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fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)


Nice work GLWS :)


Great work :-) GL


Looks great! Thanks for purchasing my plugin and 5 star rating :)

You are welcome!

Hi Author,

I’m planning to buy your plugin and would like to check to confirm that it can be use to sort/filter any custom taxonomy such as post tags and categories right?

Best, Alvin

Hi there, I think you have already purchased my plugin.

However it supports custom taxonomies as well including categories and tags so you are on right page.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi. I like the plugin. Great work. But I am having an issue. In order for the list to show up, I have to refresh the page. When I visit the page the first time it only shows the filter at the top, but nothing else at the bottom. I have refresh it and then it shows up. Any thoughts?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

Can you please provide me your website URL and admin details at wpinstinct@gmail.com so that I can see the issue. Also share the page URL where actually it happens.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi, I was wondering if you had a non-wordpress version of this plugin that I can just use the functionality for a glossary page. I like the way when you click on the letter it removes the rest but I need it just in JS and HTML.

Hi there, thanks for approaching me regarding my plugin.

I don’t have any non-wordpress version of the plugin but I can create a custom script specially for you. However I would like to know if you already have a running website with glossaries where you want this feature? If yes then please show it to me through email at wpinstinct@gmail.com

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hi, I just purchased the plugin ….

I placed the short code on a page called “Discover Ingredients”. I have a category called “Discover Ingredients” that has taxonomies (categories?) listed as “apples”, “blueberries” etc. When I go to that page, the glossary seems to be working properly and lists the ingredients. It shows “apples”, etc., but when I click on it (apples), it goes to a page: “http://foodimpastas.com/discover-ingredient/apple/” that shows the featured image. When I click on the image, it goes to another page: “http://foodimpastas.com/apples/”. How can I get it to skip the page w/the image and go straight to the page (http://foodimpastas.com/apples/)

I hope that was clear! Thank you.


Thank you so much for the help - looks like I needed to purchase your other plugin. For anyone who is planning on purchasing either plugin - support is FANTASTIC! The developer really took the time to answer my questions & help me get this plugin working!

Thanks :)


Would this plugin work with https://codecanyon.net/item/web-20-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/6463373?s_rank=1 as we need to have a widget that allows the users to browse the listing alphabetically by first letter. We currently have a plugin doing this on my client’s site http://www.railpro.co.uk/business-directory but this hasn’t been updated in a long time and need to find something else that does this.


James Isles

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

Currently my plugin doesn’t allow to add only alphabets without listing on the same widget but I can think about this feature in near future. However I can customize my plugin for you to work like what you need once you purchase it. Just want to let you know in advance that doing customization will cost you in addition of plugin cost. Contact me at wpinstinct@gmail.com if you are interested further.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

hi i need to show all posts in the index from same category. when i choose category and then add the id of that specific category noting display in the page with shortcode. what i need to do to display in the index all posts from only one category?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I think you should purchase my another plugin for the purpose as this plugin is to list our categories and not posts: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-glossary-encyclopedia-lexicon-knowledge-base-wiki-dictionary/16101768?s_rank=2

You can request a refund for current plugin through CodeCanyon and can purchase another one on the same time.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

I have accepted your refund request. Now you can go ahead with my another glossary plugin purchase from this URL: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-glossary-encyclopedia-lexicon-knowledge-base-wiki-dictionary/16101768?s_rank=2


hi i would like to create an herb index somthing similar to this http://www.americandragon.com/HerbFormulaIndex2.html but using a combination of Hebrew and english. i would like to know if it will work in both languages Hebrew is right to left. thanks Amir

amazing answer

can you please let me know which of your 2 plugins should i buy,

Thanks! It all depends on what exactly you need. You can email me a brief of your requirement at wpinstinct@gmail.com and I will try my best to come up with the best solution for you.


KaungSat Purchased


I have one question for your plugin, Now I am purchase your plugin. I have a little error in this state, can you check the following image: http://naypyitawdrug.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/sample.jpg

I want to cutt of the list result view in home page, can you help me.

Best Regards, Kaung Sat email : naypyitawdrug@gmail.com

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

Sorry but I didn’t get what exact error you are facing. I’ve replied to your email as well. Please check and reply me back.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


leemarr Purchased

just had a peek at the tag page demo …

if a category=X …

will the plugin list (display) all the tags of the X category …


I think we should do a quick chat on Skype or on Hangouts to make the things more clear. My Skype Id is wpinstinct and my hangouts ID is wpinstinct@gmail.com . Thanks!


leemarr Purchased

i was thinking the very same thing …

i’m not sure if i can do this today because and going out and not sure when i’ll be back …

i’m in eastern canada where are you located and when’s a good time for you …

I am from India. You can message me once back and then we can schedule a meeting accordingly. Thanks!

Hello! I have a Problem when i open The Webpage two Times then, is not longer posible to Scroll the Webpage This Problem is only with Firefox after 2. Times Loading the Website , please can You Help: http://plantenunblomen.com/glossar-alphabetisches-woerterverzeichnis/

The Plugin Run on AVADA!

Thanks!!!!! Olaf

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I opened your website on Firefox and Chrome and it loaded fine without any scrolling issue for me. Can you please provide me some screenshots showing what exact issue you are facing? You can email me at wpinstinct@gmail.com

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


It was only a conflict between a TinnyCom. and a second plugin. So what can i say, your plugin Works “FINE” !! :))

Thanks for help!!!

Hi there,

Great! Let me know in case you face any issue with my plugin and I’ll try my best to help you.

Also please leave 5 star ratings for my plugin if you like our plugin and suport.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

very nice!