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Hello! How can i use my logo (not gif) as preloader image? Can’t find the option. Thank you


You can upload your image by “Image options” http://bit.ly/2bFhI9f but, you use regular image instead gif then it will not animated like gif image does, so it’s better you create css3 animation with your image and then use our “Your Own Custom” option to apply that.

I know it little complicated but we don’t have any option to animate regular image neither that easy think to implement by a plugin.

We will keep on our mind, If you need any further assistance feel free to mail me.


Hi, i m having a problem with your plugin, its working on all the website pages although it was defined to work only on the home page…is there something you can help me with? - i use my custom logo for this, and the plugin also changes the custom favicon back to the default wordpress favicon (only on chrom).

Thanx, avi.

Please check your site and inbox. Let me know if you need any more assistance.


hi, sorry to tell you but now the animation i made is not working, and the changes you’ve made increased the header size…please log in and check again.

Please check now.

Pre-sale question: Your Plugin looks absolutely amazing, but huuuuge too. Does it affect the speed of my website?


Nope, absolutely not.

Yes our plugin is huge compare to others, because we have ton’s of options, scripts, images and styles but this all thing only load when you going to customize it in admin panel not in frontend. so don’t worry it not going to any bad effect on your page speed rather it will help you to speed up of your website.

I guess it make sense. Thanks


damiko Purchased

Hello! Love the plugin and options, but it seems to delay loading. Is there a way to make the loader come on earlier?



It’s seems ok to me :)

anyway we load our preloader markup very fist of the body so this is the best time we can do. :) see here http://s21.postimg.org/78y4x3idz/screenshot.png


damiko Purchased

Ok. Thanks very much!

Hi there,

Just a quick pre-purchase question. Does this plugin work with asynchronous JavaScript loading, more specifically, CloudFlare’s ‘Rocket Loader’?

I’m asking because I’ve experience that some in-built theme preloaders doesn’t work when CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader is switched on, and I’m guessing that’s because of the asynchronous JavaScript loading.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and many thanks,



Sorry I didn’t check on this kind of platform yet, So it’s hard to say.

But as far as I concern there is a way to Rocket Loader ignore specific script files, However that not work to exclude the script from Rocket Loader. So I can’t say positive about it unless I check my self.

Anyway I will keep in mind about this one and If check this one, Then I will let you know… ( sorry, Currently busy with other project )



boolatg Purchased

Hello! So i have a weird case:D Once I turn on the plugin my favicon turns off. I have tried everything. When i turn of the plugin, it starts working. Do you know what can cause the problem? I have tried everything, can’t find anything that could interfere it.

Your plugin is great by the way! In the begging i was a little bit angry because the website I am developing now did not load at all, but after an hour everything normalized. Once it started working, I started really liking it!

Sorry for the late reply,

Yes I got your email but it’s seems work fine,

Is this ok now or can you please send me details about your issue again ?



boolatg Purchased

I just checked, it is not okay still. The issues is that this website has custom favicons for every device and browser. When I turn on preloasder plugin, the favicon becomes standard wordpress logo. I can’t figure out what it is that interferes the plugins. Hope you can help!


Can you please check now. It’s actually not causes by our plugin. Normally on your website have two type favicon icon are enabled. you can see those favicon easily from view source.

Anyway I changed some priority on my plugin and it’s work on my pc and mac so please check and let me know.


Hi there,

I have installed and activated the plugin, but WPPU isn’t appearing on the left toolbar in my WordPress like other plugins do. It’s not within any other menu item either.

Any idea why this might be happening?



can you please mail me your website access to let me look into it.


Hello. As another user recently noted, our preloader is displaying on every web page even though we only have it set to show on one.

hey just mail us your info to pixiefytheme@gmail.com and also you can always message or mail us from https://themeforest.net/user/pixiefy just right bottom Email Pixiefy form.

Waiting for your support.


Thank you, it’s working now; I believe this issue was happening due to my own user error. This thread can be closed.

Glad it worked for you, let me know if you need anything else,


Pre-Sales Question: I’d like to use a nice CSS Loader I found on CodePen (https://codepen.io/jordanoaragao/pen/EoGsm). Will your plugin allow me to use it as a custom preloader? Can I paste the CodePen HTML and CSS code required in your plugin?

Yes jQuery always necessary to make preloader work, As i mention previous time that if some one using custom preloader option we give him/her full control.

No you not have to use always div ID as container. You can use class as well but it’s good and better way to do it for this kind of work.

Anyway I have some plan in future to improve more this custom option like add a checkbox to give control to apply our plugin default and main jQuery settings on his/her own custom preloader.

But right now user have to use own jQuery to make custom preloader run like user want.


Sounds like a fantastic idea for an update! Looking forward to it! Thanks again for the assistance on this one!

Welcome! A ratting would be much appreciated if its ok with you :D

Hi guys! Is the plugin compatible with the latest WP 4.7.2? I have installed, it’s activated but doesn’t show up in the sidebar

Cheers, Peter

Our current demo is running on Latest 4.7.2 actually. Please email me your site access from my codecanyon profile or email me at pixiefytheme@gmail.com I will take a look.


Hi I’ve purchased this item a few months ago and got an email today that it was updated. (which is fantastic!). Question is, isn’t there a way to just be notififed in Wordpress admin that this plugin needs to be updated and then click Update? Do I have to download manually and delete the old version and upload this version to my site whenever there is a new release?

