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Can I put the URL of mp3 songs?

for example: www.myweb.com/mysong.mp3

Hi juanxodj, yes, mp3 songs with your example url also can works. Thanks

Hello, how do I get more users to admin.

Hi, about users management, for more detail you can check this tutorial here. Thanks

bagaimana cara mengatasi Installation error: INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED

mantab gan, sipp dah, jangan lupa kasih dukungan 5 rating buat appnya di menu download codecanyon agan. :D

sdh 5 bintang.. kadang kalo saya buka app nya, setelah splash screen loadingnya agak lama. apa mungkin karna saya pake hosting gratis ya??

terimakasih gan, bisa jadi karena hosting yang agan gunakan, apalagi kalau hostingnya gratisan, jadi, sangat direkomendasikan untuk menggunakan hosting berbayar.

like Sir , i am going to purchase , but want this feature in the future update Sleep Alarm / or set time so that this app automatically shut itself. Also please guide me how i can find radio stations url or settings for adding in the admin . i am taking about radio station in India .

Hi toppersindia,

thanks for purchase our app, you can find many radio stations url from shoutcast or icecast official website, for your country India, maybe you can input your country name in the search menu on the website, for tutorial how to find radio stream url, you can check from this article here.

the features available in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, not available at this time, thanks for your advice, maybe in future if possible.


Great App !! Full Marks , A complete Document Thanks . a little I found that favorite button should appear on channel specific ,as it is not working in present form. Full FIVE star * i have completed my App by the help of your given files.

Hi toppersindia, thanks for your advice, we will consider to fix it in the next update, thanks for your full five star for our app. :) Thanks

Hello is v2.1.2 the latest version? Regards.

Hi LMGroup, yes, latest version is v2.1.2, you can view it in the change log. Thanks

HI sir , i send to you message i found bug in your website please see inbox ,


Hi Thailandy, thanks for your information, all bug already fixed in the latest update version, for server admin panel url, should be private and only administrator can login on there. Thanks

you are welcome

Hello, I want to know how much is the price to customize for a single station and how long does it take to develop?

Hi patolucas23,

single station version is available on codecanyon now, for more detail, you can check here.


Thanks for such a nice app , i have completed it .Now please tell me how i can handle it if i want to play two mp3 file one by one . www.myweb.com/mysong.mp3

Hi toppersindia, basically, this is radio streaming application, to play the streaming or music, you need to select or click the radio or song list to play it, it can’t automatically switch from one song to the next song, because this is not a media player app. Thanks

hello . added url in my radio to app , open app not singal and song . in description include support m3u . My url is http://gruporemux-live.hls.adaptive.level3.net/hls-live/gruporemux-streamLZORD/_definst_/live.m3u8 . Best Regards !

Hello solodroid:

According to the mail that I sent and the youtube video show me the test on the emulator propiode android studio and ami like everything works me perfect.

The problem is when I generate the apk and try on a real device and several of my radios do not work: 1: /; 2: /;

The problem is not in android studio and your emulator problem me occurs when I test it in a real device. and when I open the previous version (Your Radio App v2.1.2) all radios work perfect to me.

Hi alexto9090,

we have already test it on real device too, all of your sample radio stream url is working fine without any problem when we test it on real device, maybe the problem in your apk file.

how about with our demo apk when it installed in your device? download it again, then, is it can working fine too or there is problem when play the radio stream?

also try to uninstall all your previous app in your device and re install it again with fresh apk file, because we’ve tested many times and have never found a problem as you say.

if you want to discuss with us about this beta version v3, you can contact us by email directly, we need definite results of your testing before we release it on codecanyon officially as a stable version update.


Thanks for the reply and you send an email. Best regards

hii great app does it have startapp add also or not

Hi techshree,

for monetize purpose, this app only integrated with admob, for other ads provider is not available in the default package, it’s possible with customization if you want to integrate with other ads provider e.g : startapp, etc, for more detail, you can contact us by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com



1- I’m having a problem on the <string name=”share_content”> and <string name=”share_title”> I need to get an space in two places, check the bold letters Estoy EscuchandoRADIO NAME Descarga la App Name. Desde este enlace en Google Play Storehttps://play.google.com/<wbr />store/apps/details?id=com.app.<wbr />name   To explain myself better after the I’m listening to I need an space and also after the Play store link URL. Regards,

Hi LMGroup,

you can change the share content manually in the some java files.
1. AdapterListRadio
2. AdapterListRadioByCategory
3. AdapterListRadioFavorite

find this following code :

if you want to add enter space, you can do it by adding \n


Hello SoloDroid,

Thanks for the reply, I did not find exactly how to add the code provided.

when I add \n it goes down to the next line.

After some search I found that adding & amp ; # 160; (without any space) gives me a nice clean space.

Please advice if this code will break anything else.

Thanks for the help.


Hi, we still don’t quite understand you mean about share text content exactly, if you have find the solution, that’s good, if you still have problem, maybe you can contact us by email directly and provide example your share text or content according your wish to us. Thanks

Saya sudah mengganti nama Package dan aplikasi… ketika menginstall 2 aplikasi radio ini dalam satu device kok tidak bisa ya?? hanya satu yang bisa diinstall.

