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I have my site/main, then I want to get the news of the site/a and the site/b and site/c and for all the news on the site/main. Does this do it automatically? And is there any version I should run for a few days to test?

Hello dowamp,

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Yes, This plugin do manual process but our another plugin do auto and backed have a option to sub sites to main site auto sync. So this will sync auto sub sites to main site. Please have look bellow plugin

WordPress Multisite Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types Sync Plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-multisite-posts-pages-and-custom-post-types-sync/20143748

Let us know if you required more assistance/details of this.

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Hello, I just bought your puglin. It seems simple and effective. But, it does not copy translations of WPML?


Apologies, As we mention in product description for third-party plugin supported. So WPML is third-party plugin and not support our plugin with it. We can customize our plugin and give a support of this plugin. Let us know about your thoughts and contact us by bellow form.

Contact Us: https://www.obtaininfotech.com/contact-us/

Let us know if any concerns! Thanks

The plugin description says it includes support for the ACF image field, but I’m only seeing the meta information copied, not the actual image attachment. Is this the expected behavior?

Hello spainhower,

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Would you please share temporary WordPress Network admin credential’s with us so that we can look into the issue.

Email address: obtaininfotech@gmail.com

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I tested the plugin again, and was unable to reproduce the behavior that I mentioned above (the image attachment was copied over as expected).

Ok fine!

Hi It’s a presale question. Does your plugin copy /update menu link too ? Best regards

so , that’s mean if I create a new page and new link in a site I can update ( important I juste need to update)them in all the other sites

that means , sorry

If you can create a new page and new link in the site and update them to other sites then it will sync that page with link. But not sync Menu which is in Appearance->Menus.


i can’t find an option to copy media/assets. where it is?

thank you, Christian


There is an extra option for copy or update media in the posts, pages and custom post types.

SS: https://s3.envato.com/files/234615444/screenshots/screenshot-2.png

Let us know if any concerns! Thanks

i want to copy ONLY media/assets, no posts.

Apologies, This plugin will help you to copy/update posts, pages and custom post type posts as we described in the product description.

For ONLY media/assets, We have an another plugin for https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-multisite-media-syncunsync/20257503 and it will sync media.

Let us know if any concerns!


Is this also available for woocommerce products?


Thank you for contacting us.

No, This plugin will help you to copy/update posts, pages, custom post types and users from one site (blog) to the other sites (blogs) in your WordPress Multisite network.

For WooCommerce, Our https://www.obtaininfotech.com/product/woocommerce-multisite-content-copier/ will sync the products.

Let us know if you need more details.



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What about ACF PRO Gallery ?

Apologies, As we described in the product description, “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) PRO: It’s support Text, Text Area, Number, Email, Password, Wysiwyg Editor, Image, File, Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, True / False, Google Map, Date Picker, Color Picker and Message field types”. We can customise this plugin and give a ACF PRO Gallery support. Let us know about your thoughts for customisation.

Hi there I have a multi site i need to copy all the subsite content to multi site is it work for that i’m using custom post type for all site and i want to copy all the post with images, Categories, Categories template, Country, Currency, tags, etc. Whatever the content link to the post i need to copy to main site

Please refer my main site here https://markatdesk.com/ Please refer my sub site here Site 01 https://markatdesk.com/qa/ Please refer my sub site here Site 01 https://markatdesk.com/lk/ Please refer my site post here https://markatdesk.com/qa/ad/good-quality-ladies-watches/

I used one of free plugin it’s not Copy the images i dont know why maybe they don’t have that feature or that is conflict with my other plugin

If it’s happen for your plug in what shell i do will you fix that issue

Thanks and regards. Rafilathif

If yes, Then it will not support.

it’s like normal upload in the frontend uploaded images are processed using WordPress native upload methods.

No, This plugin not support this things.

Hello, one pre-sale question: this plugin can duplicate also the theme. For example if i have a subsite sub1.domain.com can i create a duplicate on sub2.domain.com with theme, products, plugins, etc ?

Just sent an update.


Pre-sale questions:

I tried the free version, there is no sync and attachments aren’t copied. Does the pro version have same problem?

Can I remove a sync relationship in the pro version?

If a post A has an attachment inserted in post content, after copy (with attachment), does the image in post content point to the image in old site or in new site?

If a post A contains a link to post B, both are copied, does the link point to B in old site or B in new site?


Thanks, is it possible to remove a sync relationship on a specific post? For example remove sync on post A, but keep sync on posts B, C, D, ...

Currently, you can not remove the sync relationship but you can unchecked site when click on Copy/Update button.

SS: https://s3.envato.com/files/237458845/screenshots/screenshot-2.png

I see, thank you.

Hello, Does the module work with magic fields 2? And custom fields meta. Thank you.

No, It’s not support magic fields 2 plugin.