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Hi, is it possible to do where these guys have done with fixing their Check Availability widget into the header as you scroll past it:

You mean middle content convert to sticky header on scroll. No its not have to try some different ways

ok thanks

my pleasure :)

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This is a Pre-Sale Question. Like your WP-Plugin and want to make sure it is compatible with WP Theme?

I’am currently using: the Story WP Theme by Pexeto (

Thanks for your help,

Hi KashmoRules, thanks for taking interest in plugin. Yes it is compatible with wp theme.

Hi, i’ve got a couple of questions. Is possible to place the bar in the bottom? How many colummns I can edit in each notification bar? I mean, I’would like to add 2 telephones plus one email contact and another newsletter. How flexible it is?

Hi, Its up to you, There is a editor area for description, you can do whatever you like. every thing is possible with this plugin. thanks


DQ87 Purchased

Hello there! Any chance for a future “referrer” integration? like you can specify, if a person comes from a certain URL – display that bar….

Hi, Its a nice suggestion, may be i will add this in near future.thanks for taking interest in Advanced Floating Content

i am missing the bottom section that allows you to control what page it is on. I had the section with the lite version? maybe a cache issue? also how can i set it to show only on a single page?

i got this working once i added my license

Glad to know its work for you.

how can i make the container smaller on mobile? the width is adjustable but i want to adjust the height of the button?

There is a custom css for mobile option, add your css for mobile version and it will reduced height or width according to your requirement,

Hey just an FYI to all you developers out there:

If you migrate your site to a new domain, and then visit the plugin settings page for AFC, it will call home and break your site until the old site is deactivated.

We removed an old dev site when we migrated to a new one, and the plugin still worked. Went to the settings page to review options, and BOOM every floating item from all over the site was on the home page.

We did not have access to the old site, so it was either A.) Install WordPress on the original domain, and set up and register this plugin (and hope registration isn’t buggy) or B.) Buy a new license.

For the sake of time, we bought a new license. Ugh.

This is an extremely volatile form of license enforcement. I mean, we get it – but seriously this happened in the middle of a client review and made our product look shoddy and easily broken.

ANOTHER NOTE: By default the plugin wants to have every floating item to have a white background…it sets this unless you explicitly set the background to none before EVERY update/save. Also Ugh. Every one of these quirks is another bit of training we have to do for our staff.

Regards, and good luck with this one.

Jesse AppX

Hey applicationx, Sorry for facing issue but this plugins works with one website, one website one license. 2nd website then 2nd license.You guys can confirm with support for using one license in one website.

if you have any issue then please let me know so i will fix those.

thank you


izzy1998 Purchased

Awesome Plugin and the best support I Have Received In A Long Time. Super Fast & Professional!

thank you so much for liking the plugin.

Does this plugin work on Wordpress 4.9? and is there an option to show only on mobiles? many thanks

Yes this plugin will work on wp4.9 for show on mobile only you can do by custom css

Hi! I’m interesting in this plugin but I have a question. It’s possible to create a floating icon thats resize with the content (e.g. a contact form) when you click on it? Thx!

Hi, There is an built in editor with custom css and custom mobile css to style or anything you like. for more please refer to this video thanks

I decided to order…. How about add One more option about “Control Other Devices” 1.Responsive 2. Hide On other Devices and..3.Only on other Devices This will be perfect…..

Hi, i cannot see you follow me on codecanyon :), i will provide you updated plugin via email, please email me at thanks

COOL! Already Follow and EMAIL…. I have never seen such a good service like you in Envato-Market….5 stars!

Thank you, will appreciate if you leave a 5 star rating as well :)

You have an option to show only on Selected Woocommerce Products but NOT on selected woocommerce categories. Makes no sense

Hi, will add this option.thx


Watoh Purchased

How do i find my purchase key? I purchased this a couple of years ago, but now cant use it. I only use it on one domain. When i click get key it asks me to buy again? Please help thanks.


Watoh Purchased

Thanks… i was being dumb & stressed!

thx :)


Avalo Purchased

I’m using the Salient Wordpress theme and Pro version of Advanced Floating Content. When I click on the close button, the entire web page turns white? I do not see any errors in console.

I think there may be a conflict with the div id: #ajax-loading-screen because it has an opacity of 1 and background color of 1 after clicking on the close button.

If I use the inspector to set the opacity to 0, I can see the page again. It’s like clicking the close button puts a huge white div up in Salient. Any thoughts?

Hi Avalo, without checking myself its difficult for me to tell anything. closing button does not call any css like opacity, only using java script to closing popup. please provide website url to test it.thx


entprima Purchased

I feel somehow ashamed – but how to update, because an update option is not shown in backend with your plugin. My actual version is 3.3.0

Hi, i am working on this feature. you will get update option in your plugin admin area soon.thx


neodan Purchased

How can I get this the button to float on the RIGHT side on mobile? It is on the right side on desktop, but on mobile it is on the left. Any idea?

Hi please use custom css for mobile feature.thx


neodan Purchased

I tried but no luck. Do you know what CSS I can move to right?

Please contact me with website url so I can guide you at Thx


neodan Purchased

How do you handle multiple buttons so they can stack on each other and come after each other?

Hi you can use some kind of jQuery script to achieve customized task.


neodan Purchased

ok thanks


adw259 Purchased

Why on earth are the color selection boxes not showing?

Yes, i am working on it.Some peoples claim color selection issue with 4.9 but i have wp 4.9.1 and i dont have any issue with color selection box. i am working on your issue and will be wright back soon.thx

Here is the url where peoples claim about color box not my plugin users.


Color box issue is with WP Visual Text Widget plugin. not with advanced floating content.Please update your WP Visual Text Widget plugin to fix this issue. thanks


adw259 Purchased

See screenshot…