Discussion on Android Live TV ( TV Streaming, Movies, Web Series, TV Shows & Originals)

Discussion on Android Live TV ( TV Streaming, Movies, Web Series, TV Shows & Originals)

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a-azrak Purchased

Hello i have 2 feedback for tv app 1) when link broken or not avalible user got a such screen. Please can you cahnge this with a message on screen 2) interstitial ads do not close even when video is on its active backside can you update please Tganks.

Thanks for suggesting

1. It’s an embedded link so control’s not playing or broken link, it’s out of android context 2. when user closed interstitial ad then they redirect to details player screen some time what happen if they double click or accidental fast click then may be that happen and will check about that

we want to buy it but long time without any update!!! we want unity and applovin max ads.

Don’t Worry, we will update all apps time to time. You can purchase it and you will get lifetime free updates of the source code.

ok sir but when you add unity and applovin max ads?

Because, in fact, we cannot upload the application in official stores such as Google due to copyright, so adding such platforms is necessary for this application.

Actually we can’t give fix time, when it will update and what features will available but try to give soon. Code already as per policy but you can’t use copyright stuff/content in app because play store never approve that. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Greetings, could you please take into account the following features that I think would be good in the next update:

When you add, for example, a series of several seasons, on occasions you must repeatedly add the same image, which causes you to occupy more space on the server per individual file and the weight of the files in bulk, it would be good that when adding an image you can have the option to select an image that is already on the server, thus saving space and resources!

It would be great if it could play content from Google Drive, currently it enters the movie through Embeded but when Play is given it does not play anything.

The “User Agent” feature should be available for all categories: Movies and Series, not just Channel TV.

Have the option in the administration panel to force or not the registration of users to access the app.

The text of the content description (Movies, Series and TV) should allow to open WEB links so you can add the direct link of the movie.

Thanks for suggestions, We can’t say anything for now about future updates, which features to consider or not but if you want now then we will check and possible features customization through do it.


Gives you a wellness I purchased the application and worked the steps, but when I run the application, it keeps hanging on the start page (splash screen) I do not enter and if I return the package name, the application returns to normal How do I solve the problem?

Support close for 2 days, 19th during working hours contact us on skype. Team will answer.


No, I want to fix this as soon as possible please

Try to help me if you can

Tomorrow contact us during working hours on skype once support team available. Thanks

Is it different if you buy the application from the Skycoder website or from this site??? Is there an after-sales service?

Purchase genuine license from codecanyon only, we are exclusive author of codecanyon, we don’t sell our source code outside codecanyon.

So never trust on any other frauds, purchase from codecanyon only.

It’s okay Another question, why don’t you add the subscription and payment feature for those who do not want ads? And is there a risk to the Google Play Console account because of uploading the application to the App Store such applications on it? Thank you for your response and interest

We already added subscription & payment features on our other app.

Good day, tell me, is it possible that there would be a right to choose the language for receiving material via api? ich it would not be this service was the OMDb API, but from this thdb. Since it does not have the language I need, I do not need English, but I need Russian

Hi, We need some details regarding the fetching site. If they provided data with api then it would be possible with customization.. Fort more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

We may not respond to comments or provide support during holidays and weekends (Saturday-Sunday).

Working Days: Monday to Friday, Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Time Zone: GMT +5:30

hello any update soon I want to buy this code

can you please add the cast button on next update

Already chrome cast button available, Please check demo app/admin panel and must read product page details.

ok thank you for your answer

when installing and put confirmation number i have this message (Server is unavailable at the moment, please try again. )

Sometime server down that you will get that message. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Good day, please add the Yandex Advertising Network

It will possible with customization.

Good afternoon, could you do this way of adding “tmdb api key “

No way to add tmdb api for now. If possible then we will updated that feature in our future updates.


would it be possible to place ad of, Opening the app ??

No, As per policy can’t set.

I have a problem please. When adding a movie link, it works for a day or less, and then an error appears tray again

Did you purchased code?

Of course a year ago

Can’t see you as buyer, For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

I need help please, I have this problem when I’m installing on the verification “Envato purchase code is invalid, please contact support!”.

Envato’s not responding

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Do you guys still update and support that app?

Yes, We regular updates this app.

It wrotes : Last Update 21 September 2021 in the right sidebar.

Once need update we will do it so don’t worry.

In addition to AdMob and Facebook, add other ads networks such as Unity id and Start App

Thanks for suggesting

Dailymotion & other embedded codes are not working in app

If you add supported links/url then it will work. Please first check, which kind of url work then add.


why not make this app together TV & Radio in one APP, it would be nice, and I would buy it directly

Most of our clients need all apps seperately. If anyone wants we can do as a custom app.


a-azrak Purchased

Hello, please can you add ads to the app on next update thnaks

Hi, We can’t say anything about available in next updates or not. If you want then possible with customization.



you can add data collection by tmdb , by language and cover image , imdb does not have it

Whatever available features that u can use.

Import From TMDB

Not TMDB but used OMDB api. You can check here:


jeevap Purchased


Purchase code not working Error message is showing as ” License is incorrect or this license is not assigned to you, please contact support! ” Recently i have changed the server URL since the old server is expired. Please help me asap my username is jeevap

Hi. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb


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