app licence error, and fix it?

Hi, Your email cannot be found, make sure you mention codecanyon username – item purchase code in the subject of your email. Thanks

jeffi27 Purchased

I mentioned all infos from license pdf file, and i attached screenshot also.

Please Reply my email.. How to Change Notification icon. I change admin panel icon perfectly but notification icon not changes. How can i do now to change this icon???

Hi, Notification icon can be changed from Android Studio project directly in the drawable-hdpi folder, replace the ic_stat_onesignal_default.png with your own icon, must be in png format, white solid color with transparent background. Thanks

admin pannel update is also compulsary in this update??? we have to update admin pannel too?

Hi, if previously you were using version 5.0.0, then you don’t need to update the admin panel. Thanks

Hi, what can I do to display the categories in reverse order? I mean listing the categories from the oldest (first or top) to the most recent (last or bottom).

Hi, open php admin panel code in the api/functions.php, find getCategoryIndex() functions and change the sql query order from DESC to ASC: Thanks


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