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Hi, work with ACF ? TKs.

Hello joaovarela,

Yes. It’s work with ACF and Custom Fields.


hi … acf pro also?

Hello imvish,

Yes, It’s support PRO version. Within 15 min will update third party support in description. We are release this today. So sorry for the inconvenience to you.


Hello, Is possible to copy from a wordpress website to another wordpress website OR the working only in multisites ? Thank you

Hello dweb,

No, It’s not possible to copy from one WordPress site to another WordPress site. It’s working with WordPress Multisites website.

For Ex. www.demo.com is WordPress Multisite and It’s have a more then one sites.

Domain: - www.demo.com - www.demo.us - www.demo.au

Sub Domain: - www.us.demo.com - www.au.demo.com

Sub Directory: - www.demo.com/us/ - www.demo.com/au/


Very nice! Good Job!

Hello kisded,

Thank You :-)

Does this have an auto update and/or copy feature if I want to share all blog posts or a specific category to another domain within multisite?

Hello roguevoice,

No, It’s not auto update. When you save or update post that time you can just click on copy/update button in post bottom of multisite copier section and if you want to copy category then it’s have a advance option to copy category or not. Not just category it’s also copy tags, or custom terms.

SS: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/218836173/screenshots/screenshot-4.png



I want to upgrade to your pro. but – there is something I couldnt make working with your plugin.

I have a post, inside the post I do “Add Media”—it is added as IMG elements into the post with specific URL of the site e.g. XXX.mymultisite.com

now – I want to copy to 2 additional sites in my WP; copy works good BUT when I check the other sites, I see that the images are still pointing to XXX.mymultisite…/1.jpg and not to the current site.

is there anything not correct that I do ? how can it work?

Hi rexy108,

Currently copy/update media which is featured image, ACF Image field in post, page and custom post. In content this is simple copy/update content from one site others sites. If you want by our PRO version than will give a one more additional options to replace content media file path related sites.


Nice product ;)

Thank you :-)

Does this work with Woocommerce in multisite?

Hello SLSOL,

Currently not support WooCommerce.


Hello SLSOL,

We have released WooCommerce Multisite Content Copier plugin and it’s support WooCommerce products to copy/update in multisite. You can review this plugin from our store.

Review Link: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/product/woocommerce-multisite-content-copier/

Thank You

Hello SLSOL,

We have released WooCommerce Multisite Content Copier plugin on Codecanyon. You can review with bellow link:



following scenario: I’m running a multisite with 30 sub-blogs on subdomains. Can your plugin be used to bring all posts from the sub-sites and to the main page? And can it be automated, like check every hour or something like that?


Hello quentro,

Yes, You can bring bulk posts/pages from one site to other sites. it’s not automated and we can provide custom solution as per your requirement like make one cron and it will check the posts/pages to every hour or every day. This will be separate cron which will not affect to this plugin.

Contact Us: http://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/


Hi, I purchased last night and installed – we have a multisite setup with WPML (english / french), is language not taken into account when copying content? We tried copying but no matter what we tried, copied posts did not show up in the destination site. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello mglaesser,

Currently, This plugin is not support with third party WPML plugins. Within a month we will give a support with third WPML plugins.

Can you please provide more details with WPML plugins and version. So, we can help you easily. Contact Us: http://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/



I’ve bought your plugin today but when I try to copy pages/posts etc over too additional sites on my multisite I get random images appearing. Sometimes there are no images and other times the images are random ones from the media area, but not the correct ones.

Kind Regards Alex

Hello alexstills,

Now we have fixed latest ACF image type field issue and we have uploaded the latest zip on codecanyon store. It will take 4-5 day for review. Please send your email details by contact us form if you want now. So we will give you latest zip.

Contact Us: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

Thank You


Just wanted to says thanks for the support. Seems to be working like a dream now. Great effort from you guys.

Cheers Alex

Hello Alex,

Thank you so much.

Hi, I sync some custom post type posts, but the plugin does not associate it to the author, can you help me?

Hello hslaszlo,

Thank you very much for showing your valuable interest in our product.

Sure, please send the site details: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

Thank You

Hello, I’ve got a question before buying. Can the plugin copy over data based on category? For example, can I tell it to copy over all of the posts that are categorized in “category 1”? Or do I have to do it manually per post. Thanks!

Hello anthonymcordo,

Thank you very much for showing your valuable interest in our product.

Currently, This plugin can copy data based on categories and have not individual category selection option. You can see bellow screenshot.

SS: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/218836173/screenshots/screenshot-4.png

For based on your requirement, We can customize plugin and give a specific category selection option. You can see like bellow.

SS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7xM1zYrfd7XWTA5VERBY3RQUVE/view?usp=sharing

Contact Us: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

Please let us know, if you required any additional details/assistance on this.

Thank You


I activated the extension by account I find it nowhere on my dashboard

How to do ?

Thank you

This plugin ( WP Multisite Content Copier )

Hello bharrag2004,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please follow the bellow installation steps:

1. Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’

2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’

3. Upload ‘WP Multisite Content Copier PRO’ plugin zip

4. Activate ‘WP Multisite Content Copier PRO’ plugin

Documentation: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/documentation/wordpress-multisite-content-copier/

Please let us know, if you required any additional details/assistance on this.

Thank You

hello.Can it be used to synch media across site in the network?

Hello nicodweb,

Yes, It’s sync media which is in posts, pages and custom post types.

Let us know if you required more assistance/detail of this.

Thank You

Thanks ! Ok.Their is no way to copy/synch only Media table and folder (i want all my sites using “the same media lib”)

Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types have a option to Copy/Update media.

SS: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/218836173/screenshots/screenshot-4.png

In Media, We can make one add-on plugin for this and sync media in all the sites. Please contact us: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

We are looking forward to your reply.

Thank You

hi Pre sales question can this plugin sync custom post type on two separate domains and installations? for eg. abc.com and xyz.com is two different domains on different server

Hello synergy_networx2014,

Thank you for showing interest in our plugin.

No, This is unfortunately out of scope for the this plugin.

This plugin will help you in WordPress Multisite Network. WordPress Multisite Network providing this Mltidomain functionality to make two different domain in single admin.

More Details: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

We are looking forward to your reply.

Thank You

No Categories We bought this plugin b/c you said it does categories. We have 500 of them – that need to be replicated across 8 sites. WTH?

Hello kcsf,

When you copy/update post, there is one extra option to https://0.s3.envato.com/files/218836173/screenshots/screenshot-4.png ‘copy or update terms’. Checked ‘copy or update terms’ option and copy/update this post in all the 8 sites. You will see copied/updated post with related categories copied.

Let us know if you require more assistance/detail of this.

Thank You