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Hi, I have a problem with your plugin =>

Notice: Undefined index: maxzoom in /var/www/vhosts/.....agile-store-locator/includes/class-agile-store-locator.php on line 288

Notice: Undefined index: minzoom in /var/www/vhosts/..../wp-content/plugins/agile-store-locator/includes/class-agile-store-locator.php on line 293

How can I fix this?


Hi, let me check this thing. please email me at zubair@agilelogix.com, I’ll send fix for it.


I have pre-sale question. Can I create an RSS feed with your plugin? I want to be able to list my stores with your plugin but also create an RSS feed to place into a MailChimp template.

I look forward to your response!

Hi, it can be done as extra customization but RSS is not part of it, email me at zubair@agilelogix.com for more.

Thank you


gcsepy Purchased

Hi guys, Im not able to set Custom Timing on edit store page. When I press “Update store” nothing happens. Please help me with this. Thanks

Hi, please download the latest version and try with it, email me your site URL if that make any problem.

Thank you

can I show different stores on different maps?

I have a store with a lot of products, and each product is sold on different stores, can I achieve this with this plugin?

Hi, you can apply classify your stores with category (a filter which can be used for any property), once you write the shortcode with it, it will list stores of only that type.

Thank you


oterres Purchased

Hi I have a problem customizing the view of the plugin in full width and height in my wordpress page, can you help me please? My page is https://arcsos.com/centros the desired appearance is like that one https://arcsos.com/?s=&keyword=&catid=&country=&city=&pagenum=1&viewtype=grid-2&numberofpages=&setorderby=&setorder=

Hi, the infobox layout seems to appear properly, for the category you have old build please download it again from codecanyon or email me I’ll share the link.

Thank you


oterres Purchased

I download it again form themeforest and indicate the same version 1.0. The infobox that not show is the third from template 0, now category box is working in desktop mode

Infobox 0 is appearing and that’s what selected from backend, please send me your wp details I’ll check your problem.


Thank you


Mepicpro Purchased

On mobile when click list item infocard is off center unless you click zoom here. How can I get it to zoom on click so it is center


Mepicpro Purchased

ok that did fix it thank you but now seems I have another issue since updating show categories shortcode not working

Hi, please email me the screenshot if something is not working.

Thank you


Mepicpro Purchased

Just emailed you


I seek a refund on the grounds of: “Item doesn’t work the way it should”

This will be raised to PayPal as a dispute should we not receive said refund within the period of 24 hours.


Hi, not sure how it suppose to work according to you, demo show how it works if you have seen that, commenting here will not refund you, please create a request for refund in codecanyon.

Thank you


jtoons Purchased

Hello, the plugin doesn’t display the data loaded in Description. How can I do?

Please email me your Site Url at zubair@agilelogix.com.

Thank you

Pre-Sales Question: Can it be customised so that I can create my stores using longitude and latitude since my country does not have correct address information

Google Geocoding service doesn’t recognize this address “127 La Fortune Road, Couva,Trinidad and Tobago”, I’ve tested it, so you know the coordinates you can easily put them in lat/lng fields.


Yes, I’m aware that, which is why I was wondering if your plugin can be customized to use Longitude and Latitude as the search parameters instead of the address and let me set the address afterward? So is this possible?

Yes, our plugin allow users to set their lat/lng by clicking set Coordinates button.

We bought 2 licenses of your plugins and installed then in 2 websites. - http://zaomakeup.es/tiendas-zao/ - http://sobio-etic.es/tiendas/

In the 2nd link it works properly, whereas in the first one it has suddendly stopped working.

May you please help us ?

Thanks. Manel.

Hi, I’m looking into this, please email me at zubair@agilelogix.com so I can send you fix if needed.

Thank you

Hi, I think in your first website, you are using older version please download it again from codecanyon and install it.


Hey there guys,

The plugin is way too slow in my website.

Do you have any idea why? Here it is http://avenefarmacias.byd.pt/

Also, this is my settings: http://prntscr.com/ekr7ql


HI, it doesn’t look slow in video clip, you have enabled load-on-bound feature, that fetch records on every action, try disabling that then loading will not appear.


Thank you


I have installed the plugin at my webbsite, and everything was working just fine until this morning, when I started seing this message above in the backend while there is no loading at all in the front-end:

” DataTables warning: table id={id} – Invalid JSON response. “

My website link: http://youngstyle.com.br/pdv/onde-encontrar/

Hi, download the plugin again from codecanyon and reinstall it.


If the error doesn’t resolve email me at zubair@agilelogix.com.

Thank you

Where do I locate the shortcut for the plugin?

Hi There,

I’m having trouble setting hours for my stores, see attached screenshot, how can I define when stores are CLOSED?



Hi Steve, there is no attached screenshot, please email me your Site details and screenshot at zubair@agilelogix.com

Edit: OK, got your email.

Thank you


mochajen Purchased

Hello. I have tried your import/export, using the data conventions specified in your demo import, 20 times with no success. Any tips, documentation was minimal, on which fields can’t be empty upon import?

Do you have “ZipArchive not found” error message on page? Please email me your excel sheet at zubair@agilelogix.com.

Thank you


kardner Purchased

When I click on the map list on the left the information block loads fine but does not show a map in the background.

Its also possible that your coordinates are missing or wrong, please email me your SITE URL at zubair@agilelogix.com

Thank you


edurj Purchased

Hi! Congratulations on work.

1- Is it possible to increase responsive height?

2- Can I create more than one map?

3 – Possible to insert map in an external site made in PHP?

Thank you

Hi thank you, here are the answers for your questions.

1- Plugin is responsive by width and take height by the amount of content.

2- Yes, you can assign category to each map and then add category=”3” attribute with each short code for multiple maps on different pages.

3- this is WordPress plugin, so only WordPress sites can use it.

Thank you

hi, good days to you, may I know where should I go eidt the width of the template, would like to set in full width as well.


Hi, color and width can be adjusted from css file, this post will guide you which file need to be modified.


Thank you

thanks for replied.

so I set into template 2 (beta), the css file would be “public/css/asl-2.css” correct?

Yes, that’s right

The search functionality on the frontend of the store locator stopped working this morning. The site is

Can you help? Thanks!

Please check your email.