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Hello, Where Can I see the changelog ?

There is no changelog currently, sorry. The last update simply fixed some possible issues with PHP7 .

Is there a non wordpress version?

No, sorry, there is no php standalone version of this plugin .

okay… also, can i use the demo on another wordpress website, other than an e commerce website used in the demo?

You can use this plugin on any wordpress website and create a similar assistant in a few minutes by using the visual backend tool.

Hello, is the latest version the 2.5.98? How is it possible to update the plugin? Is there an automated way to do it?

Yes, the last version is 2.5.98. You can apply the update by downloading it from the downloads page ( https://codecanyon.net/downloads ) then replace the plugin files from ftp .


I bought your product a long time ago but never installed or used it.

I was wondering if the assistant can redirect a user from site.com to a sub-website from the multisite network like site1.site.com and continue the logic assistance pointing to informations or different sections of the page.

I’m sure it can’t redirect the user to a different website… however can it open a new tab for the user?

Thank you!

Thank you!

A few more questions if I may…

1. Can the assistant be placed on the left side of the screen?

2. If I purchase another illustration from GraphicRiver can I also animate the assistant’s mouth? I suppose I’ll have to export 2 different PNGs but the script knows when to alter the images in order to have the same effect you used in your demo where your assistant moves her mouth when she give a reply?

3. Can the assistant be places only on some of the pages (not all)?

4. I saw in another product purchased from you (I think it’s the virtual tour plugin) that I can use a button (trigger) to start the tour. Can I do the same with the assistant? Press a button to start it?

5. Can I have different assistants on different pages? I found a product on graphic rider and I can change the character’s clothes and overall look, so I can have the same character dressed like a lawyer for the terms & conditions page and dressed like a scientist for the request a quote page… or even dressed like a handyman / handywoman :)) for the support page on my website.

6. I saw that even if I press the X when the assistant asks me “Need help ?”, the avatar still doesn’t go away. I think that there should be a button so visitors can close the assistant for good as it can obstruct view of the website. Also this should be “remembered” in cache and the assistant should reappear after x-time interval.

Thank you!

1. Yes, you will find the position option in the settings panel of the plugin
2. Yes, you will find an option to load and position the mouth image in the settings panel. The plugin will automatically animate it .
3. It can be done by using this css rule in the “Custom CSS” option of your theme (here it will be displayed on the pages with ID 1 and 14 only) :
body:not(.page-id-1) #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer,
body:not(.page-id-14) #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer { 
  display :none !important; 
4.You can hide it using a css rule :
.iaa_avatarContainer { display: none; }
And use this js code on a button to show it :
<a href="javascript:" onclick="jQuery('.iaa_avatarContainer').fadeIn();">My button</a>
5. No, sorry, there only one assistant per website
6. You can activate the option “Hide assistant on close” in the settings to do that .

Thank you so much for your time!

Great reply!

We are using another live chat. Can we transfer when customer select live chat and get their JS code to run?

No, sorry, it would require to customize the js code .

hello, presales question…. can i use this plugin to also get customer feedback or maybe collect data that would help me know what item is popular, etc … if i use the plugin in an e-commerce website, just like in the example

The assistant can collect the answers of the user and send them by email or as $_POST variables to a specific url . But there is no specific feature to store and view the collected informations directly on the backend .

thank you for your response… i would like the data sent as $_post…that way, you can manipulate data and do other stuff with it… is this feature available?

Yes, there is an action “Send interactions to url” to do that. It will send all the customer’s answers to the target url in a POST array named “interactions” . You can create a php script to read this array and use the data .

where is your documentation?

The documentation can be found in the main zip package file of the plugin.


I’m a happy client of your other plugin WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder. Thanks for that.

I’d like to know if we can, with this plugin, do something like this: https://www.mdcalc.com/tnm-staging-melanoma#next-steps

We want a “calculator” that can display diferent messages. If clicked in some diferent options, the message change.

Can this plugin do that?

Also, can we display the message in a page, instead with an avatar?

Alas no, sorry, I am not currently available as freelance, but if you need a specialized team to develop such customizations, I can recommend this one : https://wpkraken.io/?ref=loopus .


One final question if I may: Can we swap the image with a girl/boy with other with specific dimentions? For example, a rectanguel with a image that is button-like for people to click in?


Yes, you can change the image directly from the settings panel. The default size is 128×128px, but you can force the size by using this rule in the “Custom CSS” option of the theme :
#iaa_avatarPreviewContainer {
    width: 130px !important;
    height: 60px !important;
You can also adjust the bubble position with this rule :
#iaa_talkBubble { 
    bottom: 90px !important;

hey is it possible to get serch results insted of a product?

Yes, you can choose to call a specific url (like the search one) depending on the answers of the user .