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Hey quick question, i am using template 1 (template-frontend-1.php) and i’m trying to do the 2 following tweaks as listed in your documentation:

1. How can I change Address Search Placeholder? 2. Add a Site Link in Store Locator List

Ive followed both tutorials in your documentation but both “tmpl_list_item” script as well as “auto-complete-search” in template-frontend-1.php are not there..

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as we need to go live with this asap!

Kind regards,

Hey thanks! just figured it out. Last question before we go live; when you type an address, city, or postal/zip code in the search field you have to select the address form a drop down when you type it in. Can we make it so when you type your city, address, postal/zip code you can hit enter to search? similar to google maps you have the option to select from drop down or you can type and hit enter to search for the address. This will really help with user friendliness!

Never mind! i figured this out by looking through your response to this same question here – just add enter_key=”1” to the shortcode


Thank you

just purchased the plugin, API is working, showing data. Map flickers but wont load on page

Hi Nancy, please email me your site URL at


sent to you, thank you

Sent you a reply. Thanks

Can you kindly advise how to edit the formatting – text sizes + line-height of the search results, thanks

Hi RSVGOLD, I’m replying to your email within 30 minutes.

Thank you

Pre Sales Question:

I’m trying to do this:

But it doesn’t work, it shows all the stores and not only those in the selected category.

is this because I’m testing the free demo version? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Hi Gabe, yes Pro version feature.

Let me know if you have any problem.

Thank you

Hi there,

I am having an issue with the plugin:

every time when I the page with the plugin loads the screen goes blue as the page is loading.

also, I have a question; I can’t seem to figure out how to make Mississauga, ON a default location. I tried to insert google maps coordinates of Missauaga into the plugin but it still shows Africa as a default.

site link:

I am willing to give you more info if you could please give me your email.

thank you! Hoping for your help!!!

Hi, yes please email me at

Thank you


Our client has offices all over the country.

My question are: 1. Under Categories, can I have custom categories (different cities) and rename the filter to “Cities”. 2. Can I hide the other filters, since we’re not going to use them ? We just need “Cities”. 3. Can we remove the multiple select for the categories ?

Thank you!

Best Regards, Teodor Ovcharov

Hi, thank you for the inquiry, here are the answer to your questions.

1. Yes, categories can filter as cities and yiu can change title.

2. Yes you can hide them.

3. Yes single selection is allowed from ASL settings.

Thank you


Great. Thanks. What if I have many stores in one city ? Do you offer some kind of marker cluterer or something like that ? The idea is if there are too many of them, to be able to stack them together with a number, like you have 10 offices, it says “10”, you click on the marker that says 10 and then you get all the offices displayed on the map. I hope that make sense.

Thank you!

Yes, you can enable Marker Cluster, it is supported. You can also check that in the demo.

Thank you

Hi, we don’t have ssl so geolocation doesn’t work. But… when we set in admin options to show the nearest points, and user, for example search for his location – everything semms to work ok. But if he search for another location – map show nearest points, but when U zoom out – the pin for the first search is still in place (for first search) – not for the last one. Its a bug or we done sth wrong?

Yes, it can be solved. Please email me at

Thank you

1. The Italian translation was part translated, so I have completed the .po file and I have uploaded the file on my server through FTP, I have changed ‘map language’ field in ‘ASL settings’ inserting IT, but the translation doesn’t work.

2. Using the template0, the header where the ‘Search location fields’ are…it has grey background colour. I would like it in white or transparent colour.

3. I would like to have the world map centred with the Europe at the centre.

How can I change these things?

Hi, please email me your SITE URL at

2- You can email me then I’ll let you know about it, for the complete Store Locator, here is the way to change the color.

3. Provide the coordinates of Europe in the Shortcode. [ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat=”xxxxx” default_lng=”xxxx”]

Where xxxx is the lat and lng of the coordinates.

Thank you