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Hello Do you install it on google play?

Hi jhonatamvitalino, we only sell our full app source code on Codecanyon, if you want to publish the app on google play, you can upload it by yourself. Thanks

Please add a subcategory to main category ie Category>>Subcategory. Thanks

Hi vcristian, this app only support category and radio list based on category, so, it doesn’t support for sub category, he features available in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, not available at this time. Thanks


methiz Purchased

m3u8 doesnt work

Hi methiz, in the current version doesn’t support for m3u8, but, in the next update version will support for m3u8, if you want to the updated version earlier, you can contact us by email and we will send the update version to you. Thanks

Can you telp when you releasing the new update please

Hi shonmc , in the near future, around the end of this month or early next month. Thanks


brdn Purchased

Hi Solodroid, i send a e-mail to you about “add favorite” button, with 2 ss can you check it? Thanks

Hi brdn, okay, we will check it first and send the solution about it. Thanks


bootx Purchased

hi, in android studio: i change packages and google-service.json after that i will test my app i get this error: Error:(164, 50) error: package R does not exist Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’. > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details. how to fix this problem?

Hi bootx,

we think there is something wrong with your configuration, please re check again, make sure yourpackage name in your google-services.json file with your package name in the build.gradle (Module: app) is same, try to re configuration and re check it again, if you still have problem, you can contact us by email and provide your teamviewer id and password, we will help you to solve it.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Ditunggu update nya mas. Fitur buffering, volume, recording barangkali akan ditambahkan hehehe

Halo gan, oke gan, terimakasih, semoga bisa ditambahkan. :) hehe

Hello,great app! everything works great, but i got an question about the notifications. How can i put more text in the push, now when i go to firebase and place the message (first row) the app doesnt show the full text, and you can get it full. when you click it only opens the app. how can i solve this? link to screenshot https://gyazo.com/4997aac55edc24e2c4fd92ea81b38834


Hi Virusjuh,

we think, for push notification format in every device is different for each vendor name and android version, in our devices, we have try it and push notification message can be fully displayed adjust the number of lines, so, try with different devices and vendor phone, then, please note, the purpose when users click the notification is open the app.


We have tried with many devies, and all are the same result. only a short message with …. on the end there are no enters in the message so the full messages is not displayed. Like: this is an example test message. Only: This is an exam….. will be seen on the phone.

Hi Virusjuh,

make sure you use latest updated version of this app and firebase version, here the proof that the push notification message can be fully displayed in the notification bar.

standard push notifications appear in the notification bar, not on the lockscreen, if you need help or support, we don’t provide support through comment section, you can contact us by email directly for further.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Any word on when the new update will be released. If I want the updated version earlier can I email you?

Hi chinkson, if new update version released, you will get notification via email automatically. Thanks

Hello, it is possible to put web viewer in place of admob and put banner of a url in the source Your Radio App.

Hi brenocosta,

so, in other words, you want to replace admob banner place with your own banner? and if your banner is clicked, it will redirect to open specific url? if like that, yes, it’s possible.


Hi few questions:

- any iOS version also?

- Where are files stored? S3 or shared hosting platform?

- When you click on “All Radio Station”, and click on for example Entertainment, the list shown are they pointing to mp3 files?

Hi sysads,

here the answer for your questions:

- we’re only develop native Android app, so, we don’t have ios version.

- for admin panel side, the files stored in the online web hosting, can working in shared hosting or vps.

- this is radio streaming app, so, if you click on for example Entertainment, they list shown are they pointing to list radio streaming, this app also support to play mp3 file.

this app working based on client server, android as client side and admin panel as server side, all content management in the android app such as add, edit or delete content managed from admin panel.


I’m not clear with this documentation. Can you clarify me- 1. Can I create own radio station and publish/run via this script? Thanks.

Hi bvitbd,

yes, you can create your own radio station and publish it using this code, this app working based on client server, android as client side and admin panel as server side, all content management such as add, edit or delete category or radio station managed from admin panel side, for more detail, you can try the demo version to know how this app working.


Hi Solodroid, check please your e-mail about admob. Thanks

Hi brdn, we have already reply your email, please check it. Thanks

Kalo boleh tau metode pengambilan radionya pake metode apa gan?

Halo gan,

gimana maksudnya agan masih kurang paham, tapi kalau yang dimaksud adalah cara mendapatkan radio urlnya, agan bisa menemukannya di situs resmi shoutcast atau icecast, silakan cek artikelnya disini.


Acepta publicidad

Hi Ronerborgc, please speak in English, this app support AdMob ads for monetization purpose. Thanks

We bought your application with username “makinetv”.. i getting an error when i creating signed apk

“Error:Error: Expected resource of type styleable [ResourceType]” in “D:\Android\YENI_UYGULAMALAR\RADYO_GRUP\library\src\main\java\com\google\android\exoplayer\text\CuePainter.java”

Please help me.. Where is the error?


to solve problem when generate signed apk, open CuePainter.java and add this line code below :

the file location in the library > java > com.google.android.exoplayer > text > CuePainter


I get the same error

Please upgrade, I need support a lot m3u8 :)

Hi gerydosteclados,

in the next update version will be support m3u8 formats, currently in beta version, if you want to get it earlier, you can contact us by email and we will send the update code to you.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


I would like to have more information! When I buy this app I get the Source Code to midified it?

Hi cristofermarin,

yes, you will get full android source code and php admin panel code, also included documentation how to setup the app.

you can modify or manipulate the item, you can combine the item with other works and make a derivative work from it, the resulting works are subject to the terms of Envato Market License.