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I got custom post type called Directory. I want to use your plugin to show different floating content for each different Custom Post Type inside Directory. Is this possible?

No replies!! More than 1 week! You said you’ll make it support Custom Post Types but you did not update

Custom Post type Already supported, you asked for support of different pages of custom post type which is under development, due to weather changed, i am little sick so i will release update soon. you always have support system you can message there anytime.

Hi designlab9898, Your ticket had been updated, please check and reply.thx

Hello, I bought this plugin and installed it on I put a sticky footer for all ipad and mobile size screen pages. It works on all broswers however, when I put the same web app (same source code, actually it is just a website) into apple store and google play(you can try to download “转一转” at apple store), the sticky footer menu disppears in mobile app. I am not sure why it doesnt show in mobile browsers. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

Hi, Please create a support ticket at and one of our team member will communicate with you to fix your issue.thx

Hi, recently updated and am having issues controlling ‘impressions’, used to be able to delete them in phpMyAdmin. Now it seems IPs are no longer stored or have moved. Where can i find them please? This is essential element to control in the dev process. I’m being forced to use proxy to see edits to content…. please help, thanks

Hi Watoh, thanks for buying the plugin. IPs are stored in the database, if you have deleted them via phpmyadmin then you are no longer to see that. All IPs were deleted by you.further more questions please use our support system. thx

Hi Dear Support, I just purchased your plugin and it looks nice, but one thing is, i would like to add the anchor link into the each button, but how to make it smooth scroll when scroll down? Thanks

Hi kally,

thanks for buying our plugin, in plugin already a smoth scroll built in feature that you can scroll your content up and down with page scroll by selecting option scroll in settings. hope it will will you to creating floating content with smooth scroll. further more please use our support system for any support you need. thx

Is it possible for once a surfer closes the content that then when the surfer goes to another page on the website the content does not reappear?

Hi sandstar555, Does not show again feature used computer IP address, so once it on and closed then it will never again show on that computer unless you changed the computer or IP address.

hi, do you have a demo of floating anchor one page menu

here is the demo page will remove after you buy the plugin for smoth scroll you can add smoth scorll jquery library.

not the social links…................ the anchor navigation

Please use for other conversation.thx

This is a PreSale Question. Is the premium version required for the Shortcode to work? I have installed the free version to test with my form shortcode (Formcraft). But it isn’t working. See at Is that just because it is not the premium version?

Hi artifexstudio, yes premium version will work with all type of shortocdes.thx

Hi, When I click the closs button on the widget a small window pops up and says “The Server Responded:” that’s it. No other message. Is this a bug?

HI ichomusic, without checking your website it cannot be say a bug. Please use and create a support ticket with your website url to be check the issue. thx

Hi, I re-installed the plugin just in case … and all seems to be working ok now.

THanks for your quick reply

You are welcome

I need to be able to insert a floating section to only selected posts within a custom post type, how do i do this?

Selected posts in custom posts type feature is not in current version, you can create a support ticket at and send purchase code to verify purchase then we will send you development version to test this feature.

OK thanks I’ve now done this!

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