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gloggn Purchased

oh sorry, i forgot – to delete the sidebar seems not possible within the terms of glossary … i dont need a sidebar, but i couldn’t delete it, thank you for support

Hi there,

I have approved your refund request. Please go ahead with the purchase of my another plguin.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


gloggn Purchased

thany you very very much! great service, regards, michael

Thank you!

Hi I need of your plugin for my website, I check with your demo on “http://wptg.wpinstinct.com/” here search is not there, is there any option to add search bar in top to find the category, and I have to add thumbnail with the list of posts from each posts like eg: Ab (5), Accusantium sunt, clarify this for buying your plugin and integrate to our website. thanks in advance…

Hi there, thanks for showing interest in my plugin.

As you want thumbnails per post in listing, let me confirm that this plugin doesn’t list posts but lists post categories/taxonimies. For posts listing please checkout my another plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-glossary-encyclopedia-lexicon-knowledge-base-wiki-dictionary/16101768 Once you purchase any of these two glossary plugins I can help you on post thumbnails but as it require custom work so it will cost you few additional USD’s for this work.

Regarding search, sorry its not possible with both of glossary plugins. I am planning to add it in near future but its going to take time and I wouldn’t promise you for this at the time.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team


gloggn Purchased

hi, could it be possible to integrate the DIVI builder into your terms (so i would also buy the glossary) to design the terms? regards from austria, michael

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my plugin.

It is not possible to use DIVI builder within terms listing but you can use divi builder to add elements above and below the listing. However you can use custom CSS in your theme’s style.css file in order to make design changes in glossary indexing.

Let me know if you have any further question for me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Need a refund – this plugin does not meet criteria required.

Hi there,

Not an issue, I would be happy to refund in case my plugin doesn’t work for you but before that I would like to know a couple of questions:

1. When did you purchase this plugin?

2. Where does it fail with your website?

While you answer for these questions, at the same time you can send a refund request to me through CodeCanyon’s refund form:  http://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

When you click on a post type in the A-Z is there a way for the link to take you directly to the post rather than run a search of it?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to guide you. This plugin doesn’t show posts under A-Z blocks but shows post categories/taxonomies. When you click on any of the category/term from these blocks, it’s supposed to show all posts for this specific category/term and not a single post.

In case if you are looking to show posts rather post categories then please check my another plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-glossary-encyclopedia-lexicon-knowledge-base-wiki-dictionary/16101768

Please let me know if I didn’t understand what you have tried to explain or you have any further question for me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

I emailed you a few days ago asking a question and still have not heard back yet. I am assuming the Parent ID field is to put in a number so that i can only show data from one category. If that is the case how do i figure out what the ID number is that corresponds with my category?

For example I want an A – Z list of band names from the category Artists. How would i go about doing this?

Seems like you are looking to purchase custom post types from a particular category and not categories itself. If I am correct then you should purchase my another plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-glossary-encyclopedia-lexicon-knowledge-base-wiki-dictionary/16101768

I would be happy to refund you for your current purchase and at same time you can proceed with the purchase of another plugin.


Thank you for your help and now i have the correct one.

You are welcome!

We are creating website, where we are showcasing species over 60,000. Multi level taxonomy with notes. Looking for hierarchical pattern. So, will this plugin support such requirement?

Hi there,

Thanks for showing interest in my plugin. I am not sure how glossary index page should look for hierarchycal pattern as it just shows A-Z filter navigation with terms under it. If you show me any reference website doing this or rough sketch then I can check for the possibilities better.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Why does this plugin load 2 x js scripts and 1 x css on every single page of a website, instead of only on the page where it is called by a shortcode?

I have one glossary on one page of my website, but I’m forced to suffer scripts loading on every single one of the other 1300 pages of my website.

I’ve got numerous other plugins which use shortcodes which only call a script on the relevant pages.

With approx 8000 page views per day x 23kb of taxonomy glossary calls, that’s a lot of bandwidth and some additional load time that every webmaster could do without?

With the development community becoming increasingly conscious of ‘bloat’, could this not be improved?

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to answer your questions.

As you said that why it loads assets on all pages where shortcode is placed only on one page of the website, just think a case where shortcode loads on a website through AJAX or using a custom WordPress filter by which it wouldn’t be possible to render if shortcode is being called on current page or not. Still I like your suggestion and would definitely think for its solution in next version.

For the time if you provide me your website FTP and Admin details then I can fix it by writing a custom code snippet in your current child theme and plugin will still be updateable for future releases.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Doesn’t appear to work with php 7.0?

My host upgraded to 7.0 from 5.6 and now the shortcodes don’t work and my error_log is full of references to this plugin.

I have deleted and reinstalled the plugin but same problem. I’ve had to deactivate again because the errors were slowing down my site, but attached is a screenshot of what is shown where the glossary should have been…


I see that another user had a problem after upgrading to 7.0, did you resolve the issue with them in the end?


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to help you.

From the error log, it seems like your server is missing ”mbstring” extension. It remains there normally for all servers but looks like it has been disabled automatically while you updated your website to PHP 7.x. If you request your hosting support to enable this extension they will do it quickly and plugin will start running fine. In case if you email me cPanel details at wpinstinct@gmail.com then I can try to enable it for you.

Please let me know once you have an update for me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hello! In my website category structure is something like that : Category A -Sub-category A1 -Sub-category A2 —Post 1 —Post 2 -Sub-category A3 and so on…

Category B
  -Sub-category B1
    --Sub-sub Category b1
         --Post 1
          --Post 2
 -Sub-category B2
 -Sub-category B3
Category C

Now I want to display in a page following -Sub-category A1 -Sub-category A2 -Sub-category A3 Sub-sub Category b1 -Sub-category B2 -Sub-category B3

Now, How can I do this? Thanks & regards, Osnak

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. There is no such way to maintain hierarchy of sub level categories and it shows all the categories at same level. If you look into glossary index page layout too, there doesn’t make sense to show sub categories in hierarchy level. Please let me know if you have any further question/concern to discuss with me.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Hello, pre-sale questions please..

I’m after a glossary that:

1) allows A-Z options as well as a number version (to show after the letter Z, at the end).

2) I would like the glossary to default to A on opening, not ALL.

3) I would like to replace the letters at the top of the glossary with images…so instead of A, B, C etc, I would have images of the letters instead.

4) I would like to have the aforementioned images darken on hover

5) I would like to choose the colour of the bar on the glossary (the coloured bar behind the title letter).

6) Do you offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy?

I assume this works by loading a post that is the same name as the letter? Ie a post called A is loaded to show the content for title A?

Thanks – look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to answer for your questions:

1. It allows you to set default series of alphabets and numbers as well as custom set of letters from dashboard.

2. For this it would require some custom work in my plugin.

3. Again some custom work requires in my plugin to show images over alphabets.

4. Okay, shouldn’t be difficult to do once images are in action.

5. For this, few CSS work would be required. You can show me a reference you want and I can help you for it.

6. CodeCanyon doesn’t allow us to give money back guarantee but still if it doesn’t work for you in a way you want then I will surely be happy to refund you,

7. Yes, alphabets connects to first letter of post name/title.

Regarding custom work, I can help you but there it will cost you additonal charges for this work. Email me at wpinstinct@gmail.com if you are looking to discuss it further.

Thanks, WP Instinct Team

Have emailed you, thank you.

Replied to your email, thanks!