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when i click to bookmarks link on a specific users profile, nothing happens…

Hello. Could you please raise support ticket and share your website URL?

Already did, thanks!

Great! We will give you answer as soon as possible.


How can I hide the word (private) that is displayed next to the collection name?

I can’t find it anywhere in files.


Hello, sorry for delayed answer. Please answer us back to the support ticket you have raised.

Hi, I just answered in the ticket. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

Great. We replayed back to you.

how can we find the bookmarks in the database?

We are still investigating this issue and will give you the solution tomorrow latest.

Hello, any solution yet?

Hello, keep in touch in the support ticket, we will investigating your issue.

Is it possible to change the text “Bookmarks” and “Collections” to something else more relevant to my website?

Hello, thank you for your query. How many active languages will be in your website? If only one then you have to edit .po files (there are a lot of articles how to do that (ex., and you can find different tools which help you to do that (ex., If more than one then we suggest to use WPML plugin for that reason. Our plugin has integration with WPML. Please let us know where exactly those labels are (profile page or in other place). We will point you the place where you have to edit that.


Olileo Purchased

Hi, Is that possible to “lock” the collections available for the user ? (I don’t want my user to name the collection, I want that he choose between two defined and locked collections for example).

Is that possible to show how many time a post was added to bookmark ? (bookmark count)

Thank You

Hello, thank you for your query.

By default users can’t change collection name, they can only add new one. Could you explain more? Do you need to disable users from adding new collections?

About bookmark count: you can add bookmark post widget in the bottom of post and there is a count how many times this post was bookmarked by users.


Olileo Purchased


I want that, instead of naming a new collections, user can only choose between two collections (for example Wishlist and Tradelist), instead of naming it, choosing between two.

There is a setting Display new collection button for this. Please check in your WordPress admin dashboard UserPro -> User Bookmarks -> General Settings -> Display new collection button.

Hello! Thank you for a great powerfull plugin! Perfect work!!

I have one problem: bought the “Bookmarks” addon and it works nice, until I watch Bookmarks in Profile (mine or any others) – there are no bookmarks in list.

The Popup window says: “0 Bookmarks in Collection”.

But they are. And the list via shortcode shows them correctly.

I deactivated all other plugins – still not working.

What could cause the problem?

Hello, thank you for your query. Our team is aware of this issue. We are solving it and planning to release update ASAP. Please raise a support ticket and we will inform you when this will be solved.

I will wait then. Thank you!! And thanks again for plugin itself: guys – you are doing a great work! Good Luck!!

Thank you for kind words! Best regards from our team :)

Are you going to update this plugin to support php 7? Get this error with PHP Compatibility checker:



250 | ERROR | Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity.

I don’t think I have to open a ticket,m just install PHP Compatibility checker ( and you will clearly see the errors.


How could you want me to pay to renew support so you can upgrade this plugin to support PHP 7.1? Is this a joke, Id rather buy Youzer which is 100% error free on php 7.. Whats the deal? Are you releasing a fix for us?

We will fix it in our next release for sure. Thank you for letting us know and your collaboration. If you want to have this fixed code earlier, please raise support ticket – we will inform you and provide the updated version.

This plugin does not work, after installing the plugin, the site stops working.

Hello, could you please raise a support ticket and give us more details to investigate the issue you have?

Hello, does the plugin support category listing in a page and add to bookmarks link for every post category? Thanks

Hello, with this plugin you can show all public bookmarks and it’s supporting category bookmarking. If any unanswered questions left, let us know.

So I can show all post categories to the user and user can bookmark his favorites. Is my understanding correct? If yes, is then I can show all bookmarked categories for logged in user right? Thanks

Yes, if user are viewing the post, then he/her have the option to bookmark post or bookmark category. If the user bookmarks category, then all posts would be bookmarked. You can use shortocode [userpro_bookmarklist] to show list of post. Please note, that there is no list for categories.

Hello, I wonder if with your plugin plus the userpro can I put a button on a specific part of my site to add to favorites and if it can add properties to different favorites?

but can users create new collections?

Yes, users can create new collections.

Let us know if left any unanswered questions.

Can I use the widget on a particular part of my template? Have a specific code?

Hello, yes its possible. You can choose from variety of shortcodes and embed them into your site where ever you need.

What shortcode should I use? Shortcodes included with the plugin file?

It depends what you need. Please read more about shortcodes in our documentation –

Presales question. Does this plugin work as a standalone, without having the UserPro installed ? Thanks!

Hello, this one is for userpro. this is standalone version.

Hello, My website with Arabic Language & I need to translate Some Strings, when I try to do that with loco translate it show to me 4 strings only help

Hello, could you please raise a support ticket and share with us more details and your website URL? We will help you to solve this issue.


Are there any plans to integrate custom taxonomy support? Thanks

Hello, at this time we don’t have this functionality on our to-do list.

Hi, do you have any demo? As admin, can I list who bookmark each article? And how? Thank you.

Hello, we don’t have any demo for bookmark add-on. Admin can’t mark bookmark for another user.


yum54 Purchased

I just installed this plugin and encountered a severe error. My site is not working anymore. Can you help?


yum54 Purchased

Restored my site. Due to this error, I cannot use this. Please refund.

Hello, thank you for your message. Could you please raise a support ticket and give us more details about those errors? Our technical support team will help you to investigate and solve issues.