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hello, I am working on your project “your radio app” with 2.0.0 version , unfortunately after the configuration of the Database and the Web Server I found that the program does not work on some api19 , 20 .. but it goes well on the andoid 6, on the other hand , sometimes the content of the web server doesn’t appear on the application

please if you have any ideas to get away of these problems I will be very grateful

Hi underkhou,

we don’t find any proof that you’re an official buyer of our app. should, if you have purchase our app, there is purchased sign on right side of your username like this.

we will not provide support to you if you are not an official buyer of our app, please purchase our app officially and provide us your item purchase code first.


Users can add their stations?

HI Byanno, only administrator who can add radio stations from admin panel side. Thanks

Salam my brother. do the application support sharing the currently playing radio? for example if i play a local radio, would i be able to share it, providing a link to the playstore for the app? thanks!

Hi tayeb_meftah, yes, this app support sharing feature and providing a link to the playstore to invite other people to download the application on google play if they want to play radio. Thanks

I’m adding radio. Tolls. It stops after a while.

Hi ugurkorkmazyurek,

we think there is something wrong with your configuration, please contact us by email and explain for more detail about your problem.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


is possible to show player time bar

Hi, we don’t know for sure, the available features in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, currently not available at this time. Thanks


i bought the app, but yay, sadly can’t send any push notification from the pannel, but you claimed adding it in change log ;(.

can it be added please?

its good if you add a firebase server where device will register the token and we push the notification…

Hi tayeb_meftah,

thanks for purchase our app, please note, notification from the panel for older version, in the latest version notification sent from your firebase console account directly.

we will release next update version and bring back notification menu in the admin panel side, we are preparing for that, if we’re done, we will release officially in codecanyon.



brdn Purchased

Hi Solodroid, please check your e-mail


pasapura Purchased

Hi,I have seen your youtube video it shows version 3 but here it shows version 2.1.2 .Weather you are going to update the version here or after purchase you ill send through e-mail.Please Respond.

Hi pasapura,

this is radio app, not youtube video, for current version which released on codecanyon is version 2.1.2, we plan to release next upcoming update version 3, this is unreleased version now, if you want to get version 3 earlier, we can send the update code to you after purchase.



pasapura Purchased

Thanks I have purchased.please send mail.

Is the code available if I want to work alone in android studio?

Hi carribros, yes, for android side, this app built using Android Studio, for server side, you need to have web hosting and domain, you can try demo version to know how this app working. Thanks

Hello, I am using old admin portal GCM notification system. My problem is if I install and uninstall the radio app multiple times then it create multiple android_token key for registration and store it to database. Once I send notification that device then notification is sending all registered token even only one token is exist others are not exist as I uninstalled the app. So, why those fake token exist in database? If notification sending failed then those token should be removed from database file. Please help

Hi DroidExpert, support for older versions of this app is no longer available, gcm still can be used but it deprecated now, so, old version is no longer developed, which we developed is the latest version integrated with firebase as notification system. Thanks

How to change php login can not log in

Can someone tell me how to change the login. Php more I do not have access I do not have a login. Is there someone to help me? Thank you.

Hi catedralagape,

we think your admin panel configuration still not correctly, can you provide us your cpanel hosting login detail to us? you can send your login detail by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com

you shouldn’t share your admin panel url here, this will cause others to know your admin panel url, if you need our support, you can contact us by email directly.


Beautiful and looks simple.

My client use http://mixlr.com/ for streaming services.

Doe your app support this type of URL: http://edge.mixlr.com/channel/tykmz I want to know before I buy this app.



pasapura Purchased

HI, Images are getting overflow.Its not fitting inside the box.How to fix it. Regards


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Hi, if i put link to an mp3 file instead of radio station will it play it or not? Thanks.

Hi indigo44, yes, of course, if you put link to an mp3 file, it will be played. Thanks