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Pre-sales question. I would like to use your plugin to create a footer that appears once you scroll below the fold, but then disappears once you reach the end of the page, to be replaced by the regular footer. Is this possible?

Hi awaycott, Yes this would be possible with this plugin. thx :)

Could you be more specific please? I see how I can set it to appear at a certain height, but I don’t see an option where I could hide it before the bottom.

It has both options, show on certain height and hide on certain height. Here is the options thx

Hi, in the settings for the plugin, in “Show on selected Pages”, the plugin will only allow me to select 1 page. How can I select multiple pages? I tried using the “shift” key to select 2 pages, but doing this also selects all the pages that are in between the 2 pages I selected, in the list.

Hi I just bought this plugin. I enter the license code, but it can’t work. It might be my webhoster block some domains that cause me can’t activate this plugin. Can you provide me the web address that I can ask the hoster to put it in to whitelist.

Hi nfans0110, thanks for buying plugin, Please create a support ticket at so your issue can be resolved asap.thx

I just realized the floating content is blocking some of the website footer when I scroll to the bottom of any page. how can this be fixed? right now it is blocking the links for my privacy policy and terms of service

please create a support ticket at so your issue can be resolved asap.thx

Hi is there a way that I can show the floating content only when user scrolls up?

Hi petertall, You can do this by using Show on certain Height feature and defined the height when someone scrolls the page and reached to that height then floating content will be displayed.thx


trbrack Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Can i use this plugin to serve Google adsense adverts for the Bottom floating

Yes you can use this plugin to display google adsense adverts.


debus Purchased

Just a technical question. Is it possible to show floating content when user scrolls and reaches #comments section? I know this feature is not available now, but maybe in the future?


codestrive Author Team

Hi Debus, Yes this feature is already integrated, you can use show on certain height and add the height of the page where you want to show this then it would show when user scrolls the page and reaches to that height.thx


gsm13 Purchased

Quick question: When having a floating button, how to hide button after clicking ?

hi gsm13, use the feature do not display will solve your issue.thx

Hello there,

I would like to know if your Advanced Floating Content plugin will let me do one simple thing… Or, at least I think it is simple… I want a plugin that will let me add a layer that I can position relatively with media queries in the header or footer to float right. I have a couple of websites that I want to do this with. Please see the links below.

With this one I just want to add a layer with text that will float right in the header with a transparent background on top of the background graphic.

With this site, I would like to add an image that will float right in the header also. The theme will not allow me to have an image to the right of the header and a slider as well. It is one or the other and I want BOTH please!

Yes its tested.also you always have a support forum with 90% quick response if there is any issue with the plugin.thx

Okay… Thanks. Let me try the free version first too see how well it works because everything that I am seeing says that it is untested with WordPress 4.7.4. If it works well I will buy the extended license.

sure thanks :)