Discussion on WordPress Fast Admin Dashboard

Discussion on WordPress Fast Admin Dashboard

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I have views columns in posts admin page. this column created by Multinews theme. Is your plugin can make header of views column clickable so I can order the posts by views number ?

Best regards,

Hi, we will need to add this feature accordingly as there is not such option available at the moment.

You can contact for the quote.


Hello, I need to search product by author email, in the admin panel, is this available ?

Sorry its not available at the moment.


Just purchased and activated but pages are still loading slowly as before. Did I miss something I need to activate?

Is it on your roadmap to apply this to existing posts without a separate menu?

Hi, we will consider both of these features (remember last selection & apply to current post types menu) in the next release soon.


Much appreciated.


On codecanyon page, you say “Sorting related to Titles, Comments, Authors, Tags and Categories”

But on demo, first column of your plugin only has: “Random Order,” “title,” “date”, “comments, author”

1) Can you add “Categories” and “Tags” to first column?

2) Can you add “custom post types” to column (or let me give you MY custom field and you add it for me?

Yes, we will do that for you. Please contact here

Well I guess that doesnt work for like 36k posts?

Best regards

Hi did you tried?

Actually I have online newspaper page where I tried that and there are ~36k posts. Activated plugin and went to Quick Admin from the left menu. Then it kept scrolling and scrolling and got pretty big time Internal 500 error. I think it’s because of loading with so many posts.

Please contact here and we will try to resolve it on your site.

Hi, how can we access to the demo? login/passwoard? I search a plugin to save post with AJAX, do you have any plan about that feature?

You can access using admin/admin, Sorry we don’t have plan to save post using AJAX as this feature is already coming in WP 5.0

Hi, bought your plugin and now I am a little disappointed.

Supporting custom post without filtering by custom taxonomies does not make sence for me. I bought this plugin cause I wanted to have a filter for taxonomies in my custom post. Now I have something like a new, but very empty interface that allowes fulltext search and filter by date but nothing else.


Hi, Can you please contact us here

we will see this issue on your site


There is no issue.

Your demo does not work with custom taxonomies too

I think, integrating your plugin on every custom post edit page like Post edit, page edit, custom post edit, media edit Etc would be a lot easier to handle for admins.

But your plugin acts like a new app to handle all post types in another place far away from page edit screen without any bulk actions or filters for custom taxonomies or fields

We will work on these options soon


Can`t I check many posts to delete them in a once? Tks.

Hi, sorry you can’t delete bulk posts through this plugin.


Hi friend, I need to make a page like this





Look for this surgery of the atlas of this web because the images can impress

Do you think I can easily do it with WordPress Quick Admin? What attracts me most is the system of superior tabs by categories and as it gives the detailed information of each slide What do you think?

Best regards

German Pace

Hi, please send an email here and I will assist you on this


okOK thank you very much !!

Are you still updating this plugin? I only ask because it seems like every admin helper plugin I’ve purchased from CodeCanyon gets one or two updates and then it’s abandoned :(

Hi, we often update the plugins when bugs are reported or new features are requested

Hello I have some questions as well as suggestions,

Firstly does it work with all kinds of tables in wordpress ? Like media ? Plugins ? etc ?

It would be more useful if it replaces existing post/page menu. I know using custom menu we can hide original and can add these but it would be nice if it is implemented in plugin.

I want following : Different pages ( where you put posts and custom posts table ) for different things, Ability to hide that dropdown where we select post type, because we can sometimes give users access to products but not to pages, if that dropdown is there it will create problems and confusion,

Warm Regards,

Hope you will answer my questions and consider my suggestions.

I can customize it for you to add these options

Don’t you think that it should be included in the plugin. Will buy only if that is included.

user access can be an builtin option, but with different menus if wont remain quick. So I will add user access in next release soon

Your demo page throws two warnings: XXX expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in YYY. A demo with bugs?

sorry for that, bug wasn’t because of this plugin

Hi, I would like to buy this in attempt to remove and reduce other menu tabs to manage other post types.

Basically I would like quick Admin to replace, pages, products, posts, etc.

I revisited this again as your plugin is in my cart, but I see 2 things are missing.

1. The Quick Edit - (but that can be added in time if you can)

2. Sorting the order of posts. - Can you add this somehow? - I see if I had quick admin, there would still be these reason to visit the default Wordpress pages and post types menus for sorting their orders, etc.

I don’t know if that is the focus of your plugin but this is what I would like to achieve with Quick Admin. I would like to remove the need to access the default post type menus so I can minimize the menu tabs in the admin and to make it one place clients can go to manage and edit any of their site content.


You might get some ideas from this plugin, which I use now. -

It’s a great plugin, but still you have to go to multiple places, enable disable etc. to use it in various places. I would like Quick Admin as to go to one place to edit and manage all site content.


Example: - with pages…

Say I create… Home, Blog, Contact, About.

I would like to change that order the pages are listed in, via drag and drop to be..

Home, About, Blog, Contact.

This way when I visit the Quick Admin and select the Pages post type the pages are order in the way I would like to see them. I would like to do this drag and drop ordering from the Quick admin, if possible.

Here is a popular plugin that shows the results of the ordering that I mean. -

ok I got it, its is not supported yet. But you can search your required page by just typing, I think it is more reliable solution to filter and edit your desired page.

Ok. Yeah, that sounds ok. I could just be so used to the old way of doing so.

Do you know when you would add quick edit support?

I would like to use this for a membership site and the Wishlist Membership plugin has quick edit options used quite a bit.

Either way I when I get a moment I will pick up this plugin and give it run!

Hello, you should indicate what’s new on the item details page when you make an update :)

I am adding a changelog now. Thanks for your kind suggestions, they are really helpful.

I just bought. Your description says custom post type and woocommerce compatible. I do not see anything that is woocommerce compatible.

The feature is there, but it is not working at all. When you pick different custom post type, it still just shows only post/pages. No custom post types actually populate.

Let me check

contact me here along with your admin details, I will see it on your site

Likewise – Unable to login with admin / admin

its working now

unable to connect by admin!

its working now

Your plugin looks great. I have purchased it because I see that you are working on support for Woo Commerce and Custom Post Types. Good luck with sales!

Hi, good plugin.

Question: Can you provide a demo and does this work with custom post types?


Ok, looks good! Will purchase soon!

Any chance to include a Quick Edit option? Or would that slow things down?

It would also be good if you could add an option to export the posts based on the filtered data. That would be great!

Thanks for the update.

I will add quick edit option soon

Ok, thanks for the update! I will let you know if I have any other ideas.

I added to my cart so I will be sure to remember.

this looks great – i would love an option to add the sorting to other post types, or at least have the ability to have some sort of api or instructions to manually do this

additionally a built in drag and drop re-order feature would be handy too – one that allows you to drag items to be sub items as well

hope that helps

Good suggestions, I will add these in next version soon


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