Discussion on Zapes - React Native mobile application for Wordpress

Discussion on Zapes - React Native mobile application for Wordpress

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Hi there,

Is there any documentation please? I can only the source code. there is no documentation file the download.

Are you guys there?

Hi there, Sorry text you late, please have a look here: If you need more help, please add my Whatsapp +84905827707. Thank you.

I have sent you messages on WhatsApp. Please check the messages. I really need help.

If i change url in Config.js file it won’t fetch anything from url it show Network connection error

your code is not working for me

npm update npm ERR! code ERESOLVE npm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency tree npm ERR! npm ERR! While resolving: Zapes@2.0.0 npm ERR! Found: react@16.13.1 npm ERR! node_modules/react npm ERR! react@”16.13.1” from the root project npm ERR! npm ERR! Could not resolve dependency: npm ERR! peer react@”16.14.0” from react-dom@16.14.0 npm ERR! node_modules/react-dom npm ERR! react-dom@”16.9.0” from the root project npm ERR! npm ERR! Fix the upstream dependency conflict, or retry npm ERR! this command with—force, or—legacy-peer-deps npm ERR! to accept an incorrect (and potentially broken) dependency resolution. npm ERR! npm ERR! See C:\Users\Harpreet\AppData\Local\npm-cache\eresolve-report.txt for a full report.

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! C:\Users\Harpreet\AppData\Local\npm-cache\_logs\2021-08-29T02_34_07_534Z-debug.log

Hi there, I connected u via Whatsapp. Thank u.

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to add AdMob to the application

please show me how to run the project

It seems the author has abandoned this app and no longer supports it. The wordpress demo login website is also not accessible according to the given password

Current WP extension uses old Jquery library and it causes the serious bug with WP editor. I can’t get the plugin working on latest WP. We also report to developer but still not got the fixing version and the conversation is disruption.

Can you update the code provided? react code push is not available.

Hello @finnytech,

I updated new source code . Sorry for that.

Thank you.

Last update from your message shows Sep 28, but codecanyon is showing Sep 19th the code available here is upto date?

Yes, I updated sorry for that.

Thank you.

Error Message on ios app Print: Entry,”, Does Not Exist” can you help me ?

Hi there,

Please follow this article:

If still not, please contact me via Whatsapp + 84 982 870 342 then I will have a look for you.

Thank you

I removed missed react schema. My problem resolved

Great news. Thank for purchasing our product and hope you are happy with that.

Hi Author, I have some question:

1. Does your application support code push? We have plan use it in Our wordpress site, but the site might changes subdomain due on our purpose, and we want push the change each time via Code Push plugin 2. Does it supports our theme, is there any limitation in WP themes used?

Hello l2vn, 1/ We do not support code push for now, but we think this is good idea, if you buy the item I will support it without fee, but please not that we will add the feature, not means we will help u to install, you have to do by yourself. If you need us to build and publish, that is extra task. 2/ The item supports only standard WP with “post” post type, we do not support custom post, if you need to add specific custom post, please contact us via Whatsapp: +84 983 870342 then we can discuss more there.

Thank you,

hello would this play audio and youtube video in background because weview does not normally. Thanks

Hello Freesongs,

This is good idea, we will add it next release. Thanks,

Hi there, really struggling to run the app on Android emulator. Lots of errors on Android Studio 4.0.2. I did everything in and there are still issues. Can you please support? Really love the product but simply can’t run it at the moment.

Hi there, Please add my Whatsapp then we will help to check.


Hello, I could not to see any wordpress files in the package. How do I test it without the backend files? Thank you.

Hello, Sorry feedback you late, my team comes back after vacation Vietnam independence day. Please refer this link to get plugins:

Thank you,

Yes I read the documentation. Thank you.

Now faced an issue when I tried to show the “single” page for all of my items. Single post, featured post, vídeo, categories… none of them show me it’s details, it opens a mid-blank screen with top bar, back btn and comment icon.

Could you, please help me out? I took a time for trying the app, so I think I lost the support deadline.

Thank you!

Hello, Can you add my Whatsapp +84983870342 I will help to double check. Thank you.


I already removed the WooCommerce settings and this is my site.

I need it to show the recipes and cooking recipe categories that my site shows.

