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Discussion on WP Virtual Assistant

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Hello! I have a few questions: 1. Can I place an assistant anywhere on the page? Is this provided by the plugin functionality? 2. Can the assistant be on one page at the bottom, on another page in another place?

1. It can be displayed in the bottom left corner or in the bottom right corner of the screen.
2. No, sorry, the position is set for the assistant itself, it can’t be modified depending on the page.

Dear reader.. is it already possible to combine the data filled in by interaction id with the redirect option? i think it really should be a out of the box function.. i can ask someone else to fix this at our company. but it would benefit much more people if you can include this.

I really like the concept of the plugin and think it is really neat! but it lacks some basic features.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can add the “Send past interactions as post variables” action and the “Redirection” action in a same step .

In questa versione è possibile creare “categorie” di assistente virtuale? in modo da creare diversi percorsi da associare/richiamare ad ogni pagina… abbiamo dei percorsi molto complessi e fare tutto in unica interfaccia admin diventa pesante, vorremo dividere in più categorie che vegono richiamate in base alla pagina senza usare il CSS

No, sorry, there is only one assistant, but you can add a blank step as start step then use the links conditions to call the correct next step depending on the current URL, to use different steps depending on the start page .

Il problema non è quello, il problema è che abbiamo un percorso veramente articolato e lungo e fare tutto in unica pagina si appesantisce e spesso manda in crash le risorse locali. Abbiamo ovviato facendo un installazione multisite e installando il plugin su ogni interfaccia/sito del multisite, però speravo aveste pensato in questo tempo a creare delle “categorie” che avrebbero risolto il problema di una gestione complessa come questa…. ho visto che anche altri hanno chiesto qualcosa di simile e che avete sempre risposto di gestire tramite CSS o tramite URL… potete iniziare a valutare un aggiornamento che permette la creazione di più percorsi in base a delle categorie e che, se possibile, vengano richiamati tramite TAG nelle singile pagine? (è un suggerimento, oppure se avete gia qualcosa di simile fatemi sapere)

Ok, I note the suggestion, thank you for the feedback.

Hey I’m interested in buying the plugin

Can you add a feature that allows you to add audio files to the text? Then it will be possible to use Voiceover. Can be very cool

It in’t planned currently, but I note the idea, thank you !

Cool, I will purchase the script when you add the feature.

Thank you !!

I found it


Will it be possible to import an existing database of questions & answers? Like a FAQ sheet of sorts. If yes, are there any specific formatting requirements for the questions & answers?

No, sorry, there is no specific option to do that currently, the steps must be created directly from the plugin backend.

Hi, I’d like to show the avatar on all pages (even pages and posts) except one. I used this code :

body:not(.page-id-1):not(.page-id-14) .iaa_avatarContainer { display :none !important; }

It works well for pages but not for posts. Is there a specific thing to add ?

Thank you. Here is the rule to use :
body.postid-1107 .iaa_avatarContainer { display :none !important; }
Is it ok ?

Perfect ! Thank you very much for the help and the plugin.

You are welcome :)

Hello i have few question related to plugin

1) Can We Show WP Virtual Assistant Only for Logged User

2) Can we show page specific instructions – for instance men’s category page should only show text related to men’s category

3) We want to activate the avatar once, if it is closed it should not appear again unless we specifically click on it again.

4) We want to show the whole process once – it should be automated. This should be available to view once we click on it.

1. You can add this rule to the “Custom CSS” option of your theme to do that :
body:not(.logged-in) #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer { 
  display: none !important;
2. Yes, you can use the condition “If the current url is X” on the wanted link to call steps only on a specific page.
3. When the option “Hide assistant on close” is disabled, the bubble is closed when the cross icon is clicked, and is displayed again when the user clicks the assistant .
4. I am not sure to well understand this question. Please can you explain more ?

Thanks for the Quick Reply

3. Yeah it works but after Page Load or Page Change it comes again

4) Automatic Guided Tour only once (if All Steps are complete then Popup we will be close. only open again if you click on the avatar. Right Now after Last Steps, it comes again and again on Load or Page Change)

Ah no, sorry, there is no specific option to do that currently. You can choose to fully hide the assistant when it is closed or finished, but not only the bubble. I note the suggestion, thank you.

may I ask what exactly changed in your new version, I do not see a change log

I simply re-uploaded the preview video, as requested in the comment above this one.

video tutorial is gone. I dont see a video preview anymore

Thank you, the video should be online now .

Hi. I have purchased product and i have created my self avatar. I just see that on “load” (when loading the web page), I see a flash in the background of I don’t know what (I’m using transparent PNG images). Do you know how can I get rid of this annoying blinking on loading? I think it may be the image format used, right? I cannot use JPEG because it would break the design of the site (the background must be transparent).

Also, when I go to the administration interface: there is like a bug: 1 / ca ram and 2 / the texts to help are found on a high line (therefore illegible) and the website lags a lot and dangerously when I am in the administration interface.

