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can i use this plugin to get a cost estimation?

No, sorry, there is no such option.

I have a presale question
Where can I find online instructions for plugin? I want to read about all its functionality and understand – it suits me or not.
And another question.
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check after updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your product on my localsite and on a real site with one purchase code?
Will I be available all the features without entering a key in the localsite? (except auto-update, because I don’t need it on my localsite)

1. The documentation is inside the plugin package, not online. You can find all informations on the main plugin page. Feel free to ask me your questions if you need more details on a specific point.
2. Yes, you can work with it on your localhost and your real site, no problem.

Is there a way to import a list of questions/answers (so that agents can “use” those Q/A to reply automatically to visitors)?
Thank you.

A such import system from a file would not change the accuracy of the assistant’s answers. In fact, it is much easier to create a such A.I using a visual system than from a text file. It is possible to create very complex conditions and interactions with this tool, it would be very difficult for the user to create a such text file instead of using the visual tools.

Thank you. I understand now.
Another question, please: What is the “roadmap” of the plugin (main changes/improvements next months)?
When the plugin has the next version?

Sorry, I don’t have specific roadmaps for my 20 plugins. I update my plugins based on the feedback received from my clients and the ideas that I think are interesting. Feel free to share your ideas if you use it and if you would like to see new specific options in the next updates.


GouldJ Purchased

Stuck on loading screen—how do I permanently remove loading screen?

There is probably a js conflict somewhere. Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend where I can see the problem, I will debug it .

Hey Loopus,

Purchased one of your products again! Love em! I have a question regarding the redirect to a page function.

When I redirect to a page the avatar loads without text above him. However, in the step that does the redirect I do have text written. And, I after a redirect wish to continue on that ‘line’ of steps. Also, eventually make a loop back to an original question.

eg. for what i mean: Classic car rental service website: Help you > Yes > Look for car? (or) General question? > Look for car > Where you live? > NY > Sorry, we only have one in NY, would you like to see it? > Yes > (redirect to product-page) Its pretty huh. Can I help you further? > Have Question > (link back to General question)

How do I achieve this?

Regards, Robert

Read other reviews by now. Seems to be a preview issue. No biggie. Once activated works like a charm!

Thank you for the good news :)

is this multi-site ready? so I can update on main site and all my sites on sub-domains update to new plugin version (not the content, only plugin version)?

ok, just to clarify:
1. what do you mean by “must be activated”? does my server need to connect to an external server (envato, yours?) for license verification before the app works?
2. does the app need to be re-activated on each site after each new update?

1. No, I talk about the activation of the plugin from the wordpress plugins panel.
2. No, the plugin remains active

sounds good then, thank you!

Hello, I’m interested in buying the plugin, but would like to know if it works in php environment? So I have a school site plugin in php and would like to know if it works by selecting the elements of this panel to help the registered users to know the items of the same?

No, sorry, it works only on a Wordpress website. You can redirect the user to any website but not show elements on another website .

pre sale question. Is it possible to chat with ai from mobile? On demo i see ai avatars, but when i click nothing happen Thank you

Yes, the assistant works on mobile. The demo uses the first version of the plugin, it isn’t updated .
There is also an option allowing you to disable/enable it on mobile .

Hello, i am looking for an automated chat bot.

I would specify keaywords in admin for each keaywords i would create specific answer, that would show in the chat dialog

Do you have a similar solution ?

No sorry, there is no such option currently.

Hello Loopus, I have a question: is it possible to display a selection of products corresponding to a visitor’s answers and not just a single product?

For example, at some pooint, I know that a visitor wants a 84 inch interactive display with two HDMI at least and 3 products are available with these options. Can I redirect him to these this range of products?


No, sorry, there is no such option currently.
A solution can be to create a page containing the different possible categories and show the good one depending on the answers .

Hi, Can I use this plugin to guide customer how to order product step by step? Any sample for it?

This plugin can show any element of the website, redirect the user, execute js etc …. but it can’t fill the fields of a form. So you can create tooltips to show the user where he must click, but the assistant can’t fill the fields of the order instead of the customer .

do you have any sample? Still can’t undertand it

Not for this specific use, sorry. You can see the assistant on the live demo page .

Pre-Sale Question: Can I control which page(s) the ai is on? Meaning, If I only want it on my “shop page”, can it just be there or is it that once the ai is enabled, it will hover on the bottom of every page on my site?

Yes, it can be done by pasting this rule in the “Custom CSS” option of your theme :
body:not(.page-id-2)  #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer {display:none !important;}
Simply replace the id of the page by the shop page id in this rule .

Hi. I find this plugin and I want to buy it. But I want to ask you a question: Do you really hear the voice of the virtual avatar?

No, as you can see on the live demo ( http://www.wordpress-meeting-room.com/ai_assistant/ ) , the text is displayed in a bubble, there is no voice .

i have 5 buttons in a interaction section, i have also added 5 actions (redirecting to the page), however it only goes to the one page regardless of which interaction button is selected

so, can this be done? in one step to have t interaction buttons and 5 actions (redirection) assigned to each of them.

Please can you contact us from the support page sending a temporary access to the backend ? We will check the A.I .

This plugin has not had an update since October of 2016… is it still being supported and if so, when can we expect an updated version?

Of course, all my plugins are fully functional and supported. What new option do you expect exactly ?

Good day, can this plugin produce a dropdown list of countries and when the user selects a country they are immediately redirected to a predefined URL where that country’s information can be found?

Yes, you can create a such dropdown and redirect the user to a specific page depending on the selected option .


dugu Purchased

I was wondering if I could pay you for a small mod. Basically, I would like to add the assistant only to a single page of my blog. Is this possible?


mdshak77 Author Team

Hello, Please contact through the support page https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-ai-assistant/10070762/support of plugin with temporary back-end access. We will assist you there.