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Hello. Before buy!!! There is a option to bulk upload over 800 products, using product-category and tags?

There is an import/export system allowing you to transfer the A.I you created and the settings of your assistant on another website (useful when you transfer the website from the development server to the production server and don’t want to recreate your assistant from start) .

Ok. There is any posibility to embed your virtual assistant and use it as affiliate refferal to another website?

I’m not sure to well understand the question. Your assistant can redirect the user to a specific page in a step of your A.I if you want. It can also do it depending on choosen specific conditions. But if you want to embed the assistant on another website than the one on which it is installed, no, it can’t be done.


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hello, there is the option the user to completely hide the wizard if you wish?


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Hello, if I need the wizard starts only from a specific page, how I can define that? I do not want to display in the home, but in an internal section


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Hello, again. I understand plugin perfect setting to create routes care. But, there is something wrong. When the wizard is activated and click on the “need assistance” simply not going to the first step I configured, all that happens is that the conversation balloon disappears and appears again. You could tell me what is a possible solution? I did the test runs in preview mode and as such in production and achievement in any move to first step. Thank you.


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body.page-id-number #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer{display:block;}

works perfect.


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Hi, I like the idea of your plugin.

And although essentially the logic is easy to configure the plugin apparently it does not work the right way.

I explain what I’m doing:

I think a first node and believe in it a drop-down list with two options and button

I create a second and a third node.

In the second node I set up a page redirection to a specific url for which I set up a separate message for that page. Redirection runs well and directs me to the page in question, but here the message I have set for that page, never displayed. The wizard returns and shows the first message (the message node first). For the third node is the same.

You could tell me if it’s a fault of mine what I do or failure plugin?

Thank you.


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Do you know what is the problem? In the preview does not work, but activated the assistant production environment and everything works fine. Why not work in preview? It is normal?

Please contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .

please make a facebook messenger bot with this logic/interface :)

I note the idea, thank you :)

Hello. I have bought a licence of this plugin as well as flat tour… Going trough the possibilities… and I am thinking of having the speaking avatar proposing some links, based on the requirements, and I would like these links to drive to the pages and have the corresponding required tour automatically lanuch on the page. But I do not want this tour to beautomatically lauched when user visits the page… is this possible ?

Sounds great. so nothing,to specify in AI assistnat plugin ?

I understand this : ““Execute JS” action on a step, you can start a specific tour using this code, replacing “1” by the real tour ID” is to put in the AI interface; right ?

Yes, the “Execute JS” action containing the mentioned code is a part of A.I Assistant .

Pre-sales question. Would it be possible to reconfigure this so that the assistant is a pop-up overlaid window?

For example, I click on a button that says “open assistant” and rather than an avatar in the bottom left or right, a lightbox style window overlays the page. The questions are then displayed in the overlaid window walking the user through the process and then taking them to a filtered page of products.

I hope that makes sense!

Keep up the great work and thanks in advance.

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and having a tinker with the code, but thought I’d ask in advance if you think it would be possible to do with the way it’s currently built.

I’m imagining it would essentially be a case of replacing the avatar and positioning the assistant in the centre of the screen.

But yes, building that as a feature would be great ;)

Yes it is possible. As the functionalities remain the same, I think it can be done essentially modifying the main css file, giving the assistant container a lightbox style (left and top position, border, box-shadow), removing the used background-image properties on the different div corresponding to the different part of the avatar inside and editing the styles of bubbles .

Ok cool, I was hoping you’d say something like that! Thanks.

When a question is made with the ‘select’ option, will the user need to PRESS something so the agent understands que aswear and go ahead? I am not being able to do a simple if – than (got the plugin a long time ago, couldnt make it work back then, givin another try)

I cant seem to make the next screen to show up. Is there a documentation? I’m not sure about buying the support again.

Yes, you simply need to add a button in your step to allow the user to go to the next step .
You can find the documentation in the main package of the plugin .

hi just bought. really nice plugin!

however after activating JS & CSS minfication it doesn’t show anymore. All other plugins work with the combination & minfication. Are there more dependencies than jquery.js?

