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presales question – I need to show different kind of contents with different settings for each of my WP categories. Is that possible ?

Hi frespogi, Yes its possible using advanced floating content plugin.thx :)

it appears the free version of your plugin is blocking (is_user_logged_in()) php commands on my site

lite version is limited features.

i don’t understand your comment. i’m not asking for a feature, i’m asking you not to block one of the standard features of wordpress.

a plugin should add functionality, not block core functionality

i dont understand untill i see the website. if you want to get support then create a support ticket @ with your website and issue. if there is support needed then i will provide.

Hi, i’ve tried your free plugin version, but apparently does not support WPML shortcode.

Thre’s this difference between free and premium versione? This premium version support shortcode inside content?

ok, i seen in comments, bought it and shortcodes works like a charm :)

Hi, thanks for buying please review this plugin if you like it. thanks

Hi there, when we “add new” it takes us to a “unable to handle request” blank page “http error 500”. Possible SSL issue? Thanks!

HI, thanks for buying, plz create a support ticket at with your website url.thx

Hi, can the widget scroll down with the page content but not be fixed?

Hi, Yes widget can be scroll down with the page using this plugin.

Ok many thanks. Just one more question. would it be possible to make it float from a specific position of the page rather than from the top? Or have you got shortcode for each content so I can add to the php. thanks

Hi, Yes you can scroll it from certain postion instead of top, used the display at certain height feature.for more please check online documentation.

Can the plugin be installed on both my local test server and my deployment server? Someone mentioned a key..

Yes you can install it on local system and then live server.

Hi, presales question – is it possible to have a floating small icon that open on click to the shortcode sidebar ?? If yes is there any demo for it ? Thank you

I am not clear with your question, you mean floating small icon like contact button and on click open the form? something like this…. it can be achieved using custom code as there is an WordPress editor you can do all code you want.thx

Hello Code Tides, when choose in options ” never show again” the banner don,t show again when user click on it inclusive when clear cookies. Its, posible in future updates ad control of cookies expiration time? Thanks

Hello, Ok i will add this feature to next update.

Thanks you, very much. Great

I´m asked to activate my copy – how to?

please create a support ticket at with the website you are using so we can do this for you. thx

No, no – it’s done already – saw the tab today – maybe my eyes are better today :-)

thats great, you find it.Please make review for this plugin if you like it.thankx

Before this plugin my CTR was 0,029% now after install this plugin my CTR is 1.5%.

Thanks to you very much Code Tides, you have a friend in Spain my country.

Long life for this nice plugin

Thank you so much for liking. Please spread a word as review if you already not given.


ewarda Purchased

Hello… can’t figure out how to delay the popup. Thanks..

delay means? please explain.

Hi there. Have you implemented the ability to control the visibility of the floating content based on whether a user is logged in or logged out?

Plz let me know your requirements, i will do it for you. or you can buy it now and i will do it for you.thx

Curious if you have tested the plugin on multisite yet? If yes, can the plugin content be duplicated to new sub-sites upon creation?

still not tested with multisite

Presales question – I would like to have 2 buttons floating at the bottom of WordPress posts. I would like to be able to control the URLs where those buttons are linked to at a page level. Can your plugin do this?

Yes this plugin can do.

Do you have a demo of this, so I can see it working?