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Hello – I was charged twice, since the plugin wouldn’t activate – so now I have 2 licenses and I still can’t activate the plugin. So I need to activate it – I’m getting the error “Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to activate your license of Advanced Floating Content, Please contact support or try again” and I’ve checked case-sensitivity of my username, etc and still no go

I can’t access ticket ID -3381 on the codetides site. the only ticket I have submitted is 3349. can you resend the files on that ticket, please?

whats happeing, i sent updates on ticket id 3381 then again on ticket id 3349 now third ticket is created with ticket id 3423 with same name michaelhiga

confirm your issue has been fixed so i can close your ticket.

Do you plan to add a blocking option to certain countries?

I have noted this feature and will add in next update.thx

Don’t working Yes Display on Certain Height and mobile device, since last update hours ago

I reupload version of back up

Sometimes no show on mobile device in my case, If you continue to do so in the following upgrades I will open a support ticket, thanks

Fantastic update, works fine, really well. Thanks


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Hi, I’m trying to activate my license but it’s not going through :( I don’t have this plugin installed on other sites. How can I resolve this?

Are you using it on ip based domain?

Please create a support ticket at for details.

Just checking, is this with a valid license key auto updating or does this plugin need to be manually updated, no issue either way. Great plugin :)

Right now Manually Update but i will make it auto update in future, Please give this 5 star positive rating if you really like this.thx

Hello Code Tides, I searched your comments. You habe mentioned 3 years ago that you will implement the capability to push down a page to show its current navigation. Has this been implemented yet or no? Thanks!

to be precise… we need the capability to insert a horizontal Slider (via Shortcode from “The Grid” Slider) above the navigation on certain pages. So there is the need to push the whole page-content, when this above-navigation-slider is displayed. Could that be done with your plugin?? Cheers, Daniel

right now push down content is not added. but thanks for reminding i have noted now and will update in future release. thx

Have you been able to improve a blocking plugin for certain countries?

This feature has been noted and you can expect at the end of this month or start of next month. thanks


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I’m having issues with the content I’ve created displaying on my home page, even though I have selected for it to not be shown on the home page. Are you able to provide advice as to why this is not working or if it is a bug?



have you create a support ticket for this issue? if not then please create a support ticket with wp-admin details at so i can check its bug or something else and if its an bug then i will update my plugin in next update.thx

Hi. Awesome plugin. Does it work with Ajax shortcodes, e.g. Ajax add to cart button?

Hi, yes it works with Ajax shortcodes.

Is it possible to have 2 or more floating contents on one page? I’ve tried it, but only second one shows…

Hi, Yes its possible you can create or show unlimited floating content on one page, recently fix this bug, have you updated your plugin with latest version available on codecanyon?

I already had latest version, but had to uninstall it and install again – now it works! :)

Glad to know issue had been resolved.

Hey dude,

I can’t get the “can you leave a review” bubble to go away. Can you help? I’ve clicked “Left a review” and “Remind me later” about 650 times with no joy.


for more please create a support ticket at so i can fix your issue asap.thanks

Fixed quickly, thanks!

Actually there was no issue, i just logged in and click i already did button and its hide,Everything was working perfectly.

Hi! – For the footer – does that stick to the bottom? Am I able to add a graphic and a timer and text on it? – Would I have to get that custom coded?

Already replied.thx

Hi! – For the footer – does that stick to the bottom? Am I able to add a graphic and a timer and text on it? – Would I have to get that custom coded?

Hi, you just need to set position bottom that’s custom code required.thx

Works with amp?? thanks

I will add close button customization in next update.thx

Thanks Code Tides, now extended my support for help to mantain this fantastic plugin.

Thanks to you very much

Thank you for liking advanced floating content.

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello, if I paid for a regular license, how many domains can I put the plugin? Is the regular license can open all features? I’m very interested in the impression limit feature. Thank you

Hello, Thanks for interest. one regular license is for one domain. for 2nd domain buy another license.thx

Is it compatible with WPML? and, is it possible to insert forms with iframe or embed, by example from SharpSpring or another similar?

Yes its compatible and can insert forms through iframe or embed or shortcodes.thx

Bought the plugin. Doesn’t seems to be working with WPML ? Same message on both language! What did we missed?

Pleased create a support ticket at so your issue can be check and solved.thx

Hi, is it possible to add image and with transparent background so only the image itself is visible and not a square white background?

Yes you can buy pro version and get other features included.thx

Yes..but how do you add image and get transparent background using your plugin? It is not possible as a easy choice from the free version…how is it done using your plugin?

Please create a support ticket at so I can guide you.thx