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Is this plugin for Posts only? (Not Layers Pages), nowhere in the Features list does this appear to be specified, and I want to customise my pages. Have I missed something?

Layers has come up with visual box text editor for wordpress so if you use that you can use fully aero effects, but if you need to use in another way probably right now the only solution is to use shortcodes.

No, I’ve just checked, your plugin doesn’t show up on the Layers text editor, I have no idea how to get it to work with layers? :-(

Can you try to use shortcodes?

is this compatible with visual composer?


Aero not support yet Visual Composer by default, but a lot of people use this with shortcode or visual editor and all things works just fine :)

- Daniel

i have just purchesd this plugin and im facing problem with round images:

im using last version of wordpress

If you want to have perfect circle you need to heave images perfect square. Please crop your image to have that correct. :) If the problem persist please send me a message and I try to fix that.

hmm its very difficult to manage, now im facing another problem which i cant see all transitions :(

From this image you have a old version, please upgrade to last version.

Hi, I have an issue where the rollover items generated via shortcode are appearing at the top of the page above all other content. There are also white lines in between some of the items and others are flush.

Can you please take some image prints to see the problem please?

Where should I send?

On my profile page you have an option for sending emails, also you have my email there so you can use that.


Is it possible to have text appear on the image BEFORE hover? We would like to display some header on top of the images before hover and some details when hovered.

By default is not possible, but you can edit the shortcode to make that. I consider this for the next version.

Is possibile to use the Pro version without WordPress (bootstrap website)? Is possibile to have text instead of the image before of the hover? Thanks


Ok, thanks!

Could you show me an example with text that appear instead of the image BEFORE of the hover (front-side)? I’ve tried to remove the image and change it with text but not works (width/height wrong).