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i purchased your item some minutes before for wordpress. created a grid also. how it is to include that category to home page

Hi there, first of all thanks for this plugin, it’s been very helpful.

Second, for the modal-style popup the padding at the top isn’t exactly ideal. it’s white on the left,right and bottom sides, and then 0 padding top with no white above the picture. Is there an area to fix this?

Second, is there a way to make it so that only a modal pop-up window will come up, rather than changing the page entirely when they click for more strain information? I’m sure it’s a quick fix – let me know please! Thank you.

Hi – it’s been 8 days since I asked this and would like ar esponse, otherwise I’ll need a refund.

Also one more question – the icon for inline popup completely overlaps the tags and I don’t see any way around this other than switching styles (which I don’t want to do) – any fix for this either?

Hi ,

I’m your customer.

I use Wordpress Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel plugin.

I would like to remove the “comment icon” and “author” and “categories” from post layouts.

I just want to leave the date of publication.

Skin type: Style6 for list view.

Which css code should I enter?

Thank you.



Hi Saragna, I’m your customer. I use Wordpress Post Grid / Layout Layout With Carousel plugin. I want to change the size of titles in post layouts. What should I do?

check your mail.


I have bought your plugin WordPress Post Grid/List Layout With Caroussel. I only get the spinning icon on my page.

What to do?

please add twitter username without ”@”.

Thanks! Works fine on desktop but doesn’t work on iPad or smartphone. Still only the spinning icon visible.

I have the Bridge theme and installed the plugin. I get a spinning wheel instead of Instagram. I’m not sure how to verify if my Instagram token is correct. I am also not sure if I placed the short code in the page correctly. I purchased the Wordpress version but I also have Visual Composer in this theme and wondering if this would be easier to buy the VC version to install.


nketola Purchased


Do you offer any support for adsense code in between posts / within a grid?

Thank you!

this is customize work.

Hi Saragna, I’m your customer (Wordpress Post Grid / Layout With Carousel plugin). I want to change the size of thumbnails on my posts list, I used “Style6 List View”, I set in size 150×150 but the size of thumbnails is not the same.

Hi, im interested to buy this plugin,i have one question, Do this plugin support custom post metas. I want to display custom post metas in carousel design. please reply ASAP.

custom post metas not support.

hello Please, how I do carousel make a move from RTL ? Because I use an Arabic template

please send me link where are you setup this plugin?

Dear friend, I’ve got a problem with your plug-in. I can’t write Read more and other things in Armenian. Can you help me please. TY

if I put any Armenian letter, plug-in comes to default values lost old setup-ed values

please send me access detail in my mail

ok tommorow


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Dear people of post-grid:

We are having a problem, hope you can help.

When we use the post-grid plugin with other carousels (clients, testimonials) from the Oshine theme ( ) then the post-grid carousels always fails.

Here we have two samples:

Just post-grid (works fine): Post-grid with other carousels (fails):

Could you please guide us to diagnose or solve this problem ?

Thanks ! Antonio this page on theme owl slider js and my plugin js conflict.