Discussion on Advanced Floating Content

Discussion on Advanced Floating Content

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Hi there!

I have your free plugin on your website but when I click the close button and go onto another webpage on my site – the floating content appears again. Does Pro version have the ability to make it persistently close across the website please?

Yes pro version have ability to display again or close permanently.

I bought Pro. After clicking the additional pro settings – it doesn’t work so I’ve submitted a support ticket :(

Thanks, Your ticket has been replied.

I have the free version of your plugin but it just stopped working. Looks like it doesn’t like the script code I have in there. If I purchase the paid version will this correct the issue? Thanks.

Yes due to xss vulnerability scripting is blocked by coding in lite version, paid version is allowed for now but not sure when paid version will also block these scripting

Hello, it’s possible to show only for loggout user? another point… i can use elementor do create the styles?

There is custom css box area where you can add custom css. For only logout users you can buy it then i will do it for you.thx

If i get the plugin you do this rules for me, right? OK, will contact my customer about it.



rejmark Purchased

Something very serious and wrong with this plugin. There are errors on the back end: GET ?item_id=9945856 &item_key=ct4afc-89bvd-emgf5-mdcd7 &item_version=3.7.5 cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: Advanced_Floating_Content_Admin->advanced_floating_content_update_notices() wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content/admin/class-advanced-floating-content-admin.php:1566 do_action(‘admin_notices’) wp-includes/plugin.php:476 Plugin: advanced-floating-content

The plugin site and support page are not secure. Plugin support page is not available AND there is a cross scripting vulnerability. Please either fix this or refund the money. This plugin as of now is not useable.

I just noted this issue and started working on it, i will update plugin asap. Although my support system is working please try and let me know. thx


rejmark Purchased

Thank you so much for the speedy reply. And yes the support system is working now, you for sure need to make your site secure, most hosting companies offer a SSL for free.

Yes thank you, did you check your issue is also fixed in the latest version?


Can you please remove this HUGE SPAM banner for buying PRO version from our WP Dashboard ??

No matter how many times you click (X) it’s still there spamming our backend and clients.

Is it in free version?


Can you create a support ticket at i want to ask few questions regarding this.

Hi, thanks for letting me know, i have to check this in details and will update after testing soon.thx

Hi, This bug has been fixed, please update plugin to 3.7.6 version. thx

Hi, would you have an possibility to make announcement bar not overlapping the site content, so that it appears on top of the header for example? Or can I set an “offset” in pixels?

(I guess that makes it not floating though, but still asking. :D)

Yes, sticky header or footer. Thx


rejmark Purchased

There is an unexpected error when the plugin is active. Your site is down. How do we get support?

Please create a support ticket at while i am checking my website for down issue. Thx


rejmark Purchased

The support site is down so I cannot create a ticket.

Support site is working, i dont know why its not working at your side i will check this also.

I already bought the plugins, but I couldn’t find the activation key. Where can I find them in the zip that I downloaded

Hi there,

a prepurchase question:

I’m using your free version, but now my customer ask if is there a way to minimize the div a reopen with a button if an user click on it.

Many thanks.

Hi Thank you for notifying us, could you please check it again and let me know if this works now. Thanks

Ok, I’ve seen now! Thank’s! I’ll inform my customer about this and if in case I’ll buy your paid version!

Many thank’s ;)


This this error after I have installed the Advanced Floating Content Plugin.

Please advise if I get the premium, will I still have this issue?

Thanks, Tim

Notice: Undefined variable: responsive_view_320 in /home/imtimyu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content-lite/public/class-advanced-floating-content-public.php on line 205

Notice: Undefined variable: responsive_view_480 in /home/imtimyu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content-lite/public/class-advanced-floating-content-public.php on line 209

Notice: Undefined variable: content in /home/imtimyu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content-lite/public/class-advanced-floating-content-public.php on line 121

Notice: Undefined variable: responsive_view_480 in /home/imtimyu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content-lite/public/class-advanced-floating-content-public.php on line 136

Notice: Undefined variable: responsive_view_320 in /home/imtimyu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-floating-content-lite/public/class-advanced-floating-content-public.php on line 136

Hi there will not be any issue with the premium version although i will check and fix the lite version also. Thanks

1Wolf1 Purchased

Hi, What version number is the latest? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere (can’t find a changelog) and I have the feeling I’m running an older version.

I think 3.7.4

Hello. Can I create a lateral floating content like “Boletines Cámara” of this website: Thanks.

OK!, thanks a lot!. I’ll buy it tomorrow.



Plugin have 2 settings who make same thing: show on categories and hide on categories. What you select, content will be show all categories. Is very stupid this thing. In plugin documentations say about only show on categories.


Plugins may contain some error in functionality which can be fixed by our self or notified by customer. So if you buy the plugin and fave any issue in using then contact with support to resolve your issue. This is not good way to talk like this here, for you i came at 1 AM in our time to just reply your ticket and resolve the issue you were facing, instead of appreciating me to provide support beyond support timing you are saying stupid to my plugin.

Please describe all your issues in support request to check and resolve the problems asap.


is the shortcode feature not available in the free version? we are trying to add a popup contact form shortcode to the text and it is shown as code and not as a form

Shortcode is not working on a free version.

can you confirm that the shortcode will work on paid version?

Yes it is.

Hi..This plugin is conflicting with Cookiebot | GDPR/CCPA Compliant Cookie Consent and Control. I am trying to embed youtube video and it not showing..Please help

Please create a support request at to fix your issue. thanks

Refund please

This is not acceptable, you are posting names here, and next you will will post wp-admin details?? is this your way to collect data in your support tickets and share it here? Now I am asking to refund and to stop all your business in Envato market by law.

Hey hey cool down i was just asking you is this you are not to reply in your ticket., i always use protected way to share wp details so no one can see it just the developer only.

Lets talk via support ticket you created. So everything will be keep safe. Thanks

Hello. I am using locotransate and I am trying to show a different banner in two languages. In free edition I cannot translate it. If I buy the pro is there an option?

ok I will buy it . Thanks.

Hey, is it possible to create a wpbakery HTML block and add that to the floating widget? Then we just update the HTML block and it pulls through to the floating widget?

If wpbackery html block provide shortcodes then yes otherwise no

Along time i don’t use this plugin. i have a question: can i create a balloon(it’s mean balloon chat box) on the middle right, when user click to balloon => show submit form like CF7?.

You can show chat box type things but on click cant show form


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