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Hey there,

I ve got a problem with a “circle progress bar”. I created and added it into the plugin slider revolution, with the shortcode:

UP PRODUCT[/dzsprogressbar]

Now there is a problem: If I want to view my page on a laptop-screen, the progress bar is blurred. What do I have to change ?

Thank you for your time and efforts!

Hello Marlon

You can try going to Progress Bars > Progress Bars Settings and in Extra CSS Enter

.dzs-progress-bar canvas{
image-rendering: crisp-edges;

and SAVE

Let me know if it worked


Dear ZoomIt, how can I achieve the play of the animation of the progress even if I view the part of the website, where the progress bar is positioned.

Here is a link to my page, if my diction was not understandable : ► http://onlinemarketing.ic22.de/start-up-product/

Thank you for your time and efforts!

Your sincerely, Marlon.

Hello Marlon

For the skin you are using – go to Builder, choose the skin you are using from the upper right


Make sure animation starts on scroll


hi, I have a pre-sales question: are teh libs of font awesome updated to the latest version Version 4.7.0? In the demo I dont see a search box to filter trough all icons. Would be nice with more then 675 fonts to choose from


Nope – but it’s easy to update

oke, please let me know when you updated it with all 675 icons and search filter

Replied on mail


pre-sales question. ima trying out the demo builder. I searched and searched but cnnot find the settiong for the percenatge setting. Example, I want a cerclie with lets ssay 45% filled. Where to add 47? ps the doc link is not working. Where are the docs of this plugin?


You can purchase now and you’ll get the update free

We’ll maybe launch next week – or two weeks max

Hi, I updated the plugin via wp admin (deactive and delete old plugin, install new voa downlaod codecanyon) but still dont see the updated progress bar builder with the filter and addon to add icons in the builder. Also the examples I ruined with the old buiolder are now in the new plugin? This cost me to much time…

Install the one I sent you – the update is not live yet on codecanyon

and another question: is it possible to dont add any animation?

Yes, just set animation duration to 0 or 1 ms – it will be instant


This is the alternative plugin we selected- as per our call requesting a refund for the accordion plugin.

We are happy with the outcome of this plugin-and do not require he accordion plugin

Thanks in advance for your consideration

Irma Zimmermann

Approved thanks!

Hi, just bought the plugin, the builder is different from the builder in the demo: no insert>icons , no tools> source code. What to do? The plugin is not usefull for me now.


Send me a Pm via my profile I cans send you update to builder with icon search and font awesome 4.70

anothjer Q: I added as default values to a skin: {{arg1-default60}} and {{arg3-defaulttext}}. How to make now the shortcode?

The default with the editor button only makes [dzsprogressbar skin=”prev3” arg1_perc=”100” arg2_maxnr=”100”] how is arg3 formatted? Totally unclear, I get frustrated now…

The new builder will recognize the new arg / options

Send me a Pm we will communicate by mail faster