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Please see this image to see what I am talking about…... https://i.imgur.com/XbvbMX0.png

Hi jrockie, we need to open your mind about violating ads, it will violate admob guidelines if the menu is being covered by admob ad, not admob ad is being covered by the menu, we think the problem caused from floating action button above the ad, for this, we have update the app to avoid this and stay within compliance, you can contact us by email directly and we will send the update code to you. Thanks

Bueno dias, tengo un problema con el codigo php del panel, especificamente en la seccion de radio station.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_escape_string() in /home/neurotica/www.dominio.net/app/public/functions.php:94 Stack trace: #0 /home/neurotica/www.dominio.net/app/public/menu_table.php(15): functions->sanitize('') #1 /home/neurotica/www.dominio.net/app/radio.php(27): include('/home/neurotica...') #2 {main} thrown in /home/neurotica/www.dominio.net/app/public/functions.php on line 94


Hi Cartavio,

thanks for purchase our app, please speak in English, it seems there is something problem with your hosting configuration, to solve it, you can contact us by email and provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we need to check it first and try to solve it.


Hello, I want to buy this application but I want to know if it supports these links:


Hi syswhite,

thanks for interested with our app, yes, it supports there links, we have test it, especially for hls (.m3u8) format available on request feature after purchase, but, for your sample .m3u8 format in above not working, we have test it using official exoplayer and it’s not working too, if you have other sample format, you can provide to us, if you want to discuss for the next, you also can contact us by email here : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Hello, I am interested in buying the app. My question is: Can you remove the advertising, which appears at the foot of the app?

Thjank you

Hi sofiaradiomexico, thanks for interested with our app, yes, of course, you can easily disable the ads if you want, it also have already explained in the documentation, if you still have problem and need our help, you can contact us for support and we will help you to remove it. Thanks

hi; my radio app cache problem. radio list post not working onyl any data return. how disabled cache

Hi DDADesign,

we don’t quite understand what do you mean about cache data? if you have problem in app configuration, you can contact us by email for support and explain about your problem for more clear, better if you also provide example screenshots about.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com



We have sent an email and we still do not receive an answer.

We have problems to run Gradle

Thank you

Hi, your email have already replied, please check it again. Thanks

Hello solodroid, can you send me the updated version to my email: contato@hostfive.com.br

Hi robsonhost21, you can make request to this email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com, better if you use gmail. Thanks

sent, waiting for the return. Thank you!

Hi, solodroid, i have sent a message, pls check my mail (suryadijanuarsyah@gmail.com). thanks for attention

Hi, your message have already replied, please check. Thanks

I’m having some issues getting the app to connect. Everything works, it just won’t talk to the console. E-mail sent.

hi I have installed clearly, I can log in everything works but can not click push notise when I will add new radio station since it can not choose category last when i put my website the app says there is no internet connection but the original link works så what is the problem for server side ?

I’ve changed but it went completely


Hi, should, if you have already replace the file, the app will working fine, if you still have problem, you can contact us by email directly. Thanks

Hi, Why is not the same with the admin panel with the demo picture the same?

Hi farukserin, to keep data clean, we separate web demo admin panel with data on android. Thanks


bigboss22 Purchased

Hello please help, I have set up everything, but i couldn’t get radio list from admin to app I have already changed url in config, I have added radio they are showing on admin panel. Recently i changed my server from vps to shared hosting. Please help. Thanks


pasapura Purchased

i have sent mail please go though and reply. Thanks Pasa

Hi, we have already reply your mail, please check. Thanks


koureissi Purchased

hi need to help to fix issue in my app, i contact you on skype

Hi, we’re no longer use skype, you can contact us by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks