Discussion on Xlsxomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

Discussion on Xlsxomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

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Looks fantastic, does it work with ChatGPT? I have your other plugin and its fantastic and we need something like this, but would we be able to work using CHATGPT with this?

I want to import the info from the spreadsheet but want chat gpt to build an article on it.


Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, you can use this plugin with Aiomatic, it will be able to rewrite or to use the imported content as AI content prompts. Please check also Aiomatic here:

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

I already have Aiomatic, fantastic.

Great work, Szabi.

Also, does this work with FIFU for featured images?


Currently, FIFU is not supported, if you want to get this feature, I can add it as a payed custom update for the plugin. For details, please contact me at

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.


Does this still work and is it still supported?

Is it possible to post with the original post date or a specific date given?

Is it possible to set custom fields for plugins?



Yes, the plugin works and it is supported.

The date of post publication can be used.

Custom fields can be set, imported from the contents of XLSX files.

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

Great Plugin! If you are handy with Google Sheets, Formulas and standard fetch from google sheets, she sky is the limit! However, I have a request or maybe this is already possible and I dont know how to make it work:

Google Sheets can Fetch RSS feeds into Google cells and columns with the following code (for example): ” =ImportFeed(“”, “items”, TRUE, 20) ” Would it be possible to FETCH the content like a post from the link in the google sheet results” For example: Header, Content Image?”

With XLSX Plugin + additional Columns to publish to WP + Fetching the content and/or image, this plugin can “pull” content from for example facebook page share posts. If a FB page user would share a post from another website, without additional text. I hope I kinda explain it correctly. Im trying to “fetch the shared article without text from FB pages

Szabi; is there a way that a image url, imported from a column, will be written from the url to the wp install (my site)?

You mean to copy images locally to your site? No, this is not supported, because the plugin cannot detect which URL is image and which not.

But I will look into this.

Awesome thank you!

Demo didnt upload image from url within the spreadsheet.

Can see test blog here and the settings I used for the test if you access the admin for that test blog.

You should be able to see the uploaded source spreadsheet as well to figure it out.

I’m not sure why the media link didnt automatically convert to a html5 media player. Maybe you can check that out too. According to an article here simply adding a audio url into the post will do.


This seems to be a special streaming audio type, and WordPress does not recognize it as is.

You need to add this to the shortcode witch ads the audio link:

<audio controls=""><source src="%%column3%%"></audio>

Please note that you should replace %column3 % with the correct column ID from where you get the audio URL.


Let me know if it worked.


Thanks for the reply.

I see you have it playing the stream in a player now. And I understand what you are saying about needing to add the additional code in wordpress.

You didnt address my first comment about the uimages not showing that were uploaded from the url listed in the spreadsheet.

Please advise

Also a suggestion for all your plugins would be to add a wysiwyg editor in place for that text area. i.e…

Thanks again


Sorry for missing the first question.

There was an issue with image grabbing, I needed to update the plugin and fix it. I applied the update to the demo also, now featured image grabbing works, please check:

The images are low resolution, this is why they are pixelated.

Regarding images in post content, I used the below settings in the ‘Generated Post Content’ settings field, to get all columns from the XLSX file.

Please note that to get images, I used: <img src="%%column5%%" />

The case is similar here also, images need HTML syntax to be embedded correctly into generated pages.

Full code I used to test this file:

C1: %%column1%%<br /> C2: %%column2%%<br /> C3: <audio controls=""><source src="%%column3%%"></audio><br /> C4: %%column4%%<br /> C5: <img src="%%column5%%" /><br /> C6: %%column6%%<br /> C7: %%column7%%<br /> C8: %%column8%%<br /> C9: %%column9%%<br /> C10: %%column10%%<br /> C11: %%column11%%

Also, thank you for your suggestion, I have noted it, it is a good improvement for functionality of plugins.

Also, note that the demo site should be automatically deleted after a period of time, so if you do not find it any more, please recreate it.


Hello, great idea for a plugin. Been looking for something like this for quite some time. Just one question before I purchase.

In the XLSX sheet could I put custom WP Bakery coding like you would on the Wordpress classic editor so it can be put on for each post/page that I want to create from the spreadsheet?


Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, the plugin will allow you to add custom shortcodes to posts generated by it.

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

hello at Plugin “Xlsxomatic Automatic Post” How to post to Twitter in less than an hour

I understand now. If you wish to make the Xlsxomatic plugin run more often than 1 hour, a custom update is needed for it. Right now, minimum running interval is set to 1 hour.

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

Hello, is it possible to use this plugin with Google Sheets? Thank you. Plugin looks great – as very precise work.


Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, the plugin is able to import content from Google Sheets, if you use the ‘Remote XLSX to Posts’ plugin menu. Please check this video to learn about how to use it:

Also, please try the plugin in it’s live demo, here:

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

Thanks a lot for quick answer – great news. Will go for it!

hi, can i create an xls file with link to images and the plugin will put them in the post? how many columns can i use with this plugin? thanks :)


Yes, the plugin is able to create posts from xlsx files (not xls files!).

You will be able to use any number of columns from the xlsx, also to assign featured images to posts from it.

Please give the plugin a try using it’s live demo, here:

Also, please be sure to check the plugin’s video tutorial here:

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you

Hi please add custom fields options like your gearbest plugin. Thanks


First of all, thank you for your purchase.

I will add this in the next plugin update. I am a bit sick right now, I have fever, but I will try to do this as soon as possible.

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

Thank you. I hope you’ll get better soon


Updated the plugin to v1.0.1, added custom field support. You can find it in rule settings -> ‘Post Custom Fields’

Some more help on it:

Set the custom fields that will be set for generated posts. The syntax for this field is the following: custom_field_name1 => custom_field_value1, custom_field_name2 => custom_field_value2, ... . In custom_field_valueX, you can use shortcodes, same like in post content. Example (without quotes): 'title_custom_field => %%column1%%'. You can use the following shortcodes: %%random_sentence%%, %%random_sentence2%%, %%custom_html%%, %%custom_html2%%, %%column1%% (1st column in the xlsx), %%column2%% (2nd column in the xlsx), %%column3%% (3rd column in the xlsx), %%column4%% (4th column in the xlsx), and so on

Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

PS: IF you enjoy the plugin, please give it a rating, it is really appreciated. :)


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