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como puedo mostrar una galeria o varias fotos deslizables ?


I just bought the plugin and is not recognizing the Purchase Code, What’s going on? Please advice

Please create a support ticket at with wp-admin details so it can be fixed asap.thx


dcome Purchased

I’ve purchased this plugin and it makes some conflicts and I’ve asked to fix it through the ticket service but there’s no response so far. I would like to get a refund immediately, please.

Hey dcome,

i am really sorry for your conflict issue not resolved, Kindly please provide your support ticket id so i can look myself and provide you assistance if needed or to resolved your issue asap.



dcome Purchased

Support ticket ID is #5547

I just took it over myself and replied to your request.

hello, in paid version shortcode doesnt work. How to solve?

Hello, please create a support ticket at with shortcode which doesn’t work.thx

Will do, thanks for this fast reply!

Ok thanks

Is it possible to make as same as this website’s right buttom :

You mean banner in green at right side? Yes it can be make using advanced floating content.thx

Please, I do not need to renew the support, and I can not discard the wordpress administrator’s warning by clicking “No I Do not Need Support”

Ok. thanks for notifying, will be fixed in next update.thx

Thanks, works fine.

If you like then could you do me a favor and gives 5 star positive rating to support.thx


sandys Purchased

Hello. Pre-sale questions. With the pro version: 1. Will shortcodes inserted definitely work? or some shortcodes will not be accepted? 2. with the pro version can you set custom height in the same way you set the width? or is the height adjusted automatically by the plugin? 3. can you have more than 1 floating content shown at the same time on the same page? 4. can floating content be displayed as a sidetab, instead of just top or bottom? Thanks

Hello, Answers of your questions. 1-Yes 2-height calculate automatically but you can also define height in custom css. 3-yes 4-it will float on right side but not work as widgets. Thanks


I’ve a question before buying your plugin.

1- I just want to add a banner at the bottom of the screen ” a banner that I design ”, and when someone clicks the banner, he should be redirected to a specific link from my choice. The banner must has the “x” to let people close it.

2- Can I control the number of times the banner appears for each visitor?


1-yes 2-you cannot control number of close but it’s an good feature I will implement it if you buy. Thx

Hei mates, I have a question. Am i able with this plugin to get the same result as you can see in this webpage as “Casos de exito”. I am looking for a plugin for WordPress to get the same funcionality. Thanks for your help.

You mean phone no and email info at bottom? Yes you can made using advanced floating content.thx


Filster Purchased

Hi, I have an issue with my purchase code. I deregistered my domain to use it on another domain, but I get “Sorry, unfortunately this purchase [...] OR Contact to support team for migrating this license to another website.”

Could you help me?

Thank you in advance


Please create a support ticket at with your purchase code and new domain.


I want to know it its possiblle to add a stiky bar or float content in each post BUT WITH THE POSSIBILITY each post can be edited and show different content in each stiky bar or float content.thanks

You can add whatever you want…

I have purchased already. I like plugin but how Can I disabled show content in pages and categories? I can not check option (NO) Thanks again

Thank you for liking Advanced Floating Content. For any support related question please use For now select the only selected categories and do not select any category from drop down, it will hide to all categories. thanks

looks good few thing before buy

1 can it be possible only display on mobile ( if custom css then can we please have that custom css)

2 sticky footer static with no x so visitors can not get rid off the menu :)

Hi, Yes both things can be possible using Advanced floating content. Let me know if there is any issue while using advanced floating content or need assistance how to do this. thanks

I read that content can be shown to logged in users but can it be the other way? Show only to logged out users? Thanks.

logout users are those who are normal vistors? do you want to show something who logout from website i.e if someone logout you will show we wish you to login soon? something like that?

We want to show a registration message, asking people to sign up. (It is a member only commerce website for doctors, we have to qualify them and do not have a public registration form).

do one thing, buy this and let me know your website i will understand and add this functionality.

Can customize position content like ads banner or searchbox?

purchased! test now! open ticked soon! Any contact with you via skype or chat plasform like that?


Ok great! I will start work on it.

Hello, I just purchased your plugin. I installed it and see the settings panel, but the license key (purchase code) does not seem to be valid. Could you please help?

Hi thanks for buying advanced floating Content. Please create support ticket at with wp-admin details so we can fix this asap.thx

Hello, could you just indicate me how to fix the issue? Thank you.

what is your purchase code and domain where you are using this?

Is there a Free Trial I can download?

No trail version available at the moment

Hi there, presales query: i am keen to achieve the floating full screen frame for all the page content similar (all pages) to what can be seen at eg; website: . Would it be possible with your plugin?

Hi, Yes you can do this with Advanced Floating Content Plugin with many more features.thx

Thanks team. The given website also have a golden box which remains static whereas the page content scrolls at the back. Would really appreciate if you can check the website on this please. Thanks,parag

Golden box lines are not possible with this plugin, you need manually coding. thx