We got plan for that. Hopefully we will include that from next version. Thanks

What is the login URL for the demo? There is no where to login.

Its http://plugin.pixiefy.com/wppu/wp-admin Username: demo Password: demo

1) The preloader runs way too long. Is it possible to set a custom duration? I have elements at the bottom of some pages that take a long time to load.


2) A feature that would be really nice to have – preloader only loads the first time a visitor opens a page. A cookie is set and they don’t see the preloader on that page anymore. This would be useful because there is less need for preloader once the browser cache is loading the page faster.


1. Yes, We already have option for this one. http://prntscr.com/f3hrwn you will find this one under General Settings.

2. Thanks for the idea, But we already had this idea and we will try to add this feature in future update.


I’ve got both delay and hide set to 0 but the time is still too long. When enabled on my home page, the slider has already moved to the second or third slide when the preloader fades out.

yeah, You can’t set 0 value, We set minimum value on those field.

Anyway, send me your site admin access at pixiefytheme@gmail.com

I will changed for you.


Hello, just purchased this. It will not show the changes I made in admin as a fill animation. I also noticed this doesn’t even work on your demo page. If you turn on Fill Animation it will still run the loader with text.

yes, You are right we have not update our demo yet,

anyway We already fixed the issue so please send me your email address I will send you the fixed file and after that I will update in codecanyon as well.


Cannot disable for my posts. Have checked disable all. Although my posts do not show up in Disable Specific Post Types, which is probably why?

please mail us your site url and admin access.


Have emailed you, thanks.

Please check you inbox.


Hi, could I give you prepurchase question?

I have in earlier days bought preloader ultimate – wordpress plugin where the author is butsokoy. He requested me to send refund request to him so that I buy another better preloader plugin more compatible with Avada theme.

Author’s Answer by Email:


I think there’s a lot of issues when using my plugin on Avada theme single page website. I’ve tried to fix the issue with the code I have given to you but still doesn’t work properly. So I recommend try using other preloader plugin there’s a lot of available preloader on Codecanyon which may work properly on your website. Just submit a refund request so that you can get back the money you have spend when purchasing the plugin.


My Question Using the Former Plugins with Problems by Email:

-------------------—- When I click the one page navigation menu, the sliding effect is incompletely and partially operated, however, in case of putting button in page which is also kind of navigation of this page, exception of loading page doesn’t work at all, which is considered, that the jQuery code you gave me doesn’t take in account the buttons navigation. The one page navigation operation is little different from its earlier properties.When I, for instance, go down really down to #contact from #portfolio, it doesn’t just go down as navigation, but go up to #home fast and then go down to #contact anchor part.

Could I be happy when I buy this plugin? Would this well be compatible with Avada theme, especially “MY WEBSITE”?

P.S. My URL is sukwooh.com

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sincerely from,

Sukwoo Hong

That’s such a good news. Actually, I got so much difficulties in using ultimate-proloader plugin which was former plugin I used before this plugin, because it unconditionally applies animation also in anchors in same page.

Then it would be okay that I believe this plugin and buy your plugin? Also, can you inspect whether this plugin will be well-operated in the site: sukwooh.com ?

If it’s predicted that there would be no special problem or confliction, then I would like to decide on buying your plugin.

Thank you

I would happily wait for your answer! As former plugin’s refund request is approved, I would like to process buying another plugin of preloader like this, so If pre-purchase conversation is over,

Then I would like to buy this?


Sorry for late reply. As it was EID holidays here, We all was away.

And Our plugin doesn’t shows preloader when you navigate on single page sections. It will only load on new page URL. Also you have option to Disable / Enable preloader on particular page if you need to.

We got loads of options in there for your flexibility. I think you can go for this plugin without any doubt.

Can you tell me as quickly as you could? I’m again replying since answer is getting late suddenly so much.

I should end this pre-purchase conversation then I could decide on buying this plugin for preloader plugin suitable for one page navigation type homepage.

Thank you

Thanks anyway a lot.

Anyway, I would wait for your email for rewrited plugin. If you have sent me email,

Could you please kindly notify to me as confirmation?

Thank you


When I used custom preloader Option, middle part, css Code part, I inserted

wrapper h1, #wrapper h2, #wrapper h3, #wrapper h4, #wrapper h5,

wrapper h6, #content, #content p {

font-family: “Hoefler Text A”, Arial !important; }

But, when I click button named “Set Custom Preloader option as preloader ==>” Then Special Option I set as preloader, totally disappear, so I’m lost in way.

Thanks you

Thats not how you set custom css mate. Ok, I will email you to let you know in details.

Hi there, does your preloader work with custom posts, like a portfolio section on a theme… if it does, does it show on the “per page” selection on the options? Thanks


Sorry, It doesn’t work for per or a specific section, It’s work only for a full page or post pages. Yes, you can control custom post type or pages but not for a specific section.


I noticed you can set this to load on home page only. Is it possible to have it load only once whenever someone visits the site for that session. I’m also guessing I can use an animated svg (animated using css). thanks

Hi, Unfortunately WPPU doesn’t work with cookie or session yet. But you can choose which page loads the preloader and which doesn’t.

And yes, we have a custom preloader option where you can set your custom one if you need to.