Aero Pro - CSS3 Hover Effects

Aero Pro - CSS3 Hover Effects

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Aero PRO – CSS3 Hover Effects by Gleesik™

It’s features are listed bellow.

  • Full responsive.
  • Easy to use.
  • No Javascript for effects, just parallax on demo page.
  • Compatible with all browsers (incl. MS Edge).
  • Easy change of color.
  • Easy change of font size.
  • Easy change from circle to square.
  • Almost fully CSS customizable.
  • Compatible with SASS (SCSS files).
  • Square Box + Round CSS3 Responsive.
  • 20 Effects + 1 Effect Bonus
  • More effects coming on Aero Pro!
  • Compatible with WordPress!
  • Compatible with a lot of plugins and themes!

File formats

  • CSS files
  • CSS Compressed files
  • SASS files (SCSS)
  • PHP files
  • JS files | Not used for effects just plugin functions


08.10.2017 - v1.3
           - NEW UI
           - NEW Circle Option
           - NEW Image Placeholder
           - NEW Alignaments
           - NEW Image Class
           - FIX WP Shortcode Inject
           - FIX WP Class Conflict
           - FIX Image Align

30.07.2016 - v1.2
           - INCLUDE Aero v1.5 - Hover Effects
           - INCLUDE 5+ New Effects
           - INCLUDE 1+ Bonus New Effect
           - NEW Demo Page
           - IMAGE Preview
           - IMAGE Custom Width
           - TITLE Custom Font Size
           - TITLE Custom Text Color
           - CONTENT Custom Font Size
           - CONTENT Custom Text Color
           - SASS Files Improvement
           - SASS Color Control Variables
           - SASS Animations Control Variables
           - SASS Transitions Control Variables
           - SASS Modularization
           - CODE Cleaning
           - CODE Commenting Improvement
           - FILE Size Reduced from 56kb to 39kb (Injected Aero CSS)
           - FILE SVG Compatibile for .img-box Class Object
           - HTML Structure Improvement
           - HTML/CSS Global Class Added
           - BUGS Some Minor Fixes

21.10.2015 - v1.1
           - Include Aero 1.4 - Hover Effects
           - 16 Hover Effects
           - Consistent Optimization
           - "Make Link" Button added
           - "Open link in new page" Button added
           - "Round Image" Button added
           - Code Cleaning

22.09.2015 - v1.0 initial release
           - CSS3 Hover Effects Pro | 12 Effects
           - Fully Responsive
           - 100% Compatible with WordPress

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