Gravity Forms IBAN Validation

Gravity Forms IBAN Validation

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Gravity Forms IBAN validation

This add-on for Gravity Forms adds the option to validate if the users’ input is a valid IBAN bank account number.
The check is done when the user submits the form and it will show an error if the input is not correct. Only if this error is resolved the form can be actually be submitted.

In case of an invalid IBAN account number, the default Gravity Forms error message will be displayed in the language that Gravity Forms is set up in.

How to validate IBAN in Gravity Forms:

By installing this plugin besides Gravity Forms (premium plugin) you will be able validate IBAN account numbers through two ways:

  1. Apply a IBAN mask to existing fields
    You can apply a IBAN mask to regular text input fields that are already set up in your form. The mask will show as a placeholder inside the input element (eg. [____ ____ ____ __]). It validates the account number when submitting the form.
  2. Add a new IBAN input field to your form
    You can add a new field to your form. It validates the account number when submitting the form.

Requirements and dependencies

Documentation and changelog

Latest features

IBAN mask length

Since version 1.0.3 it is possible to set the max length of the IBAN mask in the ‘Single Line Text’ field. Default this is set to 32 since that is the length of IBAN numbers for Saint Lucia and Nicaragua. To override this default you can set it to 18 (NL) or 22 (DE) for example. Read more about it on the documentation page.


Version 1.0.4

Release Date: october 11th, 2021

  1. Fixed: Issue with pre-validation of textfield with IBAN-mask in forms with pagination

Version 1.0.3

Release Date: may 15th, 2020

  1. Added: Option to manually overwrite the mask length, see install instructions above.
  2. Added: Option to set the field width (small/medium/large) in form editor
  3. Fixed: Show field preview for the advanced field in form editor
  4. Fixed: Default mask length set to 32 characters, was previously set to 36

Version 1.0.2

Release Date: may 13th, 2020

  1. Update: PHP IBAN library
  2. Fix:
    Warning: gmp_init(): Unable to convert variable to GMP – string is not an integer

Version 1.0.1

Initial release


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