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Discussion on WordPress Preloader Unlimited

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goodaa1 Purchased

Ignore my last request – I did not realise that you had to then click on the custom gif to make it active.


goodaa1 Purchased

Hi – I have just installed the plugin WPPU plugin and am trying to use a custom gif.

When I add in the gif via the Image Options > Use your custom image the image just defaults to the plugin loader?

Can you confirm what the requirements are for an animated gif preloader please?

There’s none. All you need to click top right button to active preloader options.


goodaa1 Purchased

Thanks for getting back

Hi, I want to set my preloader image to 500px but the maximum available is 200px. How do I fix this?


As you can see Image preloader > Background Size Selector has max 200px

So, You have to do it with custom css to override background size selector value.

.wppu—loader.wppu_preloader__default_element { background-size: 500px auto !important; }

Just paste this css style into our plugin extra css options like this

Hope it helps

Hey there! The WPPU plugin is awesome! but it seems to have broken my pop up plugin “popup maker” any ideas how to have both plugins working?

Hi there,

Can you share a little more info about it.

I mean share some screenshots or more info about it. Does your popup maker conflict on the frontend or backend?

Are you talking this plugin

you can send your query at


Hello there, your plugin works well and there are a lot of settings. But one thing is problematic: If you deactivate the plugin and reactivate it again, all your setting are gone. So you have to set the preloader again. Thats the only issue, maybe you can check it.

As example i use a image for preloading the page and i selected only some pages for preloader. I deactivated the plugin, then activated it, then my website shows the default preloader and shows preloading on all pages etc.

it would be great to fix that.

That is true and We already had plan to change this system already.

So, we now clearing our plugin database after deactive but after new update it will be only delete if user delete the plugin. but deactive won’t do anything.


Hi there! Quick question:

Your plugin works great on all my pages:

Except not on my listing pages:

Any ideas why?

Thanks, Mike

Hi damiko,

that’s little weird. that loader has two part but in not working page has only one part but other page has both and working fine.

might possible to conflict with some markup or anything within that page. So, is it possible to give a temporary access to see what is going on there?

btw, mail us for further query.


Hello, great plugin. Two questions though.

1. Are you able to provide an animation similar to “Clip” but instead of a going from top to bottom it’s left and right? We would really like a full page fill then the fill goes away to the left and right at the same time.

2. We are using an animated gif, the gif seems to be starting at random times instead of from the beginning at 0:01, is there any custom code or setting to have the gif start at the beginning every time?

Thank you!

1. Yeah, will try to add this on our next update or later. if we add we will let you know.

2. Sorry, .gif is a image so we can’t control when its should start animation or something. but if you are making that gif by yourself then you have that control while you are making it.

hope it helps Thanks


can I set the time for this preloader ?

Do you mean by delay time for preloader? if it is then YES.

is it possible to use the loader only on a specific page rage .. ? i mean, im using eventon plugin and i want the loader to be active only at eventon pages ( under address : ... )

Yes its possible to control to display only certain pages or specific post types

Does this preloader have an ACCURATE percentage based progress that detects the loading progress of the actual page and then disappear after the actual page is done loading (And the percentage is at 100%)?

The live demo does not seem to be available.

Unfortunately NO

and for you information it’s not easy as you think to get exact page loading time before it’s load in CMS based site like WordPress.

So there is zero chance to that this feature will add to our plugin. But we do have predefine time loading system that’s almost look like real time.


How to update plugin? Where to enter license key?

currently there is no automatic update for preloaded plugin. just download from from envato and reupload on your site.

You will let you know when you add automatic update system. but not very soon.


Hello, does the preloader replaces the build in preloader of the theme? Thank you

I mean when the site is loaded does the preloader works when you navigate further?

it’s not replace but you will able to see one preloader and it’s depend on css z-index value how much your theme loader has and our preloader has.

hope it make sense thanks

You should make an option so a different loader can be applied to different pages. Reading the comments this isnt possible. If it was, I’d purchase.

We had a plan but currently it’s no available, thank for the interest.


Please check your email.


Hello, I’ve got a big problem. I love your plugin, but that’s not the problem. When your plugin is active, gtmetrix gives me a time of “Fully load time of 10.1s”. I deactivate your plugin and empty the container. I redo a test with “gtmetrix” and the time decreased to 3.8s. This is a huge problem. Please help me solve this problem. thank you, Stephane

Can you please send your site address and temporary credentials if possible at , So, we can look into it for you.


I sent you the information.

thank you,


Please check your email.


Does it work at the waiting time when woocommerce places an order after clicking the checkout button.

Sorry, it doesn’t have feature to work with checkout form. It’s just a page loader plugin.


Hey guys,

I just purchased and installed this plugin on my WordPress site that’s using the theme semplice, and I keep getting critical errors. To fix, I have to remove the plugin and debug in safe mode. Is there a fix to support semplice? If not I’d like to be refunded as the plugin doesn’t seem compatible with my theme…

Thanks in advance!

Can you please mail us your site address and if possible with credentials, So, we can look into at



I always have this error: Undefined index: exclude_js_from_plugins

wp-content/plugins/wppu-preloader-unlimited/public/settings-frontend.php:3901 wp-content/plugins/wppu-preloader-unlimited/wppu.php wp-content/plugins/wppu-preloader-unlimited/wppu.php:108

Thank’s in advance for your support, Stef

Hi, Sorry for the late reply,

We already fixed this issue and submit our update in codecanyon But it might take one or two business day to approved.

I will let you know when it’s approved.


Hi there,

Update has been approved. So, Can you please download this plugin again and try with latest one. Let us know if you still face the issue.


Hi, I’ve just purchased the preloader. I have a custom Html preloader that I want to put in my website I placed the code into the custom section on preloader settings but the plugin doesn’t use my HTML still have the stock preloader. could you help me out please?

Please mail us your site address, where you tried with credentials at


Good day how are you ?

I’ve purchased a Preloader from you guys and it has been my site some trouble. Is it possible that I can have this issue checked out?


Please mail at us at your site address and if possible credential as well.

We will look that for you.



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