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i purchased your item some minutes before for wordpress. created a grid also. how it is to include that category to home page

Hi there, first of all thanks for this plugin, it’s been very helpful.

Second, for the modal-style popup the padding at the top isn’t exactly ideal. it’s white on the left,right and bottom sides, and then 0 padding top with no white above the picture. Is there an area to fix this?

Second, is there a way to make it so that only a modal pop-up window will come up, rather than changing the page entirely when they click for more strain information? I’m sure it’s a quick fix – let me know please! Thank you.

Hi – it’s been 8 days since I asked this and would like ar esponse, otherwise I’ll need a refund.

Also one more question – the icon for inline popup completely overlaps the tags and I don’t see any way around this other than switching styles (which I don’t want to do) – any fix for this either?

Hi ,

I’m your customer.

I use Wordpress Post Grid/List Layout With Carousel plugin.

I would like to remove the “comment icon” and “author” and “categories” from post layouts.

I just want to leave the date of publication.

Skin type: Style6 for list view.

Which css code should I enter?

Thank you.



Hi Saragna, I’m your customer. I use Wordpress Post Grid / Layout Layout With Carousel plugin. I want to change the size of titles in post layouts. What should I do?

check your mail.


I have bought your plugin WordPress Post Grid/List Layout With Caroussel. I only get the spinning icon on my page.

What to do?

please add twitter username without ”@”.

Thanks! Works fine on desktop but doesn’t work on iPad or smartphone. Still only the spinning icon visible.

I have the Bridge theme and installed the plugin. I get a spinning wheel instead of Instagram. I’m not sure how to verify if my Instagram token is correct. I am also not sure if I placed the short code in the page correctly. I purchased the Wordpress version but I also have Visual Composer in this theme and wondering if this would be easier to buy the VC version to install.