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Hello, i just did that without any reaction.

Please send your site admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com



We have noticed that on the membership registration, the system has automatically send us an email notification along with the login details.

We want to send the welcome message once the user is done with the payment process, would that be possible? I know it is.. but I cant find it in the plugin setting.

I would appreciate any help.


The Wp-membership will send 4 emails

1) User will get a Welcome email.

2) Admin will get a Welcome email.

3)User will get an order email

4) Admin will get an order email.



I know you have a mailchimp integration for the plugin. We want to it in different way if its possible.

So basically, we have 6 packages on the membership. We want to have an individual list for each packages. But the thing is your plugin only allow ONE list at the moment.

I would like to ask if you have any add on plugin for so the user email will go or store to the list according to their package?

I hope that make sense.

Thank you.

The plugin supports one mailchimp list.



I’m looking for a plugin for my customer ( a lawyer ) Their new clients can make an account. The lawyer can write the progression about their case in their account. The client can login and see this progression.

Is this possible?

Thank you much.



Thanks for your interest. No. It will not possible.

Hi, is fully compatible with theme Betheme and Muffing Group Editor?, i need restrict content, menu, widgets and attachments, i can upload attach files to private post or pages with this plugin?

Thanks for your interest.

Yes. If you add/edit post from wp-admin dashboard then all will support.

Thanks again

Hi – looks like

a) your demo admin site “doesn’t work” – i.e. no menu options for controlling the membership plugin + there’s a filed WP Core update, and

b) Either your plugin, or your site is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting which someone has “kindly” demonstrated by injecting the user demo account with XSS checks.

You might want to get those sorted


Please check again.

Thanks for sharing

Does this allow for creating packages by which users can purchase a set number of posts they can add to the site?

  1. Right, I’ve already done that I set it to 1 but the user is allowed to create more than that I tested up to 3 total, never saw a notice on the front end when adding the posts after the first was one created..
  2. Ok, that works but refer to the above I didn’t receive one.

3. Also set the package to expire after 1 day and that particular users posts didn’t expire with it or go into pending, or is that not a function of the plugin?

Side note when you go to downgrade from a paid package to a free one it still requires a credit card.

3. It will not support.

4. If you use “Stripe” then it requires a credit card info. If you use PayPal then user downgrade without payment.


Would it be possible for you/me to add a payment gateway for Paybox – http://www1.paybox.com/?lang=en

It will not support. Thanks

Shame, could it be done via Woocommerce integration?


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I don’t want any members who have subscribed to my pay-for-access packages on my site to see any other members and I don’t really want a public profile page for each member. I don’t see a way to disable or ‘turn off’ these features. Can I?

This is a page. You can delete the pages from wp-admin dashboard -> Pages “User Directory”, “Profile Public”



cancrime Purchased

Thanks for the prompt response