Thank you :)
Yes, the frontend part only needs jQuery. The js and css files of the plugin are already compressed, if needed, you can add them to the exclusion list of the compression plugin (assets/css/iaa_frontend.min.css and assets/js/iaa_frontend.min.js) .

your plugin outputs purchase code in html source code (the inline js) :-D

Thank you for reporting, I sent an update removing it .

Hello, I don’t use Wordpress…Is there a PHP script version, please? Thanks

Not currently, sorry. I note the request .

hi can you choose what pages you want the avatar to appear on?

2. can you delay until appear or have them appear when user starts to scroll down page?

3. was wondering if you plan audio speech in future for this? thanks

1. Yes, you can do it using a css rule in your style.css theme file :
body:not(.page-id-2):not(.page-id-1) #iaa_avatarPreviewContainer {
2. Not currently.
3. It isn’t planned, but I note the suggestion, thank you. 4. Yes, you can choose to fully hide the assistant or only the bubble when the user close it. In this second case, it will return to the first AI step if the user clicks it again.
5. If it is a page of the website and if you didn’t hide it on this page using the css rule, the assistant will be displayed and can continue to interact after a redirection to a page .

thank you, but your code seems like it will only open the assistant once on the call… once opened and closed again it won’t re-appear.

I replied to this point in your 3rd comment. Yes, it can be open again in this case using a js code on a link.

also can you hide the avatar…when user is linked to a page the avatar fades away or hides?

I replied on your first message (point 5), please use the “Reply” button .

thanks,but how would you call the assistant to open? can you link some code to a button or text… because once the assistant vanishes there is now way to get it back… something needs to call it to open

Sorry if I have not been clear enough. The first js line I wrote was a simple example to show the assistant if it was hidden by the mentioned css rule.
As I wrote, it can also be displayed again when it was closed by the user and when the option “Hide assistant on close” is activated .
I didn’t wrote this js line, it would be useless since it is a presale question, but of course, feel free to contact me from your buyer account for such support requests, I will help you. As I wrote, yes, it can be done ,no problem.

where would this code be placed ?

In could be done using the js code directly in the onclick attribute of a link. Otherwise, if your page builder doesn’t allow it, it can be done assigning a unique css class to the link and adding a js line in the “Custom JS” option of your theme (to assign the event on the link) .

Hi, I have 2 questions:

1 – Is it possible to show avatar after hiding it by X button? for example, when click on X button, insted of hiding it completly, is it possible to show a small button ’’SHOW ASSISTANT’’ for restore avatar?

2 – I need to show popup, alert box or text in a lightbox when I click on button (using JS Code). Please help me

Thx Luca

thx for your reply. How can I show up a button “show assistant” when I click X button for hide avatar?

You can do it using this js script (in the Custom JS option of your theme for example), replacing ”.myButton” by the unique css class of your button :
You can hide the button by adding this line to its onclick attribute, after the previously mentioned code :

thanks a lot but I’m not a programmer so I can not use your code.

Thanks anyway. Luc@

Good afternoon. Twice already when all I like is the download window froze. Add about 14-15 balls, after which all ties to what they say they are shuffled on the screen and even import from file does not help. What is it? Tried on two sites, after 15 balls, same result. What could it be? How to fix it? Once a shame to pay money and to see such schools. A search on the topic on codecanyon did not help to find similar problems.

What kind of access do You need? Admin VP? FTP? Database? I’m testing on one site, but subsequently will be transferred to the primary when the Database is filled with elaborate ties of the elements, not to fill it on a real project.

I need a temporary access to the WP admin, to see the problem and debug it .

Sent You an email with the login details, I hope the problem is not global and You have to turn quickly to fix it =)

Hello, is it possible to implement this assistent in a 5 steps gravity form? for every field of the form, one sentence from assisten? thanks. greets martin

hello, thanks for your fast reply. And can I assign a separate comment for each individual fillable field? Also another question about the character: Which requirements are necessary for the character, if I would like to use a completely own? greets

1. Yes, you can do it.
2. You can directly replace the avatar by your own image from the settings panel of the plugin

okay, perfect thank you!