High flown


Our company has more than 10 years experience in marketing, communication, system development and application development. Our team consists of full time WordPress developers who’s experience isn’t limited to just setting up WordPress websites and writing plug-ins.

We’ve setup around 100 WordPress websites in the past year, some very simple, some with hours/weeks of plug-in development. We are responsible for the hosting and security of these websites and we setup our own Linux server network just for this purpose. We have our own development environment, acceptance environment and production environment.

We take a professional approach when working on bigger projects and take the development process very seriously. We offer proper documentation including a functional and technical design, acceptance tests, implementation plan and proper use guides.

Writing good and readable code is important, our code is reviewed multiple times before we put it out there. When you buy one of our plug-ins you can count on a properly written plug-in with proper support.

Summed up knowledge and experience

  • Years of experience with application & multi-media development.
  • Professional approach and mindset.
  • Professional support.
  • Built around 100 WordPress websites in the past year.
  • Built countless WordPress plugins, varies from a few hours work to weeks of work.
  • Experience with a lot of known WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and GravityForms and expending on these plugins.
  • Experience with the entire development process.
  • Good knowledge of OO programming, PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.
  • Experience with mysql and postgresql.
  • Certified Linux system administrators, including SELinux


We are always open for suggestions, advice, and feedback. To us, our customers opinions are very important! Until now we were mainly focused on customers in our own region, however we are now looking to expand our field and offer previously made plug-ins on CodeCanyon. We are always open for plug-in requests – if worth taking the time to build

A huge benefit for you as buyer on CodeCanyon is that we are professionals, not hobbyist nor amateurs just starting to learn the ropes. We have quite a portfolio already and are capable of offering proper support. We are both available 9 hours a day and offer support within our working hours (8:00-17:00 GMT+1 Europe/Amsterdam)

Contact us at websupport@comsi.nl if you have any questions.