Halo supersuk,

kalau hanya satu yang bisa diinstall, itu tandanya agan belum mengganti package name dengan benar, cara simple mengubah package name silakan lihat contohnya disini : http://prntscr.com/dmx0bc


Hello my friend! Today i received a email from Google Play store team that sound like this “Hello Google Play Developer,

Our records show that your app, Clubbing Radio, with package name com.clubbing.streamradio, currently violates our User Data policy regarding Personal and Sensitive Information.

Policy issue: Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. Your app requests sensitive permissions (e.g. camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or phone) or user data, but does not include a valid privacy policy.

Action required: Include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app’s Store Listing page and within your app. You can find more information in our help center.

Alternatively, you may opt-out of this requirement by removing any requests for sensitive permissions or user data…..... ” In my console they said that i need this permissions:


How shoud look a privacy policy ?

Hi mixfm00,

the new policy from google play and the message applies to all applications in the google play to oblige include a privacy policy on the application which has certain permissions, so, you must have your own privacy policy for your app if you plan to publish it on google play.

for more detail answer, you can visit from this link here.


i have a standard privacy policy for one of my websites. it’s the same thing or I have to mention in the privacy policy of this two permisions : android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE,android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS. ???? Thanks

Hi mixfm00,

you need to create privacy policy especially for your android app and mention it in the privacy policy related with that two permissions.


Hello Solodroid, I like your apps and considering to buy some of them. Do I have to have some acknowledgement in Android Studio or other programing language to modify the apps?

Hi zapito,

thanks for interested with our app, no coding knowledge, all step guide, reskin and app configuration have already explained in the documentation, but, if you want to change the app design or add other features other than described in the documentation, you need to have knowledge in android or related programming language.


Hi ,1)Unable to login demo php its not working pls check it 2)Is it possible to import csv format in bulk of all fields instead of entering one by one 3) front end php is lockable or code can be hidden?like stream url to be secured thanks

Hi pasapura,

1. sorry, our server under maintenance before, but, the login function is working now, you can try it by your self.

2. not possible to import csv format, add, edit or delete content managed from admin panel.

3. there is no frontend side, php code is backend and secret, only administrator who able to login to admin panel, of course stream url also will secured.


Thanks , Can you do custom code development for csv import.

Hi, we can’t do custom code for csv, we think, it’s not possible or hard to implemented. Thanks

mau nanya gan, kalo script php nya di pake dalam 1 hosting untuk beberapa subdomain apakah bisa? saya udah nyoba kalo tk instal di public_html instalanya sukses. dengan pengaturan di include foldernya saya hapus your_radio_app. tapi pas q bikin subdomain lagi dan saya buat difolder berbeda misal folder radiojepang saya sudah buat database ke dua dan sudah sy import file sql di folder db sesuai dokumentasi. namun kok gk bisa ya sy juga udah edit di folder include dengan menambah link yang sudah saya buat yaitu radiojepang. pada bagian subdomain sudah sya setting linknya public_html/radiojepang namun masih belum bisa, yg ke load backgroundnya aja warna biru. mohon bantuannya gan. tapi pas q test domain yang pertama dengan link domainya public_html yang didalamnya langsung sy instal filenya. instalnya sukses. saya masih bingung pake di beberapa subdomainya.

solved, silakan cek emailnya gan untuk detailnya.

makasih banyak gan suportnya,, semoga tambah berkah dan sukses selalu :)

Aamiin, oke gan sama2, tararengkyu, sukses juga buat agan. :)


issu Purchased

Hello, I have been using your old version with one signal notification and has now opted to upgrade to v2.1.2 with firebase .

The google json configuration file generated from firebase console seems to have some errors as it doesnt seem to work out once i replace it with your default one . Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugGoogleServices'.

Do I have to do anything extra than those mentioned in documentation pdf ? Please elaborate how to fix this error


issu Purchased

I did that correctly itself , still the error exists.

One thing I noticed is, your inbuilt google-services.json has more lines of code than the one which gets generated from firebase console after giving my new application ID or package name

Hi issu,

one google-services.json file is for all your app that you’ve create in your firebase project, if you have more than one or a lot of app, of course it has more line of code.

we thinks there is something problem with your project configuration, give us your teamviewer id and password, you can send your detail to our email directly.



issu Purchased

mailed you teamviewer details

I have created an app. i have not yet published in google store. i have installed in my mobile. when i click on rate button, it goes to play store and shows some another radio app. how can I change this link? also how can i change the link for ‘more’ button? thanks in advance.

Hi philipshine,

as default, rate function redirect to google play based on application package name, this is mean you have not change the package name with yours, please read the documentation and following step how to change the package name, rate function will automatically works when your app already published on google play. then, if you want to change the link for more button, go to strings.xml and change the string value with yours, all is explained in the documentation, please read it first.


Hello, are planing an update for this app? and if yes when its gonna be updated? thank you, i will buy after update

Hi express99, we have yet to determine the exact date, maybe next month we will release new update version, in this current version, the app also already running steadily. Thanks


brdn Purchased

Hi would like to make a IOS version of your app?

Hi, we only developer native android app, so, at this time, we don’t have plan to make ios version, probably in future if possible. Thanks