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Hello, I’m customizing my application and I need to edit the number of channels that appear on last added channels and on featured channels, can you tell me when I can edit this?

Hi, If you know changes/modification then only you can do it in api.php file otherwise contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

where can i get channel links to add in this app and can you customize it for me i can pay you for that

how many channels can we add in this app is there any limit? and what are api why do we need them

and do i need any server for this app? like restreaming servers? or any other

Hi, You can add unlimited live streaming link via admin panel. Admin panel(PHP code) you have to setup on your live server/hosting. API through data come in app. For more information contact o Skype: support.viaviweb

Hi, I am interested in this app, I am new to app,apk things,so would like to ask some questions before purchasing.

1. If I purchase this app, can I edit it,eg channels etc, and submit it for Google play market publication?

2. I entered via website demo, is this where we edit the apk file?

3. If android releases new update,will this app work?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Hi, 1. If you have knowledge about coding then you can do changes yourself in code. You can add channels via admin panel. You have to setup admin panel on your live server. You can upload app on play store without copyright data.

2. You have to import android source code on studio software then after you can make apk file.

3. Yes, app will work on new releases update.

Note: We provide only source code, we not provide anykind of database. If you need more information then you can contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

After review, Video Móvil, app.videomovil.com, has been removed from Google Play because of an unauthorized use of copyrighted content. This app won’t be available to users until you submit a compliant update. Here’s how you can submit your app for another review: 1. Remove any content owned by a third party from your app. 2. Read through the Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content article for more details and examples. 3. Make sure your app is compliant with the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy and all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Remember that additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy issues with your apps. 4. Sign in to your Play Console and submit your app. If approved, your app will again be available with all installs, ratings, and reviews intact. What if I have permission to use the content? Contact our support team to provide a justification for its use. Justification may include providing proof that you are authorized to use the content in your app or some other legal justification. If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel this removal may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days. I appreciate your support of Google Play! Best, Yvonne Google Play Review Team

Google Play we detected the following: How can we avoid this problem?

Hello Sir,

It’s copyright issue, You use copyright data in your app that’s why you face this problem. We develop code as per play store policy so play store have no issue with source code. They have problem with your copyright data. We are not responsible for copyright data and we not provide support for that. If issue in our original source code then only we can provide support.


Support close for 4 days Saturday to Tuesday(17th Feb 2018 to 20th Feb 2018)

Im very interested in this. Can there be a way to integrate the user database with a Wordpress site?

No any way but possible with customization. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb Thanks

getting an error after importing source code.

Error:Execution failed for task ’:androidsaripaarmaster:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’. > Cannot find System Java Compiler. Ensure that you have installed a JDK (not just a JRE) and configured your JAVA_HOME system variable to point to the according directory.

Hi, We have to check issue so try to contact on Skype: support.viaviweb