I am using a VM with 8GB of ram. I suspect a problem with javascript … (I am under ubuntu 20.04 LTS).

I specify that I do not encounter any other problem with my some other plugins and that I have never used my purchased license to ask the question.

It would therefore be nice to give me an answer or a semblance of an answer so that I can overcome the problem I am encountering: especially the rendering on the client side.

Thank you in advance for your understanding (I’m not here to bother you).

Please: do not answer blindly: contact support and gnagnagna … thank you in advance (I imagine that I must not be the only one to notice these 2 major problems).

Thank you. in waiting mode for a sympathetic and helpful response. biz

Sorry, but the normal way for support requests is to contact me from the support page of the plugin, sending me a temporary access to the backend, to allow me to debug it :

I have purchased this is the download that I have access to the newest considering my support has expired thanks waiting a very long time for an update and should be in all fairness

looks like the updaaaate is included thanks! amazing woek!

Thank you :)

I noticed several people asking if this could be embedded in a page, say a FAQ page or a Meet the Team (multiple instances). Has this been added to the roadmap?

If you need to create a FAQ page in the page content, I recommend you this plugin : . It has the same powerful conditional system to creates powerful F.A.Q. I note your suggestion, thank you !

is it possible to collect emails with this tool?

Yes, the values filled in the fields can be sent by email or as POST variables to a specific page, allowing you to collect this data by using PHP.


On the WP A.I Assistant Item Details page there are pictures of 15 different avatars. Are all of the 15 avatar characters included with the purchase of WP A.I Assistant?

Thank you.

Yes, all these characters are included.

Hi there,

1. I like your plugin, however, I just want to make sure if it will work with the latest WP version as well as with the PHP 8.0 on my cPanel?

2. Also, I noticed the plugin hasn’t been updated for more than a year. Will you update it soon and if yes, when exactly?

Thank you.

Best, Brando

1. Yes, it works with PHP 8.0 and the last WP version.
2. The last update was sent today. It adds the possibility to use several interactions shortcodes in the content of the steps . There is no other specific update planned currently .

Thank you for your fast reply!

3. Can I define assistant to show to only some user roles?

4. Will you add an option to create and manage multiple assistant per user role maybe?

These options aren’t planned for now, but I note the suggestion, thank you !


As the WP A.I Assistant is talking I would like to have prerecorded audio playing so that my website visitors could also hear what the virtual assistant is saying. How can this be achieved? Could you please recommend some possible ways to achieve this? Thank you.

Is it possible to have one WP A.I Assistant on the home page of my website configured with dialogue that I want to have on the home page and also have an additional WP A.I Assistant on a different page of the same website and have it configured with completely different dialogue? And could they be two different avatars on the two different pages, one of the avatars a woman and on the other page a man? Thank you.

No, sorry, there is no such options currently. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, can this plugin works adding a bit of explanation between steps?

You can freely manage the steps of the assistant, and show custom text in the wanted ones.

Does the custom avatar feature work? I’ve tried to add one but doesn’t work.

You simply need to set the option “Use default avatar system” to “No” then upload your own image in the option “Avatar Picture” to use your own avatar. You can also add a custom mouth sprite in the option “Speaking mouth Picture” and position it on the image preview. This mouth sprite will be displayed when the assistant is talking.


Most of my quations where already answert here. The “Ai” does not fit my needs. You should think about adding the following features (maybe as an seperate addon or a higher price):

- Distingues if the user is logged in or not (Frontend) - Read specific fields from the database by user ID if the user is logged in. (so the bot can say names, and make INTELLIGENT decisions where to guide the user) - The bot needs a “go away” cookie which is set and can be reverted by klicking a link (i already saw there is a snippid for this. - Making a stand alone Version of it, so it works for external sites too. (i use wordpress as a portal which links to other software)

Kind regards Patrick

Ah yes, sorry, the solution is to enable the option “Disable initial text” in the plugin settings, then fill the introduction text in the first step, and add a button to allow the user to call the next step. Thank you for the ideas.

Hey loopus, sorry for asking so many questions, maybe the tool is just not for me… I hava a bunch of sites ehre i could use it and i also have 3 flat visual chat licences which works great for me… Anyways, here is my problem:

the rule works, as long as it goes to but i would have to redo this for each subpage, which is not feasable i tryed with* to awake the ai on each subpage whcih does not work :(

the second marked rule where i check for the homepage does not work at all. :(

The flow visuallisation is rly a good idea but its also kind of slow and it seems like there are many options and equasions missing.

If we cant find a solution ill have to cut my losses and stop working on this, as it costs a lot of time, maybe its just for way simpler projects than mine is.

kind regards Patrick

Please contact me from the support page of the plugin, I will check it :

Hello, do you have a version of this A.I assistant that is not WP plugin, rather as a standalone PHP version?

No, sorry, there is no PHP standalone version planned currently.


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