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Hello i have a requirements i need and dont know if this a plugin that suit my needs :

the site will have a lots of authors and registered member

i want give admin area for Author and Registered Member FRONT END, mean only administrator is allow access backend dashboard of WP

and since they have admin area from Front End,i can install any plugin and i can control which plugin show on front end, such:

- buddypress do, Authors can manage post that they created, and analytics post they have.

- analtytics post, so author can see the metric of post performance

is this plugin able to do that ?

It will not support.



jhweb Purchased

Can I as administrator edit/modify users profiles?

The administrator can edit most of the profile fields from admin dashboard.



jhweb Purchased

Thanks, but can I edit a specific profile for example member X has added some text to his profile that is not allowed. Can I edit that particular profile to remove the offending text? I can’t see anywhere in the dashboard to do this.

Please go wp-admin dashboard-> Users-> Edit user


hi,does this plugin have short codes to hide content..

No, The plugin has role base setting for hiding content.


Hello, - 1) is your plugin compatible with the theme Enfold ?

-2) s it possible to remove links in the sidebar of the profile: the new post link and all the posts and to add others personalized ?

- 3)I want to use your plugin just for the profile page is it possible to override the public profile pages and user directory?

- 4)I want to use membership payments with stripe is what the user’s payment information gets into my stripe account when paying for membership?

-5) In your demo profile I do not see the payment information of the user’s credit card there is just the information on the billing address. Is the user able to modify his credit card information in his profile in the event of a new bank card?

thank you for your reply .

1. Yes.

2. No.

3. You need to edit template file.

4. Yes.

5. Plugin does not save any card info on your site.


I want to use your plugin membership not for a blog but for a site booking how then I do if I do not need the link: all posts and new post to suprimer them there is no possibility to modify The pattern of the profile page at the link level by adding a class and a display: none?

And then is it possible to add custom fields and suprimmer them in the personal info?


Presales question: I’m looking to setup a digital content store where companies can buy articles and guides. Can your plugin be used with WooCommerce to create multiple subscription packages in which people can download a set number of articles (i.e., products within a specific category)? Example: bronze package is download any 4 articles/month in a category for $99/month, Silver is download 10 for $199/mo, and Gold is unlimited for $299. or buy just 1 at the regular price. Is this possible with your plugin?

No, it will not support woocommerce.


Hello, I am interested in your plugin but I have two types of members who can register on the site:

1) is it possible to change the “create an account” link to redirect to another page than the price table?

2) is your profile page valid for all users who sign up on the site or for only users who subscribe to a membership?

3) I would like your profile page to be visible only for a user role is this possible?

thank you

1. Yes.

2. profile page is valid for all users who sign up on the site.



Hello, I have emailed you multiple times with no response about having issues with page restrictions. Please Advise.

It just stopped working again and I don’t know why, can you please tell me a solution to prevent the from happening, I have not do any is it a plugin conflict or something Please advise.

can you advise on the issue to prevent this from happening again. is it a plugin conflict or can some php code be added in the code to protect my page? what is a solid workaround for this issue?

Please check email.



I am looking for a solution to let my user - register and post ads (e.g., I am willing to clean your house for 24$) - users can post 1 ad for free (including description/fees/availablity, picture, etc..) - users needs to pay a premium / year to post more than one ad

On the other side clients may - watch all ads from users - will have to register to contact them (internal chat)

Do you think your solution may be the right one as standalone – do you recommend plugins or any customization ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards,

Hi there,

Is there a way to add sub-categories? For example, I have members who provide differents type of services. The online users needs to search by these services ( diving, scuba, school, Store). At the same time a member should be able to define these services while registering? can your plug in do that?

No, You can use the plugin for add custom post type : https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui/


Hi There,

I have created some packages. I need these packages to be listed in English and French based on the language the member choose. Where do I go to do that? Thanks,

You need to instal WPML plugin, Please check the page : http://plugin-wpmembership.compatibility.wpml.org/es/iv-membership-price-table/


Hi. After entering all the informations concerning Stripe (API LIVE & TEST). Nothing working.

You can contact me on benjamin.mico@samostylegroup.com +33640568704

Please change the payment gateway -> Stripe -> PayPal -> Stripe.

Stripe needs plan before recurring payment. You created package then the payment gateway was PayPal. When you will change the payment gateway then the plugin will check the plan on Stripe.com account and create plan.

If you get any issue then send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com


Hey guys!

Love the plugin. Only issue I have is when I go to cancel under the account settings its blank. How to do I fix this?’

Please help asap.

Thank you,


Only auto recurring payment user will see the cancel button.



I need the ability to integrate another Payment Gateway inparticular this – http://www.securetrading.com/

Is this possible? They have an API doc.

Many Thanks

Sorry, It will not support.


Hi I have downloaded the free plugin of wp members and am trying out the login on my website. Right now it works perfectly but in your demo (http://plugin-wpmembership.compatibility.wpml.org/iv-user-login/) you have a forget password link that brings you to a new page that just shows entering your email address to reset the password.

In the free plugin, it doesn’t seem to show that. Instead I created a page for forget password and inserted the shortcode [wpmem_form password]. It displays the username and email required to reset the password. I have also put the shortcode [wpmem_form forgot_username] on another page but that will only retrieve the username and then I would have to go through the forget password page again which I have to put the username and email.

Is the function for just showing the email address in your paid plugin? Or am I missing a shortcode here?

nvm this is the wrong plugin I used

Hi I just purchased this plugin but I have encountered a blocker. I have two languages (eng + ita). The login shortcode [iv_membership_login] is on both login pages of eng and ita. Now when I log into the ita page I am directed back to the english user page. Please guide me on how to stay on the same wpml language page.

The login shortcode is the same on both pages and I have a redirect placed to go to the user profile page but it goes to english for both. Is there a way to redirect each individual language to their user language page?

I do not have a pricing table either. Basically using your plugin for just the login purpose with wpml. When user logs in they are redirected to another page but right now both eng and ita go to eng page. The setting in your plugin Page redirect I changed User My Account Page Redirect to any page but it will go to eng only.

Please send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com


Hello, I want to integrate my Affiliate system with your plugin.

I want to confirm a few questions that

1. does your plugin provide any hook on order completion or on order placed? 2. does your plugin record custom IP in order details? like WooCommerce?

Thank you.

No. It will not support.


does it support for custom taxonomy like “User Post Custom Fields” ?


andy329 Purchased


When users sign up through WP Membership’s registration, they aren’t getting properly assigned to the membership plan they signed up for.

It looks like the plugin generated roles for every membership available, as well as a “basic” role (rather than admin, author, editor, subscriber, etc.)

Instead, they are signed up into a “basic” role, no matter what role they choose.

I have deactivated all other registration/user management related plugins that might interfere. So far, the issue with users wrong roles still persists.

Please let me know if you can help me resolve this issue! Your plugin has the core functionality that we need, and just want it to work properly.


Wp-membership plugin works with it’s own user role. Package will create new user role. You can use the plugin with all plugin for the use role. You can use the “user role editor” plugin for edit user access and permission : https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/

Would you tell me what is the issue for new user role?


If someone subscribes for a trial (30-day), then the plugin will automatically charge the subscription cost (for example 6 months)? and after 6 months the plugin will automatically charge another subscription for another 6 months?

Yes. Thanks