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Good luck with sales! Looks great.

Thank You! :)

Live preview doesn’t work anymore. I can help you with the hosting of your live preview if you want.

I see live preview doesn’t work right now, but this is because if server… :( You are from Romania?

How can you help me?

I fixed all problems on my server. Right now the demo page working good.

Cant demo as site is still having issues. We cant buy it if we cant demo it..

Sorry for this inconvenience! My hosting server have this week some problems, but this issues are are fexed soon, I hope. Right now demo page work correctly.

Thank You for this information!


Great job 5 stars added :)

Thank You! :)

This item is very cool! I like more to make another pack like this!

Thank You! :)

Do you use JavaScript or it’s pure CSS3?

Nop..just pure css3. I use js for parallax header not for effects. :)

Can wee see an example of the html code?

<!-- CSS3 Hover Effect -->
<div class=" <effect-class> <effect-direction> ">
    <div class="img-box">
        <img src="<image link>" alt="image alt" />
    <div class="info-box">
        <div class="info-content">
            <!-- Your code here! -->

<effect-class> -> Class of effect*
<effect-direction> -> Direction/Axis of effect*

*You can find this in documentation if buy the item :)

Hi, I see there are social icons. Can you also link to an external page?

The content from effects are super customizable. You can use plain text or HTML to make your content. The title is automaticaly created but content not. So the social links need to be created manualy on your content field.

If is important I can make soon an update to add the social media. ;)

- Daniel

Sorry i have responded from phone and I dont see this is the standard version not pro for wordpress ;)

In this case you can do that definetly in html with anchor tag atribute. target=”_blank”

good work brother


Hi, the effect flip-back is not in the css

All effects are 100% on css file. Are you sure you have been added direction or axis tag? That tag is very important! :)

Sry I use CSS3 Hover Effects Pro for WP and cant find the effect

The current version of Css3 hover effects don’t include the last effects from aero. On next update all effect will be present on pro version ;)

Hello, I am happy with my purchase but I would like to know if there is a way to toggle the effect on the mobiles. On the cell phone when you execute the flip, the item stays flipped until you tap another of the items. If you tap it nothing happens. Nothing happens until you tap another item and then the first one goes back to its original form. Is there a way to return it to its original position with a second tap? Thank you. (Sorry to post this on the comments rather than in the support section. I have four months of support left but I did not know how to use the support site. Best regards

Hi when I develop this effects I have the same question like you. After many research I got an answer but is not very cool for me. We can not make that without js because in current standard browsers from mobile this things (hover states) didn’t work very good. I read about this and I think in the future browsers will be more flexible with hover states.

- Daniel

Hi! I was hoping you could do it because it looks so nice on the cell phone. But it’s okay. It’s not a big issue. Thank you for your prompt reply. Best regards.

Nice script. But I saw that is not working with images with transparent background..

Is there a way to use this with a text instead of image?

I think you can do that with code by change color of bg and replacing image with text


Aero v1.5 is available now!

Hi, I’ve gone and bought the wrong file – I needed the wp one! Before I go and ask Envato for a refund is there anyway someone with no programming skill (me) can integrate your css into a page builder that allows me to apply classes to images with links? If I use your classes will I get the effects to work?

Hi, I am sorry for your mistake…

However I work right now at new version of aero/aero PRO, respectively version 1.5.0. The good news are … on new versions I made a complete new API for effects to make this more efficiently & performant, but also I add a few new effects.

Aero PRO 1.5 is a very big update witch I launch as soon as possible and comes with a lot of new options, so I can add this options mentioned by you here in current update. :)

If you have any suggestion for new version I like to know!

- Daniel ;)

That sounds great Daniel, I would really appreciate it and look forward to v 1.5. thanks


Aero 1.5 is now available on codecanyon :)


Mick_ Purchased


1.5 will be soon available? Thanks!


Aero v1.5 is almost finished (cca. 98%) and will be soon available :)

Right now I work on a documentation template wich will be soon available on themeforest. The new version of aero comes with new modern dumentation based on that template.

- Daniel


The new version of Aero – CSS Effects (v1.5) is now available on codecanyon.

- Daniel


Mick_ Purchased

Thanks ! Goog job ! :)

Dear author, the style.css mess with my other webpages styles… Is there a way to isolate that particular css for only the divs containing the animation.. Regards.

PS: If your code continue with the same problems than you can send on my email a print with visual problems and code if you want. And I consider this to fix in next update if is a bug. But I hope not to be a bug! :)

Thanks a lot for you quick reply… just send you an email.. Please let me know if there is any way to solve this, otherwise I wont be able to use the script without affecting the entire webpage styles…

I send to you an email :)

Just bought this. Nice effects but not nicely done! The implementation hasn’t been thought out particularly well. Instead of being powered from a single “Aero” CSS file you also need to use elements of the base CSS as well – otherwise nothing looks like it should. In other words, you can’t just link up the effects and go.


Hmm, I can make 2 versions of Aero one lite and one with all the styles like in the demo. In next versions I try to do this. :)

What do you think about this?

Perfect. The only thing I would say is not “Lite”. It needs to be “Vanilla”! You link one CSS to a page and it WORKS.

Ok I try to make something like that as fast as possible :)

I will take what I downloaded the zip file from the FTP file ?

I think yes, you have a zip file with all scripts and a demo + documentation :)

I have a page working where I’m only using the flip-effect version on a page. I’m trying to minimize the code, especially javascript and jquery because I often have a lot of issues with jquery conflicts. I tripped out the following lines from the script importing section:

<script src=”js/jquery.min.js”></script> <script src=”js/prism.js”></script>

The flip animation is working locally with lines stripped out. Are there any drawbacks to not importing these scripts? Thanks!

Hi, I have good news! :)

Aero is 100% css so you don’t need to use any js scrips at all, just the css file in your page. Also you can minify de css file by compiling the sass files importing just wanted effects.


Where in the css can I set padding between items to 0? Please see screenshot:

By default Aero doesn’t have padding or margins. So probably on your page the problem might be caused by something else. But to be sure can you please give me a link to your project? :)

Here is my test code:

Also, I noticed the the hover effect doesn’t work in IE 11. On my test linked above and your preview page the hover show the image rather than the hover content.

Hi I understood the problem, and is because of inline-block property from .effect class. But you can fix this with one of this techniqueȘ

Also another fix is to change the property inline-block from .effect with block, but is very possible to have some problems if you do this is that way.

I hope this help you!