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Discussion on Your Radio App

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anassdr Purchased

Hi I have this problem interstitial don’t work with applovin Max, work only with applovin discovery and admob please fix it Please on the new update add irounsource ads on this app Thank you


the problem is not in our code, but from your applovin units id itself, if you just create applovin max units id, your ad will not appear immediately, it will take some time, and make sure your applicationId / package name is registered correctly when you create the ad unit id.


appdadda Purchased

Please add IronSource in the next update

Hi, yes, IronSource will be added in the next update version. Thanks


parsi1 Purchased

When will you release the new update?

Hi, no eta time, maybe this month or next month. Thanks

Does it work with mp3 files?

How to activate the skin of the player?, I already generated the apk but the skin does not come out.

Hi, yes, it work with mp3 url, then, what do you mean about skin of the player? we don’t understand. Thanks

hello, I changed the files from, into the subdomain. and now my application is no longer working. can you help me

Hi, please note, this app use server key (autogenerated) from the admin panel, server key contains your admin panel url data and package name, so if you change your admin panel url or package name, you have to update server key in android code with new one. Thanks


Tamarez Purchased

I have been using the version 4.3.2, but I’m getting issues with the app, so I decided to apply the newest upgrade, but it’s not working for me, because anytime that I change the package name, the app module disappear and I don’t know how solve that issue…Can get some help please…?


sabeu Purchased

Hello Play Console require data safety. is it the same as the tv app? “data_safety_export”


parsi1 Purchased

I did not put your new version on Google Play because of the timeout connection bug

Which file did you change in this part that you explained?

Fix padding for Native Ad (Default Style) in the radio list

Hi, the file is utils/ Thanks


parsi1 Purchased

thank you

I think remove the timeout connection section in the new version and return to the previous state

And solve the new crashes that came in Firebase and release a new version

I think this will stabilize the new version


parsi1 Purchased

Will you send a new update on Firebase crashes soon?

Hello, can I use for several languages? For example





elamrawi Purchased

my account has terminated in google play after last update

appdadda Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Beaucoup de mises à jour sans aucun résultat. De nombreux problèmes et dysfonctionnements. À cause de cette mise à jour, de nombreux utilisateurs ont perdu l’application

Hi, The problem will gradually be fixed in each new update release, so we hope you will be more patient. Thanks

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Are we going to change it from the beginning after every update? is there an easy way? listening at different sound settings and option to save playing music. equlazer ?

Hi, you need to change it from the beginning for android studio project, you can see the changelog in the item description or documentation. Thanks

Hello, one question, how can I change the image from xml to png?

Hi patolucas23,

we don’t quite understand, there is no image with .xml format, the images extensions are .png or .jpg.

xml file in the mipmap folder as launcher icon, it’s auto generated file after you’ve generate icon using Android Assets studio.


App doesn’t working if server php 8.0+ version, but if i change to 7.4 then its working back,
in my server i included another web CMS and its required php 8.0+ must,
so, is there have anyway to do support this app with php 8.0+ version server

Hi, try to update the admin panel to the latest version. Thanks

Superb, Thanks a lot, the app is now working fine with php 8.0

Why did you remove interstitial ad on Category click? Please return it because this has reduce revenue.

Also, why did you remove padding from default native ad in recent radio list?. The ad placement no longer has padding left-right-top-bottom, it now look as if it was cropped. Please, check, confirm, and fix because this can cause problem with admob.

In previous version interstitial ad was showing on clicking radio list and category list but in latest version it is only showing on radio list. That is a very poor decision. Please do an urgent update and bring back interstitial ad on category click. Please!

Please make an urgent update too to resolve the native ad padding issue. This is very, very important as it can cause ad serving limit. Please do it quickly as possible or show me how to fix it.

removing get_magic_quotes_gpc() code works.


Do we need to update the admin panel in latest version?

Hi, you don’t need to update the admin panel. Thanks

There is a problem with your implementation

It did not enter the category at all

And the home page crashed

This is not a problem of programming

This is a problem on your part that you did not do properly

Or you manipulated the code

Hi, if you want to disccuss with “jawier” further, it would be better you contact him directly from codecanyon profile message : , please respect us and other item buyers by not writing new comment section again, again and again like spam, we hope everyone will understand. Thanks

Yes, Sure

I sent but did not receive a response

That’s why I wrote the message here

I understand that I have to send a message in private, but they do not respond

I sent a reply to solve their problem

I do not send messages to anyone anymore

Thank you

Hi, yes thanks, we hope he will understand too. Thanks

Here you have the version of the compilation 5.3.5 if you want and you can test it how it works for you

Hi, there is something wrong with your reskin configuration in the latest update version, we suggest you to re-import the project from the original zip file and re-configure the project again, also make sure there is no missing steps for the configuration, also please pay attention our message about writing multiple comments like spam. Thanks


I ask for support since version 5.3.5 when creating the application produces an error and in 5.3.4 it works correctly, I already sent a demo video and it still says that it works well

Hi, most likely there is something wrong with your reskin configuration in the latest update version, we suggest you to re-import the project from the original zip file and re-configure the project again, also make sure there is no missing steps for the configuration, if you have no problem with the previous version, that’s also okay and you can use it, the updated version is optional, also please pay attention our message about writing multiple comments like spam. Thanks


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