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winc4 Purchased

The donation is blocked by AdBlock, so many people wouldn’t see the donation button. Maybe it’s because you add this prefix to all classes “ads” for example “ads_modal”, “ads_bootstraped” and so on.

Done, we just sent the new update to codecanyon, it will be available in a few days.


winc4 Purchased

Thank you :)

Done, the update is now online, you can download it from https://codecanyon.net/downloads
Feel free to contact us from the support page if the problem persists, we will debug it .

there is a blank settings page when you work on it on chrome, also the actual slide bar doesn’t work on mobile. is there an update coming soon?

Please contact us from the support page sending us a temporary access to the backend, we will debug it .

I sent you guys a message, thank you


mdshak77 Author Team

Hello, Thanks for contacting. We will look into this and reply back to you soon.

Hello, can this plugin handle Gift Aid in UK? As I can read in the comments the recurring payment is now available, right? Tx

1. No, sorry, there is no this specific option currently. I note the idea.
2. Yes, it can make recurring payment (with paypal or Stripe) .

Hello) Is all donat’s com to the account paypal, yes?) just write card Number?)

what additions to the plug-in do you need? Or this zip all what i need?

if my сustomers have currency нryvnia in they card, no dollars?

You don’t need any other plugin .
You can find all currencies supported by Stripe here : https://support.stripe.com/questions/which-currencies-does-stripe-support
And the currencies supported by Paypal here : https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/mass-pay/integration-guide/currency_codes/

Is it possible to integrate with woocommerce to use the form of payment already available on my site?

No, sorry, there is no this option currently.

Pre-purchase question. Can his be used in sidebar widget?

No, sorry, there is no such option currently. Thank you for the suggestion.

Thanks for the reply. If I were able to use this in a widget, I would purchase it.

Hi, could you tell me if there is the recurring donation ? IF yes can you show me how it’s work please and how work extension ? Thanks

Hi there,

Yes, you can make the recurring payment through Paypal and Stripe.

Hi there, is it possible to have different donation “campaigns”? We are 5 people using the same PayPal account and each of us want to have “his own donation” page. So I would need to set up 5 different “campaigns” submitting 5 different types of “purpose” or “reference” showing up in the PayPay account. Is this possible?

Thanks again. Will buy now! :-)

Ok just bought the plugin. How do I import the example data? It’s not working with the function “import donations”. How do I do it? Can’t find further information in the documentation, sorry.


mdshak77 Author Team

Hi there, Thanks for contacting. Please contact through the support page of plugin with temporary backend acsess. We will help you.

Hi, where can I add my return URL? The URL that will be shown after the PayPal payment has been processed. But where can I define it? It’s really important that donators get “succeed” message on the website…

Currently the user returns to the same page (the one where is the donation) after paypal payment . I note the request for a such option, thank you.
You can customize the return url by adding this line in the file includes/ads-core.php, at line 283 (just after the “}”) :
$urlReturn = "http://www.yourPageHere.html";
If you prefer, you can contact me from the support page sending me the wanted url, I will do it directly .

It’s working perfect! Thank you man! Your support is phenomenal good!


Rickeo Purchased

Hi, I’ve changed the currency to £ in both the first page settings and under the stripe settings, selected British Pound.

It displays correctly on the web page


But when you click the pay button and the stripe box pops up it shows in $ not £, yet if you actually pay with a card it does pay in the correct currency.

It’s a visual error on the Stripe payment box, is there any way to fix this?


mdshak77 Author Team


Thank you for reporting !
I found and fixed the mentioned issue. I’m going to send the update to codecanyon. Feel free to contact me from the support page, I will send you the update immediately .