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Can I ask please does this plugin support short codes please I have downloaded the free version and that doesn’t seem too.?

Hi, yes this plugin supports shortcodes.thx

Hi, I just bought the plugin and would like to know if it will work for a multisite that I’m developing. There would be 8 to 10 sites in this multisite.

still not cheked for multi site, but it will work for multisite.tx

only i can see these two options “Position Your Floating Content. & ” Build your Theme for” where is “Floating Content Controlling Options” ?

Please activate license key to use all features.thx

Pre-Sales: Hi, I need to position the content relatively related to the screen size so it wont float over the content. I think light does only allow px measures. Is this possible?

In pro version also allow pixel measures but there is also custom css option where you can add custom css for each floating can also contact support for any issue you face.

Thanks for the super fast reply. Did you mean “in Pro also allow percentage measures”?

Yes.width is in pcs and % measures

Hello, i have a problem with jquery. On my page jquery is loading twice. I have a error: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.cookie is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):816) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js:2) How can i fix this?

Hi, Sorry for the late plugin does not loading any jquery because its default loading in wordpress. also there is not much use of jquery cookies which will be removed in next update. right now please contact at so i can remove this jquery cookies for you.thx

I bought this plugin today and it really is just a waste of money. Doesn’t work. Most of the admin settings don’t do anything. Huge waste of time and money. Don’t buy it!!

this is not the way for refund without any issues. May be you changed your mind or there is no more use of plugin for you. i am again asking please provide wp-admin panel so i can check issues what you are facing.thx

There is no way i am letting you log into my site. The plug does not work.

example 1: I change the font color setting in your admin panel and it does not change the font color of the text in the content box on the site. It just adds an outline to the top of the content box.

example 2: Sure there are settings to add margins to the content box for positioning purposes but it will only respond to 3 out of the 4 that are entered.

your ticket has been replied.thx

Where are the IPs stored in the database?

in post meta table,thx

Do you have the exact name for me? Thanks for the help!

Please email to so i can tell in private message.thx

Any planned update for 2018? Maybe with Woocommerce Categories selection?

Hi, thanks for suggesting feature to add in the plugin. i will add this in next update hopefully. if you like the plugin then please give this plugin positive rating to support.thx

[post deleted] Fixed my problem!

What was your issue?

please contact at with your issue so it can be resolved asap.thx

I put in the ‘Purchase Code’ into the ‘Licence Key’ section and I get the message “Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to activate your license of Advanced Floating Content, Please try again.”

Not sure what’s going on, could you please check the code/key on the regular licence.

Username is also case sensitive.can you try again


R0yalT Purchased

Thank you for the advice. It works perfectly now.

you are welcome :)


netclick Purchased

404 error page for the documentation.

Fixed the documentation 404 error page. please check it now.thx


netclick Purchased

Just purchased. Tried adding the license code (as I have easily done with other products over the last 5 years) and I get this message “Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to activate your license of Advanced Floating Content, Please try again.”

please try again as username is also case sensitive. it will fix the issue if you still face an issue please contact at so i can see the issue. thanks


i have a website in multiple languages. is it possible, with this plugin, to put a floating content only on one of the homepages? or maybe only on one specific page?

Hi, Yes its possible with advanced floating content.thx

Love the plugin, one small bug, the close button image does not have an alt tag, small thing :) But would be great to see fixed in a later version.

thanks for liking, surly i will fix these in next update.thx

Damn your quick! Yeah to all looking to purchase, this plugin rocks can be re-purposed to pretty much anything you need :)

thx for your positive rating. :)


Fridza Purchased

Why I redirected to codecanyon checkout page when try to activate plugin?

If you click to get anothet license then it will redirect to checkout page for buy another license otherwise it will work fine.please let me know if you still not able to activate plugin.thx

Do the plugin support PolyLang?

Great – I have installed the free version to test and added the sticky bar in the bottom – but I don’t stays in the bottom.. is that because it’s the free version..?

There may be an issue, Free version also allows to display sticky bar in bottom. For me please provide website url so i can see the issue. thx

I have just send link to our test site using your support contact form.

I would like to have 2 buttons (side by side horizontally with a little spacing between them) always floating at the bottom of the screen (Mobil device only) Each button will link to a different URL, and all button URLs should be controlled on product level because, for every product, the URL for the buttons will be different.

For the moment I have installed the Free version, and I am trying to add this button that contains script, and is NOT WORKING:

<button class="wtrvl-checkout_button" href=""> Buy Now </button>    
            <script src=""></script>

I am also trying to Use the Plugin “MaxButtons”...but it does NOT support the Buttons created by this plugin, and it simply appear as plain text.

My reason to buy the plugin is to get an effect as it is shown in this website…

(check on mobile device as well…Can your plugin creait the FIXED ELEMENT shown on the Botton(mobil device), and on the Sidebar(computer)??

Thank you for your help

It will work surly and if not work then I will fix what ever issue with plugin.thx

Can we include a booking form n the plugin space?. And control it at product level

if your booking form is coming through another plugin with shortcode then Yes.

So basicly WR can only add shortcodes in the floating space right?

Please use email with all pre questions. Yes this plugin also supports shortcodes so you can display anything from shortcodes to floating space.thx

Does the pro version include: - preview option(see the result before public) - start as absolute and become fix or floating after scroll

What I want is that the floating element only appears after passing certain limit on the scroll down of the page, so until the user does not arrive to that point there will be no floating element…only after the user pass the limit or objet the floating elembt will appear. Is it possible?

Excellent, thanks a lot

Hi! I see align left /right, but i need alighn on center. It’s possible? Thank you for help! Nick

Hi align center will be possible through custom code.plz email at Thanks

Ok, thanks! I send you email.

Ok thanks I will help you on this.