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Hello, Is it possible to have two admin page with your plugin ? How can I do that ? Thanks

Hi Lenit23

You just have to use a new “id” for your new page.

add_action( 'xbox_init', 'my_admin_page'); function my_admin_page(){ $options = array( 'id' => 'my-admin-page', 'title' => 'My Admin Page', ); $xbox = xbox_new_admin_page( $options ); } add_action( 'xbox_init', 'my_admin_page2'); function my_admin_page2(){ $options = array( 'id' => 'my-admin-page2', 'title' => 'My Admin Page 2', ); $xbox = xbox_new_admin_page( $options ); } http://xboxframework.com/documentation/getting-started/create-admin-pages/

Thank’s for this awesome plugin :)
Xbox is the BEST :)

I rated Xbox :)
I have an important question and I can’t ask it here. Can you give me your email?

Thank you… infomaxlopez[a] Gmail.com

Please check your email.
I sent you an email with this name: Ghaem Omidi

Hi Max

Just found out Xbox this evening. Really wonderful.

Will it be OK when Gutenberg editor comes out?

Any promotion plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? PLEASE…

Hi fopu154.

Gutenberg is still in development, so I still have no intention of adding it.

Maybe in the future when Gutenberg is a project accepted by most users.

Okay, I’ll lower the price a little just for these festive dates :)

Hi Max, I was wondering if this plugin supports Taxonomies options panel ?

I’m sorry but it’s not possible

Nevermind figured it out! :)

I have conditional working – however is there a way to make the fields visible/hidden without having to save changes each time? it would be more user friendly if the fields displayed/hide as you toggle between the enable/disable options before clicking save changes….

also again for the user experience – it would be great if there was a way to reopen the section you was last viewing each time it saves changes as opposed to going back to the first section.

Hope the above makes sense…

Hi What version of the plugin are you using? Give me your email to send an update that possibly solves the problem of show / hide fields by activating / deactivating without saving settings

thanks the file i am using its the one i downloaded off here – ill send you an email today.

email sent

Question is there a way to pull some of the stored variables into a standalone php file within a theme?

reason being is i have a widget configuration file that allows me to control how many widgets to show in various places – all i want to be able to do is pull a number from the theme options into this standalone theme file.

Hope that makes sense

Thanks in advance

see this article:


You can extract the values in these theme files:

index.php, single.php, archive.php,etc