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Hello we get an error activating plugin:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_AgileStoreLocator() (previously declared in /srv/html/veryweb/ in /srv/html/veryweb/ on line 55

Can you help us?

Please delete the free version or you must have installed it twice.

Thank you

I am getting reports that on the Iphone the map is freezing up? Not so for the Android. Any suggestions?

1ec74d74-720d-404d-a772-a82dc4686d3d – 4 Apr 2017

Hi, I’ve checked your URL, there is 1000 plus markers load on the map, mobile memory is low compared to the desktop that may be slowing it down.

Please re-download the latest build of the plugin from codecanyon, that is more improved in term of performance.

Thank you


paulream Purchased

I’ve installed ASL on my site: and everything is working well on desktops and mobiles… unless you turn the WiFi off and try to use cellular data ??? Then the map briefly loads before being replaced by a message saying “Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps”

The console error says the API key may be missing – but it’s not – (we know because it works on WiFi). I’ve looked for more than one goole maps call from Wordpress and deactivated other plugins for conflicts, but can find nothing.

This happens on all the mobiles I can try (iOS and Android) but everything works well if running on WiFi ???

Anyone else managed to solve this? I’m about to give up and ask for money back.

Hi Paul, I’m checking your SITE URL once again, but it has nothing to do with the plugin, the WIFI or mobile data works same once the internet is available. I’ll update you very soon.

Thank you

Hello! We would like to have a second language in the plugin and also to tsanslate the data (i mean the addresses etc.)

How we can do that?

You can put multiple languages by uploading .mo and .po file, but the data entered will be a single language.

Please email me at for customization service.

Thank you

Hello, We have an issue with distance rage slider. We have added it but does not show like demo. it is not showing please see the link. it should show like this link: our website page link where it should show… please help us to fix this issue. thanks

Hi, as mentioned the layout 1 is accordion layout and it doesn’t have advanced filters, please switch it to layout 1, the slider will appear.

Thank you

Hi developer! Nice plugin! I’ve a pre-sale questions. How work the details page? Is possible add gallery in each details page of location? Thank you!

Hi, there is a field for website limk, you can put the URL in that.

Thank you


i have installed qtranslate plugin but when this plugin is active ,the store locator plygin in inactive.can you help me?

should i install another multilanguage plugin?

Hi yes, the qtranslate plugin is malfunctioning with buffering, we are looking into this problem. You can try some other translate plugin if available.

Thank you

can i install and activate the plugin “polylang??

Yes, that should work, email me at if you have any problem.

Thank you


I’m a happy customer ;-) but I have a question. I have added links to each location linking to internal pages inside the site (not external). But the field of the link open a new page everytime I click on it. I need to be opened this links in the same page, not in a new one. I have review the instructions but I cannot find out the code portion I have to insert (besides I’m not a php programmer). Please, can you help me on this? Thanks!

one more question: aparently, the .po and .mo for the local Spanish language is correct. But there are some text chains that are still in English (despite the fact they are correctly translated in Spanish), like Directions, Details, etc… Am I missing something to have them in Spanish? Thanks!

I mean: they are correctly translated in .po and .mo but they are not showing correctly at the front. Thanks

Please email me your .po and .mo files, I’ll check them.

Thank you


nsvteam Purchased

Hi there. I emailed you a few days ago regarding the possibility to open ‘map directions’ on external tab. Can you please kindly look into it? Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes it will be up this week.

Thank you


nsvteam Purchased

Thanks. Really looking forward to it. Awesome support!


nsvteam Purchased

After inputting the address in the search field and press ‘enter’, it doesn’t seem to perform the search. It seems like I have to manually select from the auto complete/suggest dropdown. Is there a way we can avoid this? Thanks.

Right now, you have to select from Autocomplete list (Google Widget), we will try to add another option which will not show the list and will work on enter key very soon.

Thank you


webomg Purchased

Hey is there anyway we can get the non Minified version of the site_script.js.. please..

Hi Webomg, we do provide customization service in the reasonable cost, if you want any changes you can email us at I’m sorry we don’t provide the non-minified version of site_script.js, only this file is minified.

Thank you


Can the pre-existing google map entries be hidden with a skin or other method? So that only my markers are seen on map.

Yes, I think these labels can be hidden as Google Maps provides tiles customization.


babds Purchased

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. This message appears when trying to install your plugin for store locator in wordpress. All files seem to be correct on my end and I have loaded far bigger plugins without issue.

Any ideas?

Please make sure the max upload limit is more than mb, you can also unzip it amd upload it to plugins folder in your wp instance.

Do we have to use latitude and longitude? Is it possible to have it work with just the address?

When you upload excel sheet, the lat/lng are fetched from Google API during import process. You don’t need to enter the coordinates.

Thank you

Sorry another question :)

We are having problems with the map. Specifically the console is throwing an error that says, “Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.”

If we need to renew our support for this issue we totally understand. We were just wondering if you knew a quick fix.

Thanks so much it’s a great plugin ;)

Hi, Please email me your Site Url at

Thank you

Hi, I’m having problems with adding and deleting items. When i delete the default items nothing happens. It’s the same with stores. When i try to edit an exciting category nothing happens. How can we fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Please email me the screenshot of your chrome console (Press F12 to open it) and your Site Url at

Thank you

Hi, I have a site in 3 languages via WPML. Would it be possible to have following scenario?

On page 1, in language 1, a map 1 would appear in language 1 with country 1 store selection.

On page 2, in language 2, a map 2 would appear in language 2 with country 2 store selection.


Or would I have to create WordPress installations just for maps 2 and 3? That would be complicated.

Yes, it is possible, you can assign stores to Category A ( in English), Category B (in French) and Category C (in German). the map will load WPML as it should. I don’t know what you mean by Store Selection, please check our demos.

Using above trick you will lose the category filter as it will be used for languages.

Thank you

Thank you for a very quick reply.

What I meant with Store Selection was that, for example: if page 1, in language 1 is selected, only the stores in country 1 would appear, etc.

Would the labels (Search Location, Category, Status, Number of Shops, etc) change as well to 3 different versions with WPML?

Yes, they will be different. they will change with your WPML. sorry for late reply on it.

Thank you

Hi, does the store locator have the ability to be 100% width (full screen) ?

thanks James

Yes, but your parent container need to be 100% as well.

Thank you

I need help.

This is what is showing on my locator page

I have imported 999 stores, all of them show fine on the back end. I created a new page with shortcode [ASL_STORELOCATOR]

Hi A2Marketing, please email me at, there are some CSS conflicts, I’ll send an update.

Thank you

Hi A2Marketing, just checked your SITE URL once again, it looks like your WP instance is not injecting any JS on Page.