I need to be able to enter each of the recipes and the content is displayed.

I need users to be able to register

I need to put ads. Is it possible to connect the application to my website and display the content? If this is possible, today I buy your theme and start working with it. Thank you for dedicating your attention a greeting


Could I create a cooking recipe app with your theme and display the content of my website: recipes, categories, user registration, etc?

This is my WordPress site

Thank you

Hi there, I see that your website use woocomerce and this theme does not support, you can check this item:

If you need further information, please add my Whatsapp: +84983870342, we can discuss more. Thank you.

Hello Thanks for your attention.

The theme uses WooCommerce by default, but my website is not a one store.

My site is a Food Recipes website, where I show recipes, recipe categories, and what you can see. I don’t need a store, I don’t want to sell anything, I just want to connect my website to a React Native theme to create an app that shows Food Recipes, not products that can be sold.

I see that your ZiniStore – Full React Native Service App for Woocommerce theme will show my website’s products, but I need to show my website’s Recipes and their categories. My website creates the Food Recipes with the ModelTheme Listings Manager Plugin and it is what I need to show in my app, and not WooCommerce products.

If you guarantee that with any of your RN themes I can I can create an application that connects to my WordPress website, and shows my Food recipes, I will buy it right now. You have the last word. I hope you understand what I need, If it is not possible, I will continue searching. I will consider your Theme Portfolio for future occasions, I like your work. I await news from you, otherwise I will continue to search the market. Thanks for lending me your time. a greeting

Hi. I have made a mistake in the settings, and activated the Woocomerce store on my site. I am trying to correct it. My site now go to

I do not have any store, I just made a mistake yesterday in the configuration and the Woocomerce store was activated

Hi, I’m not happy with your product, because you need to improve lot on your app before you bring them to sale. As you stated it works for all the Wordpress and page builders, but its not working out of the box, you have been live supporting to make it work i appreciate that but it has lot to do on your side, for now, i would like to get the refund, i cannot wait longer to take my app into app store. Also your recent API plugin has dependency warning in my Wordpress site which i do not like, I have been reporting that to you via whatsapp, but no comment on your side, I want a clean wordpress dashboard and clean app. App has problem with Paragraph and videos. videos are not playing and having different sizes. also when using your ACF video fields with your plugin installment, that does not work for me in my site either. have a look at here: and inspect element. this perticular video using video type as youtube and placed the link under the post meta as your app requested. So please refund the money as soon as possible.

Hi thinesnathan,

1/ Video field you are using from 3rd party and not standard from Wordpress and we helped you to give you the solution how to update and even help to modify via TeamViewer but for the first time, from 2nd time you have to do manually by yourself. 2/ The plugin dependency is MUST be installed backend to use our app. 3/ We have to do other projects on my side, which means we do not LIVE support for you any time when you chat with us.

We added the refund policy on my item description for everyone. So we do not refund in this case.

Sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you

Hi, As you stated in your product description that your app will work with any theme, im not using any thirdparty plugin or widget to place the video, im using my theme, which i bought, I do understand that you tried your max to help out, But in my case i cant change my theme and its feature to use your mobile app.

Also what about the paragraph issue? your developer said that he has to fix on 2.1.1 version. which means the basic stuff has not been ready with your app. How long i have to wait for the next release and get the stuff done. You should refund in this case, as you can clearly see that i cannot use your product.

You should not tell that your app will work for any theme. instead you could have stated that whoever buy the app they have to stick with basic wordpress theme or the theme that you have used. and moreover the link that i shared was not using my theme feature instead its uses the ACF which you stated as required for the your mobile app to work with wordpress. but it does not work as expected see here again..

If you want to see the screenshots i can upload it here if possible. so then you can see….

i expect the refund.. in this case please do that.

Hi Author,

Can we place image banner ads so that we can run local inhouse ads ? Can we embed on this app ?

Hi there, Sorry my item does not support local ads, but we can support you with extra development, please add my Whatsapp then we can discuss more. Thank you.

Hello, is your app RTL ready?

hi, do you do customisations? Can you please let me know if you do customisations. thanks

Dear vnatius,

Yes, we have customization service. If you don’t mind, we can discuss more by email. The mine is



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