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Oh, and 2 more things:

1: Why have a thank you page with log-in? I mean – if they just gave password and all, then they would be logged in automatically, no?

2. I have a “member restricted page” which I was very happy about. With more call to action and why you should become a member etc. But with this new plug-in of yours, I am limited to one line of text only, which is not likely to convert any non-members. I would be happy if you could somehow show me how to redirect to a different page in ChildTheme or something like that.


I get this error when I try and register a user: User has created. But Security header is not valid

You are trying to register a user by a paid package. Please add PayPal or Stripe API keys.


Urgent! Please: When creating a new user-role, you DO write the name of it. I have created one called 1 Year Subscription, which I later changed to 1_year_subscription, but nothing works.

Can you provide me the key for it? When I upload the user_role BASIC it works just fine. But regardless if I go like 1_year_subscription, 1-year-subscription, 1 year subscription or anything I try, it will not accept :(

So help me please

I found the error… It stated the role as NONE. But I found in the top of the user panel, that their was users given the FULL YEAR role. So I had to mark all the users with NONE and then batch-change them to FULL YEAR role. Then it worked. But must be a bug, I believe..?

Your refund request under process.

Found following issues too:

My CSS changes obviously only works if using !important;. However, on the “my account-page” you use !importat; yourself, so I cannot overwrite your settings.

Also I find that the site is loading really slow, step by step. It seems like as if there is some load-error? I also experienced a load error a couple of times. The 504 gateway error. I dont know though if it is due to the PayPal info not being entered yet. But again it should not kill the entire site…

Any feedback??

Suggestion: I was sorry to see that you dont offer a base-membership price. Meaning, hour customers pay 50 for sign up and 50 for the first year. That is 100 total. But it looks very expensive. Other plug-ins of this kind offer to display e.g. only the yearly price and then the 50 sign up is listed in the description or so. And also they offer to display the cheapest day or month-price. Right now I am affraid that it is not clear to the user that 50% of the price is for the sign up fee only. Unless ofcourse that your plug-in charges the first year automatically. But I understand the initial price to be membership price + the first year. Am I right or wrong?

also I found this error (I believe).

I, as administrator, is set up with First name and Surname in Wordpress Userfields.

However, if I go to my account details (using your plug-in) I get empty spaces only. But when going to SHIPPING details I get JOHN DOE and some random text. I hope all the other users will not experience to see this random text?

And also, are you not using the basic WooCommerce check-out structure? Cos I have disabled shipping totally and removed some fields for check out + added TimeZone. But it seems like your plug-in lives its own life? These requrements are dead important.

Thanks Peter

hi, this plugin support all payment method from woo comerce?

Thanks for your interest.

No, It will support only PayPal & Stripe.

Thanks again

Hello, pre-sale question. Is it possible to set a membership expiration by an actual duration of time from when they register? I’m looking to allow 1 hour per registration and then they can extend after the hour. Is this possible or is the lowest value 1 day? thx!!

Thanks for your interest.

The lowest value is 1 day.

1. Is it possible to have more than 3 sign up options? For example: Individual / Family / Student / Junior – all with different rates.

2. Can I add fields for the Family sign up? So the end-user can sign up 4 different users?

Thanks in advance!

1. You can create package e.g Individual / Family / Student / Junior – all with different rates.

2. No. Please check http://e-plugin.com/membership/faq/ -> Add Registration Fields


I received this plugin by way of a theme I purchased here in themeforest. Sadly I can no longer contact the theme owners for support. I have what I assume is a basic question about this plugin. I only use this membership plugin on this theme and wonder if I can pay to extend to extend support without having to pay for another copy of the plugin?

Any responses appreciated

What exactly am I submitting?

As stated these guys are not responding to emails and their ticketing system throws me a warning that my license has expired and won’t allow me to create the ticket. So are you saying that I have to get support from the theme developer and therefore cannot purchase the license?

If you want our support then you need to purchase the plugin.


I installed WP Membership on a site that is using WPML for Englsh and Spanish. However, we are having an issue with compatibility – when a change is made to the WP Membership settings for one language, it causes the settings for the other language to reset. So, for example, when I update the protected page settings for the English site, the Spanish site settings reset and the majority of the pages for that site become inaccessible unless the user is signed in. How do I fix it?

The site is using the latest version of Wordpress and is runnng the Divi theme which has been updated to the latest version as well.

How do I disable the Protected page module?

Go wp-admin-> wp membership-> settings -> protected page -> show all

That’s what i was trying to do, as stated in my original post. When I do this do this for one language, it causes the settings for the other to reset!

Very cool! Good luck!


Hello, Can I use €uros than dollars with your plugin ? thank you

Thanks for your interest.

Yes, You can use any PayPal & Stripe supported currency.



masmak Purchased

Hi. I have one problem. I have to make one page look different for two roles. How to operate or maybe do redirections using user roles? I tried looking in database but I couldnt find it. Thanks in advance :)

Sorry, I’m not clear about the issue.

Would you please send a screenshot to the email address : aktar567@gmail.com ?


Hi…I’m working on an EGG DONORS membership website (A place where parents find egg donors). Can you tell me if your plugin is a good fit for the functions described below:

It will be for two types of visitors/members: 1. Egg Donors and 2. Parents .

For the egg donor it should collect registration information and images then display it as a profile after admin approval (e-mail notification). It should also allow for user profile editing (similar to a dating website profile). Egg donors will not have to pay for memberships.

For the parent it should be a simple registration, NO PROFILE, then payment processing for 3 member levels (1month 2months 3months) and access to search the profiles with search-filters by any given category such as age, race, education, etc.

Profile pages will be restricted from public view.

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest. No. The plugin does not support the feature.